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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:58 am

MD1 (launch day), 1100 hours
Sickbay, USS Portland
Authors: Brad Silverton

Doctor Brad Silverton walked into the Portland's sickbay and stopped to admire it. It was his sickbay to shape and mold. To guide the staff in their education and to conduct what would eventually be ground breaking research. It was a grand sickbay if not for the fact that it was a disaster.

Only 2 of the 6 biobeds had been installed. About half of the cabinets and storage lockers were yet to be delivered by engineering. Jefferies tube doors were left about on the floor. Luckily most of the computer terminals were ready to go so he could still fill out his daily reports. Finishing touches here and there were missing as well as a hole in the wall of the doctor's office where decorative glass would someday be installed causing a rather glaring hole.

"What could be taking engineering so long in building my sickbay? Don't they know we will be leaving any day now? Nurse Washington, Nurse Hill?"
The two medical staff came out from a side room where they have been talking, and Brad presumed, working in helping setup sickbay.
"Where did the building crews go?"
"They haven't been here yet doctor."
"What?! But its past 1100 where could they be? Ok I can't wait for them if they are going to be this late. You two stay here in case they arrive. I'm going to Cargo Bay 2 to see what medical equipment I can find. If they aren't going to build sickbay then I will."
Brad quickly walked out the sickbay doors as another crew member entered through the opposite doors.

45 minutes later
Captain Alenis had finished her exams and left sickbay. As those doors finished closing, the ones on the opposite side of sickbay opened. An anti-grav sled was pushed in with boxes and crates of varying sizes stacked rather high. Brad Silverton stepped from behind it and walked over to Ellen and Maria.
"Well I think I gathered up most of what was scheduled to be sent to sickbay. Its hard to be sure though. It seems like a lot of departments are still settling in. This isn't everything we'll need, but it should get us up and running enough to have a functioning medical department. I should be able to assemble and set these up without us having to wait for engineering."

"Dr. Silverton?" Ellen began, "We think that the captain was just here."

Brad questioned slowly with a slight tilt of his head in disbelief. "You THINK the CAPTAIN was here?"

"Yes. Well she was here. She literally just walked out as you came in."

"Hmm. I thought it was customary for the department heads to go to the captain when their departments were prepared. She must have stopped by to greet me and then left when she couldn't find me."

Maria corrected the Doctor, "No, she was here for awhile I think. She activated the EMH."

"What in the world for? I could have taken care of any need she has. Computer activate emergency medical hologram."

The EMH materialized in front of the medical staff and stood tall and firm. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

Brad was short and curt, "What did the captain want with you?"

"I'm sorry I cannot divulge that information due to patient doctor confidentiality. Who are you?"

Ellen snickered but held most of it back. Brad was no longer in a mood for any of it. "Who am I?! I'm the Chief Medical Officer of this ship!"

The EMH was unimpressed, "I'm sorry but my records show nobody assigned currently to the Portland for that position."

"That's because I'm newly transferred and we are still settling in!" Brad waved his hands around at the incomplete sickbay. Then he turned and looked at his staff for a little help.

Ellen and Maria both jumped to the defense of their doctor, "Oh yes we can attest that he is the Chief Medical Officer."

"I see well in that case my findings will be transferred to your office terminal. She demanded a routine physical..."
Brad sighed in relief, "Well small wonder that nothing was wrong."
"... and I detected a possible growth. More tests will need to be ran that are beyond my programming."

Brad held his fingertips together at the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Just so I am perfectly clear on this matter. On my first day of my new assignment, the captain came in for a medical need, I wasn't here and failed to take care of said need, she saw that her sickbay was less than halfway outfitted yet of course you were installed," Brad waves dismissively at the EMH program. "She activated you to perform my duties, and you found a possible growth? What's next, do you want to write my next research paper too?"

As if in response to Brad's question, the EMH deactivates itself.

Rendezvous, Part IV
Sickbay, USS Portland
Mission Day 1

Brad looked around at what would have to be for now, a completed sickbay. There were still 3 biobeds missing as well as some of the more advanced and delicate medical scanning and operating equipment. Luckily the Portland wasn't scheduled for anything beyond testing some new defensive technology so there was nothing to worry about currently.
While the more advanced drugs were still being synthesized by the replicators, the basics were fully stocked. This was as good as it was going to get for the time being.

"Well I've put this off far longer then I should have but I wanted medical to be as ready for the captain. Time to go meet her."
Brad checked the time, "Oh wait, they are doing the testing now. Last thing they need is for me to walk in on the middle of that. Another hour or two wouldn't hurt. Its not like anything serious will happen."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:00 am

And unto the breach...
Bridge, USS Portland
Mission Day 1
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. (JG) R'vahis, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

“How dare you!” As the Portland and the Fox sped towards the source of the distress call, red alerts blaring, everyone was busy preparing the ship for combat. That is, everyone but Shras, who was complaining about the testing of his precious prototype being interrupted. “Going into combat with my prototype on board is a completely unacceptable risk!”

“Shut up, Shras.” Alenis didn’t have time to argue with lives at stake and simply turned her back on the Andorian. “Mr. Rouse, I’m afraid to inform you that regarding our tactical situation, four of our type IX phaser arrays will not be ready until Tuesday.”

"I am aware of that. Guess we'll need to make the best of the phaser that do work!" Tim responded grumpy. He had tried to get the engineers to fix those before launch, but apparent they weren't considered necessary for the testing of the stasis field weapon.

Tyrlai stepped out onto the bridge, she hadn't been overly interested in the weapons testing, but the klaxons were a new touch and they were at warp, which was also not in the prospectus Commodore Stuffypants had sent out. She walked over to the tactical station and peered over a shoulder at the displays. It was an Orion signature, unmistakable and probably a match for a normal Miranda. It was also abnormally far from home. It took a formidable amount of bluster to try their luck on this particular border, or a formidable amount of desperation. Or perhaps something else, perhaps they were after something specific.

She walked over to where the Captain stood with some kind of colorful bird. "Not that I expect you were planning to, but, I wouldn't mention my name in this situation." She smiled sympathetically as if Alenis should understand such and instruction as a matter of course.

"Ms. Zade, remind me to ask you afterwards if there is any specific reason why not." Alenis pondered the tactical situation. Critical components for four of the Portland’s six type IX phaser arrays were still sitting in the cargo bay. With only two type IX phasers, four Type VIII phasers and torpedoes, she’d be relying mainly on the firepower of the Fox to drive off the Orions. "This is a little far from the usual Orion stomping grounds; any idea what they're doing all the way out here?"

"Arrogance, vengeance or desperation. I doubt it's the latter, I would have heard if one of the cartels had been pushed out of Orion space. As for vengeance, that's anyone's guess, but it would be a strange location for an Orion feud to break out. If I had to hazard a guess I would say that something unusually valuable was aboard the Bolian freighter. Enough to coax an Orion ship a couple hundred light years from it's home to play the risk. As much of a fan of the flashy violence as I normally am, we may be able to get him to back off. He must realize that even if he disables us hes not going to be able to cross the core of the Federation without being intercepted." Tyrlai turned away from the screen and smoothly blended into the background as the communications board lit up.

"Agreed," replied Alenis. "We'll have to see what's on that ship. Though..." she paused to ponder the possible intentions of the Orions, "Thieves and pirates typically make sure to have a getaway plan before engaging in this sort of business."

The conversation was interrupted by an incoming transmission. An older man, perhaps in his ‘50s, with intense, deep-set eyes and salt-and-pepper hair appeared on the screen. The bridge was dark and menacing, lit mainly in green. The stations were crewed by a diverse range of aliens, mostly wearing civilian clothes. On his arm was an Orion with close-cropped hair and a revealing leather outfit.

“Federation starships, I am Vike. I see you approaching on long-range sensors. I am engaged in a private matter and do not need your assistance.”

“Mr. Vike, I’m afraid to inform you that piracy is not tolerated in these parts of space,” replied Alenis, staring down the figure on her screen.

The stern-faced man stifled a chuckle. “Madam, I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but the bird on your shoulder makes that statement less credible. Besides, I’m not engaging in piracy, just a little… pre-emptive salvage.”

Alenis glanced at Ko-ko and then back at the screen. “I’m afraid your salvage operation is going to come to an end soon, one way or another.”

“I don’t think so,” replied Vike. “My cruiser is more powerful than your two measly, archaic vessels combined.”

"I doubt that, but even so, is it more powerful than the entire fleet? You're awful far from home, and Starfleet isn't going to just let you get away with this."

"I'll be long gone when they find your debris," Vike replied smugly. "Though if you leave me to my business, I will let you live." He squinted, making out a young officer in the background that he recognized. “Oh, and Mr. Tobin, it’s good to see you again. Sad, however, that if your captain continues on this foolish course, our reunion will be short.” With that, he cut the feed.

Alenis pivoted in her seat. “Mr. Tobin, tell me everything you know about this Vike fellow in…” she glanced at her chronometer, “the forty-five seconds we have until intercept.”

"Drezna Vike is the most dangerous and manipulative man I've had the displeasure of meeting. A tactical genius. He used to be a political figure on New Sydney, practically a cult leader. He was involved in some dirty business, before Starfleet exposed him. Some abandoned him, but for many of his followers, that only increased their devotion. On the run from the law, he led them into the arms of the Orion Syndicate."

"And how do you know him?" asked Alenis.

"I... I used to follow him. Captain, whatever he says, don't trust him."


Jason looked up from studying his console."Captain, the sensors are detecting tachyon emissions consistent with cloaking technology, coming from the Bolian freighter, that class of vessel doesn't have the energy output to power it, so it's just transporting it. Perhaps that's what Mr. Vike is after," he reported.

"Possibly," replied Alenis. "That could also be his exit strategy. Which makes it all the more important that we stop right here, before he gets his hands on it." She shuddered at the thought of cloaking technology in the hands of the Orions. No ship in the quadrant would be safe from Orion raiding parties. And that is not even to mention who they might sell it to -- the Tzenkehti, the Kzinti, or even the Breen. How events played out in this little corner of space today could drastically alter the balance of power in the quadrant.

"Five seconds, ma'am," called out the helmsman.

Alenis looked up at the screen. "Power up weapons and prepare for battle."

While the Red Alert continued to pulse in the background, R'vahis called out, "Auxillary cells for the Mongoose device will be fully recharged in two point three minutes, Commander. Provided, that is, we are not required to re-route power to other systems."

"Excellent. Lets hope we don't have to use it."
Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:01 am

Space Battle!
Bridge, USS Fox
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton, Lt. (JG) R'vahis

It was quiet when the Fox dropped out of warp. Too quiet. The Orion raiding vessel which was visible on long range sensors only a moment before was gone. The only ship on sensors was the beat up Bolian transport off the port bow.

“Reporrrrt!” called out Captain S’rress. “Where are the Orrrrions?”

“I don’t know, they were on sensors a minute ago!” An exasperated young Betazoid manning the ops station tried frantically to scan for anything unusual.

What he didn’t know was that the asteroids off to the starboard had an abnormally high concentration of Iridium, which gave off just enough radiation to conceal an Orion cruiser. And in the few brief seconds that the sensors of the Fox were blinded by the collapsing warp field around the ship, Vike had taken the opportunity to preserve the element of surprise. With a quick warp jump into his hiding place, Vike prepared an ambush for the approaching Starfleet vessels.

“Captain!” he gasped, seeing the red dot appear on his scanners. But it was too late; before S’rress even turned to face him, the ship was rocked by the powerful forward-firing weaponry of Vike’s raiding cruiser.

“Evasive maneuvers!” demanded S’rress as the ship rocked and the lights on the bridge flickered. “Return fire, attack pattern beta-four!”

Bridge, USS Portland

By the time the Portland dropped out of warp a moment later, the USS Fox was deep in battle with the Orions and it wasn't doing well. Vike's initial volley had done a number on the shields of the Fox, and Alenis wasn't sure if the Portland, with so many of its phaser banks online, could turn the tide.

At least, not until Tuesday when the remaining phaser banks would be installed.

Still, she had to try. "Helm, bring us in closer, attack pattern Delta two. Tactical, fire at will, all available weapons."

When the Captain gave the orders to engage, Jason braced himself for another battle. As Chief Science Officer there wasn't much for him to officially do, but he did have access to the non-tactical sensors and he'd learnt to keep a watchful eye on the sensors for anything that might give his ship an advantage.

As the Portland closed in, her few remaining phaser banks lit up, firing away at the Orion ship. But it was to little avail, Vike's ship was just too powerful and his shields brushed off the . Realizing that the Portland, with half its phaser banks offline, could do little more than serve as a distraction, Vike pressed his attack on the Fox.

Bridge, Orion Cruiser

Second in Command Schaezel watched the battle on the main display. The Portland was of no threat to them and Vike had given the order to concentrate on the Fox. Schaezel turned to his station and got back to his task.

"Schaezel to Chokar. Report!"

On the thin and scrawny human's display appeared a one eyed klingon. Scars covering his face and his dead eye healed over with thick scar tissue denoting his many battles as much as his gray hair denoted his advanced age. Phaser fire shot past his head though he didn't so much as flinch.

"Chokar here. We beamed over before our ship hid in the asteroid field. There is more resistance here then we thought for a freighter but only light weapons. They're holed up pretty tightly but nothing we can't handle."

Schaezel nodded and replied, "The Federation has arrived. They aren't much threat but we do need to hurry. I'm afraid no time to toy with prisoners this time my friend."

The Klingon sneered in disappointment. "Understood. We'll make it quick but flashy and loud." Chokar lifts into view a heavy shoulder cannon. "The Federation might detect us so be quick about your work and be ready to beam us out of here before they can get to us. Chokar out."

Bridge, USS Fox

"Shields at 23%!" shouted Lt. Broxx, the tactical officer of the USS Fox. "We can't take much more of this!"

"Increase power to facing shields." S'rress remained seated in her command chair. Though her eyes remained fixated on the screen, she was able to process the various status reports from tactical, operations and helm, and shout her orders loud enough that the entire bridge could hear them over the explosions. "Evasive pattern epsilon three. Prepare aft torpedoes for--"

Violently, the ship was tossed about, faster than the inertial dampeners could react. Left and right, crewmen were tossed about, either thrown into the air by the ship's sudden movement, or blown into the air by exploding consoles.

"Report!" shouted an injured S'rress. Her arm was broken when she was flung across the bridge, but she didn't have time to focus on it now.

"Direct hit, captain!" The young betazoid scampered to his console, crawling over the unconscious body of Broxx. "Hull breaches, multiple decks. Emergency force fields are holding. Warp and impulse reactors are down, we've got auxiliary power only. Casualty reports are coming in!"

Bridge, USS Portland

As the left nacelle of the USS Fox flew across her viewscreen, Alenis knew that everything was up to the Portland. She couldn't retreat and leave the Fox and the Asmi at the hands of Vike. And she couldn't fight Vike with half of her phaser arrays sitting in the cargo bay awaiting installation. She was left with only one option, and she hoped to the prophets that it would work. If it didn't, her command would be very short-lived.

"Mr. Rouse, hold your fire. Helm, bring us in closer. Mr. R'vahis, prepare Mongoose for firing."

On the viewscreen, the Orion vessel turned to face the Portland.

Bridge, Orion Vessel

“The Fox is disabled, shall I finish her off?” asked Schaezel, hunched over the weapons console.

“No!” shouted Vike in a firm voice. “A disabled Federation starship is more useful to us alive, as a hostage. Concentrate fire on the Portland.”

“Aye,” replied Schaezel, saddened that he was robbed of the opportunity to finish off the target.

Bridge, USS Portland

As the Portland closed in on Vike’s cruiser, it was bombarded by blasts of green energy. The two ships were closing head on, and both sides knew that the cruiser had stronger forward shields and more powerful forward weaponry. The Portland shook violently as it absorbed blow after blow from the Orion cruiser.

Alenis stared at the screen, waiting for the right moment.

“Shield holding, but down to 25 percent. We can’t hold this much longer” Tim said from the tactical station, the last intended as a plea for the Captain to do something about it.

"Mongoose is rrready, Commander." The caitian officer offered as the ship rocked under its bombardment. "Re-rrrouting excess auxillary power to shields."

"Might I remind you that Mongoose is a highly experimental--"

“Not the time, Shras," replied Alenis, dismissing him with a wave of the hand. "Steady as she goes,” muttered Alenis as the Portland closed. As she focused on the screen, watching the green bursts of energy impact her shields, she was nearly rocked out of her chair with Ko-ko by a particularly violent hit. They weren’t quite at optimal range yet, but she knew it was now or never. “Now, Mr. Rouse, fire!”

Tim fired as mentioned and saw the stasis field envelop the Orion ship, trapping it in a stasis bubble and draining its power. “Stasis field holding”

“Gotcha,” muttered Alenis. “Do we have any weapons online?”

“All weapons are offline” Tim muttered, seriously not liking project Mongoose. “We should have some axes and swords in the armory, we can always throw them at the enemy,” he continued on a soft tone.

Alenis sighed. “So, what you’re saying is that we’re both disabled?”


"To add to the fun," R'vahis said, half turning, "At our current rate of energy usage, the transporters are completely unsafe to use. They do not have enough energy to maintain rrreliable signatures in the buffers."

“Okay, I need some ideas, fast.” Alenis desperately tried to think of something, anything, that they could do. They couldn’t maintain the stasis field forever, and when it came down, the Orions would unleash all their firepower and surely destroy the Portland. “We’re disabled and so is the Fox. We need to hit them hard, before Mongoose drains all our energy.”

“We could go over there and surprise them,” Tim said out loud to his own surprise.

Alenis turned to her executive officer. “What do you mean?”

Tim thought for a moment. “We can take a shuttle. Shuttles aren’t affected by the stasis field and the power drain, right? We can fire on them, they have no way of defending themselves at the moment”

“A shuttle won’t have enough firepower,” replied Alenis. But it gave her an idea. “Unless… Mr. Rouse, how would you like to be the next captain of the USS Quebec City?”

Tim looked up, not understanding what the Captain meant. Then it hit him. “The Quebec City can be run by only a few people. We’ll go there by shuttle.” He said as he mentioned a tactical officer to take over. “He looked over the bridge for a second to decide who to take with him. “Zade, Beauvoir, you’re with me!”

"Aye, sir." Jason said locking down his station and trying to keep the smile off his face. 'Action at last.' He thought.

While the tactical changes were taking place, R'vahis manipulated the ship's energy output and called out, "Compensating for energy drrrain as much as I can, forward shields now at 36%, Commander. Aft at 20%. 'Best I can do, and therrre's no guarantee it'll last."

"Mr. R'vahis, throw in everything but the kitchen sink. We need every second we can get. Mr. Rouse... please hurry."
Capt. Alenis Meru
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USS Portland

Brad Silverton

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:02 am

Meanwhile in Sickbay...
Sickbay, USS Portland
Authors: Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

The red alert signal had been flashing for 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity.

"Ellen don't worry about those, focus on getting triptacederine for the kits. It'll be of more general use."

Brad and his staff rushed to put together various emergency kits. For them and the rest of the staff to be ready for, well, an emergency. The captain had signaled red alert for a reason and it certainly wouldn't be for a positive one. Brad had just gotten sickbay to a somewhat stable condition for regular exams and day to day needs let alone the needs of a Starship warping off to who knows what. There was still the issue of the advanced drugs still being synthesized by the replicators. Whatever they had on hand would have to do.

For the eighth time since red alert was signaled Brad mumbled, "you've got to be kidding me. This first day just keeps getting better and better."

"Maria double check that each kit has two hypos. I don't want one breaking and us being stuck away from sickbay with patients in need."
Maria rolled her eyes and double checked, for the third time.

The Portland was rocked by weapons fire, at least Brad thought it was weapon fire.
"Combat? There is no way the Portland..." *sigh*.
For the ninth time since red alert was signaled Brad mumbled, "you've got to be..."
More weapon fire strikes the Portland but this time slams into the hull striking hard.

The Portland's computer announced the damage.
[Warning. Plasma conduit leak. Radiation levels critical. Decks 4 and 5].
For the tenth time since red alert was signaled...

Maria tried to be helpful, "Perhaps the captain won't need you yet and you can keep getting ready. Maybe she'll choose to use the EMH instead of you and you won't have to worry about it."
"OH NO! THAT'S IT! That's where I draw the line. Right here. Right now. I don't care if there is a Borg cube out there. Formal introductions be damned!"
Brad slams his chest communicator hard with his hand.
"Lieutenant Junior Grade Brad Silverton to the Captain. My team is en-route to decks 4 and 5. The EMH will be unnecessary."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:04 am

Space Battle! part II
Main cargo bay, Freighter Asmi
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) R'vahis, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

"No please. I'm just a simple trader. I beg you, don't...."

Chokar's blaster fire ended the captain's begging.

The klingon grumbled. "Sniveling coward."

The rest of the pirate away team found what they had came for. Hidden amongst the crates of grain was an experimental prototype cloaking device. Chokar didn't know who had tipped Vike off that it was secretly being transported on the freighter or who was to receive delivery nor did he care. His orders were to get it back to Vike.

"Chokar come quick to the viewscreen. The Federation fired an unknown weapon at our ship and disabled it."


The klingon pirate quickly came over to assess the situation. "The Portland has disabled our ship. Propulsion, shield, weapons are all down. Ahh but look here. They have done the same to themselves. Their systems are all offline too. Quickly! Fire the freighter's phasers."

Three quick shots from the Asmi struck the unshielded Portland before burning out the phaser banks.

Chokar slammed his console. "BAH useless freighter. I'd kill the captain if he wasn't already dead. There is nothing more for us to do. Beam over to our ship and lets get the cloak back to Vike."

Bridge, USS Portland

The Portland shook three times as the phaser blasts from the freighter tore into her hull. Sparks erupted from one of the conduits along the back wall of the bridge. Alenis braced for another impact but none came.

[Warning. Plasma conduit leak. Radiation levels critical. Decks 4 and 5] blared the computer.

"Report!" shouted Alenis.

"That freighter was shooting at us!" replied the young ensign at the tactical station. His sweaty hands darted over the tactical console. "They've burnt out their phaser banks, we're safe now."

"You've got a prrretty funny definition of safe, Ensign..." R'vahis said under his breath as his fingers flew across the controls of his own console.

"I meant... we're not in danger from..." the Ensign was interrupted by the intercom on the bridge.

[Lieutenant Junior Grade Brad Silverton to the Captain. My team is enroute to decks 4 and 5. The EMH will be unecessary.]

"Who the hell is Brad Silverton?" muttered Alenis. Still, she couldn't turn down any assistance at the moment. She pressed a button on her chair to reply. "Roger, assist casualties as you see fit. Bridge out."

The Caitan lieutenant called out, "I seem to have found a kitchen sink after all, Commander, although this one has a holographic interface. I'm shutting down the feeds to all six holodecks as well as Stellar Cartography and re-routing power to the shields." A small pause and then R'vahis added, "They stand at 53%."

Bridge, Orion Cruiser

"I want power online now!" shouted Vike.

"I can't!" Schaezar shouted, banging his fists on the console.

"Now!" muttered Vike as he stood up from his chair. "I need power now!" as he walked over to Schaezel, he tightened the glove on his right hand before balling it into a fist. While in the syndicate, Vike had found that beatings were quite an effective motivator.

"Captain, wait!" Vara, a green-skinned Orion called out as Vike cocked his arm to deliver a blow. "The power drain on that weapon is massive. There's no way they can sustain it for more than a few minutes."

"You mean..." Vike paused for a moment, then laughed. "Hail them. We've got them right where we want them."

Bridge, USS Portland

"Commander Meru. We're being hailed by the Orion cruiser..." With several of the senior officers en route to the Quebec City, Lt. R'vahis was doing his best to pull double duty from his own station and assist the ensign at Tactical.

"Put it on screen," replied Alenis. A second later, Vike appeared on the main viewer, seated in his command chair, stroking his greying goatee. Behind him, the bridge was darker than usual, and his crew were frantically trying to restore power, to no avail. The stasis field had shut down nearly all of the systems on Vike's cruiser.

"Commander Alenis, how is your bird?" he asked,

"Ko-ko is fine," she replied, "but you didn't call just to discuss avian matters, now did you?"

Vike smirked back at Alenis. "Ah, right down to business. I appreciate that. You appear to have my ship trapped in some sort of stasis field."

"How perceptive of you," replied Alenis, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "I presume, then, you are calling to offer your surrender?"

Vike laughed. It was not the response Alenis was hoping for. "Surely you jest, Commander. You and I are both well aware that your ship can not handle the energy drain from that weapon."

"Actually, I've got all day," replied Alenis. With the chess game inconclusive so far, she decided to try her hand at poker. "It is you who is running out of time. Starfleet has been notified and surely they're sending in reinforcements. After all, they can't let a cloaking device fall into the hands of a pirate like yourself."

"Ah, you know about the cloaking device." Vike glared over at Schaezel; clearly, someone failed to obscure the unique tachyon emissions of the cloak. That person would have to be punished for his failure. "But, Meru, why do you lie to me? I know about the power drain on that weapon, and quite frankly I'm surprised that an archaic bucket of bolts like your USS Portland can even fire it. And we both know that my ship is more powerful than yours, so allow me to counter your offer. While I am interested in the cloaking device, this 'Project Mongoose' of yours has also caught my fancy. Release my ship and turn it over, and in exchange I will spare your lives and those your comrades on the Fox."

"You know I can't do that, Vike." Alenis remembered Tobin's earlier comments that Vike could not be trusted; even if she were to consider his offer, there was no way to guarantee that Vike would keep his word. She was shocked that he knew the code name of the experimental weapon, but chose not to react.

"Very well. It is a shame that I will have to kill you; I'd have liked to get to know you first." He glanced down at Tobin. "Oh, and Mr. Tobin, I truly regret that it is under such tragic circumstances that we meet again, but your captain gives me little choice." With that, he ended the call.

"You have the most interesting friends, Mr. Tobin. Are they all this much fun at parties?" The Operations chief sighed.

"Vike is not the most interesting, but he is definitely the most devious," replied Tobin. "And as for parties, he's no longer on my guest list."

Alenis stared at the screen. Even helpless, Vike's cruiser was a menacing sight. Its main weapons were pointed directly at the Portland, and surely he was anxiously awaiting the inevitable moment when the stasis field would come down. "How much longer can we sustain this?" asked Alenis.

"At our current rate of energy drain?" R'vahis turned completely in his seat to face Alenis, "Six minutes. If we sacrifice a few...amenities, I may be able to increase that."

Ensign Burton visibly blanched at the revelation from the Tactical station. Lt. R'vahis arched an eyebrow at him and gave him a small nod of reassurance...not that actually expected it to help. Fresh out of the Academy, these situations always hit the hardest. Nothing was ever as easy as it was in the Academy simulators.

"Best of all worlds, Commander? No more than twelve minutes before we're down to running with little more than emergency lighting and life-support."

"Do what you can, Lieutenant. We need every second." Alenis glanced up at Vike's weapons once more. Even Ko-ko could feel the tension. "Please, Tim, hurry," she added under her breath.

And "officially" introducing, Ensign James Burton, Tactical Officer
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Tyrlai Zade

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:05 am

Science Labs
The Previous Day
Authors: Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Coln Jena

Tyrlai stepped through the doors and into the main science lab, carrying a pair of strangely shaped meter long tubes. A variety of stations lined the curve of the hull the inside curved lined with enclosed laboratories and various offices. She looked around noticing her shard sitting on one of the scanning consoled, placed at the center of a circulay lab console capable of a variety of scanning and erecting containment functionality. She stepped over and smiled down at the palm sized glowing thing giving it one more chance to give her a life altering vision of her future or something. It pulsed away silently revealing nothing. There was a teenaged Bajoran girl standing next to it staring at her.

"Computer, location of the temporary office of Commodore Stuffypants."

[There is no officer aboard of that name or designation.]

"Computer, create identification stub; substitute identification Commodore Stuffypants for all references to Commander Shras th'Zarath, authorization Zade-alpha-blue."


"Computer, please erase command security signature from previous order, authorization Zade-alpha-blue."


"Computer, location of the temporary office of Commodore Stuffypants."

[Commodore Stuffypants is assigned to Science Office six-one-B.]

Tyrlai smiled and winked at the girl standing in front of her. "Hello, Im Tyrlai Zade, who might you be?"

Jena had come to see what Lieutenant Beauvoir was up to. She couldn't quite bring herself to think of him as her father just yet. Anyway she'd been brought here by Petty Officer Twilin who'd been called away. She'd promised not to touch anything, so now she stood with her hands behind her back watching as the science staff as they went about their tasks around her. She was starting to get bored when she noticed a newcomer dressed in Diplomatic department purple enter and head towards the shard. The woman appeared to stare at it intently, as if expecting something to happen.

"I might be any number of things, as it happens I'm Coln Jena." Jena replied.

"Never heard of you," Tyrlai replied with a playful smile. "but I do have a need for assistance with a very important mission." She offered one of the odd meter long tubes. "This device creates helium filled balloons, used in ancient Earth holy rituals I believe. It will be your mission, if you so choose to assist me in filling Commodore Stuffypants' temporary office with as many of these as can possibally fit inside and then a couple dozen more. What do you say, hmmm, up to the risk??"

Tyrlai beamed her bright blue eyes sparkling with mischief and shardlight.

"Well, I was 'ordered' to wait here and not touch anything." Jena told the Trill. She made a pretence of thinking over, then smiled wickedly and said. "But, since I'm a civilian, let's go decorate this Commodore Stuffypants' office." She didn't know who this Commodore was, but obviously he'd done something to offend Tyrlai and this mission sounded like a fun way to sped an afternoon.

"Excellent." Tyrlai said flipping one of the tubes around and handing it to the girl. "Now I was recently a ships councilor so I should begins by telling you that it is wrong to undermine authority in the manner we are about to do and we should be very ashamed of ourselves. And with that said, we need to fill the little corners first and then we set it on helium and fill the rest from the top down." Tyrlai pointed out the few simple controls on the tube and walked into the office and began filling the area behind the desk. The tube filled a balloon every second and a half with the pull of a trigger they popped loose. The varying colors making a small festive pile as she moved. "So have you lived on a ship before?"

"I'm a Starfleet brat, both my parents were in the service, so I've spent most of my life on one ship or another." Jena replied as she started filling the room up balloons herself.

Tyrlai began backing towards the door and nodded to Jena to change settings and the balloons began floating upwards and slowly filling the room from ceiling down, spreading out of their own volition and that of physics. "Oh that would have been fun, that's basically how I wanted to grow up but I went about it the wrong way." She frowned a decided to offer a stern bit of life advice by way of a disclaimer. "Don't hack orbital station security and stow away on a freighter, its bad and wrong and can only lead to trouble young lady." She smirked sidelong at the girl, half wishing someone had offered her that seemingly crazy advice whence time was.

"I'll keep that in mind." Jena said with a smile. "But, you're life must have been a lot more interesting than mine, since you're older than me and a Trill." She then put another helium filled balloon into the room and watched as it floated to the ceiling.

"Trills are exotic it is true." Tyrlai said only half sarcastically. "On Trill we value science, your social stature is based almost entirely on academic performance. Accomplished children bring prestige to their families, being chosen by the symbiosis committee is even more prestigious. Being chosen for joining yet another rung on the social ladder. And at each step comes more pressure to perform and more responsibility to perform well." Tyrlai glanced over at Jena, still firing more helium balloons into the office which was approaching a third of the way full. "I was pretty and good at sports and getting into trouble which is a collection of very disappointing burdens for Trill parents to have to deal with."

Tyrlai looked over at the girl sympathetically. "Im sorry about your parents, Jena. It is no fun being suddenly alone."

Jena said thank you to Tyrlai. She then looked quizzically at the Trill. "Hang on you said you'd never heard of me, how do you know about my parents?"

Tyrlai smiled softly. "Until like forty-five minutes ago I was the chief councilor, so I get briefings on everybody who stepped on board. Yours was the only one I read, it reminded me of me a little. But don't worry about that, I'm not a councilor anymore, I'm a diplomat now. My main concern is finding a dress to wear to a stuffy reception on Bajor cause I found one of their shards."

Jena smiled. "I saw shard. It's beautiful. My mother used tell me about the Tears of the Prophets, but I never dreamed they'd be so pretty." She said.

Tyrlai nodded, having to lower herself to fit the nose of the balloon gun to the floor and fill the last few empty spaces. "Ready." She nodded to Jena, "hit the button marked turbo." She waited a moment for Jena to find it and suddenly balloons where shooting in a flod from both nozzles and then inflating inside the room pushing the mass towards the door. Tyrlai stopped and shut the door with a whoosh as balloons kept inflating for a few moment pressure sealing the room with festive multicolored non-regulation frivolity. "Well done, you would make an excellent petty criminal." Tyrlai smirked.

"Thanks, I think." Jena replied with a half smile as she looked at their handiwork.

"Well it's always good to have something to fall back on." Tyrlai shouldered her 'weapon' and reached for Jena's. "One of the chefs in the commissary is a friend of mine from San Francisco and he knows how to make an old Earth delicacy called the bacon cheeseburger, fancy a stroll or did you have some science you were waiting to do?"

"Ummm, bacon." Jena said. "Petty crime sure makes me hungry. Let's go." She added taking Tyrlai's arm.

Brad Silverton

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:06 am

Meanwhile on Deck 4
Mission Day 1
Authors: Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton, Lt. (JG) James Beauvoir

The turbolift doors opened and Brad Silverton was quick to exit and headed to the leaking plasma conduit. He was accompanied by Nurse Maria Hill. Ellen had staid back in case other casualties came to sickbay. They came upon several members of Engineering trying to clear the debris that was partially blocking the hallway. Brad didn't wait for formalities, "Ensign what happened here?"

"The ship was struck by phaser fire after shields went down. It overloaded a plasma conduit in the walls causing it to explode. A few crewmen were moving to a safer location to the interior of the ship when they got unlucky. We got most of them out but more could be stuck behind this debris."

"Maria attend to the ones that got out, they probably have minor radiation poisoning." Brad turned back to the ensign. "Look, if the plasma is still leaking anyone in there will be exposed to higher and higher doses. It could reach terminal levels. There's an opening right there." Brad points near the bottom of the debris pile. "We can pull anyone out from there."

"Begging your pardon sir but that's too dangerous. The pile could collapse and make it worse. Plus you just mentioned the radiation."

"I can manage and treat small doses but the longer it takes to get someone out the worse it will be. Look I'll go in myself to check."

"I can't let you do that sir." The ensign became visibly nervous at addressing a superior office in that way.

Brad had a reassuring smile on his face. "No problem ensign. Maybe we can get at it from a different angle. How about inside this room here." He points to a side room. "Lets check to see if we can get to them from here."

The relieved ensign started to head inside. "Its possible sir but we'd have to...." with engineering distracted, Brad ran forward, dove, and slid through the debris opening.

The hallway was a mess. Metal beams and sections of wall were all about. Ceiling lights were either inoperative or flickering. The air was thick with the smell of burnt plasma. Luckily there was only one person trapped inside, a young woman who appeared to be unconscious. Brad reached her and saw the open damaged conduit nearby. It was still flaring uncontrolled.
Dammit. She's had a lot of exposure.
Brad started to pull her away and her leg was stuck, pinned down by the partially collapsed ceiling.
"Oh come on!" For the eleventh time since red alert was signaled, Brad mumbled...

A few minutes later Brad pulled the young woman out through the opening in the debris wall.
"Nurse Hill report."

"Doctor, we have three others who have minor burns and cases of radiation poisoning. They've been taken care of with the meds we have."

"Good. At least something is going partially my way today. I'm not sure about this one." Brad looks down to the young woman he pulled away from the plasma conduit. "We both got a lot of exposure. She's alive but.... Do we know who this is?"
Maria nodded, "I know her Doctor, its Coln Jena."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:07 am

Quebec City to the rescue! Part I
Bridge, USS Quebec City
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

As the crew of three beamed over to the Quebec's bridge all lights came on automatically, just same for the displays. "Ok guys, let's get this thing moving." Tim walked to the closest display. "Perfect, all systems are still online." he said out loud.

Tyrlai stepped down the couple stairs to the command level of the bridge and looked around for a few moments, her violet glittering eyes smiling as she surveyed Quebec's control stations. "Diplomatic systems are functional, commander, though I expect we are past the point where they would even be useful. I can take tactical if you like?" She smiled over her shoulder and looked at the sad state of the Quebec's armaments.

Captain Algard Trebonne stood gazing out at the viewscreen as it flickered, an Orion ship seeming to be suddenly stuttering in and out of existence right in front of his vessel. "Ensign Chan, identify that vessel."

A green eyed Chinese helmsman worked furiously at the controls as the Orion ship flickered and shimmered in front of them, the interference almost blinding her sensor display. She was nervous and looked to be no more than nineteen. Her voice cracked as she reported her meager findings. "Captain, the design is unfamiliar, it looks new. I'm getting hawking radiation interference with the readings, sir."

The Captains eyes widened at the words of his helmsman, her turned and for a moment his eyes locked on those of a tall Trill woman who had materialized at his tactical station. His eyes widening once again.

And then he vanished. Tyrlai reached to her belt and flipeed out a hand scanner, looking down at the readings. Science had been one of her many 'weaker' subjects at the Academy and the blur of readings she was seeing displayed on her hand unit reminded her of a van Gogh painting with their mish mosh of vibrant colors. She did a few quick mental calculations and looked over at the XO. "I have no idea what these readings mean. But I met that girl at the Academy when I was a cadet, I'm sure of it. And she was thirty years old then."

"What are you saying? That we are seeing people from the past?" Tim asked as he looked at her very vague.

Jason checked his tri-corder readings. "Sir, I'm detecting a flux in Chronitons and a high level of Hawking radiation. I hypothesise this as the cause of the temporal echos." He reported as he took the operations station.

Tyrlai looked at Jason contemplating his readings and then back at the bridge as the others appeared once again, their own scanners out apparently taking readings of Tyrlai, Jason and the others. She had a notion as they vanished once more, and walked over to where the Science officer stood. "Can you transmit a message on these two frequencies," she said , tapping furiously on her handcomp, "and send our tactical data on the Orions and their ship."

Jason arched an eye brow. "I can't guarantee they'll get it in one piece, but I can try."

Looking over Tyrlai's shoulder, he couldn't make heads or tails of the readings. Temporal anomalies were not his forte. They weren't his priority at the moment either. "We'll have plenty of time to analyze these readings later. For now, we have a more pressing matter to attend to. Mr. Beauvoir, set a course for the Portland's last position, maximum warp. Ms. Zade, prepare tactical systems for combat." As he turned back to the center chair, his gaze was met by that of a heavy-set man occupying his chair, wearing the classic red jacket uniform that was phased out of Starfleet use in the 2350s. "And let us hope we don't have any more visitors from the past."

"Aye, sir." The Science Officer said, bringing up the nav controls on his station. As he plotted the course, he was thankful the ship was mostly automated, as it had been quite some years since his mandatory pilot lessons back at the Academy.

Tyrlai walked back over to the tactical display and tapped the configuration up, frowning at the display until it changed to an older one. A few seconds later when it had flickered back to present state she confirmed her findings. She concentrated waiting for the precious seconds when the past version of the ship was fully present and could hear her. "Quebec City has no weapons, sir. Everything was-- Capatain we are going to need your help--stripped out for the test. It is standard procedure for unmanned test weapons -- we have no weapons and are at the mercy -- it is possible a few torpedoes are stored somewhere in safe mode but we would need to find, activate and load them manually. The main deflectors and shields are online and fully operational." She looked over at the XO waiting as the past crew flickered in once more. "I sent Xiao a tactical report." The green eyed helmsman looked surprised when Tyrlai mentioned her by name. As they flickered away once more she turned back to the XO. "If we coordinate this correctly and get very lucky we might be able to have the Quebec from the past fight for us."

Tim rubbed his temples. He could swear the Quebec City was supposed to be armed for the final test but perhaps, like everything else, its weapons were to arrive on Tuesday. Dejected, he slumped down in his chair and rubbed his temples. Temporal anomalies gave him headaches, and the one important thing he knew about them was that they were to be avoided. Still, aside from whatever Tyrlai had up her sleeve, they were out of ideas. "Ms. Zade, whatever your plan is... I hope it works. Do it."

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:07 am

Space Battle! part III
Bridge, USS Portland
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) R'vahis

"Do what you can, Lieutenant. We need every second." Alenis glanced up at Vike's weapons once more. Even Ko-ko could feel the tension. "Please, Tim, hurry," she added under her breath.

"Aye sir....uhhh, wait...Commander?" R'vahis literally sat blinking at his console readings for a moment and then continued in a mystified tone, "I'm detecting an energy influx of some sort aboard the Quebec City. If I'm not mistaken, its a build up of chronitons and something else I can't quite pin down yet."

"Chronitons? That's impossible, my calculations were exact!" Shras bolted towards the Ops station, pushing R'vahis to the side to get a view of his screen. This weapon shouldn't cause a buildup of chronitons!"

"You wanted to test your weapon, Shras, we're testing it," replied Alenis.

"This can't be my weapon! It's not possible!" Shras looked up at the viewscreen, desperately trying to figure out what was happening. Coming to a striking realization, his eyes fell on Alenis with a dagger-shooting fury. "You! You brought aboard some mysterious artifact from some non-corporeal beings! You caused this!"

"Mr. R'vahis, scan the Orion vessel for chronitons. Compare with internal sensor readings on the Tolic shard. Oh, and feel free to remove Shras from your station with as much prejudice as you see fit." Alenis was rapidly tiring of dealing with the scientist.

"I can't say definitively what is causing this buildup of chronitons," R'vahis said as he stared down at his sensor readings. He only had to put a paw on Shras' shoulder to "encourage" the Andorian to stand aside, "but I'm not detecting any unusual activity from the shard. I'm saving this for--"

"Bridge, this is main engineering," The woman on the other end had fear and panic in her voice. "We've taken a lot of damage! Blown plasma conduits on decks four, five and six, and damage to the number three injector assembly. I canna maintain this level of power usage! We need to shut down this stasis field, or--"

"Shut down the stasis field and we're all dead!" shouted Alenis. "Keep the power online!"

"Aye captain, but--" a loud explosion was heard over the intercom, then the panicked shouts and screams of engineering officers desperately trying to fight fires.

"Ms. Kazumi! Status!" Alenis barked into the intercom, but there was no reply apart from the sounds of panic. Finally, she heard a voice on the other end.

"Captain, this is Ensign Blixx. The number three injector has blown. Emergency shutdown in progress." His voice was dripping with desperation. "We've got casualties, Kazumi is... she's..."

"Captain, we've lost main power!" shouted R'vahis. "Auxiliary powers drained, we're a sitting duck. Also, I'm getting some strange readings from the shard--"

Alenis looked up at the viewscreen. The white glow of the stasis field around Vike's cruiser faded, being replaced by the green glow emanating from his nacelles and his plasma cannons. While the Portland was a sitting duck with no engines, shields or weapons, Vike's ship had completely recovered. As the bursts of green energy from his cannons closed in on the Portland, Alenis closed her eyes. It was sector 262 all over again, only this time, Alenis knew there wouldn't be any survivors. In the split second before her certain doom, she made peace with the prophets.

Then, silence.
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:09 am

Second chances...
Bridge, USS Portland

Alenis opened her eyes. Surrounding her was absolute chaos on the bridge. Bodies were flying through the air in slow motion, consoles were sparking, and through a breach in the hull she could make out the Orion cruiser and a couple approaching torpedoes. Her feathers singed, Ko-ko was flapping her wings in panic. Everything around Alenis was bathed in a white light.

"Am I..." she was perplexed. Growing up so far from Bajor, Alenis never knew whether to believe in the afterlife or not. But she never imagined it to be the bridge of the Portland.

"This can not be how it ends," said Tobin in an emotionless voice.

"The prophets," whispered Alenis. She was having a vision -- the white light, the voices of people she knew. It was similar to her previous orb experience earlier in the day. "What do you want?"

"You still have work to do," said Arvel, his voice unnaturally soft. "Your story can not end here, it must be told"

"But I don't know--" stuttered Alenis.

"You understand what must be done?" asked the prophet who had taken the form of R'vahis.

"No... well, yes, but I don't--" With a bright flash, Alenis found herself back in her command chair, the bridge having returned to its normal state.

"...but I'm not detecting any unusual activity from the shard." Hearing R'vahis' voice, Alenis knew where she was. Or more precisely, when she was. "I'm saving this for--"

"Bridge, this is main engin--"

"Emergency power to the warp core containment field, and reduce flow to the number three injector by thirty percent!" Alenis didn't even let Kozumi finish before forcefully interrupting her.


"NOW! That's an order!" Alenis was shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Aye, captain." Down in engineering, Kazumi's fingers danced across her control panel. "It's done, power readings are stabilizing. But... How did you know?"

"I--I--" Alenis stammered. She didn't know how to even start explaining what just happened, and could feel all eyes on the bridge staring at her with curiousity. "Call it a hunch."

"Roger," replied R'vahis. "Main power is stabilizing at 88%, and I did detect a momentary buildup of chronitons and Hawking radiation from the location of the orb shard, but that's gone now. Readings are normal."

"And the Quebec City? Do we have time to--"

"Their ETA is one minute. We've got..." R'vahis made a quick calculation, "about sixty seconds of power left before we're completely drained." A horrified expression appeared on his face. "Captain, we're cutting it awful close."

"I know, Lieutenant. Lets just hope our support arrives on time." Alenis rubbed her temple and let out a deep breath. Stunned, she tried to comprehend what just happened. Until today, her belief in the Bajoran religion was mostly academic. As a refugee, she was separated from the temples, the Vedeks, and the street preachers that dotted the Bajoran countryside. And she had never had a religious experience until the miracle she witnessed today.

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