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Mission 10 & 11, and new site

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:05 pm
by Alenis Meru
As we close out Mission 9, the command staff has been discussing where we go from here.

We have decided that:

1. We are not planning to change ships. While the Portland has been heavily damaged during the Borg missions, Starfleet will be repairing the ship and returning it to service.

2. We will be jumping forward about six months in game time. This will be to allow for some character advancement and have game time kind of catch up to where we are at IRL. In particular, this will allow NPCs such as young children and babies to advance in age a little bit. Mission 10 will be a little interlude, where we can wrap up loose ends from the Breen mission, as well as do any little side stories and whatnot that might fit in while the crew is busy with six months of cataloging gaseous anomalies and other mundane duties.

3. Mission 11 is going to be titled "Under The Sea" and will involve us exploring an ocean planet. The command staff has a framework for the mission, as well as an idea on how to kick it off, but I expect this to be something that all crew can really participate in.

Also, we are currently working on a new website and forum for the USS Portland. We plan to transition to nodeBB, because that is a system that is nicer in general, but most importantly, has a lot better system for notifications. One of the downsides to phpbb is that you can't set it to send you an email notification that someone has replied to your post, which is a base feature in nova-based systems. NodeBB has this, so once we transition, it will make it easier to check to see if anyone has replied to your posts.

Re: Mission 10 & 11, and new site

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:13 pm
by Alenis Meru
Also, quick note -- I'm out of town until the 3rd, so while I may be able to tag, I won't be able to work on the new site.