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Chief Medical Officer
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Rigel Cup: Characters & OOC Thread

Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:33 pm

Delta Squad:
Sera Williams, Lead Pilot, 4th Year Cadet
Kahnr Dai, XO Pilot, 3rd Year Cadet
Eoghan O'Connor, Pilot, Cadet (Eilis)
Fergus Notham, Pilot, Cadet (Tyrlai)
T'Kara, Pilot, Cadet (Jason)
Judith Rouse, Coach (Meru)

The Blue Eagles
Shusas sh'Tira, Lead Pilot/Coach, Andorian (Meru)
Hamok, Pilot, Ferengi
Vekijek, Pilot, Nausican
Nara, Pilot, Orion
Darok, Pilot, Cardassian (Sera)

This is the list of the characters. Does everyone still want to be involved? I'm going to start the race this week. Kahnr, would you mind taking the Tag in the "A Little Sabatage" thread? The race was never fleshed out, so I'm treating it like a timed race with time bonuses during stunt sections. Also, if you see a name without another person's name beside it, consider it up for grabs. If you no longer want to participate, let me know.
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Re: Rigel Cup: Characters & OOC Thread

Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:55 pm

I'll definitely stick with this story. I'll also get on that tag!
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