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Future Mission ideas

Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:50 am

We have a few mission ideas on the back burner, for mission five and beyond. We were thinking of doing a poll to see which mission people want to do next. But first, we'd like to hear from you if you have an idea for a future misison or an idea to refine something we already have before we set up the poll.

Our ideas are:

"To hell and back":
25 years in the future, former crew members of the USS Portland are invited to its decommissioning ceremony. But, one former commanding officer, retired Starfleet officer Timothy Rouse, has a vision about the spirit of someone he left behind over two decades ago...

Borg mission:
A joint mission with the USS Endeavour. The Borg are back, and they're planning an invasion of the Alpha Quadrant through a new transwarp conduit. But only the Portland and the Endeavour are close enough to attack the conduit before they send a massive fleet of cubes through.

"Cold Case":
Vike (from Mission 1) has resurfaced. Starfleet Intelligence has tracked him to Nimbus III, the so-called "planet of galactic peace" where he plans to make sell his cloaking device to the Breen. But Starfleet Intellgence plans to trick him and have just the crew for the job...

Mirror Universe Mission:
A return to the mirror universe... for some reason.

So... does anyone have any ideas, either to refine one of this missions or for a mission of your own?
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