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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:40 am

Tyrlai covered her mouth, her eyes beaming as she gazed over the railing and out the refit bay windows of Starbase 302. "Thosk," she grabbed his arm in excitement, "do you know what that is?"

Thosk goggled and tried to extract his arm, his sanitizer was still packed away with his belongings. "I most certainly do. It's a deathtrap! That hull has to be eighty years old!!"

"One hundred and twenty, possibly a hundred-thirty if it has been renamed." Tyrlai gazed out at the Miranda class vessel. She had seen one of the first being built at Earth spacedock on her first trip up as an ensign back in the 2250's. Well she sort of had, it was a pre-joined Cedria Zade but she could still remember it.

"Hulls start breaking down at eighty years, microfractures, residual radiant damage, particle scoring! A spanner could probably knock a hole in this piece of junk."

Tyrlai rolled her eyes, she was far to used to Thosks negativity to let it alter her mood. "It has had at least two full structural refits based on configuration and nacelle shape. No doubt countless lesser upgrades, oh this is going to be wonderful. They never got better stylistically than the post Constitution-refit days. I wonder what it looks like on the inside, maybe they kept some of the details intact here and there."

"We can only hope to be sucked out through a void breach in an aesthetically pleasing bulkhead." Thosk deadpanned still looking at the Portland with deep suspicion.

Tyrlai turned in a circle and did a little hop still smiling and beaming like a ten year old who didn't get the sort of solstice presents that Thosks mother gave him. "We have to go aboard, how do I look?"

Thosk scrutinized her as she stood still smiling like a crazy woman. "Well, you are out of uniform. What you are wearing is inappropriately tight and looks torn,..."

"That's part of the design."

"Well then the design is also inappropriate, your hair is too long and its dishevled,..."

"It's styled that way."

"Well I recommend a nice tight bun if you mean to keep it that long. You are too tall for those boots."

Tyrlai looked down at her boots, she had replicated them for the mission. "I thought they looked adventurous."

"You need to do something about those spots."

She decided to abandon the rest of Thosks advice and headed for the airlock whistling for her hoverpallet with her stuff to follow. Thosk scampered to keep up having to guide his on pallet manually because he didn't trust the pathing on that particular model. He managed to keep up with new suggestions until well after she had left him in his quarters with his horrified looking new roommates. She made it to her own quarters and unpiled her stuff and then went looking for her new commanding officer. She visited two lounges, engineering, sickbay, one of the holodecks, communications and the cafe. Afeter an hour, she checked with the computer and headed for the bridge.

* * * * * * *

Tyrlai hit the chime and heard what seemed to be an angry and frustrated 'Enter!' echo through the substructure in reply. She realized she hadnt changed from her combination backwater trading, mildly revealing outfit and quickly shined her combadge, the only regulation part of her outfit and walked through the door.

The CO was a Bajoran, average height, wiry strong build with expressive dark eyes and hair that almost matched Tyrlais. Tyrlai usually read bios before reporting places but it was a Miranda and she had to see everything, now she was stuck not remembering which name she should use as a surname or how she was going to avoid completely ticking off her superiors on yet another ship. 'Wing it,' her inner voice said to her. She called it Zade, though recognized it was probably more Tyrlai.

"Tyrlai Zade, reporting for duty, Captain. Sorry about the outfit, and my hair and umm, whoever was just on the comm. Aren't Miranda's awesome though." She smiled hopefully.

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:41 am

Captain's Office
USS Portland
The day before launch
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. Tyrlai Zade

Alenis sat in awe as the doors to her office opened and her new Chief Counselor introduced herself. She’d seen officers out of uniform before, but never this out of uniform. Looking Tyrlai up and down, she didn’t know where to begin. Her eyes bounced around, from Tyrlai’s hair, to her boots, to her comm badge, to the revealing tear in her shirt.

Alenis held her head in her left hand and looked down into her empty cup of tea. Glancing back up at Tyrlai, her eyes settled on the bag over her shoulder.

“The shard.” Alenis’ voice was authoritative but strained; she didn’t even remove her hand from her face. “You have it?”

'Oh for five' Tyrlai though as she reached into her belt pouch and pulled out a tightly wrapped cloth parcel, she set it on the CO's desk and carefully unwrapped it until it sat in the middle of the desk on the square of black fabric softly pulsing with a soft golden light. "From what I found out a Cardassian courier lost this or perhaps had it stolen by a Nevian trader who got rid of it as soon as he figured out how much of the Obsidian Order had been dispatched for him. Illicit goods generally flow coreward from Cardassia towards Ferengi space. The Federation sent a few of us in that direction."

Standing up from her chair, Alenis stared into the shard with awe. Her eyes were captivated by its soft glow, and a soothing feeling came over her.

"She has not been home in some time."

"Ms. Zade?" Alenis raised an eyebrow.

"She has been wandering for many years." A male voice echoed from behind her.

"Arvel? Is that you?" Alenis turned, only to be interrupted by another voice.

"A lost child of Bajor." This time, the voice was that of Lt. Cmdr. Rouse.

Alenis looked around. "What's going on here?" she asked. Her office was bathed in the glow of the orb and she was surrounded by familiar figures -- mostly officers that she had served with.

It was Captain Baxx who responded this time. "The wanderer wants direction."

"Who are you?" Confused, her mind began racing. If this really were one of the lost tolic shards, perhaps she was having an orb experience. But orb experiences were rare -- very few Bajorans would have the opportunity to communicate directly with the prophets in their lifetime. And the few who do are generally those who were more devout than Alenis. "What do you want with me?"

"It has been foretold."

The last voice touched Alenis' deepest memories. It had been so many years since she last heard it. Nearly three decades, in fact. But to Alenis, the memory of that voice was as vivid as though it were yesterday. "Father?"

But there was no answer. Only a dim glow emanating from the shard and a Trill with a confused expression on her face.

"Oh, wait, you saw something! Man! I carried it for four days and they didnt speak to me at all." Tyrlai looked down at it dismayed. Perhaps the prophets just didn't feel her life needed to get any more interesting or complex at the moment. "I guess that seals the concept of it's authenticity."

"Do not be disappointed, the prophets speak to very few people and work in very mysterious ways." Alenis tried to make sense of her experience, but to no avail. Many Bajorans had gone to the prophets seeking guidance, only to spend the rest of their lives trying to understand the meaning of their experience. "In fact, I'm not even sure why they decided to speak to me. Or what they were saying." To say that it was unlike anything that Alenis had ever experienced would be an understatement.

As she was trying to process what just happened, she remembered that between her frustration with the admiral she hadn't even properly introduced herself. "I'm sorry, please forgive my lack of manners. As you've no doubt figured out by now, I'm Lt. Cmdr. Alenis. Welcome aboard the Portland." Alenis' eyes wandered back down from Tyrlai's face to her attire. "I take it you haven't quite settled in yet?"

"My stuff is still floating on a hoverpallet in my quarters. I had to see the ship, I served on one of these back in '58 when they still had the round nacelles. Its amazing how much internal configuration survived. Engineering is completely different obviously but the balance of the saucer still follows the old deckplan." Tyrlai looked over at the CO's replicator. "That was a plasma conduit originally, four injured CO's later they moved it to the other side of the bridge. What color do second officers wear nowdays?"

"Ah yes, previous hosts." For a moment, Alenis forgot that the young woman in her office had experience and memories going back hundreds of years. It was an easy mistake to make with joined Trill. "Second officers wear the colours of their department, which in your case is teal." Alenis took a deep breath. "And I hate to be a stickler, but you are a tad out of uniform."

"That's just it really," Tyrlai said taking the seat she hadn't actually been offered. "I didn't recieve that half of my orders. The Federation moves me around now and again. I'm not entirely sure I'm a Counselor this time."

Alenis picked up a PADD on her desk and stared at it intently. "It says here you're my Chief Diplomatic Officer. And second officer as well."

Tyrlai raised her brow and her lip curled a little in disgust. "Diplomacy again, ugh. The Federation never forgets what you have received training on, that stuff is just in your jacket forever." She smiled again shortly looking around at the Miranda stylings of the office. "Hopefully we wont get much diplomatic action out here." Then she looked in horror at the shard. "There's going to be a formal dinner for that isn't there?"

Alenis smiled. "I'm sure our invitations are in the mail. Just remember to wear something a little more... classy."
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:42 am

Deck Six
USS Portland
The day before launch
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

As she made her ways through the hallways in the underbelly of the Portland, Alenis walked like a woman on a mission, blowing by a gang of workmen repairing a plasma conduit. Tightly clutched under her arm was an object wrapped in black cloth. Easily finding her destination, she walked briskly into the centre of the science lab.

“Mr. Beauvoir, I presume.” Alenis continued without even giving the man a chance to respond. “I have something very important that Starfleet Command wants you to take a look at.”

Jason looked up from his work as Alenis entered the lab. He found her quite attractive, he'd always had a thing for Bajoran women.

"Okay, ma'am, let's see it then." He said.

Brushing aside some PADDs, Alenis found space on a desk for her package. Carefully, she placed it down and unfolded the cloth around it, unwrapping the shard. The faint glow that illuminated the shard was absorbed by the black cloth around it. "This here is a Tolic shard. It's a piece of an orb which was broken up and smuggled off of Bajor during the occupation." Alenis paused for a moment. Though she found the Admiral's orders distasteful, she was bound by duty to carry them out. "Starfleet command wants us to study it and find out as much as we can before returning it to Bajor. Now, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that these orbs are very unpredictable, so you will need to take proper precautions. Further," Alenis' voice took on a sterner tone, "this is a religious artifact. It is very sacred to the Bajoran people, and is an important part of Bajoran culture. You will only use non-intrusive and non-destructive investigatory techniques, and you will treat it with the proper respect at all times. Understood?"

Jason looked at the Tolic shard as Alenis explain what it was and what he was to do with it. The shard shone with a beautiful inner luminescence. The Science officer had heard of the shards, but this was the first he'd actually seen. As an honorary member of the Bajoran Archaeological Institute he'd been shown some of the Bajoran Orbs.

He could tell she was unhappy with these orders. "Ma'am, I am aware of this artefact's significance to the Bajoran people and I assure you I'll treat it with the respect it deserves. " Jason told her.

"Thank you," replied Alenis. She could see in his eyes that her science officer was understanding, perhaps even sympathetic, to the situation. Relaxing her chest, she let out a deep breath, allowing a little bit of tension to escape. "As for tomorrow, you will be on the bridge, ready to monitor the testing of Mongoose, right?"

Energy fields weren't exactly Jason's speciality,but as Chief Science Officer you had to be a jack-of-all-trades so to speak, so he spent the majority of his off-duty time getting up to speed on any new experiments or fields of discovery he was meant to oversee.

"Aye, Ma'am, I've familiarised myself with the Mongoose system and I'll be on the Bridge, bright and early." Jason said with what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

"Excellent. I'll leave the shard in your capable hands. Oh, and welcome aboard."

"Thank you, Ma'am, it's great to be on a Starfleet vessel again." Jason said.

As the Captain left, Jason watched her go, she was indeed an attractive and an emotionally strong woman, one that he'd like to get to know better.

He filed those thoughts away for later and began working on his 'new project.
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:44 am

USS Reliance
Captain Jace Crenn's Ready Room
16 Hours before launch of the USS Portland

"Wait. I'm going where?" R'vahis's usual calm demeanor twisted slightly askew as he looked up from the PADD bearing his new orders, glancing back and forth between the Chief of Operations and the Captain of the Reliance.

"Starfleet says you're to get your essentials packed and report to the shuttle bay a.s.a.p. and that means pronto, Rev." Jaeg Tlondar, the Chief Operations Officer chucked at the Caitian's obvious confusion. He'd had a similar reaction when the Captain had called him only minutes before to inform him of the pending transfer. "Seems I'll be needing to find myself a new Assistant Chief here for the Reliance...and that the USS Portland's got herself a brand spanking new Chief."

"But...when did this happen? I didn't even know there was an opening..."

"There wasn't. At least not as of yesterday, but it seems that the officer originally designated for that spot was pulled from active duty this morning. Some sort of personal matter, I'm told, but none of the specifics." Captain Crenn grinned and stood, offering his hand in congratulations. "Her loss is apparently your gain."

The caitian accepted it and stood himself. "Thank you sir. But, frankly, I'm only a..."

"Ensign?" Crenn anticipated the question and proceeded to slap the felinoid on the back, "Well, we certainly can't have a lowly Ensign ordering senior officers around, now can we? As of this moment, Mister R'vahis, consider yourself promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, with all the responsibilites and perks that go along with the rank."

Tlondar hugged the Caitian warmly as R'vahis still seemed to be trying to get a handle on this recent turn of events.

Crenn continued, "Unless, of course, you don't want it, Rev?"

"Oh, no, sir. Quite the contrary."

"Then, Lieutenant R'vahis, as my last order as your commanding officer, I will repeat Commander Tlondar's instructions and tell you to report as soon as possible to shuttle bay three. Your ride is waiting to take you to your new accomodations, which from what I hear, are due to leave Starbase 302 sometime early tomorrow. Anything you can't pack quickly will be shipped to you as soon as we can. Dismissed."

R'vahis nodded, finally getting his bearings somewhat. "Yessir. Thank you sir. Both of you." And with that, the caitian officer bolted from the room and off to gather his travel bag.

"You know he's never going to make it in time for that launch, right?" Tlondar offered as soon as his former Assistant was gone. "Just isn't enough time. Starfleet's cut it too close."

"I dunno, Jaeg, seems to me that if anyone can adjust the settings to coax a bit more out of the engines of that shuttle just so he can keep from inconviencing his new commanding officer, its that Cat."

Daniel Tobin

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:45 am

Floren's Bar, Miami, Earth
Three Months Ago

"Y'know," Rawlings drawled, "it's a real shame, seeing the team fall apart like this. We stuck together through two ships. You guys are like family. I ever tell you that?" She rapped her knuckles on the table, accenting each word. "Like. Family."

Tobin smirked. "I think you're drunk." Mimicing Rawlings, he banged his fist on the table. "Very. Drunk."

"No, really!" Rawlings insisted. "All that time staring across the Neutral Zone, waiting for the Romulans come test our sensors with their latest cloaking toys." She downed her Andorian ale. "And then -"

"Oh, you remember that sensor ghost?" Malos interjected.

Rawlings doubled over with laughter. "Yeah! And when Captain Novik thought it was a Warbird?"

Malos chuckled. "And when it didn't answer our hails, and he threatened to fire if it came any closer - did you ever see that vein on his head get so big?"

Practically giggling, Tobin slapped Roberts on the back. "I thought he was going to get us all killed. A Nova threatening a D'Deridex! And there he was, shouting like the eighteenth fleet was right behind us!"

Malos let his smile fade. "I guess you're right, Rawlings. I'm gonna miss you guys. I'm going to Starfleet Headquarters, Rawlings is going to the Heusen, Tobin is... Geeze, I forgot."

"The Portland. It's a Miranda, believe it or not."

Malos frowned. "So it won't be a dedicated intelligence ship? Wait, aren't Mirandas the ones with the little thing on top, kinda looks like a roll bar?"

"Roll bar?" Rawlings smirked. "What's a starship gonna do with a roll bar?"

Tobin shrugged and lowered his voice. "Laugh all you want. But mark my words - someday, somehow, you're gonna wish the Heusen had a roll bar."

Once again, Rawlings doubled over with laughter. "Yeah, sure. I'll call you the minute it happens."

"I'll be waiting." Tobin replied.


Starbase 302
Present Day

Tobin walked over to the replicator. "Omelette."

The replicator chirped in response. [Please specify.]

Tobin sighed. "Omelette, like I had yesterday."

His breakfast materialized, and Tobin took it back to his desk. "Computer, resume log." He poked at his meal as he spoke.

"The Portland is just about ready to begin her shakedown. I've just boarded two days ago, since the ship's computer finally recognized my security clearance - until that, I was more productive on the starbase."

He began cutting the omelette into strips. "I've begun reviewing the ship's logs. As I understand it, the Portland has been tasked with returning an artifact to Bajor. Coincidentally, the captain's Bajoran. I'm beginning to wonder if Command arranged this on purpose."

"At any rate, there shouldn't be much for me to do on this mission, at least after I'm finished with the ship's records. I suppose I'll take a little tour of the ship, get to know everyone. Maybe I'll check what holonovels are installed here. Computer, end log."

He dug into his meal. It was only now that he realized he hadn't eaten dinner the night before. Instead, he'd spent the night digging through the ship's systems, checking for holes in the computer's security. He was relieved to find none. As old as the design was, the Miranda's upgrades seemed to be comprehensive enough to keep intruders out.

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:46 am

USS Portland
05:55 Hours
Five minutes to launch
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Lt.(JG) R'vahis and Lt.(JG) Jason Beauvoir

This was it. All of Alenis’ training, all of her hard work, every career move she had made to date all culminated in this moment. If it weren’t for her medication, she wouldn’t have gotten a wink of sleep all night.

Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru sat down in the command chair on the USS Portland.

“Status,” she called out.

Tim answered the question he'd been waiting and preparing for. "All divisions report ready for launch" he said, as he rechecked the data on his chair console.

Tyrlai stepped through the turbolift doors as they whooshed open, she was not going to miss the sight for anything, even though technically she didn't have a station to monitor. She pulled at the collar of her purple diplomats tunic and walked over to a station on the outside port side and sat. She programmed the console for library data and external sensors giving her a good eight views of the last minute scramble of the drones to clear all of the equipment and external leads.

"Excellent." Alenis nodded at Tyrlai, acknowledging her presence on the bridge. "Operations, request clearance for launch."

"Aye, ma'am." As the Benzite operations officer chatted with the controllers at Starbase 302, the turbolift doors opened to reveal an irate Andorian.

"This is unacceptable! We are thirty-seven seconds late for launch!" Commander Shras th'Zarath, a project director at Starfleet R&D, had a reputation as a bit of a mad scientist, however this was the first time that Alenis had the misfortune of having to work with him. "I demand an explanation as to why the testing of my prototype has been delayed!"

"Commander, we are preparing for--"

"Oh, you're preparing? We should have been en route," he glanced at his chronometer, "Forty-four seconds ago! I will not stand idly by and watch as the testing of my life's work is delayed by the incompetence--"

"And I will not stand idly by and let you interfere with the operation of my ship!" Alenis was fuming as she stood up from her seat to look him in the eye. It was bad enough that Shras was annoying the bridge crew, but when he started questioning her competence, it was the final straw. "Now, unless you want to see further delays, I'd recommend you sit down and be quiet!"

Taken aback by the power of Alenis' voice and the fury in her eyes, Shras relented. "This is going in my report," he muttered, just loud enough for most of the bridge crew to hear, as he turned to find a seat. Fortunately for him, there was an empty console next to a Trill officer in purple.

Tyrlai watched him take his seat with as much lightly invasive bluster as possible. He meant it to be known and understood how much he was being put out by taking a seat to one side of the bridge. He fussed and muttered just loudly enough to not be heard clearly. She was almost completely distracted by the calculated display of arrogant petulance, he wasn't quite as good at it as she had gotten but he was very practiced, clearly. "You have a report, Commodore?"

He looked at her quizzically, his overly large head swiveling in her direction twice. "I am not a Commodore and yes, a report the Federation Sciences Comission will find most disheartening."

"You tried to boss the Captain of a ship around, I just assumed you must be a Commodore." Tyrlai smoothly adopted a puzzled look. "And all of the impressive stuffy blustering. Can I call you Commodore Stuffypants?"

The man glared at her with a menacing stare. "You just made the report, missy."

"Zade," she said pleasantly. "Z, A, D, E."

Jason watched from the Science station as the man who had made the job of getting his department ready for launch a damn sight more difficult, entered the Bridge with all the arrogance of king sweeping into his throne room. Commander Shras th'Zarath, 'The great and powerful' had gallivanted into the Science Department commandeering Jason's staff without a word and over his protestations. Then had the gall to complain that the Department was inefficient and that it was Chief Science Officer's fault and would become part of his report.

Jason had held his tongue, which had taken him all the skills in emotional control, that he'd learned in his 4 year sabbatical on Vulcan. Still, he couldn't stop a smile from briefly crossing his lips as the Captain dressed the pompous Scientist down, who, clearly defeated, took a seat to one side.

It was Ensign Belyok at the Operations station who broke the silence. "Ma'am, we're cleared for departure, following departure lane three to nav point echo, then proceeding at heading 210 mark 15."

It was at that moment that the turbolift's door swished open and a lean, golden-furred Caitian officer stepped onto the bridge. He paused, possibly for effect, "Captain, my sincere apologies. As I'm sure Ensign Belyok informed you, my shuttle only just arrived. Permission to come aboard and take my station?"

"Welcome aboard." With a wave of her hand, Alenis dismissed the Benzite, clearing a seat for her chief of ops. She was thankful to have an experienced operations officer on board -- Belyok was fresh out of the academy, and she hadn't expected R'vahis to arrive in time to catch the departing vessel. "Mr. R'vahis, release the docking clamps," she added, wasting no time in issuing orders to her new crewman. "Helm..." Alenis paused for a brief moment, mentally preparing herself for leaving port as commanding officer of a starship for the first time. "Make it so."
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:46 am

The switch between the bolian and caitian officers was quick and efficient, as should be expected for bridge crew members, and R'vahis's hands were nimbly working the Ops station's controls the moment he was seated. "Docking clamps are away. Departure lane three is open to us to nav point echo, and then proceeding at heading 210 mark 15."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:48 am

USS Portland
Launch time!

"Excellent." Acknowledging R'vahis' confirmation, Alenis turned to her helmsman. "Proceed with thrusters only, go to one quarter impulse upon reaching a safe distance."

Alenis remained on the bridge until the ship went to warp, at which point she decided to leave the ship in the hands of her capable first officer and retire to her office and try to get some paperwork done before the test of the prototype. But it was only a few minutes before she was interrupted by a chime at the door. Responding simply with a shout of the word "enter," she was surprised to see that it was none but Commander th'Zarath. Unconsciously, her eyes squinted in anger. "What do you want?" she asked, the irritation plainly audible in her voice.

"Regarding what happened on the bridge earlier," Shras stepped forward, the door closing behind him, "I do believe an apology is in order."

"Oh?" Despite her best attempt at a poker face, Alenis let out a bit of a smile. "Yes, I suppose I would concur."

An awkward silence filled the room for a few seconds.

"Well?" Alenis was the first to break the silence.

"I'm waiting," sneered the Andorian.

"You mean--" Alenis was flabbergasted. Could Shras actually be so dense as to think that he was owed an apology? "You barge onto my bridge, disrupt the operations of my ship and accuse my crew of incompetence. If anything, you owe me an apology."

"We were more than a full minute late. Your cavalier attitude towards tardiness is indicative of--"

"Get out of my office!"

"Lieutenant Commander, I'd like to remind you that I outrank you," Shras replied with a smirk.

"Oh? Are you a flag officer now?"

"A flag officer?" Shras furrowed his brow, wondering where Alenis was going with this.

"I am the commanding officer of this vessel." Alenis sprung her trap. "Pursuant to Starfleet General Order 104, only flag officers have the authority to relieve a CO of command. Ergo, unless you've been promoted to Commodore recently, you do not have the authority to order me around. I am the captain and you are a guest on my vessel, a passenger, and I expect you to behave as such. Do I make myself clear?"

"Well, I'm sure Admiral Washington will be interested in reading my report." With that, Shras pivoted and walked out the door.

Alenis let out a deep sigh and pressed her fingertips against her temples. The mission was supposed to be a simple one, but Shras was turning it into a nightmare. Only a few seconds later, the chime rang again. "What!" she shouted, at the top of her lungs.
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Arvel Darze

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:48 am

Utopia Plantia Fleet Yards
Hours before launch

Arvel wasn't ever on time, for anything even his own joining a few years back and yet fate still had yet to punish him forever being late. The last time he had been on time was when he had lived with his parents on Trill which had taken at least forever ago.

The career route he had chosen wasn't the most popular choice in which to make. He had, had several detractors from the Federation Naval Patrol that denounced him from their brotherhood of sailors the moment he had joined Starfleet. Now Starfleet oddly enough had been a tad more forgiving and had welcomed him with open arms.

That had been several years ago and though the arrangement with Starfleet hadn't been perfect it still worked somewhat. Though what perplexed Arvel was the fact that Starfleet had started the program with those Miranda-class vessel's like the one that he was approaching.

The ship was from his guesses with the memories of the symbiont inside of him was a few decades old. The symbiont of course had been right when he had cross checked and found the ship was a little bit old but not out of place for her mission, whatever it was.

As the ship's now Counselor Arvel wasn't sure what he was going to do exactly maybe perhaps test the crew's reactions on the deathtrap of a starship they were to serve on? Who knew.

All he knew was that he hadn't ever served on a Starship as old as this one, he just hoped that he would be able to keep the menagerie of animals or "pets" as he called them inside the little cargo space between his quarters and the Counselor's office.

As he guided his personal shuttle into its docking berth aboard the Portland he wondered if life was about to get more interesting than it had any right to be.

U.S.S. Portland
Counselor's Office several hours later

He had managed to offload his menagerie of creatures into the space, which he found out was actually connected between his quarters and that of his office, which he found quite nice. It would give the appearance to the crew that he never left his office and yet was always refreshed. His menagerie would be used for various therapies and didn't contain any of what most would deem "creepy crawlies", for he had found in his line of work those rarely were ever useful except for the exceptionally rare strange crewmember.

He was careful to avoid contact with the Captain, whom he had served with and had known from a previous posting. "Best to let things lay low for a while". He thought to himself and allowed himself time to deal with the crew in general by walking around the ship careful to avoid the bridge and the upper decks. Thankfully his lower rank kept him from standing out and he enjoyed spending time with the lower deck crewmembers.

Jason Beauvoir

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:49 am

USS Portland
Lieutenant Beauvoir's Quarters

Jena looked around the quarters which she was to share with a man she didn't know. Sure he was her father, but they'd only met each other recently, so he was still a stranger.

Why had her mother lied to her? Was there something wrong with him? Was she protecting her from him? He seemed nice, but was that just an act? The two people she'd trusted most in all the world had lied to her, her whole life. Why would this Lieutenant Beauvoir be any different? Maybe he knew about her all along, but didn't want anything to do with her, after all he mentioned sending her to live with her uncle, aunt and cousin on Earth. Not that she didn't want to meet them, she'd always wanted a brother or sister, and a cousin was the next best thing apparently.

She took a deep breath to calm her thoughts. 'Maybe I'm being too hard on him, 'cause if what he says is true, I'm more of a surprise to him, than he is to me.'

Jena was about to get up and order a jumja iced tea, when door chime sounded.

"Enter." She called.

The doors opened and in walked a young purple skinned woman. "Good day, Ma'am, I'm Petty Officer Twilin, we met when Lieutenant Beauvoir and yourself came aboard."

"Oh, yeah . You're a Kelsynian, right?" Jena asked.

"That's correct, Ma'am. I stopped by to see how you were settling in and if you needed anything."

"Well, for a start you can call me Jena, 'ma'am' makes me feel old." Jena said with a smile."

"Jena, it is then. So, is there anything you do you want to do?"

"I'd like to visit the Science labs."

"You want to see where your father works? Very well , but it's a working department, so you'll have to make sure you keep out of the way of the staff." Twilian explained.

"I understand."

"Good." That said they headed for the Science Department.

Featuring Coln Jena and PO Twilin.

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