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Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:26 am

The following is the first mission of the USS Portland, which ran from April to June 2014, and was recovered from our original forum. It is preserved here, along with the other voyages of the USS Portland.
Capt. Alenis Meru
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USS Portland

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:29 am

"We are the Borg.  You will be assimilated.  Resistance is futile."

Lt. Alenis Meru stared up at the Borg cube on the viewscreen.  It was massive, nearly filling the viewscreen and getting larger as her ship approached.

The Borg scared Alenis.  And rightly so.  The Federation learned the hard way at Wolf 359 that even a single Borg vessel could be a threat to an entire fleet of starships.  She’d already made her peace with the prophets, not that death is even the worst fate that can befall one who fights the Borg.  More than anything Alenis feared being assimilated.  To have her individuality destroyed, and her consciousness trapped in the body of an unfeeling, unthinking drone.  She had her sidearm ready, and was mentally prepared to use it on herself if the worst were to happen.

“All vessels, concentrate fire at 245 mark 15 and engage on my mark…” the voice of Admiral Wells, transmitted from his flagship, boomed over the loudspeakers in the USS Gol.  “Lets hit them fast and hard.  Godspeed.”  For a couple moments, one could hear a pin drop on the bridge of the Gol.  “Mark.”

At his command, the screen was lit up by phaser and torpedo fire.  The weapons of every vessel in the fleet lit up, all focused on the cube.  “Firing forward weapons,” shouted Alenis as her fingers danced across the tactical console.  Bursts of energy streaked from the type IX and X phasers of the Ambassador class starship towards the cube.  A burst of photon torpedoes from the Gol slammed into the cube’s shields.  In response, the Gol’s shields were rocked by a green plasma beam.

“Evasive maneuvers!” Captain Hideki barked out

“Helm, attack pattern Beta four.  Keep us moving!”  As the battle raged around her, Alenis went into a hyperfocused state.  She was in the zone, and could anticipate the captain’s orders before they were even given.  She was two steps ahead of him, and three ahead of the Borg.  Not even the federation ships exploding around her shook her focus from the Borg cube and what she had to do to help take it down.

“T’Rena, hard to starboard, Alenis, give them the broadside.” The Gol banked to the left, crossing the T of the Borg cube – or at least, crossing by one side; it was difficult to tell with the Borg if there was a front and a back to their ships.  Without acknowledging the order, Alenis fired a burst of carefully aimed shots from the aft phaser banks to complement the Gol’s forward weaponry.

“Their facing shield is down to 30%!” shouted Alenis.  The battle was turning; the concentrated fire of the entire fleet was finally starting to wear down the shields. “It won’t be--”

The ship came to a halt with a shudder.  The sudden stop was more than the inertial dampeners could compensate for, and two crewmen were thrown from their seats, one seriously injured.  A console off to the side of the bridge shorted out, and the lighting flickered for a moment.  “Status!”

"Hull breaches on decks six through ten!"  One could hear the fear in the voice of Ensign Dumont; not long out of the academy, it was the first taste of real combat for this green Operations officer.

“We’re caught in their tractor beam!”  Alenis frantically hammered on her console, desperately firing her remaining weapons at the emitter on the cube, hoping that against all odds she could free the ship.  She looked up at the screen in time to see a glow emanate from one of the projectile launchers on the cube.  Three balls of green energy were coming straight towards the Gol.

“Evasive maneuvers!  Countermeasures!”  A bead of sweat began to form on Hideki's forehead.  He knew there was little that could be done to save his ship, but he was going to go down fighting.

Alenis fired a burst of phasers at the energy balls, hoping they would dissipate the incoming plasma blasts.  They passed through with no effect.  She could do nothing but stare at the approaching doom.

“Brace for impact!”  Hideki’s voice boomed across the intercom system.  It would be his last command.

Alenis stared up at the incoming bursts of plasma.  Closer and closer, the slow-moving projectiles came, until they filled the screen.  She closed her eyes.  Then... silence.

Her eyes opened wide.  She was in her bed, staring at the ceiling of her quarters, breathing heavily.  It was the dream again.  She’d had the same dream for the past three years.  Ever since that fateful day out in sector 262.  Many fine men and women lost their lives that day.  486 of them on the Gol. Alenis was the highest ranking officer to make it off, and she never forgave herself.  The last three years, she'd been replaying the battle in her head, wondering what she could have done differently.

She turned on her side to look at her chronometer.  It was an hour and a half before she had to get up for duty.  She knew she wouldn't be able to get back to bed.  There was only one thing she could do to get her mind off it.  She got out of bed, strolled across her immaculate quarters, and pulled out her duty uniform.

Captain's Office
USS Shikahr
Four hours later

“You wanted to see me, sir?” asked Meru.  She had been summoned to her captain’s office.  She’d served as Baxx’s right hand man and closest confidant for three years, and it was rare that he would summon her to his office like this.  Usually, the chipper Bolian would make his way to her office, more often than not carrying a mug of tea, chatting up every crewman he passed by on the way.

“Yes. Lieutenant Commander Alenis, this is very difficult for me.”  Baxx was deadly serious, there was not even a hint of the jovial attitude that was so common of his people.  “You’ve served with me for three years with distinction, and…” he paused.  “Well, I just got a message from Starfleet Command.  You…”

“Sir, what is it?”  Alenis was confused; she hadn't received any messages from Starfleet Command.

“You’re being reassigned.  To the USS Portland.  As commanding officer.”

“Sir?”  Alenis could hardly believe it; for years she strove to be a Starfleet captain and did everything she could to make it a reality.

“Yes, you’re finally getting your own ship.”  Baxx stood up from his desk and handed Alenis a PADD.  “Your orders.  Congratulations, Meru.  You will be leaving some -- what is the old earth saying -- some large clogs to fill?”

“Close enough.”
Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

Tyrlai Zade

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:30 am

Author: Lt. Tyrlai Zade

The firelight flickered off the ancient stone walls. The light was muted and the shadows danced slowly over the table. The walls were crumbling and blackened where the torches sat slowly flickering away. It was a backwater tavern on a backwater world tucked between Cardassian, Breen and Ferengi territory and just past a lonely Tendril of Federation worlds. The stone was a holdover from a forgotten people, a civilization that had burned itself out in it’s equivalent of the low middle ages. . A grizzled Lethian rubbed one of his ridges looking at his cards and pondering the latest spin. An enterprising but ill equipped Ferengi had added wood tables and torches to the edifice and declared it a tavern.

And had done surprisingly well for himself.

Strategically the world was too poor and just slightly too far away from all of the local powers to be useful as a base, but that resulting lack of authority made it a travelled stopover for traders. The local authorities stayed out of anything that did not result in violence, and stamped down heavily on anything that did. It resulted in a unique variety of races co-existing peacefully with a palpable undercurrent of barely concealed contempt.

Petty officer second class Andrev Thosk glowered from where he stood, the new property of the Lethian as of three hands ago. He was dressed in an entirely ridiculous collection of hides that made him look slightly less like an out of his depth Federation crewman pretending to be a backwater trader.

The Lethian mumbled something incomprehensible to most of the room and oddly too colorful for the universal translator. He placed two strips in the exchange and the strange glowing bauble he had kept out of risk for the majority of the evening.

Tyrlai Zade’s eyes fluttered and she dropped her cards. “Confront.” She interrupted before the Lethian spun her off blue zeph which gave her a minor consortium. The two on her left dropped and cut their losses, the Childra threw up his hands in exasperation and the Lethian glared as she collected her winnings.

“Thank you very much for your donations to the Federation orphans fund,” Tyrlai stood, to the visible irritation of more than one of the players, it was polite to leave on a losing hand but she was not about to risk another spin. She heard a desperate muffled squeak as she walked away and turned back to the Lethian. She pulled four strips from her winnings. “I’ll buy him back, trust me you don’t really want him.” The Lethian glared and stood adopting a threatening posture.

After a short round of haggling they agreed at a price of six strips and Tyrlai headed out into the refreshing chill of the autumn night. She turned at the end of the wall and set her winnings down and began splitting them into two piles, one about half the size of the other.

“You bet me in a game of tongo and lost!!” Thosk had taken that long to get past his apocalyptic rage to a place where he could speak.

Tyrlai raised the strange glowing bauble between her thumb and index finger a moment before placing it an inside pocket of her jacket. “I needed to raise the stakes and for some reason he took a liking to you.”

“But you lost!!”

“I was lulling him into a false sense of security.”

A Ferengi quietly walked up to where they were standing collected the smaller bag of latinum, nodded to Tyrlai and returned the way he came.

“You meant to tell me you were lulling him into,… why did he take the latinum?”

“It was his cut for fixing the game.” Tyrlai replied.

“You were cheating!??”

“I don’t really know how to play tongo, not well at least.” Tyrlai admitted, looking over at Thosk sympathetically.

Thosk sputtered for several more moments. “You bet me in a game you don’t know how to play!!??”

“The Federation sent us to get a tolic shard and we got one, that’s the important part.”

“I am done. Absolutely done. I have put in for a transfer out of this madness. The Federation sends you to weird places and every ship you are posted to explodes.”

“That last one didn’t explode.” Tyrlai picked up her satchel and began the long trudge to the clearing at the center of a low rise at the edge of the village.

“It was boarded by Klingons.” Thosk stammered, looking around into the darkness and making sure to stay close to Tyrlai despite all his protests.

“Im a psychologist, Klingon boarding parties aren’t really in my realm of responsibility.”

“Then why did you fight them with a sword?”

“They were bad.” She looked at him like the answer should have been obvious.

“A phaser would have been more appropriate.”

“I didn’t have a phaser.”

“Why did you have a sword!?”

“Swords are cool.”

“I am done with this. When I get my orders, this time I am free,…”

* * * * * * *

Tyrlai’s hands flowed over the controls as she readied the runabout for departure. She tapped the comm panel and spoke in an even pleasant tone. “This is the USS Trill Sucks, requesting departure on vector one eight eight, two one four.”

[Departure approved.]

“I think this is the Yukon.” Thosk said trying to be helpful, looking at a wall panel as they lurched out of orbit and shifted into warp drive.

She had just about finished plotting their course back to Federation space proper when the chime rang out again. The face of a middle aged human commander appeared on the viewscreen superimposed on the blurred starfield.

[Congratulations on the successful completion of your mission, lieutenant Zade. In recognition of your fine service you are hereby promoted to full lieutenant. Report directly to the USS Portland as their second officer under the command of Alenis Maru. She will take custody of the shard.]

“Understood, and thank you Commander.” Tyrlai smiled. It had been a long three years as a junior grade, ticking off every single XO she met hadn’t helped any either.

[Well deserved, lieutenant. Starfleet out.]

“They promoted you.” Thosk said in an even tone slowly fuming once more. “You gamble me into slavery and they promote you for it. Unbelievable.”

“It’s not just this, Thosk, it’s been three years,…”

“A promotion! The Federation must be run by rabid madmen just randomly tapping consoles, I have had enough,…”

[Congratulations on the successful completion of your mission crewman Thosk. In recognition of your fine service you are hereby assigned as councilors aide. Report directly to Tyrlai Zade aboard the USS Portland. At the recommendation of Lieutenant Zade you are hereby promoted to Petty Officer First Class.]

Thosk gazed in shock at the prerecorded message displayed on the viewscreen, tearing slightly at the corners of his eyes. Tyrlai smiled softly and looked down at the console to try and figure out where the USS Portland was and how to get there.

[Well deserved, technician Thosk. Starfleet out.]

Tyrlai laid in the new course and kicked the engines into a slightly higher than optimally safe speed and leaned back to watch the stars streak past.

“So what is a Portland?” Thosk asked.

“I have no idea, some earth thing I expect.”

Jason Beauvoir

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:31 am

Author: Jason Beauvoir

Paris, Earth

"I love you, Jason." Sarah said. Then look around at the beauty of the ancient city. "Or should that be Je t'aime? After all I'm with my handsome French Beau in the famous 'Ville Lumière'."

"The sentiment is what's important, not the language, mon amour." Jason said with a smile.

It had been a great night. A candlelight dinner at a French-Vulcan fusion restaurant, Sarah had found the tomato and Plomeek bisque surprisingly delicious and now they were walking hand in hand along the Seine.

Soon they found a bench beneath a cherry tree. They sat and hold each other just looking at the stars.

A cool wind blew up and Jason gave Sarah his jacket , making sure to take the ring box from the pocket.

He then stood up, only to go down on one knee in front of her with the ring box in hand.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked knowing full well what he was doing.

"Sarah Imogen Patterson, will you do the honour of becoming my wife?" Jason asked.

"Umm, I don't know. " She teased "This awfully sudden."

"Yes, or no? I'm not staying down her all night." He said not unkindly.

"Yes, of course I'll marry you, now get up, so I can plant a big kiss on that handsome face of yours."

As Jason got to his feet, he heard the familiar sound of a transporter beam.

Turning he saw four figures materialise from the ether.

The leader, a Betazoid with a burn scars on his face and a dead right eye. Said. "Ah, Lieutenant Beauvoir, the eldest spawn of the she-devil, Anderson. I'm Res Valyn, and your mother did this to me." He said. pointing to his face. "And killed my first born. I'm here to exact revenge. I wish I could say it'll be painless."

"If your problem is with Captain Anderson, why don't you take it up with her?"

"I am, through you, as your good book says 'an eye for an eye..'." Then to one of his Klingon henchmen he said. "K'Vart kill Lieutenant Beauvoir and make it hurt."

As the Klingon approached, Jason said. "Sarah, get out of here, run."

"No, I'm not leaving you."

"How very touching." Valyn mocked.

When the Klingon was close enough, he swung his bat'leth at Jason.

The Science officer dodged to the left .

The Klingon turned and lifted the high. Jason slipped in under the blade and sent a series of rapid punches to the Klingon's solar plexus, causing
the man to crumple up in pain and drop his weapon.

Jason then knocked him unconscious with a elbow to the side of the head.

"So, you have some fight in you, how entertaining." Valyn said to Jason, before turning to the next of his henchmen. "Alzar, you're up."

The hulking Klingon drew two mek'leth and roared as he charged at Jason.

Jason deflected the blows with the bat'lethand pushed them aside.

The Klingon attacked again.

While Alzar and Jason were fighting, Rella Caecilian, a Romulan woman and the final member of Valyn team captured Sarah.

"Jason." Rella called.

Jason turned to see she had a knife to Sarah's neck.

He then watched in horror as he Romulan woman smiled at him and plunged the knife into Sarah's chest. This was not Valyn's orignal plan, but it figured it would have the desired effect.

"No!!!" Jason screamed and ran to his beloved.

"Au revoir, Jason. Pity about your girl." Valyn said as he and his cohorts disappeared.

Jason held Sarah in his arms, her life's blood drenching his clothes. He kissed her one last time and then watched as the light left her eyes. Then he howled in pain at his loss.

Jason awoke to find himself in a meditation chamber on Vulcan.

"Was it the same memory?" The Vulcan monk asked.

"Yes, "Jason said as he calmed his breathing. "But it took longer for it to surface this time."

"Good. Follow me, there is a comm. call for you."

"But I thought comm. calls were forbidden to guests of the monastery?" Jason asked confused.

"Normally they are, but the caller was most insistent." The monk replied.

When they reached comm. room, the monk left Jason alone. The Science Officer activated the system and an unfamiliar face appeared on the screen.

[Good afternoon, Lieutenant Beauvoir, I'm Petty Officer Miles, Captain Anderson's Yeoman.] The young woman on the screen said.

"Good afternoon, Yeoman Miles, what does the Captain want with me?"

[She pulled some strings and had your commission reinstated. She said, and I quote 'that you've been wallowing in self pity long enough, so perk up and get your ass back to Earth, quick-smart or she'll have Security drag you back in restraints. ' unquote.]

He thought about telling her to send the Security, but that wasn't fair on the monks, that had treated him so well. So instead. "Tell her I'll be on the first shuttle in the morning."

[Very well, good bye, Lieutenant.]

"Good bye, Yeoman." He said shutting down the system.


Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Student Lounge

Six Months later

"Beauvoir, get your gear together, you've got an assignment ." The Personnel officer said as he handed him his orders.

Accepting the PADD, skimmed it.

"So, Lieutenant , where are they sending you?" Ensign Zola asked.

"The Portland."

"Never heard of it."Zola said.

"Me neither, apparently it's a Miranda Class."

"Miranda, are you sure? Those things are over a century old."

"Well, at least it will make for an interesting assignment."

"Perhaps. Good luck, Lieutenant."

"And to you, Ensign."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:34 am

Bistro 302
Starbase 302
Somewhere in Federation space

From her window seat, Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru watched the work bees busily buzzing around the USS Portland. The ship was being retrofitted as part of the Miranda Service Life Extension project, a wide-ranging initiative to bring all the Miranda class vessels in the fleet up to modern standards. Privately, Alenis wondered what the point was – surely for all the effort put into extending the life of aging vessels like the Miranda and Excelsior classes, the Federation would be better suited to building state-of-the-art vessels like the new Sovereign and Anubis class starships.

Not that she was complaining. A command was a command, and she would have been thankful for the opportunity to command a garbage scow.

“Ma’am, are you ready to order?” A tall Bolian waiter was standing over her table with a PADD in hand, which was connected by data link to the back of the house.

“Yes, let me see here,” Alenis put down her PADD and took a quick glance at the menu, quickly settling on the first appetizing thing she saw. “I’ll have the chicken sandwich and your soup of the day.” Though she was a Bajoran, her taste buds had been thoroughly humanized by years of growing up as a refugee on Earth. For many years, her only tastes of home were her mother’s generally unsuccessful attempts at “improvising” traditional Bajoran dishes out of ingredients commonly available on Earth.

“Good choice, ma’am. Anything else?”

“No, that is all.” As the waiter turned to tend to another table, Alenis took a sip of her tea. The one exception to her adopted palate was her fondness for Bajoran teas. She’d rarely be found far from a mug of tea, and insisted on keeping a stock of teas from her homeland wherever she went. And it had to be real, not the poor excuse for Deka tea that one can order from the replicator.

Turning back to her work, Alenis reviewed her orders.

[The USS Portland is to rendezvous with the USS Fox and the USS Quebec City in sector 377 on stardate 68288.4 to serve as the testbed for Project Mongoose. After testing, the Portland is to turn over an artifact to the Bajoran government. The artifact is currently in the possession of Lt. Tyrlai Zade, an officer assigned to the Portland, and will be transferred to your care]

Alenis reread the orders several times. She’d not been back to Bajor since fleeing with her mother as a child. The truth is, though she was a proud Bajoran at heart – like most of the Bajoran diaspora scattered among the stars – she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back home. Her only memories of Bajor were the brutality of the occupation.

But this time, she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Orders were orders. Not to mention that her curiousity was piqued by the artifact. It could be anything from a piece of old jewelry to an ancient tome. For all she knew, it could even be a Tolic Shard.

Her speculation was interrupted by a beep emanating from her PADD. She’d received a message.

[Due to unforeseen delays, the retrofit project on the USS Portland has fallen behind schedule. The USS Portland will not have all systems installed until next Tuesday. Please accept my apologies. –Cmdr. Hiro Nakayama, Shipyard Maintenance and Retrofit Supervisor, Starbase 302]

Alenis sighed in frustration. By orders of Starfleet command, she had to be in sector 377 on Monday. Now, she was being told that her ship would not be ready until Tuesday. She couldn’t delay the mission; to do so would hold up the Toulouse and the Bolarus. Not to mention that Starfleet was getting anxious to commence testing on Project Mongoose.

This kind of routine stupidity was par for the course in any large organization, and Starfleet was no exception.

As her food arrives, Alenis quickly fired off a reply on an encrypted channel.

[Expedite work on the USS Portland. We will be departing Starbase 302 on Monday at 0600. Ensure that all critical systems are online and the Mongoose is in the cage. Remaining retrofits will be installed at the facilities on Deep Space 9. –Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Commanding Officer, USS Portland]
Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:35 am

[18 months earlier]

[The Chant Café, St. Rupert, Canada]

Tim walked through the door of the café of his brother. Heads immediately turned in his direction and the room went silent. When people recognised him, the lost son of the Rouse family, they continued their conversations, except for the couple of old ladies in the right corner. Within 30 minutes the whole town would know he was back.

He walked towards the bar, in search of his brother. When he came out of the kitchen Ralph looked at him for a few second, before shouting “Timmy! You’re back!” and he came from behind the bar to hug his brother. “Did you just get in?”

“Yeps” Tim nodded towards his duffle bag. “I thought it was best to go by here. Where are Irma and Suzy?”

“Irma is picking up suzy from school. They should be here any minute.”

“Great, I’ll wait a minute then. You don’t happen to have a sandwich by any change. I haven’t eaten since I left the JC” He sat on one of the bar stools as Ralph was making a sandwich. When he came back Tim asked for the reason of his return. “How is Jud? Mum said she doesn’t come out of the house.”

Ralph’s face turned serious. “No she doesn’t. I think she lost the will to fight. Yesterday I took Suzy to see her and she didn’t even react to her.” He paused for a second. “You think you can talk some sense in her?”

“I hope so. There was a time she listened to me.”

[Rouse Resident]

Tim walked through the garden to her sisters little house. He knocked on the door a few times before entering. His sister had her music so loud she couldn’t hear him. He yelled her name to get her attention, luckily it worked. After the music was turned down she turned to face him with a face that was struck by thunder. “What are you doing here? Come to take a look at your poor pathetic little sister?”

Before he could continue she turned her wheelchair and drove away, still yelling at him. “Who called you? Mum? Ralph? I know it wasn’t dad.” she paused for a second. “You didn’t need to come all this way. Why should you? You didn’t have the guts to come before, when I was still in the hospital.”

So that’s where this is about.“Will you just shut up for a moment.” He stared at her. “You know why I didn’t came to visit you? I guess you don’t remember.” He walked to her small kitchen, making coffee for both of them. “I’ll never forget the call I got from your CO to say you had an accident. At that point that’s all they knew. They hadn’t found you jet. Everything I always worried about ever since you got it in your head to join the Marines, had happened. They said the change you survived was very slim.” He grabbed both cups and offered one to Judith.

After he said down, he continued. “By the time I got the message you had been found, alive, I already arrange leave and was on a transport to the Patton. I thought I was going there to identify your remains.” He took a sip from his coffee, unable to continue. He walked to the window and stared out into the garden. Judith didn’t said anything. “I stayed with you until you were transported to earth. Unfortunately I couldn’t go with you. My ship was about to leave on a new mission, for which I was needed.” With her still not speaking or even looking at him. He put his now empty cup on the table and walked to the door. “I talked to your doctor almost every day” he said before he went through the door.

[Present Time]

[Starbase 302]

Tim shot up, his hand immediately taking hold of his head. Not that it helped the pounding was any less by it. He looked at his surroundings, various items of clothing lying on the floor, sheets rumpled on the bad, barely covering him. As he looked to his right he saw the woman lying next to him. He lifted his other hand to his head. He had no idea what happened last night, although the signs were pretty clear. He just couldn’t remember it. Last thing he remembered was having a drink at one of the bars of the Starbase. Feeling the throbbing of his head, he definitely had more than one drink. Looking at the clock he noticed he had to hurry, he had a meeting with the CO in thirty minutes. He grabbed his jeans from the ground, put them on and did the same with the rest of his clothing. He looked over at the woman once more. She was truly gorgeous. He bent over and placed a kiss on her cheek. Checking the time again he saw he really had to go. He grabbed his leather jacket, put it on and left the room. Running towards the Portland.

After minutes of hurrying through a crowded promenade he noticed Alenis sitting at a table at one of the restaurants. He walked towards her, ignoring the fact he wasn’t dressed in uniform. “Good Morning Captain,” he said, right after ordering an extra strong black coffee at the bar. “Can I join you.” He sat down at the table, without waiting for a reply.

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:36 am

Bistro 302
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse

Alenis squinted, trying to match up the incredibly presumptuous man who now sat in front of her to a personnel file. She'd reviewed her crew files en route to her assignment, but after reading a dozen or two files, all the pictures and names became jumbled in her head. "Mr. Rouse, is it?"

“The one and only” he responded with a smile after the waiter brought his coffee. “Everything ok?” he nodded to the padd in her hand. “Don’t tell me we’re going to be behind schedule. The look on the engineers face I spoke to yesterday didn’t look good.”

“Fine, I won’t tell you,” replied Alenis, jokingly. As she placed her PADD on the table, her voice turned serious. “We’re to be in sector 377 on Monday, but now they’ve told me that the retrofits won’t be ready until Tuesday. I’ve told them in no uncertain terms to expedite them. But so long as we’ve got all the critical systems online and Mongoose is installed, we can finish the remainder of the work at Deep Space Nine after our tests.”

Turning serious he asked. “And how long do you expect that to take?”

“The initial tests should be about a day’s work,” replied Alena. “After that, we’re going straight to Bajor to deliver an artifact, so we can stop at DS9 for a couple days to complete whatever they didn’t finish here.”

“And what about the rest of crew. If I remember correctly, some are scheduled to arrive after monday. Should I send them a notice to board at DS9?” He looked grim, the lights were way too bright. He tried to write a imaginary note, so not to forget stuff, but it wasn’t really working.

“We’ll be able to run the ship with the crew we have for now. As for the rest, yes, arrange transport directly from here to DS9 for them; we’ll meet up with them after the tests.” Alenis could detect that Timothy wasn’t feeling all that great; his voice was strained, and she could see bags under his eyes. “Are you alright? You look like you have a headache.”

“A headache is a understatement. I feel like there is a herd of cows trampling around in my head.” he said as he rubbed. “I think I had a bit too much fun last night, sort of speak”

“Ah, I understand,” replied Alenis. “Spare me the details, and allow me to assist. Waiter!”

“Yes ma’am, is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes. Get this man a Bajoran Deka Tea, lots of honey.”

“Right away, ma’am.”

Tim smiled. “Your joking, tea and honey?”

“It works, trust me” replied Alenis. Deka tea and honey was an old home remedy for a hangover that helped Alenis recover from many an academy party back in the day. “Believe it or not, I was young and impulsive at one point.” Of course, since then, Alenis had largely given up drinking -- she was not one of those officers who would get themselves plastered as soon as they got onto shore leave. Rarely would she have more than a glass or two of wine with dinner. Control was very important to her, and losing her composure was something that she feared.

“I’ll take your word for it.” He quickly finished his coffee before the waiter returned with Alenis brew. “Just to get thing straight. This isn’t really me.” he paused a moment. “I had the anniversary of a difficult day yesterday. I guess I let myself go too far.”

“I see. Well, if you ever need to talk about anything, my door is always open. I’ve been an XO for three years, and I know how lonely these sort of positions can be.” Alenis always took care to keep an appropriate distance from those under her command. Unfortunately, when she became an Executive Officer, that meant that the only person left on the ship that she could relate to was Captain Baxx. For her, loneliness came with authority, but she took it as the price she had to pay to accomplish her dream of becoming a Starfleet captain.

“Well, loneliness is something I did not experience last night.” he said with a chuckle, still wondering who the woman was he spent the night with.
Capt. Alenis Meru
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USS Portland

Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:37 am

USS Portland - Deck 6 - Sickbay

Ellen Washington hurried down the hallway. Ever since she woke up she had to rush to get in Sickbay on time for the start of her shift. As the doors whooshed open to let her enter, she saw everybody being ready for the briefing jet. She moved to the back of the crowd, to the place her colleague and best friend since the academy, Maria Hill, was standing. As she reached her the other woman spoke in a hushed tone. “Where did you go yesterday. We have been looking all over for you.”

Maria and some other nurses had taken the night of, so they could properly welcome Ellen on board. They had gone from bar to bar. “Remember your lecture from earlier. About living for once?” Ellen didn’t drink and according to Maria you couldn’t have a good night out without drinking.

“Yes, but last time I saw you, you were still drinking some very colourful, non alcoholic drink” Maria replied.

“Well, I took a page out of your book and hooked up with a guy. And I told you I was leaving.” she murmured back.

Maria looked at her shocked. “You did what?” when the shock of Ellen’s word decreased Maria continued. “You, the brave admiral’s daughter hooked up with a guy, a complete stranger. Hell, that’s not what I meant with starting living. I meant get a drink, dance. Stop being so rigid.”

Ellen schussed her. “Well, tell me about him. Who is he? What happened?”

Ellen’s cheeks just grew red. “That’s uhm..” she sighed. “I don’t know who he is. We didn’t really got to talking yesterday, and this morning he was gone before I awoke.”

“He did what?” Maria exclaimed loud enough to get the attention of a colleagues around them. She continued on a lower tone. “He didn’t”

“Jeps, he did. Ah well, it’s better than having to have an awkward morning after conversation. It’s not as I will meet him ever again. We will depart soon.”

Introducing Petty Officer’s Ellen Washington and Maria Hill, Medical Department

Jason Beauvoir

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:38 am

Starbase 302
Guest Quarters

["Bonjour, Mon Grand Frere. "]

"Bonjour, Ma Petite Soeur, what do you want, Yvette?"

["Can't a girl just call her big brother to say hi?"] Yvette asked with a pretty smile.

"Sure, but you never do?"

["Fine." She said the smile now gone. "Papa received a message from a teenage girl who was looking for you."]

"What? Why would a teenage girl be looking for me?" Jason asked puzzled.

["I have some ideas." Yvette said. "Anyway, she said her name was Colm Jena and that you knew her mother. I did some digging and found out her mother was a Starfleet officer, a Bajoran Lieutenant Commander Coln..."]

"Tela." Jason interrupted. "We dated at the Academy, but lost track of each other after graduation. Did this Jena, say how she was doing?"

["Coln Tela is dead, she was killed in action two months ago. I'm sorry, Jason."]

"Do you know how it happened?" Jason asked sadly.

["The Tulsa, the ship she was serving on, was destroyed while trying to protect a merchant fleet from an attack by Orion pirates. At least that's the official story."]

"What's the unofficial story?"

["The Tulsa was doing covert surveillance, I can't give you any details, but I can tell that 'your old friend' Admiral Graham Cresswell authorised the mission."]

"Cresswell, they made that pompous, self-righteous bastard an admiral?"

["Yeah, but isn't that how you'd describe half the admirals you've met?" Yvette said. "But forget him, you're missing the point, I saw a copy of Colm Jena's birth certificate and guess who's listed as the father?"]

"I don't know." Jason replied his mind clouded by anger.

["You, you dolt, I thought you science types were supposed to be smart. Congrats, you're a Papa."]

"What? How could this happen?"

["If you don't know, I'm not gonna be the one to explain it to you."] Yvette said cheekily.

"Very funny. I meant that she never even told me she was pregnant." He said. "So, I'm a father?"

["Technically, you've been a father for the last fourteen years, but I can understand how it could come as a surprise. Papa will be so happy to be a grandfather again. What do you think the 'bitch' will say?"]

"Mother, will probably give me a lecture about how I should be more responsible in my 'sexual liaisons' and then order me to get a paternity test."

["Yeah, that sounds like the heartless bitch, but enough about her. So, are you going to meet your daughter?"]

"I'll have to, even if it's just to explain to her why I wasn't in her life."

["That's good, because she's on her way. She should be knocking on your door in a couple of hours. Have fun. Au revoir, Mon Grand Frere."]

"Au revoir, Ma Petite Soeur." Jason said and closed the channel.
2 hours and 30 minutes later

Ding dong!

Jason was awaken by the door chime.

"Un instant, s'il vous plaît?" He said as he adjusted his uniform.

When he opened the door he found a young Bajoran woman standing in the doorway. "Are you, Lieutenant Jason Beauvoir?" She asked.
"Oui. I mean, I am he." Jason replied.

"I'm Coln Jena, your daughter." She told him matter-of-factly.

Even with Yvette's warning Jason was understandably taken a back and stared unbelieving at his visitor, unsure what to say.

"May I come in, before someone gets the wrong idea?"

"What? Ah yes, of course. Come in, make yourself at home. Can I get you something to from the replicator?"

"No, thank you." Jena said as she looked around the living room. It was decorated in the default style, so told her nothing about the man that was her biological father.

"Heard about your mother's death, I'm sorry."

"I don't want your sympathy. Why didn't you follow my mother, when she left?"

"She told me not to. She said she'd found someone new." Jason said.

"Didn't you love here?"

"Yes, very much." Jason said overcome by emotions as he remembered the time he and Tela shared together.

"Then why didn't you fight for her?"

"She made it clear we were though."

"She didn't tell me anything about you, you know? Until about 2 weeks ago, I thought my father was Peter Vaughn. I found out about you when I was looking though my mother's belongings and found her diary and a photo of you." She said seeing if she could get a rise out of him.

Jason didn't know what to say. Did he have the right to ask her if this Mr. Vaughn had been a good father to her?

"So this Mr. Vaughn is he good to you?"

"He was, he died when I was 10."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"For a Linguist, you done seem to be very good at talking to people." She said.

"Come on, give me a break. This is new to me. I only found out you existed, 2 and a half hours ago."

"So you don't have any other children?"

"No. The closet I have is a nephew named Dylan, he's 6. He's my brother, Jean-Pierre's boy."

"So I have a cousin and an uncle?"

"Yes, and two aunts, Yvette and Bianca. Grandparents, great grandparents and two great uncles. "

"Wow, all my life, it's only been me, Mom and Peter. When do I get to meet everyone?" She asked unable to hide her excitement.

"Well, I don't know, everyone's pretty spread out and I'm leaving on a mission soon."

Jena's face fell. "So, you're going to leave me too? I knew this was a mistake, you don't need a teenage kid cramping your style. It's okay I just take the next shuttle to Bajor and you won't see me ever again." She said as she headed for the door .

"Stop!" He said.

She stopped and turned."Why?" She asked.

"Because you're my daughter and I want to get to know you. Now I still have to leave soon, but I'll talk to my new CO and see if I can bring you along. If not you can go to Earth and live with your Uncle Jean-Pierre, aunt Bianca and cousin Dylan. What do you say?"

She stared at him for a while trying to ascertain whether or not he was being genuine. Finally she said. "Okay, you're on."

"Good, now let's go find some place to eat. If you're good we can get ice cream."

She thought about telling him that she wasn't child, but instead she smiled, said. "Yumm, Ice cream." and followed him into the corridor.

Introducing Coln Jena.

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:39 am

Captain’s Office
USS Portland
The day before launch

“Admiral Washington, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Alenis sat at her desk receiving her first transmission from Starfleet command. On her screen was a greying, thin figure with deep set eyes. His collar was decorated with the markings of an Admiral.

“I’d like to congratulate you, Ms. Alenis, on your new command. You were very highly recommended by Captain Baxx.”

“Thank you, Admiral. It is an honour to serve the fleet.” Alenis paused for a moment, pondering why Admiral Washington would be contacting her. She had her orders, and the mission was fairly straightforward. “But this more than just a social call, is it, Admiral?”

“Yes, you are quite perceptive.” Washington paused. “Ms. Alenis, are you familiar with Tolic shards?”

“Of course.” As a Bajoran refugee growing up on Earth, Alenis as a child devoured any information about Bajor that she could get her hands on. Historical texts, religious tomes, and even ancient poetry, she would carry with her wherever she went. “They’re shards of the lost orb. During the occupation, to prevent an orb that was housed in the Tolic province from falling into Cardassian hands, the resistance split it into six pieces and smuggled them off Bajor. But so far, only four of the pieces have been recovered.”



“A fifth shard has been recovered. It is in the possession of Lt. Tyrlai Zade. The USS Portland has been assigned to return it to Bajor.”

“Sir, that’s quite an honour.” Alenis tried to conceal her excitement. But to her, this was the sort of assignment that Starfleet officers would be lucky to see once in a lifetime.

“Yes. There is a catch though. We want to find out everything we can about this shard before handing it over to the Bajorans. It’s not that I don’t trust them, it’s just…”

“It’s what, Admiral?” Alenis gritted her teeth.

“According to Federation law, the orbs and any pieces of orbs that are found belong to the Bajorans and legally we have to return them. But, knowing them, they’ll want to just stick it in a temple somewhere. We want to study them. I’d like you to get your science officer to find out everything he can about this shard before we hand it over to them.”

Alenis furrowed her brow. “Sir, with all due respect, I don’t think we should be messing around with this shard. It’s a religious artifact, and needs to be transported with care and returned undisturbed to its rightful owners.”

The Admiral's expression turned serious. “Lieutenant Commander Alenis, as a Starfleet officer, not only are you required to follow the orders of Starfleet Command, but you should show a little more scientific curiousity.”

With her right hand, Alenis touched her earring. “We shouldn’t be going behind the backs of the Bajorans – a Federation member – and tampering with their religious artifacts. How would you feel if someone took your… your… holy grail, and started probing it in some science lab?”

“Look, Alenis, I’m aware of your background, but these orbs are devices of immense power. We can’t waste an opportunity to study them because of silly superstititons--”

“Those ‘silly superstitions’ sustained my people in the darkest depths of the occupation, and you’ve got some nerve--”

“You have your orders, Ms. Alenis,” interrupted the Admiral. “Use non-destructive techniques, but find out everything you can about this shard.”

“Fine. Alenis out.” Meru hammered on the button to end the transmission, hanging up on the Admiral. A moment later, she brought her fist down on her desk. Her rage was interrupted, however, by the chime of the door. “Enter!” she shouted, her anger evident in her voice even through the door.

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