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Re: Mission Two: "The Banquet"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:14 am

USS Portland

Tim was roaming the ship trying to find the Portland’s second officer. What was it with this ship, especially with the woman on board? Couldn't they for one moment do what they were expected. He had spent more time dealing with odd situations then with his actual job. He was getting tired of it. But on the other hand, it did made things more interesting, as long as no one knew that he secretly liked all the craziness going on. He wouldn't get bored soon. He slowed his pass as he saw Ellen approach him, reading a padd that apparently was very interesting. She didn't saw him.

“Hello Gorgeous.” He said with an obvious amusement in his voice. He would never get enough of looking at her.

Ellen looked up in surprise. “Tim,” she looked around to see if anyone else was in the hallway. “What are you doing here? I thought you had a banquet to attend?"

“Oh, I do, I just have someone to track down first.” He tried to grab her padd, curious what was so interesting. “What are you reading?”

She turned her back to him and held the padd to her stomach. He couldn’t see it. It contained step two of the plans she made with Maria to set up Judith. “Just some boring medical stuff.” She said, hoping he would give up.

He pulled her to her and gave her a kiss in her neck, hoping to distract her so he could read it. He wasn't stupid. That padd didn't contain medical files. When he attempted a second time to reach for the padd his commbadge scirpted. "Tim, what's your status?"

Tim put his hand before Ellen mouth to shush her giggles while he continued to hold her to his body. “Uhm, no luck so far. I looked at the lieutenant’s private quarters and her officer. No sign of her.”

"Roger that. Update security on DS9 and come on down. We've got a banquet to enjoy," sounded the Captains voice through the combadge.

“I’ll be down in 5. Have something I need to do first.” He said before he closed the channel. He turned Ellen around and looked in her eyes.

“Five minutes he.” She whispered.

Tim laughed. “I like your thinking, but there is no time for that. Just this.” And he took her face in his hands and kissed her.

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Re: Mission Two: "The Banquet"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:15 am

Cocktail time!
Waterfront Hall
Anhalla, Bajor
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

Glass of springwine in hand, Alenis surveyed the crowd of Bajorans and Federation personnel mingling with each other. The Bajorans, trying hard to impress their guests, were pushing hors d'oeuvres, insisting that they try all the different flavours of Bajor. With all the attention being focused on the shard, fortunately, it seemed as though no one noticed yet that the guest of honour was missing.

"Commander Alenis," said a familiar authoritative voice. Alenis hadn't seen the Admiral approach alongside her.

"Admiral," she replied, not taking her eyes off the crowd but nodding to acknowledge his presence.

"Where is Lieutenant Zade?"

"I'm sure she'll be down shortly." With everyone enjoying their drinks, Alenis figured she had maybe an hour before Tyrlai's absence would be noted by their hosts. "I've got my best man on the case."

"Well, I hope for your sake she is," replied the Admiral, his tone slightly threatening.

"Go get yourself a drink, sir," replied Alenis, brushing him off. She didn't care. Whatever the Admiral's concerns were, they paled in comparison to the joy she was feeling to have finally returned home. Shaking his head, the Admiral walked towards the bar.

Brad made his way through the crowd mingling casually. He enjoyed other cultures especially their art and music. He had hoped to have time to do a little sight seeing and shopping on Bajor. Authentic shopping not the Federation tailored shops on DS9. He eventually came over to Alenis. "Captain, wow this is some gathering. This is my first dignitary function. Are they always this... popular?"

"Not usually," replied Alenis. "The return of this shard is a momentous occasion for the Bajoran people. The Tears of the Prophets -- Orbs as you may know them -- are the most sacred relics in the Bajoran religion. They were literally handed down to us from the prophets." Alenis thought it funny; she was surrounded by Bajoran Vedeks, dignitaries, and academics, and here she was, someone who hasn't even set foot on Bajor in nearly thirty years, explaining the ways of her people. "This shard represents the fifth of six pieces of a lost orb. If we track down just one more piece..." Alenis trailed off. She had just remembered something she needed to tell the doctor. She looked around, making sure no one was listening in, and then leaned in. "Speaking of the orb, we need to cancel my appointment tomorrow. I'm not getting this growth removed."

Brad looked visibly hurt and tried to recover. At least she lowered her voice to not tell others. He responded in a near whisper, "I see... Captain I... I know I probably didn't make the best of choices during our first mission and all but it is a very routine procedure so Ensign Washington or Hill could do it. Or if you'd prefer to have the DS9 doctors remove it that would be fine too. The choice is yours of course on who does the procedure."

"No, no, no, you don't understand. Doctor, it's not you, it's me," replied Alenis, horrified at having unnecessarily caused him distress. "What I mean is... I've elected not to undergo the procedure."

"What? Wait you're serious? Captain I haven't been able to find a cause and with Federation cancer research what it is... that just shouldn't be. While it appears benign now there is no telling what will happen in the future. Why in the world would you want to ignore this?"

"The orb," stuttered Alenis. She knew how little sense she was making to Brad. As a Starfleet doctor, he was trained in the scientific method and would have had Federation ideas of rationalism and enlightenment drilled into his head. Even though Starfleet was supposed to respect other cultures and honour the prime directive, Alenis always felt that underneath, there was a dismissive attitude towards what they saw as primitive religious and cultural beliefs. Many a Starfleet officer saw the Bajoran religion as little more than a bunch of quaint stories about a wormhole, whose secrets can only be discovered through probes and scans rather than visions and holy texts. "I... I had a vision. The prophets came to me and told me not to go through with this operation. I'm sorry, doctor."

Excusing herself from the conversation, Alenis stepped to the side and tapped her comm badge. "Tim, what's your status?" she asked in a harsh whisper, trying not to be heard.

“Uhm, no luck so far. I looked at the lieutenant’s private quarters and her officer. No sign of her.”

Alenis held her head. If Tyrlai wasn't on the Portland, her fate was now in the hands of the redneck security outfit on DS9. But she knew that tyrlai was one of the most creative officers she had ever met. If anyone could handle herself, it was Tyrlai. "Roger that. Update security on DS9 and come on down. We've got a banquet to enjoy," she said, the exhaustion in her voice indicating that she wasn't completely enjoying the situation. 'What else could go wrong?' she thought.

“I’ll be down in 5. Have something I need to do first.”

Alenis identified a slightly mischevious tone in Timothy's voice, but ignored it. She had more important things to deal with than his minor machinations. "Understood. I'll meet you down here."

Meanwhile, Jason sat in the corner sipping his Kava root tea and watching people pretend to enjoy themselves. It wasn't helping much. Then a thought struck him, one that made his fevered blood run cold. Pon farr. That little gift courtesy of his maternal grandfather. He had to get out of here. To find somewhere to meditate, before the fecal matter collided with the atmospheric systems.

Discarding the tea, he rose and headed purposefully for the exit. He was only half way across the room, when a young Bajoran man in the robes of a Prylar approached him. "You're the one that brought the Holy Shard back to us, aren't you?" He asked.

"It was in my care, yes, but Lieutenant Zade was the one who found it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go."

"What was it like to spend so much time with it? Did you experience any visions from the Prophets?"

"I'd be happy to talk about this later, but I must leave, now."

"Come on just a few minutes, please?" The man said blocking Jason's path.

"Please, get out of my way." Jason said though gritted teeth as aggression.

"Can, I at least feel your Pagh?" The Prylar asked reaching for Jason's ear.

"Out of my way!" Jason roared and threw the insistent young man into a side table, before fleeing the room at a run.

Once out in the corridor he made for the doors out into the garden. Before he could reach the handle, an authoritative voice said. "Stop right there, sir. "

Jason did so, as he could see two security officers with phasers drawn. reflected in the glass of the doors. "I've got to go. Please let me go." He pleaded.

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." The guard replied. "Now, move away from the d...."

Before he could finish his order, he was on the ground and as he lost consciousness, he witnessed Jason pick up his partner, as if he were a rag doll and throw him though the wood and glass French-style doors.

Jason followed. Once in the garden, he sniffed the warm night air. His animal urges taking command of him, as he went in search of a mate.
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Re: Mission Two: "The Banquet"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:16 am

Into the garden...
Waterfront Hall
Ashalla, Bajor
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Jason Beauvoir, Rostrenen T'Sering

Seeing her science officer lose his cool, Alenis shoved her drink into the hands of a stunned Vedek and took off after him. She thought she had lost him for a moment before hearing a crash coming from the corridor to the garden. Rounding the corner, she was shocked to see a security guard lying on the ground. Alenis quickly knelt down beside him to see if she could offer any assistance. Feeling his pulse, she looked up at the shattered remains of the glass door. The guard would be fine in a few minutes; she had to find Jason. She'd never seen anyone suddenly start acting this way; she wondered if he had been drugged, was being affected by some sort of parasite, or perhaps he just simply snapped.

Quickly, she ran into the garden. Trying to follow the sounds of running and heavy breathing, she quickly got lost in the winding paths in the massive garden. As she came to a fork in the path, she realized that she had lost Jason's path as well.

"Jason?" she called out, looking around for any sign of him. But it was no use; it was a moonlit night and there was no artificial light where she was. To her left, she heard a twig snap. She immediately snapped her head in the direction, peering into the shadows. "Jason? Are you there?" A faint rustling. "Jason, please come out?"

After hearing a familiar voice, Jason moved out into the moonlight. Green blood dripped from his tightly closed fist, as he drove his finger nails into his palm, in an attempt to focus the maelstrom of his mind. "Stay back, Alenis, I don't want to hurt you.

"Jason, I want to help you," said Alenis as she cautiously stepped forward. The moonlight glistened off the sweat on Jason's forehead. He was visibly distressed, looking as though he could barely contain his emotions. "Tell me what's wrong." Silence, as Jason's tortured expression intensified. Alenis took another couple steps closer. "Jason, I care about you, but I can't help you if you don't tell me what's going on."

"Stay back." Jason pleaded. His body shaking from the strain and sweat pouring from his body. "It's the Pon farr, you're not safe around me. The mating urge is so strong. I can't hold it off much longer. Please go."

"Pon farr?" Alenis wasn't familiar with the term. But it was unmistakeable what he meant when he referred to the urge to mate. She let out a smile as she took a couple steps closer. "Well, perhaps I can help you with that. I've seen the way you look at me, Lieutenant. And your invite for tea... You wanted to share much more than tea, didn't you?"

"Yes." He said honestly. He looked and with last of his reason he asked. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Then not waiting for an answer, he moved towards her.

Alenis reached for her side, but Jason moved faster than she anticipated. Giving in to his animal lusts, Jason quickly took her down to the ground between the bushes. Before she even knew what was happening, he was on top of her, groping at her and tugging at her clothing. "Jason... Jason, stop, you're hurting me." But he didn't even slow down as he ripped into the tunic of her dress uniform.

Alenis was vulnerable. Her gambit had failed, and not even her skill in Hal'Kereth, the Bajoran martial art, could get Jason off of her. He was just too strong, and with his hands gripping Alenis' wrists, there was little she could do. As she was about to resign herself to what was to happen next, out of the corner of her eye, Alenis spotted an opportunity. "Slow down and kiss me, Lieutenant," she said in a sultry voice.

Detecting the difference cadence of her voice Jason, reasoned, as much as he was able at that moment, that she was giving in to him, so he loosened his grip on her.

Alenis took advantage of the opening and with her right arm she reached for the object that she had dropped when she was taken down. "I'm sorry, Jason," she said as she brought the stun baton she had taken from the unconscious guard to his neck and pulled the trigger. 40,000 volts, enough to stop a charging Gorn, coursed through Jason's body. With her other hand, Alenis was able to free herself from underneath Jason's limp body. Seeing him try to get up, she shocked him again for good measure. "I'm really sorry," she said, standing over him, stun baton at the ready, both their figures illuminated by the beams of flashlight being carried by approaching guards. Jason lay on the ground groaning. There was little else he could do with his spasming muscles refusing to obey his brain's commands.

“Alenis!” Tim shouted, arriving first. “What the hell is going on here?” he said as he rushed to them, shocked at the sight in front of him. The back of Alenis' uniform - or what was left of it - was covered in dirt, and she stood over her Chief Science Officer, brandishing a stun baton.

"Timothy! Thank the prophets! I..." Alenis looked down at her science officer, writhing on the ground. She was at a loss for words. Fortunately, it was Tim and not a Bajoran guard or police officer who would insist on arresting Jason. "It's a long story. I'll explain later. Right now we need to get him back to the ship, and get him some medical--"

"Hold on, ma'am," interrupted one of the guards, short of breath from running through the garden. "This man is under arrest for--"

Alenis turned to the guard, her eyes shooting daggers at him. "No. He's part of my crew, and he needs medical attention. He's coming with me." She was very protective of the people serving under her, and that included Jason, even though just a few moments ago he was wrestling her to the ground.

"Ma'am, he has committed a crime on Bajor, and under the terms of the treaty of Hendrikspool, law enforcement on the surface of Bajor is the sole purview of--" With Bajor and Deep Space Nine fast becoming a federation hub in the sector, the guard had to deal with his fair share of Starfleet officers, though most cases involved drunken rowdiness from young officers who had a few too many. He had a standard lecture for any fleeter who thought he was above Bajoran law. "Wait a minute, are you that Starfleet captain who returned the Tolic shard?"

"Does everyone on this planet know who I am?" she asked, rhetorically. "Never mind. I don't have time for this. I'm not pressing charges, and I'll personally pay for any damage he caused to the hall." Her voice crescendoed in volume as she quickly tired of dealing with this guard. "I'm taking him back to my ship and if you have a problem with that, call the consulate, because I have a banquet to get to." Without waiting for a response, Alenis tapped her comm badge. "Alenis to Portland, beam Lieutenant Beauvoir directly to the brig."

"Ma'am?" asked R'vahis on the other end. Drawing the short straw, the poor Caitian was left with the job of sitting in the center chair while everyone else enjoyed the banquet. He didn't mind though; a bit of command experience, even if it is just commanding a ship docked at a station while everyone else is at dinner, would go a decent way to advance his career.

"You heard me. And get security and a medical team down there, there is something clearly wrong with our Vulcan friend."

"Aye captain," replied the voice on the other end of the comm badge.

As Jason's figure shimmered in the transporter beam, the guards dispersed to return to their regular duties. Alenis turned to Tim, one question on her mind. "Mr. Rouse, have you ever heard of something called pon farr?"

"I have," chirped Ros, half her face hidden behind the lense of a handheld camera. She lowered it, turning it over to flick it off. She almost seemed to sigh. "I will probably have to delete the footage in that case..."

"Ros, this isn't what it looks like." Though she was glad to see her friend again, Rostrenen had picked the worst possible time to show up with a camera. "I was just... the Lieutenant was..." Alenis stammered, trying to figure out how to explain the situation. Her face was as red as ripe Alvas berries as she frantically tried to figure out how to explain being caught in such a compromising position -- on film, to boot. "It's not what it looks like."

"He attacked you," Ros blankly observed. She didn't know it mattered to Meru, but there was no real footage of the confrontation, only of Alenis jamming the stun baton into her already incapacitated assailant. Ros had run up following the Bajoran police. If she'd thought Alenis had been in trouble, she would have charged in herself. Ros knew her friend could handle herself though. That's why she commanded a ship.

"I admit that I hoped it would be something I might be able to cover... it is too bad. I can make this go away if it is related to somebody's pon farr." Ros looked over to where Jason had been beamed back to the ship. She had no pity for him, and it wouldn't have been clear in her voice anyway. She didn't know Jason at all, but her Order held the position that the way pon farr was treated on Vulcan was utterly backwards. She had to respect an individual's privacy in this case, but for him to put so many people, and even his commanding officer in danger seemed terribly negligent to her.

"Oh, but I did not mean I would prefer for you to get hurt though," she added, peering innocently at Alenis.

"I'm not hurt," she replied. "Just my uniform." As she bent over to dust off her pants, she felt a terrible pain on the right side of her chest. "And I think I cracked a rib."

"Commander, you need to see a doctor," replied Tim, in a serious tone. Having known Alenis for two weeks, he still couldn't figure out if she was merely headstrong or insufferably so.

"Later," replied Alenis with a wave of her hand. "Help me get back to the hall; the show must go on," she added, wincing in pain.
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Re: Mission Two: "The Banquet"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:17 am

The show must go on...
Waterfront Hall
Ashalla, Bajor
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

As they walked back to the hall, Alenis tried to explain to Timothy and Rostrenen what just happened. Out of nowhere, her science officer just stared behaving in a hyper-aggressive animalistic manner. Then he tried to mate with her. She glossed over the part where she used her feminine charms to subdue him, but figured that Timothy didn’t need to know everything. She hoped that Jason understood that everything she did was to try to help and protect him. She couldn’t just let him wander the city until he found a mate to prey on or until he ended up in a Bajoran jail cell. It was for the best that he was in the brig of the Portland; there he was safe under Alenis’ custody, and he could get the medical help he so clearly needed.

They both paused at the entrance to the hall. Alenis looked down at her clothes; they were completely ruined. The white coat was stained brown with dirt, and her undershirt and skirt were both torn in ways that showed slightly more skin than the standard Starfleet dress uniform. She tried to straighten her hair as best she could, pulling out a couple of leaves in the process.

“Well, Tim, how do I look?” she asked, trying to find some humour in the situation.

"Like you just took a rumble in the bushes. Oh wait..."

"Ah, a wise guy. Well, for the record we never--"

"Commander Meru?" Asked a tall Vulcan female in a Captain's uniform as Alenis and Tim re-entered the room.

"It's Commander Alenis," replied Meru, wondering who this Vulcan was. Her features looked vaguely familiar, though Alenis was sure she'd never seen her face before. "And you are?" she asked, extending a hand, torn sleeve and all, for a handshake.

"Captain Anderson of the Canterbury." T'Lisa said taking the Commander's hand and briefly shaking it. "I believe you have the you have the dubious honour of my eldest son as your Chief Science Officer." Making a cursory survey of the room. "Speaking of whom, where is he?" she asked.

Tim choked in his wine at the last question, turning around to hide his laugh.

"Lieutenant Beauvoir is..." Alenis paused for a moment, trying to think of a diplomatic way to put things to the Lieutenant's mother. She glanced down at her dirty and torn dress uniform. "He has... taken ill. Rather suddenly, in fact."

T'Lisa was about to inquire further into her son's condition when a Bajoran official approached the podium at one end of the room and the room went quiet.

"Ladies and Gentleman, May I have your attention" the voice of the prime minister sounded. "We like to start the official part of the ceremony. While no one person can take sole credit for the fruits of Bajor's relationship with the Federation, there are a few people who deserve special mention for the return of the shard. Admiral Washington, for his support of the Federation initiative to return lost treasures to their rightful home ."

Washington stood from his seat, accepting the applause. As the clapping died down, he glared across the room at Alenis and Tim before retaking his seat.

..."and Commander Alenis, who not only transported the shard back to Bajor, but herself has returned home for the first time in almost thirty years. Welcome home, Commander."

Alenis froze as the spotlight fell on her. Those in attendance were somewhat astonished at the state if her dress, but clapped politely anyways. She managed a subtle acknowledgment before a spasm of terror ran down her spine. The show must go on, and the guest of honour, the one she promised the Admiral would attend, was still missing.

The crowd all came in the direction of the podium. "Finally, there is the officer who tracked down the shard and recovered it. Lieutenant Zade, can you please come forward?" Tim looked around the room, hoping the Lieutenant arrived by now.

While the others were speaking, an unusually tall Bajoran serving girl stepped from behind the dias carrying a pitcher of tulaberry wine. She stepped gracefully, strands of her long red hair peeked out from the servants headdress. Moving down the row she smiled a refilled a few of the dignitaries drinks, most of them were too busy looking expectantly at the crowd. It allowed her to pause within a foot of the prime minister and whisper to him.

“Hello there, my name is Tyrlai Zade. I believe you are missing a holy book. That man there and the pretty one to his right are primarily involved.” The tall red haired and green eyed woman pointed to a Vedek and another shorter Bajoran in the middle of the reception. She leaned a little too close to the podium and said, now audible to the entire room. “The big one is actually a lizard.”

“What is the meaning of this,…” The flustered prime minister stood. The CO of the Portland looked at the serving girl without an ounce of recognition.

“Oh yeah,” The serving girl said, still completely audible to the room. “This is a holodisguse.” She tapped her chest twice and suddenly the tall raven haired and blue eyed Trill stood in a tattered orange evening gown covered with a silver jacket. “My name is Tyrlai Zade and those two are thieves of religious artifacts.” She pointed at the tall Vedek and the pretty man beside him.

The taller Bajoran hissed in an entirely unnatural way for his supposedly mamillian voicebox and pulled a large hand disrupter and levelled it towards the podium while the pretty one mumbled something into a device at his wrist. The very best of Bajoran crowd security leapt into action and covered the Prime minister and were already leading him away when the Vedek fired, the blast of energy disrupting his holodisguise for a few moments, revealing a near seven foot reptilian beneath.

The blast slammed into Tyrlai’s midsection knocking her to the floor with a high pitched yelp. More security charged towards the two intruders just as the shimmering waves of the transport beam enfolded them. Tyrlai looked down at the arcing energy as it burned a wider hole in her silvery jacket. Her head fell back to the floor and she gasped, her hand reaching towards the hole, hoping very much that nothing had gotten through the ablative armor. The pain was profound, but she could still recall what Gylara Zade preferred for breakfast so the symbiont was at least okay.

Brad wasn't the quickest to react. Others went to try to grab the attackers but that wasn't his style nor his primary concern. Tobin had died recently and now Tyrlai had been shot. Later on he'd have to have a talk with Arlen about Alenis and now about himself but that could wait. That thought wouldn't cross his mind until later. No now he just rushed forward and finally reached Tyrlai.

"Doctor Silverton to the Portland. Two to beam directly to sickbay"

Tyrlai winced and tried to speak but wasn't quite able to make words join together sensibly or audibly. "They, thought,... will.. lizard." She tried to gesture but couldnt think of one that would explain the issue.

--Portland to Doctor Silverton, there appears to be a beam dissipator at your location we cant get a lock on anything in the building--

Tyrlai grabbed the doctors arm wincing. The pain from what portion of the disruption beam had made it through her ablative jacket was starting to grow. "What the voice said." She squeaked out. She then panicked and fumbled with her jacket, "the orb, have to trace." She pawed, her movements jittery as she searched the pockets of the jacket.

Seeing the large reptilian knock out two Bajoran security guards, Alenis leaped into action. While most of the crowd tried to retreat, she bounded forwards towards the reptilian one, attempting a running tackle. But with a swing of his arm, the Gorn sent her flying into a dinner table, breaking the table in two and shattering the glassware. She held her side in pain; being thrown into a table wasn't exactly good for her cracked rib. She tried to get up but the Gorn was already on top of her. The next thing Alenis knew, he had pulled her off the ground and had his bulky, scaly arm around her chest. "Nobody try be a hero, or the Captain gets it," he grunted, holding Alenis tightly with one hand and holding a disruptor against her head with the other.

Tim was standing back to the whole happening as he was still conversing with the brig officers on the Portland involving Lieutenant Beauvoir. At hearing the threat he nudged a security officer standing next to him to give him his spare, and signaled him for his plan. Using the confusion of the Gorns overtaking of the Captain he stepped closer to the two, setting his phaser to stun, aimed for the Captain and shot. As expected the Gorn removed his arm, dropping the captain, and raised up to see where the shot had came from. Seconds later the other security officer, who had crossed the room in the meantime shot the Gorn with his phaser set on the highest stun. He hit him and the Gorn tumbled down. Tim immediately rushed to the Captain while saying to the multiple security officers that had approached. "Keep him under shot and if needed shoot him back to lalaland" Kneeling beside Alenis he looked up trying to find the doctor. "Silverton, where are you?"

Brad grunted in frustration. Having to take care of patients without proper equipment and improvising was already getting old. Brad would have to start carrying around a hypo everywhere, diplomatic formalities in not carrying equipment to functions be damned. However that would be for the next time and Tyrlai may not make it to then. The disruptor blast to Tyrlai's abdomen didn't look at bad as he had feared. In fact it looked awfully, metallic? He moved her clothes to the side and found the ablative armor, ruined, but having done its job. He pulled that out and tossed it to the side to look at the real damage. Some of the energy had gotten through caused severe burns. It wasn't good but it wasn't lethal.

Tyrlai was trying to say something and search around for something she had hidden on her that much was certain but Brad couldn't make out what. He started to pat her down to help her search and found it. A hypo? Tyrlai seemed to plan for a multitude of contingencies. Brad looked at the readout and chuckled. Cortropine was a strong stimulant and he wasn't sure what she had originally planned for it but it should be enough to let her bare down and ignore the pain enough to get focus till they could find that damned transport dissipator. He injected her with it then started looking around to what had happened to the others.

Coming to, the first thing saw was Tim's pants as he kneeled over her. She had a terrible pain in her side, and immediately after regaining consciousness, coughed up a small amount of blood. Grabbing a tablecloth on the ground next to her, she quickly wiped it away before anyone but Tim noticed. "You shot me," she said, staring into his eyes, before being racked by another painful cough.

"I saved your life!" Tim said in reply. He knelt beside her. "You're welcome."

"If it's not to much trouble, perhaps next time you could be a bit more gentle." Alenis tried to offer him a smile, but only a cough came out. "Is there a doctor in the house?"

Brad quickly came over to Alenis to diagnose the damage. The phaser hit wasn't bad only being on a low stun meant to surprise the Gorn more then do damage. At about the same time the prime minister came forward surrounded by several guards.

"Captain Alenis, my men tell me they have found some of this Gorn's compatriots outside manning disruption equipment. They have searched and believe the area is secure. As for our safety in here... you and your crew are to be commended for their efforts. This is now a second time that Bajor owes you much."

Alenis smiled through the pain as she got up to her knees. "No, Bajor is my home. If anything, I owe Bajor."

Tyrlai patted the prime minister on the shoulder as she passed, "not a Gorn by the way, something close but not Gorn," having somehow wiggled through his private guard. She was still clutching her abdomen, though the pain was lessening. She reached over and pressed Brad's comm badge, not currently in possession of her own. "Zade to sickbay, have an emergency team beam to these coordinates. Bring something for treating disruptor and phaser wounds."

Looking over at the doctor while she waited for the medical team to arrive she smiled. "So is synthahol good for disruptor pain?"

"Get me a glass too," added Alenis.

"Synthahol is a miracle cure for a great many aliments ranging from mild disruptor blasts to stressed nerves of watching what you thought was a dying patient." Brad smirked at Tyrlai.

"Then synthahol all around."

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Re: Mission Two: "The Banquet"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:18 am

Diplomatic Prowess...
Waterfront hall
Ashalla, Bajor
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Tyrlai Zade

As the various dignitaries mingled for after-dinner drinks and dancing, Alenis approached her first officer who was standing in a corner, drink in hand, contemplating the craziness of the evening. "Well, I suppose things could have gone worse tonight," she said. "You think that your pomopus, uptight father-in-law to be will court martial me for this or just bust me down to ensign?"

As Alenis spoke, Tim saw Admiral Washington approach Alenis from behind. A look of horror appeared on his face as he poked Alenis with his elbow. "Trouble on his way"

"Ow!" Her ribs were still tender; she suspected that Tim might have done it on purpose. Alenis closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, hoping the Admiral didn't hear her comments. "I guess I'll find out soon enough," she said as the turned to face the music. "Admiral Washington, are you enjoying the music? I love the belaklavion; in fact I play it myself."

"Right..." Washington started. "Commanders, do you have a moment? It's about your new mission."

"Of course, Admiral," replied Alenis, breathing a sigh of relief. He wouldn't be briefing them on their next mission if he was planning to fire them. Unless he was very desperate.

"Meet me in conference room 2A in five minutes. Down the hall, to the right." He looked over to see Tyrlai dancing flirtatiously with a couple young Vedeks. "And bring our 'guest of honour.'" He shook his head at Alenis' tattered clothes before turning to leave.

"Well, that went better than expected," said Alenis to her right hand man the moment Washington was out of earshot.

Four and a half minutes later...

As they entered the meeting room, Tim saw his sister standing on the other side of the room, together with another woman. "Jud, what are you doing here? I thought you weren't suppose to arrive till a few days."

Judith smiled at her brother. She liked to surprise her brothers, especially Timmy. He hated it. "Hadn't I told you my assignment was postponed?" Keep smiling Judith, keep smiling, she said to herself. She was leaning on the chair in front of her and couldn't wait for the whole group to sit down. She had been without her medication for 24 hours now, and her back was killing her

"Oh yes, I forgot. You're family." Washington said before Tim had the chance to respond. "Commander Alenis, Lieutenant Zade, meet Captain Judith Rouse. Ms. Rouse is a consultant with the Marines, who will be training your security details in tactical combat and riot control."

"Riot control?" asked Alenis. "Are we expecting riots on this next assignment."

"Possibly. Commander, are you familiar with the lost tribes of Bajor?"

"The lost tribes?" asked Alenis. "Of course; legend has it that in the past, a number of Bajorans, for whatever reasons -- war, famine, religious persecution." In some says, ancient Bajor wasn't as idyllic of a place as everyone thought. At certain times in Bajoran history, the church had too much power. There were dark ages of d'jarras, Inquisitions, and crusades. A few people wanted to go back to these times; though they were a marginal political force, they had the potential to be a kingmaker "But what does that have to do with -- wait, did you find one?"

"Yes, on Gamia III. Actually, we had found them some time ago, but they are not a warp-capable society, so we were prohibited from interfering by the Prime Directive."

"The Prime Directive?" asked Alenis. "Admiral, with all due respect, is that what's important here? All children of Bajor should be able to return home. This is a lost tribe; they've been separated from Bajor for centuries... millennia, even. We have to make contact."

"You... didn't let me finish," interrupted the Admiral. "They have reached out to us. This is Tora Celes, foreign minister of the Bajoran Republic. We are to open diplomatic negotiations with the Gamians, with the goal of reuniting Bajor with the lost tribes. Ms. Tora and her delegation will be your guests, and seeing as you've proven yourselves to be quite..." Washington cleared his throat and looked at the three assembled senior officers of the Portland. The Chief Diplomatic Officer was out of uniform, wearing a bright orange dress more appropriate for a nightclub than a diplomatic function. The captain's uniform was torn and tattered, and the rumour floating around the banquet was that she had snuck out into the garden with a junior officer. The only one who looked halfway competent was the first officer "...tactful in diplomatic matters, you'll be representing the interests of the Federation."

"Wait a minute," Tyrlai said raising her glass and hand, "did you say Gamia III?"

The Admiral looked at her as if barely containing his impending rage. "Yes, miss Zade."

Tyrlai pulled the spherical metal comm device she had stolen from the Reptilian's chambers out from her dress. "This has been broadcasting to Gamia III, it's a subspace communicator and a damn peculiar design at that. I would say we aren't the only ones who have been invited."

"So your friends,..." The Admiral began.

"Religious thieves,.." Tyrlai corrected him.

"That you brought here to,.." He continued.

"They were chasing me,..." Tyrlai interrupted again.

"Have you been drinking?"

"It's a party," Tyrlai motioned towards where the dancing was going on, "and I have a prescription."

"A prescription for green drinks?"

"Yes dermal regenerators, pain inhibitors and tropical fizzes." She raised her glass and took a drink, "Compliments of good doctor Silverton. I was shot by religious terrorists and a Reptilian."

"Well he is in custody and Im sure we can,..."

"No, he escaped by now." Tyrlai said sagely with grim certainty.

"And what makes you so sure,...?"

"He had a personal remote transport device grafted to his arm."

The Admiral looked flustered. "And you didnt feel a need to mention that to Bajoran security when they were taking him?"

Tyrlai looked down at the Admiral as if he were somehow addled. "I had just been shot. I don't know what you understand of basic disrupter technology, Washington, sir, but let me assure you from a scientific perspective, they hurt like a bitch."

Alenis stood in front of Tyrlai at that point giving her a careful nudge towards one of the stools.

Judith chuckled at the discussion between the Admiral and the diplomatic officer. Looking up to Tim she saw he was trying very hard not to laugh and in the meantime giving her a look saying to stop chuckling herself. If this conversation was any sign of the way the Portland worked, she was going to have a blast of a time.

"Yes, I'd... imagine they would," replied the Admiral, a look of disgust upon his face. The staunchly conservative Admiral disapproved of swearing. "These are some disturbing revelations, but it still doesn't change our mission. Investigate this attempted theft while you are there, but do not let it jeopardize your primary objective. The Bajorans and the Federation both agree

"Gamia III..." Deep in thought, Alenis furrowed her brow, her Bajoran features becoming more pronounced. "Isn't the Gamia system quite the strategic piece of real estate?"

"It is." Judith answered leaning on a chair in front of her. "The Gamia system is located near Cardassian space, and a presence there would greatly help protect our flank in case relations with the Cardassians sour. That's why it is so important we send someone who knows how to how to deal with former Bajorans, but also a ship that has the potential to fight back in case any other interested show up. No offense." The last said in the direction of the Captain.

"I object," replied Alenis. As a former tactical officer, she was fully aware of the Portland's meagre tactical capabilities, but already she had built some emotional attachment to the old ship. "She may be an old ship, but she's saved all our lives only days ago. Once we finish repairs and refits, I'm sure she'll be able to handle herself in any case."

"Yes, I agree. That's why she is being send on this mission. And to give her a benefit we need, they send me" Judith said, suddenly feeling very confident.

The corners of the Admiral's lips curled slightly at Alenis' impassioned defense of her vessel. It reminded him of his first command, which, like Alenis', was a Miranda class. The USS Cape Verde was considered to be obsolete even then, but he would defend her to the hilt if anyone were to say so. The old ship saved his life many a time, before finally being destroyed during the Dominion war. But even in death, the old ship gave him and his crew one last gift -- it held out long enough for nearly all on board to make their way to the escape pods. Even thinking about the old ship over 15 years later brought a tear to his eye. "I'm sure the Portland will be a great choice for the mission. We didn't want to take a too aggressive tack by sending a warship and I'm sure your..." Washington looked over the assembled officers "...diplomatic prowess will be a great asset on the mission ahead."
Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

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