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Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:10 am

Quebec City to the rescue! Part II
Bridge, USS Quebec City
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

Tyrlai looked around, her eyes unfocused in a way she often would employ when thinking up mischief. The deck vibrated as the Quebec City hurried to the Orion ship’s location. She gathered herself as the bridge shimmered once again. “We are going to need you to fire everything you have at our target –“ The visitors from the past shimmered away once again. She looked over at Jason. “Mister Beauvoir, can you divert as much power as you can channel straight through our deflector dish and into the Orion shields with the intent of overwhelming their shield capacitors and bringing them down, however temporarily?”

"I can, ma'am, but I have to warn you that once I do so, the plasma relays will burn out within a matter of minutes and the main deflector with be scrap." Jason said as he began to re-route power from non-essential systems.

Tyrlai busied herself setting up targeting controls and and a trigger display for the deflector dish on her console. She was interrupted once as the phase shift brought the old Quebec City crew and their many tricorders and at least a few extra security officers than she remembered from before. “ on our mark, we aren’t going to get two shots—“ The past version of the ship faded again.

“Timing is going to suck, whatever power Jason can’t funnel through the deflector will have to go into the shields.” She looked over at the XO, “twenty some year old weaponry is not going to be a threat to the Orions, but if we can short out their shields, even a Constitution era photon torpedo burst could disable them.” Tyrlai smiled reassuringly.

"Short out their shield. And how exactly do you want to do that?" Tim said.

“If you wanted practical suggestions you shouldn’t have brought me along.” Tyrlai looked back and saw the Quebec City's former Captain staring at her face to face this time.

“How do I trust you, whomever you are?” Captain Trebonne demanded, having to look up at the taller Trill woman.

“You—“ Tyrlai tried to answer as the past version of the ship faded out again. “Damnit this is a difficult way to have a conversation.”

Jason connected an anodyne capacitor, he'd found in one of the storage cabinets, up to the EPS at the back of the Bridge. He'd already adapted the capacitor to absorb the chronitons and Hawking radiation and was in process of setting up a shunt.

Tyrlai waited with her hands on her hips for the deckplates to shimmer back to the old-timey amber. When they did she looked straight back at Captain Trebonne. “You can’t really, save what readings you have managed to get and the fact that I know the frequencies to Xiao’s neural implants.” The past faded away once more.

She tapped her foot impatiently and tried to come up with a good way of identifying themselves in a way that would work going back twenty plus years when the captain shimmered back into existence holding a PADD in one hand and examining what looked like a genetic readout. “Very well ambassador.”

Tyrlai smiled and exclaimed, “yes! Scan my symbiont, I should completely have thought of that.” She jumped and beamed over at Jason and the XO while the old version of the ships crew faded away. “Damnit, I wasted that cycle.”

Tim checked the numbers on his console one more time. "60 seconds to arrival"

Jason makes some final adjustments and even says a silent prayer.

"Other time in 5 seconds" Tim said as the timer on his console began its last 5 seconds.

Tyrlai whirled back around and almost fell over her words. “Target the Orion ship and fire in exactly seventeen seconds from,…Now!” Tyrlai shouted the last part as the other time frame had just begun fading.

Tyrlai watched her display and let it count down the seconds. As the moment approached she nodded at Jason and said. “now.”

"Ici rien ne va (Here goes nothing)." Jason said as he activated the controls. There was loud hum and the Bridge was bathed in red emergency lighting as burst of high energy shot forth from the deflector. EP relays blew, but he by-passed them as best he could to keep the burst going as long as possible.

As the beam arced over to the Orion ship the timeframe shifted and the Quebec from the past launched everything it had, just a few seconds too early. Tyrlai blinked in horror. “We changed the time cycles by sending the chronitons over in the burst.” The Orion ship rippled with energy as the deflector burst struck, shield capacitors over the aliens hull shimmering as they overloaded. The shields went down. The past version of the Quebec City shimmered back a few seconds later, their torpedo barrage shimmering back in as well, but well past the target. She turned back to the Captain, to thank him for trying when an explosion made the Orion ship shudder.

Captain Algard Trebonne spoke as they watched the Orion warp core forcibly ejected through the top of her hull by a photon torpedo blast. A torpedo that had apparently materialized inside the Orion engine room. “Xiao figured out your mistake, Ambassador, and we took the chance of sending an extra torpedo.” Tyrlai turned only to see the old timers fade out for the last time as their deflector exhausted the stray chronitons from the ships frame.

The ship shuddered, and the lights flickered and went out along with the control displays. The deflector stopped a second or so later, and the viewscreen terminated a second or so after that leaving the three of them in the dark.

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Space Battle! Conclusion
Bridge, USS Portland

“Thirty seconds,” said R’vahis, counting down to the moment that the Portland would run out of power and become a sitting duck.

“Come on, Tim,” muttered Alenis under her breath. Aside from R’vahis’ countdown, the bridge was deathly quiet. With nothing they could do but hope their power held out long enough, the entire crew was fixated on the screen. Even Ko-ko was dead silent. One way or another, this battle would be over soon.

“Twenty seconds,”

Alenis pondered what just happened. She had witnessed the destruction of her ship, but somehow – without knowing how – she was able to go back and prevent it. Perhaps it was the chronitons, or perhaps it was the orb, but somehow, she had gotten a second chance. There was an ancient earth superstition known as a guardian angel – perhaps she had one?

“Ten seconds,”

On screen, the Quebec City dropped out of warp, but instead of a barrage of phaser fire as Alenis expected, Vike was greeted by a burst from the Quebec City’s deflector.


“What are they… no!” shouted Alenis as the torpedoes appeared past their intended target. The lights on the bridge flickered as the Portland lost power. “It’s over,” she said in a dejected tone, watching the Orion cruiser begin to power up. “Make your--” Her words were interrupted by an explosion on the main viewscreen, ripping apart large sections of the Orion cruiser. “Report!” she shouted.

“An explosion in their engine room, captain,” called out Burton. “Yield is consistent with a Mark IV torpedo, but those haven’t been standard issue in decades.”

“They did it! I don’t know how, but they did it!” A single tear of joy ran down Alenis’ cheek, which was quickly wiped away. “Mr. R’vahis, inform Mr. Rouse that he and his colleagues are free to return to the Portland at their leisure, and there will be a heroes’ welcome waiting for them. Communications, hail the Fox and see if they require assistance. Also, call Starfleet command and--”

“Captain, the Orions have launched a smaller vessel, a shuttle of some sort,” called out R’vahis. “I’m reading the cloaking device on board.”

“Stop them!”

“I can’t, ma’am. Weapons and engines are offline, we’ve got nothing.” Burton loudly sighed. “They’ve gone to warp.”

With a heavy sigh, Alenis watched the cruiser explode. They had managed to rescue the freighter and destroy an Orion cruiser, but Vike’s escape with the cloaking device meant that though Alenis won the battle, Vike was making progress on winning the war. Gaining cloaking technology easily outweighed the loss of one ship. Make no mistake, Vike came out ahead. “Hail the freighter. On screen.”

“Zuwtt here. Captain, you’ve saved our lives and our ship!” The Bolian first officer offered a seemingly effusive thank you. “How ever can we repay you?”

“Well, you can do one thing,” replied Alenis. Her expression suddenly turned to a scowl. “You can give yourselves up freely when we place you under arrest and impound your ship.”

“Captain, we’re the victims here. I don’t know--”

“You were illegally transporting a cloaking device, which in and of itself calls for a harsh sentence.”

“But captain--”

“Not to mention the fact that the Orions found out about that cloaking device somehow. Which means that someone tipped them off.”

“It must have been that crooked Ferengi who--”

“So you admit to dealings with a crooked Ferengi?” Alenis had caught him in a trap and she knew it.

“No! Well…” the Bolian stammered; he’d been caught in a catch-22. “I didn’t tip off the Orions!”

“Perhaps,” replied Alenis, getting into the character of Detective Meru from her holo-novels. “But surely there are easier ways for this crooked Ferengi to deliver the cloaking device into the hands of the Orions than to stage an attack on a freighter, wouldn’t you think?”

“Well… maybe, but that doesn’t mean…”

“And I wonder who would benefit the most from the death of the captain? Perhaps someone with a share in the ship? Maybe a partner of the captain?”

“Surely you’re not implying…”

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear,” Alenis said firmly. “But whoever did this put my ship and my crew in danger. More than that, with a cloaking device in the hands of the Orions, that person may have put every ship and station in the quadrant in danger. I intend to find out who that person is, and when I do, that person will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Zuwtt.”

“Yes, captain,” he responded, glumly.

“Now, put away any weapons you may have and prepare to be boarded. I think we’ve both had enough trouble for one day. Portland Out.”

Alenis leaned back in her chair and let out a deep breath. With everything seemingly under control, she extended her arm, allowing Ko-ko to walk down her arm and perch herself on Alenis’ forearm. “It’s over, Ko-ko,” she said in a quiet, gentle voice as she pet the bird.

“Ahem!” Alenis turned to see Shras standing over her. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“And what would that be?”

“My tests! You’ve completely ruined them!”

“Well, I submit to you that the purpose of this whole exercise was to test the combat potential of your projected stasis field device,” replied Alenis, gritting her teeth. She’d just fought off Orion pirates and didn’t care to deal with Shras at the moment. “As the wreckage of Vike’s cruiser can testify, we’ve done that.”

“Really, Captain, you are comparing a battle with Orion space pirates to a controlled experiment?” As Shras shouted, Ko-ko made an agitated chirp and ruffled her feathers. “You clearly know nothing of the scientific method, which is not surprising given your simple nature.”

“Calm down, Shras. You’re scaring Ko-ko.”

“Oh, I’m scaring your stupid bird? Who cares about some dumb bird?! My weapon, my life’s work, you’ve ruined my tests, you nearly got it destroyed, you almost got me killed, which would truly be a tragedy because unlike you I possess an intellect of value…”

Panicked by the shouts of the Andorian, Ko-ko’s fight or flight reflex was engaged. This time, she chose flight, taking to the limited skies of the bridge. Though Ko-ko was more or less housetrained, one curious factoid about her species is that when frightened, they tend to release their cloaca. Flying around near the ceiling of the bridge, it was bombs away for Ko-ko.

“…and you are by far the most idiotic, incompetent, inept--” Shras’ shouts were interrupted by a plop on his head. Shaking, he touched the impact zone with his hand and examined the white residue. “AAAAAAARRGHH!” With that, he stormed off the bridge.

Alenis turned to Arvel. “You think this is going to go in his report?” she asked, barely able to conceal her laughter.
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Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:13 am

"Meanwhile in Sickbay" Part 1 of 3
30 minutes after Vike escaped
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. JG Jason Beauvoir, and Lt. JG Brad Silverton

Brad Silverton looked over the biobed readings one last time to be sure. He knew it was unnecessary but there was little else to do. Coln Jena lay unconscious with red blotches of skin on her neck, left cheek, and left hand. Radiation burns.

"How bad is it Doctor?"

Brad turned and looked at Nurse Hill. "Its bad Maria." he said with a deep sigh. "Hyronalin would be the choice for plasma radiation and would cure her easily if only the blasted equipment had been installed." He looked over to an empty wall panel above a vacant table. "Unfortunately we won't have enough time to make it until next Tuesday."

"But we are replicating other drugs why not Hyronalin?"

"Hyronalin is a very effective radiation therapy drug but its hard to replicate. Basic replicators can't handle the delicate intricacies of the more advanced drugs. We'd need a medical grade one. Not only that but it can take hours. Keep that in mind to always have some ready well in advance."

"What do you mean keep that in mind? You'll be managing the stock won't you?" She laid a reassuring hand on his back. Brad winced in pain.

Brad sighed and knew he couldn't hide it anymore, "When I got to Jena the conduit was flaring stronger than I had feared and she was very close to it. It was either condemn her to certain death or throw my fate in with her's and hope to come up with something later." He looks at the pile of basic meds he had ramaged through several times and had come up short.

"Nurse so you are ready for when the time comes. Prepare doses of Morphenolog to ease our pain. Most of the symptoms of plasma radiation will be internal. Increased bleeding. The breakdown of mucus lining tissue of the organs. Your main focus will be to keep your patient's as comfortable as long as possible. Eventually neurological damage will set in where I will become unable to assist you further."

Maria sunk her head. "Yes Doctor".

Brad put his fingertips pinched together to the bridge of his nose and thought to himself.
This wasn't even close to how I envisioned things going. At least I can carry out my duties as CMO and go out with dignity.

Brad tapped his chest communicator.
"Doctor Silverton to the Bridge"

Doctor Silverton, thought Alenis, he must be the new CMO. "Yes, doctor, is everything all right?"

"Captain, permission to have Lieutenant Beauvior to come to sickbay immediately ma'am. Its Jena."

Alenis looked up at Jason, who had pivoted in his chair to face her. "Go, Lieutenant," she said. "He's on his way."

Jason wasted no time leaving his station and heading for the turbolift. He was a mass of emotions. Fear, guilty, sadness and anger. Heaven help anyone who got in his way.

Brad Silverton

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Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:14 am

"Meanwhile in Sickbay" Part 2 of 3
35 minutes after Vike escaped
Authors: Lt. JG Jason Beauvoir, and Lt. JG Brad Silverton

Doctor Silverton injected Jena with a stimulant. It would wake her up and posed her no danger. She'd be able to talk with her father. At least Brad could give them that much.

Jason stormed into Sickbay, sparing no thought for anyone that he'd nearly run down in his urgency to get here. Jena was currently the only thing on his mind. A nurse met him at the door, she was about to say something to him, but seeing the haunted look of determination on his face, thought better of it and stepped aside.

"Where is my daughter?" He demanded in a tone that made it clear that he would brook no refusal.

Brad turned from Jena and looked up.
"Lieutenant, she's over here. She'll be coming to in a few moments so that will give us time to discuss her condition. She was in a hallway with some others on Deck 4 when the pirates attacked from the freighter. Their phaser fire struck the hull and the explosion collapsed that ceiling around here and overloaded a plasma conduit that resulted in a level 6 radiation exposure."

Jason made his way to his daughter's bed. He looked at her with concern as the doctor took an awfully long time to explain what had caused Jena to be in this state. The Science Officer had been in combat before and serving as an EMT he'd seen first hand the aftermath of explosions and what flying metal shards, plasma fire and radiation can do to organic tissue. He also knew the odds of most humanoids surviving level 6 radiation exposure. They weren't good.

Jason took a deep breath to try an calm his turbulent emotions. "Doctor, I understand the severity of the damage, what are you doing to treat her?"

"Unfortunately there is little I can do. The medical grade replicators weren't delivered and we can't make any Hyronalin." Brad points to an empty shelf and a bare wall plate.
"The tissue regenerator is likewise not going to be sent to us until next Tuesday. I don't even have an intensive care unit biobed." Brad balls his hands into fists and slams them on a table beside him.
"If it was a matter of the equipment down in a cargo bay I would have got it and installed it myself. Hell I practically built this sickbay with my own hands. The problem is they weren't delivered to the ship at all. I'm sorry Jason, there is nothing I can do."

Jason made a mental note to find out who was responsible for getting the medical supplies and equipment aboard and indulge in some 'remedial education'. To the Doctor he said.
"Thank you for you've done, I'd like to talk to my daughter now."

"Of course." Brad nodded and stepped back and stopped for a second. On the back of his hands and forearms were red blotches of skin were forming. He quickly pulled back and went back into his office next door. He sat down lazily and started reading on his main viewscreen.

"Jason, is that you?" Jena asked, groggy from the pain medicine.

"Yes, it's me, I'm sorry."

"What for?" Jena asked puzzled.

"For getting you into this mess." Jason replied a tear forming in his eye.

"Hey, it's not your fault, I was the one who insisted on coming along, but I don't regret it. I got to spend time with the father I didn't even know existed and I feel blessed to have been able to do that." She said.

"I love you, Jena." Jason said sadly, as he took one of her hands his his own.

"Me too, 'Dad'." She replied, trying the word for size. Then she smiled. "Enough sadness, sit down and tell me about your brave adventures on the Quebec City."

Jason could help himself from smiling at his daughter's bravery. "So you heard about that did you?"

"Yes, one of the nurses said something about you, Tyrlai and the XO coming to the rescue."

"You've met Lieutenant Zade?"

"Yes, we did some decorating, but it's not important. Less questions, more story."

It was now Jason's turn to be puzzled, but he did as he'd been 'requested'. "Well we beamed aboard and that's when the time echos began....."

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Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:14 am

USS Portland
Deck 1
Authors: Cmdr Alenis Meru and Lt. Cmdr Timothy Rouse

As soon as he managed to get his duty done he pasted to Meru's office. They needed to talk, before this ship would turn into a real loony bin. He pressed the chimer when he was standing in front of it.

"Come in!" shouted Alenis, as she finished typing up a sentence on her terminal. Having just fired the ship's weapons in anger and witnessed a possible temporal distortion meant one thing for Alenis: lots of paperwork. Ko-ko had perched herself on top of her monitor, and from time to time would try to peck at the screen. Fortunately, it was made of the same scratch-resistant polycarbonate that protected PADDs from rough handling. "Mr. Rouse, I don't suppose you came by to help me with paperwork, did you?" she said, trying to welcome the XO with a joke.

"That is definitely not why I'm here." he said suddenly regretting his free way of speaking. "Permission to speak freely?"

"Of course," replied Alenis, talking over the bird which, still perched on her monitor, turned to caw at the new entrant. "Calm down, Ko-ko," she said, gently, as she ran her hand over Ko-ko's back, soothing the distressed bird. "Go ahead," she added, looking back up at her XO.

"What's the deal with that bird? Sorry for being blunt, but you look like a fool with it." Tim said, trying to restraint himself still.

"The bird..." Alenis paused, trying to figure out how best to explain it. "Ko-ko is..." Her mind raced to try to think of an explanation that wouldn't go into too much detail, yet satisfy Tim. "I've been prescribed this bird for medical reasons, by Dr. Darze."

She could tell by the expression on her Executive Officer's face that that explanation wouldn't suffice. And that their respective positions demand a certain openness that goes deeper than mandatory disclosure. She stood up from her desk and stared out the window for a moment, contemplating what she was about to say, and then turned back to Tim.

"Timothy, three years ago, I was at the battle of New Algiers, in sector 262. I was Chief Tactical Officer of the USS Gol. Four hundred and eighty six people on the Gol died that day." She let out a deep breath. That was hard enough to say, but what was to come would be even more difficult. She'd only shared this with Arvel and a couple other counselors. "Since then, I've been having... visions. And nearly every night, I've had the same dream, of being on the Gol, where I'm powerless to do anything to prevent the ship from being lost. The only thing that has helped, that has let me get a decent night of sleep since then, has been these tranquilizers that I've been taking." Alenis could see the confusion on her executive officer's face. He asked about the bird, not about her life story and mental problems. "I had an appointment with Arvel earlier today. He took away my medication and told me to carry this bird around instead. Ko-ko's presence is supposed to have a calming effect, but I think he only did it as revenge for..." Alenis paused, realizing she may have went too far, "...never mind."

"No, finish that! Revenge for what?" Tim said. He suddenly got the urge to protect her, like he would with Jud.

Alenis sighed. "While we were stationed together on a previous assignment, Arvel and I were together. In a relationship. And then..." she gazed out the window. "It's funny, with all the stars in the galaxy, it's actually a very small place. I never thought I would see him again. And yet, here he is." Alenis looked back at Tim, realizing that she was off on a tangent. "We had a relationship. We had one... then I got offered a position as an XO on another ship. So, I left." She feebly looked up at Tim, feeling cold-hearted just saying it"

"So what? You sometimes need to put you career ahead to get somewhere." Tim paused a second. "Wait, are you uhm, rekindling that relationship? Come on, Meru. You should know better. You're the captain! You can't date a officer on this ship, someone that's below you!"

Alenis immediately shot back. "That's rich, coming from the guy who..." she trailed off, immediately regretting starting the sentence.

"The guy who, what?" Tim was indignant. First Alenis was violating all sorts of regulations about fraternization, and now she was trying to make it about him.

Alenis let out a sigh. She was hoping to have a couple days to think up a more tactful way of breaking this news to him. But now that it was out there, she had to finish. "I found out who that woman on Starbase 302 was. The one you hooked up with and then abandoned in the morning without even saying goodbye." Alenis took a deep breath. "It's Ellen Washington. And that's Washington as in Admiral Washington, who just so happens to be her father. She's a nurse on this ship."

"That's impossible," Tim said as he plumbed on the coach. "Ellen," he started, but was interrupted by the intercom.

"Petty Officer Washington to the Captain. Please come down to sickbay. There is something you need to see." said the female voice on the other end.

Alenis looked up at Tim, a shocked expression still on his face. "We'll be down shortly. Alenis out."

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"Meanwhile in Sickbay" (Part 3 of 3)
A few hours after Part 2
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir and Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

Nurse Ellen Washington stood in sickbay across the way from the Chief Medical Officer's office. She could see Brad Silverton in there through the open hole of the unfinished office wall. He was still reading and to engrossed in... well whatever it was he was reading to call the captain and his condition. Well if he wasn't someone had too, though perhaps a little quietly so he wouldn't hear.

"Ensign Washington to the Captain. Please come down to sickbay. There is something you need to see."

"We'll be down shortly. Alenis out."

The sickbay doors opened with Alenis Meru and Timothy Rouse walking into sickbay. Jason Beauvoir was still here talking with his daughter. Jena had at this point gotten visibly worse. The meds were keeping the pain down, for the most part but her discomfort was easily seen by all and she held her abdomen.

Nurse Maria Hill was also beside Jena trying to make her comfortable. She looked up at the commanding officers coming in and approached them.

"Captain, Lieutenant Commander. Thank goodness you're here." She looks over at Ellen, "We weren't sure if you were told about the status down here or if we should have even called or if we. should have just... well you should go see Doctor Silverton."

Tim just stood back and stared at Ellen, still in disbelief that she was here.

Alenis glanced over at Tim, to see her executive officer frozen in place. "Show me to the doctor, Ms. Hill." She recognized both nurses from her appointment earlier in the day, and as a commanding officer, she strove to always remember the names of all her crew. "I suspect that these two have some... important matters to discuss."

"Yes, Captain, but..." Maria froze in place, her eyes resting on Tim. Blond hair? Check. Gorgeous blue eyes? Check. Perfect, well trained body to die for? Ellen may have exaggerated a little on that last point, but not by much. She gasped at the realization that the mystery man was none other than the ship's executive officer. "Um... right this way, captain."

Tim nodded for Ellen to follow him. He wanted privacy. Somehow his love life had became a local soap opera. Looking at the face of the other nurse she also knew who he was.

Maria Hill poked her head around the corner and into Brad's office. "Doctor Silverton?"

Brad sighed as he responded and didn't look up from his view screen. "Maria I said I didn't want to be bothered there really isn't time for CAPTAIN?!?" Brad stood up straight with his hands behind his back.

"At ease, doctor." "What's her status," she asked quietly, tilting her head in the general direction of Jena. She had read the damage reports; all things considered the Portland was fortunate to get off easy. But there was one casualty, a young woman with radiation poisoning who was in critical condition. It was all Alenis could think about for the past few hours. She struggled in vain against the mountain of paperwork that she knew would be demanded of her after the battle. Every few sentences her mind would wander back to Coln Jena lying in sickbay. She'd fret, worrying about Jena and also worrying about Jason. For him to lose his only daughter only a few days after meeting her would be devastating, even for a half-Vulcan. Alenis wondered whether to go down there or not; eventually deciding to wait until she was summoned so as not to disturb anyone. But most of all, she wondered if there was something she could have done differently. If she had only waited for the refits to be completed, or had done something different during the battle, maybe Jena wouldn't be clinging to her life in a sickbay far from home. "Is she going to make it?"

"Under normal circumstances she would easily. But, well as you can see here in sickbay we are missing a lot of the necessary equipment to treat her. I'm told it wasn't going to be ready until next Tuesday. By then I'm afraid it'll be far too late. We can make her comfortable for awhile still. Let her and Jason talk and say their goodbyes." Brad paused for a moment.

Alenis silently cursed herself for launching without waiting for the retrofits to be completed. But then again, she didn't anticipate - she couldn't anticipate - being in combat on what was supposed to be a routine environment. Of course, Starfleet command was breathing down her neck to get the tests done; presumably they were as sick of dealing with Shras as she was.

"Captain I want to apologize for not reporting to you for duty as soon as I came aboard. Sickbay was a mess, IS a mess. Then we lose our first patient and now this." Brad points at Ko-Ko. "You are sitting there being patient with medical when one of the stupid research animals got out and perched on you. I didn't even know we had any on board yet. Here let me get it off." Brad stands up and reaches to grab Ko-Ko.

"No," said Alenis as she stepped back. With a whistle, she commanded Ko-ko to perch on her forearm. She was so used to carrying Ko-ko around already that she almost forgot that she was perched on her shoulder. "This is Ko-ko. She's my... well, she was prescribed to me. Doctor's orders, I'm sure you understand." Of course, she suspected that her explanation wouldn't suffice, but it would have to do for now. "And she's very intelligent, isn't that right, Ko-ko."

"As for sickbay, it's my fault, Doctor. I should have delayed the testing until the retrofitting was complete." With the Quebec City having been stripped bare, the Fox without power on half its decks including the one containing sickbay, and the freighter not having any medical facilities to speak of, as inadequate as they were, the Portland had the best medical facilities in the neighborhood. "I didn't know..."

Brad sat back down and winced across his face. The captain obviously noticed it and stopped talking. "I suppose I had better come clean. Jena won't be the only casualty I'm afraid. I came across her in the debris strewn hallways. Engineering would go in after her. Said it was too dangerous and more would be at risk. They were just doing their jobs in protecting people but I had to do mine as doctor. Jena was trapped under some beams. No broken bones or anything but it took me a bit too long to pull her out. We have about 8 hours or so. Give or take."

Alenis rubbed her left temple. It was bad enough she had a casualty, but now she had two. And worst of all, the second was the doctor who was supposed to take care of the first. "I... I don't know what to say," she said. What Brad did was either very brave or very foolish, and possibly both. The ship's only doctor was too valuable to lose when they had a patient in critical condition, but if he hadn't faced the radiation, Jena would surely be dead already. And Alenis could hardly fault his foolishness, she probably would have done the same thing herself. "I'm afraid the nearest vessel is twelve hours out. But, please, doctor, don't give up."

Jason came to the end of his story. "My father the hero." Jena said with a smile strained somewhat by the amount of pain she was in.

Jason tried to smile back, but couldn't quite pull it off. She was handling this all, a lot better than he was.
They both knew there was nothing to be done. Without the facilities of a fully stocked Sickbay, Jena would be dead in a matter of hours.

As he sat there holding his dying daughter's hand, tried desperately to come up with a way to save her or at least give her some extra time, but hi medical knowledge was limited and he found himself dismissing each idea almost as soon as he thought it up.

At last he resigned himself to the facts. He'd only known her a few days. He hadn't been there to see all her firsts. He first steps, her first words, her first day of school. Now he wasn't going to get to see her graduate high school, date, perhaps graduate the Academy or marry.

The loss of so many moments hit him like a metric ton of thermal concrete and he couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

When Jena saw his tears, she broke down too.

When she'd first found out about her biological father, she'd made her mind up to be cold and aloof to him, make him work for her affection now, lying here close to death, it felt so childish. After all, since they'd he'd treated her with nothing, but kindness.

"I love you, father." She said. "I just wish we'd had more time together. You didn't get to see me play soccer. "

"I love you too, Jena. I would have liked that." He said managing a brief smile. "Now, I'll let you get some sleep." He kissed her on the forehead. "I'll be back soon, ma chere."

As he left to find the doctor, he cursed himself again for bringing her into such a dangerous environment.

Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:16 am

Deck 2 - Rouse's Quarters

Tim walked from one side of his quarters to the other. Shaking his head meanwhile. "So," he said, still not able to believe it. Alenis was right when she told him that it was a small galaxy. "We have been serving on the same ship for the last few weeks."

"Believe me, I had no idea" Ellen stuttered. She was shocked when she had seen him in sickbay minutes earlier. She'd almost fainted. Of all the people she'd expected to walk through the door, he was the last.

"I had to hear it from the Captain that the woman I can't get out of my head for the past week is only a few decks lower, and has been for all this time." Tim said loudly.

"You what?!" Ellen looked up abruptly.

"Meru just made me aware that I had no right to lecture her about dating a subordinate." he said. "Forget that,"he added, quickly remembering he was talking about the Portland's CO.

"I ..." Ellen tried getting between Tim's rambling.

"And she also mentioned that your father is a high ranking officer within Starfleet , one we’re going to be dealing a lot with soon." Overwhelmed by the jumble of emotions running through his head and the predicament he found himself in, he ran his hand through his hair. Of all the things he thought might happen on this assignment, falling in love with the Admiral’s daughter was the last thing he might have expected. "What are we going to do now?"

Ellen was still sitting, watching him walk across the room until he suddenly stopped and looked at him. She shook her head. Those eyes. She was lost in his gorgeous blue eyes. “That's very easy. We can just forget we ever met before and go about our own business,” she added.

Tim walked to her and crouched before her. "What if I don't want that?" He left the question hanging in the air, before he continued. "Look, I'm sorry for freaking out, I just... I never expected to see you again. That didn't sound good. I mean, geez."

“That’s not what I want either,” replied Ellen, placing a hand on his cheek.

"I'm sorry" he said softly.

"Sorry for what?" Ellen asked as she stared into his eyes.

"I shouldn't have left like I did. Without saying anything, you were just sleeping so... so beautiful. I just couldn't wake you." Tim said. "I couldn't be late either. I had a meeting with the Captain. I already should have been on board earlier."

With her other hand, Ellen raised a finger to her lips. “Shhhhhhh,” she said, gently telling him to stop

talking before closing her eyes and moving her lips in closer.

Tim framed her face with his hands and brought his lips to hers to kiss her. She smelled exactly as he remembered: a combination of vanilla and lavender.

As their lips met, Ellen was brought back to their night of passion on Starbase 302. Though the kiss only lasted a second, it rekindled the deep connection that was made that night a week ago.

For a moment, they locked eyes. Then, without speaking, gave in to their passion.

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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:17 am

Meanwhile in Sickbay, Part IV
Sickbay, USS Portland
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

As Alenis was about to leave the Chief Medical Officer's office, she paused in the doorway. She couldn't make out their words, but seeing them both cry before Jason kissed her good night made her eyes water.

"You're the captain, Meru. You have to be the strong one," she thought to herself as she wiped away the tears with her sleeve. With a deep breath, she forced her emotions into the pit of her stomach and put on an almost Vulcan-like facade of stoicism.

As Jason turned around, Alenis approached. Gently, she placed Ko-ko on top of a cabinet in front of the window to Brad's office. "Lieutenant, I'm sorry. We're doing everything we can for her."

"Thank you, ma'am, I know you are, just feel so useless." 'and guilty, and angry.' He finished in his head.

The last time he felt this way was when Sarah was dying is his arms, her life's blood seeping in to the stones of the Champs-Elysees no matter how hard he tried to prevent it.

Alenis stepped in closer. "You're not useless, Lieutenant. You're here for her, comforting her in her time of need." For a brief moment, Alenis thought of her own father. He was but a distant memory, left behind when Alenis and her mother fled Bajor. They never heard what happened to him, but Cardassian justice being what it was, it would have been safe to assume that he was dead. "Jason," said Alenis, placing her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. "I have no doubts that Dr. Silverton is working hard to save her. But more than anything, she needs a father right now. You're the only family she has; you're doing more than you know by just being here for her. I know she only came into your life a few days ago, but I've seen the connection between you two. If there were any doubts that you are her dad, these past few hours have put those to bed."

"I can't lose her, ma'am." Jason said with pleading in his eyes.

"I know," replied Alenis. "We're doing everything we can." She wished she could tell him that everything would be all right and that Jena would be fine. But she couldn't; she didn't know that. And right now, without the proper medication and with help twelve hours away, it wasn't looking too likely.

Tired of pecking at the transparent aluminum window between sickbay and the CMO's office, Ko-ko took to the air. Before Alenis knew it, she perched herself on Jason's head and, with her claw, began massaging his scalp. "She likes you," said Alenis, a hint of a smile appearing briefly at the corner of her mouth.

"Well, I've always been a hit with the ladies." Jason joked and then felt bad that he'd found humour in such a bleak situation.

Alenis let out a weak smile at the joke; the situation was simply too dire for any attempts at humour to be successful. "You can hold on to her for a little while if you want. Ko-ko is very... soothing. You look like you need her more than I do right now."

"Thank you, ma'am." Jason said. Then to Ko-ko he said. "Bonjour, Madamoiselle Ko-ko, I'm Jason. You remind me a little of my father's parrot, Perroquet. My father taught him to eat food right out of his mouth, and would pull at the hairs on my father's face, when he was hungry. I won't do that for you, so don't get any ideas."

With a flap of his wings, Ko-ko jumped down onto Jason's shoulder. Softly, Ko-ko let out some relaxing coos into Jason's ear and nuzzled herself against the side of his head. "If she gets hungry, I've got a menu in the replicator for her under Alenis Kappa Three. Don't worry, it comes with a bowl so you don't have to put it in your mouth." Alenis shared in the joke with Jason, knowing that in this bleak of a situation, any brief moment of levity would be invaluable. "Take care of her, and if you need anything at all, hail me right away."

Jason felt his stress reduce some as Ko-ko cooed softly in his ear. He smiled at Alenis' joke. "Thank you again, ma'am, I'll take good care of her."
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:17 am

Meanwhile in Sickbay: Finale
Sickbay, USS Portland
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir and Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

The Captain walked out of Brad's office and he went back to reading. Maybe he had missed something. All the new groundbreaking research required groundbreaking equipment, of which he had zilch. Ko-Ko hopped up on a cabinet near his doorway and Brad just looked at the bird.

Hmmm, thought Brad. Maybe I've been looking at this wrong. I don't have the equipment for traditional radiation treatments so I'm going to have to get creative and perhaps a little crazy. Which seeing as stage 3 neurological damage will be onsetting soon isn't out of the question.

He continued to look at Ko-Ko who was now staring back at him locked eye to eye. Brad titled his head quizzically. Ko-Ko mimicked his head tilt perhaps out of quizzical curiosity what this human who tried to grab her was up to. Brad then started to frantically search through some historical research. Ko-Ko went to pecking at a transparent aluminum window but grew bored and flew out of Brad's sight.

Several minutes past and Jason and Meru had finished talking. The Captain was leaving when Brad shouted, "AH-HA!" and raced out of his office.

Hearing the shout, Alenis turned away from the door to face the Doctor.

"Nurse Hill I'll need your assistance here," said Brad, "My hands are a bit shaky. Replicate 50 CCs of Trimetephane..."

Maria looked on confused, "Um. Sir that is a veterinarian cancer drug used for birds that hasn't been used for 80 years?"

"Yes I know I know just do it. Its one of the few drugs we can actually replicate. Then replicate 100 CCs of Omygdolan and combine the two."

Maria shook her head but did as the doctor said. "Doctor Silverton that was an anti rejection drug used back in during live organ transplants. I barely remember it from my medical history class."

Brad sighed, "Yes Maria I am aware of that and wouldn't mind a good discussion on it but Jena and I really don't have the time."

Concerned after hearing Nurse Hill's comments. "Doctor, are sure this will work? You could make yourself and my daughter worse." Jason said.

"Yes well this is all I have to try with what I have to work with." Brad waves his hands around the incomplete sickbay.

"Don't worry though I wouldn't dream of pulling some crazy stunt on your daughter."

Brad grabs the hypo out of Maria's hand before she could consider if he had brain damage from the radiation yet or not. He injects himself with it.

"Well I'll either die horribly any moment now from the Trimetephane or live as the Omygdolan prevents my body from shutting down. Either way the radiation problem should be cured."

Everyone looked on at Brad who seemed fine. "HA-HA. I'll have to contact Doctor Huxergard that his theories seem to be correct."

"Doctor Huxergard?" asked Alenis. "Who is he? Did he come up with this treatment plan?"

"It was Ko-ko that gave me the idea actually. She reminded me of Doctor Daryl Huxergard's work on Tesderal IV. He had worked with an avian humanoid race whose planet's star had increased radiation output. He was able to use Trimetephane to help their sick due to their avian physiology. He had made some cross species theories based upon the rougher cruder drugs of old that weren't as refined and specialized as the modern drugs. He never had a chance to test them but I just proved them. Not the ideal way to do research but it seemed to do the trick."

"Well, I told you Ko-ko was a smart bird," replied Alenis. "Will this work on Jena?"

"Nearly positive. We'll give it another 30 minutes just to be sure there are no side effects in me and that everything is ok." Brad turns to Jason and Jena.

"Unfortunately Jena I'll have to ask you to continue to suffer a bit more discomfort and slight pain for awhile but I suspect you'll have a full recovery." Brad turned to Maria.

Jena smiled in spite of the pain. "Well, I think I can manage that, Doctor, after all I don't have any pressing engagements at this time." She said in the over-exaggerated way of a holovid countess.

The stress and strain of the last few hours finally catching up with him, Jason's leg buckled beneath him and he crumbled to the deck. Ko-ko sensing what was about to happen alighted from his shoulder and onto a nearby cabinet, before the Chief Science Officer met the deck.

"Jason!" shouted Alenis, rushing in to catch him but not being quite fast enough. As Maria and Brad surrounded the Lieutenant collapsed on the floor, Alenis cautiously backed off, reasoning that it was best to leave the practice of medicine to the professionals. She went to the replicator; normally she would turn her nose up at replicated teas, but in a pinch, some replicated Pyrellian ginger tea might help the Lieutenant relax a little. Not to mention that he probably hadn't eaten or drank anything since the morning.

When Jason came to on a bed next to Jena's, the first thing he saw was a large colourful bird perched on his chest, staring him down. Alenis stood beside him, offering him a glass of tea and apologizing in advance for the poor quality.

"Hello, Jena, Ko-ko, Captain. What happened?" Jason said turning to each in turn, before sitting up and accepting the tea from Alenis.

"You neglected to consume your required minimum daily intake and as such experienced a instance of syncope." Jena explained.

"I didn't eat anything, so I passed out?" Jason asked before taking a sip of tea, something he instantly regretted.

"In layman's terms, yes." Jena replied.

"Oh." He said. Then turned to Alenis and handed back tea cup. "Thank you for the tea, but that really is a disgusting blend. I have some real Vulcan spice tea in my quarters, if you'd like to share it with me some time." He told her.

"I'd love to," replied Alenis, one not prone to turning down a good cup of tea. She gave Jason a warm smile. "My apologies for the tea. Normally, I wouldn't offer my worst enemy a glass of replicated stuff, but without a teapot handy, I didn't have much option."

Jena rolled her eyes. Jason really was incorrigible sometimes. Lying on a biobed, in a weakened state, he'd just asked the Captain out, or rather 'in'.

And even more incredulously, it seemed to be working.
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Re: Mission One: "Not Until Tuesday"

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:18 am

Bridge, USS Portland
After the sickbay scene

After the excitement in sickbay, Alenis returned to the bridge, but not before making herself a glass of tea in her office. It was a long day, and with her Executive Officer taking care of some “personnel issues,” it would be a couple hours before she would be relieved for the night. After the excitement earlier in the day, sitting on the bridge while nothing of note was happening seemed anti-climactic. That is, until they received a message.

“Commander, message for you,” said R’vahis. “It’s Vike.”

“Put him on screen,” replied Alenis as she placed her tea mug to the side.

On the screen, Vike’s face appeared. But it wasn’t the same as before. His hair was singed, and the left side of his face was covered with plasma burns. And instead of being at the command chair of a powerful warship, he was flying a small Orion auxiliary vessel, about the size of a runabout. “Well done, Commander Alenis,” he said in a sarcastic tone, slow-clapping for emphasis.

“Ah, Mr. Vike.” Alenis stared him down on the viewscreen. “I’m afraid at our last encounter, you left before I could say goodbye.”

“My apologies for any rudeness,” he replied, sneering, “But I had some… urgent matters to attend to on my ship.”

“I see. Well, to what do I owe the pleasure.” Alenis was rapidly getting tired of this conversation.

Vike smirked at Alenis. “I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I’ll be seeing you again. And next time, you won’t be so lucky,” he added, scowling for emphasis

“You know, Vike, those are strong words for a guy who just had his ship destroyed.”

“Touche, Commander. But I’ve gained something far more valuable today. The Orion syndicate has many ships, and you’ve made a powerful enemy today. For my ship, my crew, my face… you will pay tenfold.”

“Threatening a Starfleet captain?” replied Alenis in a dismissive tone. She was not one to take kindly to threats. “That’s a bold move; a foolish one too.”

“Perhaps. But I am a man who keeps my promises. And I promise you, you and your crew will regret crossing me. Goodbye, Captain.”
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