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Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:51 am

Mission Seven here! This takes place shortly after "Unto the Breach"

Bridge, USS Portland
Near the start of Mission Seven
Authors: Captain Alenis Meru, Coln Jena (NPC Beauvoir), Lt. Jason Beauvoir, Commander Timothy Rouse, Admiral Washington (played by Alenis Meru)

It had been a few days' journey from the Borg-infested nebula. The less damaged vessels were taking care of cleanup duty, and a few Olympic class vessels were en route to the nebula to deal with the thousands of drones regenerating in their alcoves, disconnected from the collective. The Portland had spent the last few days limping home at low to medium warp, so as not to stress the old girl and add to the severe damage the ship had suffered.

At the center chair, Alenis took a sip of her tea, her mind already on her week at the spa. As much as she was loathe to admit it, she needed a vacation.

Jena sat at one of the ancillary stations. She'd asked the Captain's permission to be on the Bridge when they arrived, because she'd wanted to see Trill from orbit. She'd kept quiet as she watched the Bridge crew go about their duty. She smiled , she was happy to be back on the Portland. The Starbase had been fun for a little while, but the Portland was her home.

Jason checked the sensors as they dropped out of warp. There didn't appear to be any problems. So, he reported. "We have arrived, Captain."

After looking at Meru to ask her for permission to take over Tim stood up from his seat before saying. "Start docking procedure with the shipyard," They had been ordered to dock at the shipyard in order to get the much needed repairs.

"Yes," replied Alenis, "hail the shipyard for an approach vector and set course."


The planet Trill floated like a precious gem in the blackness of space. The pale green of the land, with its blur tinted mountain contrasted with the purple of its many oceans.

"It's beautiful." Jena said completely forgetting Bridge protocol.

Arthur subtly sneered at the image, but decided not to elaborate. Instead, he focused on the tactical console and tried not to be a huge ass.

As the Portland approached the shipyard, the weapons system on the starbase began to light up.

Although briefly readying himself to activate the shields at a moment's notice, Arthur reasoned that the starbase had no ill intent. Furthermore, the captain didn't give the order to raise shields, and the ship's new chief tactical officer wasn't looking to screw up the one chance he had to make a semi-decent impression on his new commanding officer.

Alenis raised her eyebrow, but as she saw the three salvoes of torpedoes sail by harmlessly, she realized what was happening. "It's a salute to the fallen," she said, solemnly, as silence fell over the bridge crew.

A moment later, the silence was interrupted by Admiral Washington appearing on screen. His ship wasn't as badly damaged, so he had managed to make it back to Trill first. "Captain Alenis," he said, in a solemn tone, "Starfleet salutes the bravery of your crew and those who gave their lives to protect the Federation."

"Thank you," replied Alenis. "I would return the honour, but our weapons systems are offline." She glanced over at Tim for a second and then back at the Admiral. Surely, he would be wanting to spend some time with his new grandson. "We are badly in need of repair; permission to dock?"

"Granted," replied Admiral Washington. "I look forward to meeting you at the banquet tonight. And Commander Rouse,"

"Yes, sir?" He asked even though he already suspected the what the question would be.

"I'd like to arrange some playtime with Andy. 1300 hours, sharp."

Tim couldn't help but grin before replying. "Of course, sir."
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:54 am

Angry Parents
MD1, 1400 hours
Bridge, USS Portland
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Novia, her parents, and two cat-monkeys (played by Tyrlai Zade)

The USS Portland limped through space at low warp as repairs were underway. She had been tossed several and ten light years by the gravitic wake of the dark energy explosion. The dark energy itself had done what dark energy does, expanded quickly and vanished without a trace. The Portland had oriented itself and was heading for the closest repair yard it could find, a Starbase and capital refit yard orbiting Trill.

The bridge of the Portland was slowly returning to normalcy. Repair crews had cleaned up the debris and were working on repairing damaged circuitry and consoles. And, of course, they had fixed the command chair, which had been nearly ripped off its bolts from the shockwave.

Alenis glanced over at the empty auxiliary console and smiled. Fortunately, with the dark energy reactor completely annihilated in the explosion, Shras didn't have any reason to be on the bridge and was no doubt writing reports, poring over sensor logs of the explosion, or bothering Lieutenant Beauvoir in the science lab.

With all that had happened, she knew she would have reams of paperwork to file. But that could all wait; for now, she was just glad to be on the bridge with the crew that had stood with her in the face of certain destruction.

Novia beamed proudly from her spot at the back of the bridge. With the help of her cat-monkeys she had managed to lead five crewman to safety, including the injured Master Paladin and had received a summons from the Captain. She hoped it was a good one and for their part Berelca and Zinzac seemed to think it was a good thing. She watched the stars swim by quietly thrilled to see everything from the bridge.

"Sir," One of the yellow clad crewman spoke up, "there is a Trill science vessel on intercept."

"Oh?" asked Alenis. "I'm not aware of any scheduled rendezvous, and if they wanted to watch Shras' dark energy experiments, they're a little late for the party."

"Me neither," replied the crewman on operations.

Tyrlai Zade stepped through the turbolift doors. She had been trying to find a better system for the repairs Portland needed but there wasn't a suitable yard for a dozen light years. It was the holes they had drilled into the hull and gravitic damage to the superstructure. It required more than most space-docks could handle. She scowled glancing at her data as she walked past the excited looking Trill girl and her rat monkeys. She stepped back to one of the auxiliary consoles and began the process of filing reports. Some of her reports had to be filed securely from the bridge for no other reason than over-cautiousness, but in this case not worth being rebellious about.

"They are hailing us, sir."

"Onscreen." Alenis said.

A pair of middle aged Trill appeared on the viewscreen wearing Trill academy uniforms. They were tall and dark haired, the man a touch shorter than the woman and bore the bright blue eyes of the Trill girl. The woman spoke first. "How dare you take out child into a combat zone. She is a valuable and accomplished young lady and in no way were you mandated to put her so carelessly into harms way."

Novia took a step forward, hopes raising for a moment.

"I do apologize for,..." Alenis was interrupted by the shrill edge of the woman on the viewscreen.

"I don't care for your pathetic excuses, Captain. Not only was she not evacuated with the other children but she was left to wander about foolishly with Borg on the ship."

Novia deflated, she wanted to explain that she had not been wandering about, she had known exactly what she was doing.

"And why is she covered in alien creatures even now! I want those things removed and destroyed before we collect her."

"No!" Novia screamed, eyes glistening as she backed away from the screen and into the Diplomatic Officer who turned away from her reports for a moment to look at the terrified girl with her equally terrified monkeys.

Tyrlai straightened and stepped over to the Captains side and blinking with a mixture of surprise and clear distaste. "Mother, how very nice to see you."

"Mother?!" exclaimed Alenis, her eyes nearly popping out of her head in shock. She had never discussed Tyrlai's family at length; the last time the subject came up, Tyrlai claimed to be 'practically an orphan.' "You mean, you and Novia are..."

"Who?" Tyrlai asked with a puzzled look at Alenis.

"But, but,..." Novia stepped forward, a little faster on the uptake. "You said my sister died."

"She should have! But she always had so very little sense." The woman sneered audibly and turned to the Captain again. "You will have Novia ready at the transporter room when we arrive and you will have the bodies of those things ready for dissection. So help me if I find so much as a microbe has infected our daughter I will,...."

"You can rest assured that all pets are carefully inspected for armful microbes," replied Alenis. Giving a whistle, she beckoned Ko-ko, who was 'holding' an engineer's micro-resonator in her beak. Dropping the tool, Ko-ko flapped her wings and fluttered over to her perch on Alenis' shoulder. "And as Captain of this vessel, unless you can speak to me with respect--"

"We are not members of your precious Starfleet, we have real jobs, science." Mrs Yenn scowled in reply. "Im sure you are used to your underling jumping when you bark," she glanced in Tyrlai's direction. "Don't expect that treatment from us."

<tagses maybe>

Tyrlai looked over at Novia who was still blinking back tears and then looked suddenly down to where Berelca had come over and was cautiously sniffing Tyrlai's boot. "What do you mean new clan member?" Tyrlai's eyes widened and she looked over at Novia. "The monkeys are telepathic?"

Novia nodded looking even wider eyed and more frightened.

"What!?" The Trill woman onscreen reddened noticibly with rage. "Telepathic alien beasts messing with my daughters brain! You will phaser those beasts dead immediately."

Novia howled, "No!" As Zinzac trembled and crouched on her shoulder. Berelca in turned chittered and hoped up and down next to Tyrlai. Looking at Berlec, Zinzac calmed almost immediately and Novia looked over at her new sister wiping away tears.

Tyrlai stepped forward and glared at her mother. Slightly greyer at the temples than Tyrlai remembered but no less savagely stern. "These rat-monkeys,..."

"Cat-monkeys." Novia corrected her.

"Sorry, cat-monkeys, are a protected species and in order to be properly studied will have to remain with Nova here."

"Novia." Novia corrected Tyrlai again.

"According to whom!" The threatening voice from the screen challenged her.

"The Federation Diplomatic Corps." Tyrlai Zade matched her mothers tone and then some.

The woman stared, a hint of surprise at the daughter she hadn't seen in twelve years. She shook it off quickly. "Captain Meru, we arrive in twenty two minutes and will be beaming aboard to discuss these failures."

"My name is Captain Alenis," replied Meru coldly, glaring at the parents, "and this is my ship, which means nothing gets phasered unless I say so. Now," she sighed, glancing over at one of the operations crewmen, "my crew will arrange to have you transported directly to my ready room for some afternoon tea." Laying on the sarcasm, she continued. "I look forward to having you aboard."

The screen went blank suddenly and returned to a sensor view of the approaching Trill Science vessel.

Tyrlai looked over, fidgeting as she did so for a few moments. "So, any questions about why I ran away at age twelve?"
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:36 pm

A Date with Alice and Bob (part 1)
Trill homeworld, Cafe outside the AI Symposium
Just prior to the arrival of the USS Portland

The food dispenser whirred and glowed. From nothing, a delicate and decorative cup and saucer materialized, the dark liquid steamed inside. Kent picked up the synthesized beverage and walked outside, searching for an open table in the fine afternoon air. He was not alone in appreciating the cafe and climate this day, and he failed to find an open table. Yet his attention settled on a table with a single occupant, a young woman perusing a PADD while she casually picked at the fruitful pastry before her. He pondered his greeting as he approached the woman, perhaps he would try something simple and direct.

"Excuse me, miss. I can't seem to locate an open table, might I join you?"

The woman looked up from her PADD. In front of her stood a tall and slender man clad in a black and gray Starfleet uniform, a teacup carefully held in front of him. A quick glance about the courtyard confirmed his statement, and she thought he seemed harmless enough.

In a casual sigh, she responded "Sure, why not" as she resumed studying the PADD. She would not get far before being interrupted again.

"So, are you here for the symposium?" Kent asked as he lifted the cup to sip the concoction.

Without looking up from her work, she replied flatly, "Yes, do you mind?" She made a gesture to the device which affixed her attention.

Kent smiled, appreciated a little challenge, and engaged a conversation despite her reluctance. "I'm sorry, where are my manners. I'm Kent Draven. And you are?"

His words hung in the air, she paused leaving him in delightful anticipation. She had no fondness for Starfleet officers, but this one had a hint of charm in his persistence. She let him linger just a bit more, enjoying the control of the conversation at this moment. "Madison Sanders," she answered with a polite smile, finally giving up on her efforts to read the PADD in peace.

"A pleasure to meet you, Madison." Kent raised his cup to her as he said her name.

"Likewise, I'm sure. What brings you to this symposium?"

Kent managed another sip, "Oh, I'm analyzing the feasibility of using AI in decryption algorithms to speed the processes. What's your field?"

"Cybernetics," she said politely as she tapped at the tablet on the table, hoping to indicate her intention to return to her reading.

From his peripheral vision, Kent spotted another familiar Starfleet uniform heading his way. Quickly he set the cup on the saucer. "Oh no, Madison I'm terribly sorry for this." Madison looked up just in time to see another officer swing his leg over the chair next to her and sit down as he placed a full plate of fragrently spicy food on the table.

"Kent! I thought that was you! I haven't seen you since you left for the Yeager. I see you traded in that gold uniform for a proper gray one. Leave the gold for those of us who ought to wear it." With a smile, the newcomer pointed his thumbs to gold panels of his own uniform. His attention quickly shifted to the other side of the table. "Kent, aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely friend?"

Reluctantly, he complied, "Lieutenant Ramon Astacio, meet Miss Madison Sanders."

Like a buzzard examining a fresh kill, Ramon tried to size up his new mark. "Well hello, Maddie-"

"Madison, never 'Maddie'. And I don't believe I invited you to this table." She was quick to stop his momentum and locked a stern gaze with him to emphasize her point.

"Wow, you picked a feisty one, Kent. Clearly not a Trill, no spots. Are you a Terran?" Ramon, still full of himself, began to casually eat his meal as he finished the question.

Determined to not invite more conversation than necessary, Madison picked up her PADD to feign reading and quickly responded, "as a matter of fact my parents were born on Earth. I, however, was born in an orbital station. Elsewhere. So whatever you would call that."

Kent's cup shuttered against the saucer in frustration, "My God, Ramon. That dish comes replicated with silverware. You're not supposed to eat it with your fingers like an animal."

Shoveling another load into his face, Ramon laughed. "What? It's just rice and vegetables. And some spices. We're not all fancy like you. Whaddya got today, more tea?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I'm trying some local Trill tea. Bocha I believe they call this variety." Kent took another sip from the teacup.

Ramon continued eating without utensils. "You know, if you're drinking Trill tea, the real stuff is better than the replicated stuff, as long as you're here."

"I know. I'm just seeing if I like it enough to bother with fresh tea. I'm not too sure about this one anyway."

Ramon turned his attention back to the woman who had been pleasantly ignoring the conversation. "Watch out for this guy, Maddie. He will try to charm you over tea, then serenade you in another language. How many is that, Kent, eight, nine languages you speak?"

"It's eleven actually." Madison looked up at Kent over the PADD, an eyebrow raised. Impressive she thought.

Laughing, Ramon countered, "awesome, just one shy of bragging it a dozen."

"It's actually seventeen if you count all the Earth languages I speak too."

Feeling bested, Ramon changed the subject. "So, you finally have a date with Alice and Bob?"

Pleased it was brought up, Kent leaned back in his chair, took another sip of tea, and replied, "yes, finally. No more communications analyst for me. I'm waiting for the Portland here."

Intrigued, Madison interrupted, "a date with Alice... and Bob?"

Kent and Ramon smiled at each other. Kent was quick to offer an explanation before Ramon sunk the situation. "You see, back in X-school, that's the xenocryptology school, Ramon and I knew each other before he went into computer engineering. There's this old story that says cryptology was once explained in a bar, drawn on a napkin. Let's say two people want to talk, person A and person B, or Alice and Bob, but they are afraid of someone eavesdropping, we will call this person Eve. They develop a code so they can communicate without Eve knowing the true conversation. Supposedly since then, the convention of calling the players Alice, Bob, and Eve stuck. So, now I'm Eve, and I have a date on a new ship to be decoding messages between Alice and Bob, whoever they turn out to be. The phrase 'to have a date with Alice and Bob' was something we coined back then."

The pleasant-turning conversation was interrupted by a voice coming through Kent's commbadge:

=/\= Lieutenant Draven, please report to the transportation center. Commander Rouse is arriving.=/\=

Kent tapped his badge, "Acknowledged, on my way." He took one last sip of his tea and stood up. "Sounds like the Portland finally made orbit. I'm off to meet the XO. Madison, it's been a pleasure to meet you, I hope to see you again soon. Ramon, it's been interesting as always."

to be continued...
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:56 am

Meet the Parents
MD1, 1422 hours (shortly after "Angry Parents")
Bridge, USS Portland
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Eilis Ross, Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Novia, her parents, and two cat-monkeys (played by Tyrlai Zade)

In the twenty-one minutes since the hail from Tyrlai's parents, the ready room of the Portland was frantically cleaned and polished, with some of Alenis' finest teas put out. Inside, Alenis, Tyrlai, Eilis, Novia, and the two cat-monkeys anxiously awaited the transport of the irate parents.

Alenis looked down at her chronometer. "So, I guess they should be arriving any second--"

Tyrlai looked down at Berelca after receiving pictures about the clan and strength and banana cubes. "Have these been telepathic since the beginning?"

Novia looked up and nodded. "They don't send to people who aren't part of the clan and they don't trust things they can't sense telepathically. Like the holo-Captain. They've gotten more complex but they are still cat monkeys, they can't handle advanced concepts."

Tyrlai nodded. "Sorry I mentioned it, I was surprised, I know full well how mother is."

Novia looked down and spoke more quietly. "They told me you had died. That you asked them to have another girl. To go to the science academy like you were going to."

"Yeah." Tyrlai wasn't quite sure what her parents were thinking, Novia would eventually hear about the slave-girl joined to Zade, all of Trill seemed to know. "How to put this, I never died, I wasn't going to make it into the science academy, I was good at gymnastics."

Novia looked over at her new sister in shock. "The other kids must have teased you terribly."

"Yes," Tyrlai nodded, "yes they did."

"Kids can be so cruel," interjected Alenis in an understanding tone. "When I first arrived on Earth from Bajor, they used to--"

Before she could get into the details, she was interrupted mid-sentence by the shimmer of the transporter beam. "Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Yenn, it's a pleasure to finally meet you in person. You've met Commander Zade and Novia, and this is Ms. Eilis Ross, Novia's teacher."

Hedria Yenn sniffed dismissively. "I'm sure things are different in Starfleet but we do not allow criminals near children on Trill." Hedria walked in front of Tyrlai as she spoke and looked her up and down dismissively. "My apologies to the Zade symbiont, but I will not have this unsuitable host in the same room as my Novia."

Zinzac growled, the fur on his back raising. Tyrlai looked over perplexed, she was not used to being part of a telepathic clan.

"I believe I demanded those creatures be destroyed, Captain. Or was my com signal not clear enough?"

Alenis looked Hedria up and down, sizing her up. The woman was definitely a piece of work, that was for sure. "First off," she started, in a firm tone, placing her hands on her hips in an aggressive stance, "these creatures are not yours, and you are in no position to demand their destruction. They are a rare endangered species, and are in the care of the crew of the USS Portland, specifically our Chief Monkey-Tender, Acting Petty Officer Novia Yenn." Alenis turned towards Novia and nodded at her, offering her a hint of a smile to reassure her that the cat-monkeys were safe. "Second, regardless of your feelings about your own daughter, Commander Zade is a trusted officer, and while you are on my ship to discuss official business, you will treat her with respect. Third, unless you also happen to be a Starfleet Admiral, I don't take orders from you. Are we clear?"

Hedria walked from where she had stood glaring at Tyrlai to stand in front of Alenis, still glaring. "I am not one of your precious little crewpeople. I am the parent of the small girl you endangered, so let's dispense of the notion that there is some battle to win here. I am Novia's mother, so I have already won. You have to realize that there are consequences for your actions,..."

Berelca growled touching off another growl from Zinzac, Tyrlai looked over and saw Novia staring daggers with her fists clenched. The fear and anger coming off the cat-monkeys was palpable. Tyrlai wondered just how the girl was managing.

",... Novia will come with me and these beasts will be phasered to death and THAT is a promise." Hedria finished and Tyrlai was also amazed at how quickly she had rediscovered how to tune her mother out.

"NO!" Novia shouted, the cat monkeys howled angrily in unison. Pictures of gristly wounding and death whirred through her mind, focusing on what had been the monkeys real mother, a picture with a horrified Novia looking on from underbrush in the distance. The girl stepped between Alenis and Tyrlai and said in a measured but fierce tone. "That will not happen."

"Novia Trinn Yenn, you will listen,..."

"No," Tyrlai interjected, "that will not happen. There may be risks,..."

"Who do you think you are, interrupting me? I will have you know,..." Hedria glared back at Tyrlai.

"Zade." Tyrlai replied, drawing out the syllable into a resonant sound that cut off even her mother's terse retorts.

Eilis raised her hand, interrupting the little family feud that was playing out before her. "If I may speak... Novia here is one of my best students, and she has grown in leaps and bounds in social skills and academic achievement since she was enrolled in the Portland program. She has even earned a commendation from the captain, and has learned about responsibility and maturity in her efforts to take care of her pets. Regardless of your feelings for your other daughter, I would encourage you to please consider what is best for Novia. She's excelling here, much more than she would in a regular school."

Hedria looked over at the teacher. "One of?" She then glared over at Novia. "We talked about your slacking."

Nivia looked panicked. "But, but,..."

Alenis stepped forward. "The Portland needs extensive repairs, the Trill Orbital Yards are the closest. Novia can have a visit home and we can discuss this further when everyone has calmed down."

"This, I suppose will be minimally acceptable." Hedria seemed to calm, ever so slightly. "Do not expect me to yield on the matter of these parasites." She waved her hand dismissively. "Come, Adris, we return to Trill." Hedria stalked out the swooshing doors barking instructions to an unfortunate crewman to lead her to the transporter.

Adris stood smiling pleasantly for several seconds. "It will be some time before she notices I am not following and comes to fetch me. I do apologize for my wife, Captain, there is a part of her that means well."

"I understand," replied Alenis. In truth, she wasn't that much worse than Shras, and she was able to tolerate him for short periods of time. "Just... do me one favour, okay?"

Adris seemed apologetically dubious. "I have a limited influence on events I am afraid."

"I grew up without my father," started Alenis, recalling those cold winters in Minneapolis, with her mother busy working to support her and without her father to comfort her. As she looked into Adris' eyes though, she saw a look just like those distant memories of her own father three decades ago. Her voice began to weaken; even as she tried to exude confidence as a Starfleet captain, this was one thing she hadn't made peace with. "He didn't make it off Bajor. I missed out on so much time with him... don't let the same happen to Novia. Or to Tyrlai."

"I message Novia several times a week, is that not so, Novia?"

Novia nodded. "It's true, mother is not to know, she considers it to be coddling."

Adris smiled and stepped over to Tyrlai. "I message Tyrlai weekly," he said making Tyrlai's eyes widen in clear surprise. "Which have all been blocked at the recieving end."

Tyrlai blushed, she had forgotten. It had been an angry and betrayed, newly-joined fifteen-year-old's act of impetuousness. "It was just mother who disavowed me."

"Yes, Tyrlai." Adris said reaching out to hold her by her shoulder. "She signed both our names to the document but I have never ratified it. You are still my daughter and I am very proud of you." He stepped back. "Now I should go before she returns and ruins the moment."

Tyrlai turned blinking away tears as her father walked from the room.

A long, awkward silence fell over the room. No one had ever seen Tyrlai like this; she had always been known to have a devil-may-care attitude, or at least keep up the facade of one. Also blinking away tears, Alenis placed a hand on her second officer's shoulder. "Tyrlai..." she started, pausing to clear her throat. "If you need anyone to talk to..."

"No time,..." Tyrlai whispered so only Alenis could hear. She then wiped her eyes and turned. "Novia, I need you to record some tutorials on how to take care of the cat-monkeys."

"You can't take them from me!!"

"Nobody is taking them from you, but if mother does what I expect her to I may need to take care of them at some point during your visit and I will need to know how." She walked over to Novia and looked down at her brushing away her tears as well. "I promise, nobody is taking them away. Now go make the holo's, I'm very bad at responsibility, if you don't record it I wont remember to do it."

Novia nodded and headed for the door. After it had wooshed shut she waited longer for the Cat-Monkeys to lose interest in her. They kept contact usually only with people that were in sight. She turned back to Alenis. "I had no idea they were telepathic. Shes had them for months, Novia is the focus of a telepathic gestalt. My mother is going to try and kill them and if they die, I cant begin to explain how much damage it will do to Novia. Just a prolonged absence from them could be harmful, but if she is in contact with them when they die she could be psychologically fractured. If she were an adult, she would have a chance, but at her age, never. She'd go up in smoke psychologically speaking. It would be like me losing Zade, only she would live."

Alenis was taken aback. She suspected that they might have been telepathic; they had a certain quality to them that was not unlike Ko-ko, but hadn't realized that the telepathic bond was this strong. "It's a big ship. We'll hide Berelca and Zinzac in the Jeffries tubes if we have to, but I can guarantee you that she's not going to harm a single hair on those creatures' heads so long as she's on my ship."

"We may need to do that." Tyrlai nodded. "But we need something more permanent. We need Novia away from Mother more or less permanently, which normally would not be difficult, mother has no taste for any actual motherly activities, she's only interested in acclaim. But, the second I mentioned not destroying the cat-monkeys I might have well sealed the notion in her head. She will do it out of spite" Tyrlai ran her hands through her long black hair as if grasping for notions. "I'm going to have to go back to Trill." She kicked Ko-ko's stand causing the birdto flutter up from her perch for a moment and then, once resettled, begin a long squawking scolding of the Trill woman.
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:50 pm

The best-laid plans...
Captain's Office, USS Portland
MD2, 0900 hours
Authors: Alenis Meru, Timothy Rouse, Adm. Washington (played by Alenis Meru)

Morning tea on the USS Portland had by now become a regular affair. On a daily basis, Captain Alenis would invite her two most highly trusted officers -- Executive Officer Timothy Rouse and Chief Morale Officer Ko-ko -- for tea to discuss the running of the ship and anything else that came into their mind. With the important logistical discussions out of the way, they had some time before they had finished their tea for a little bit of friendly chatter.

"So, Tim," said Alenis, reaching for her half-empty mug of tea, "do you have any plans for shore leave?"

"You have no idea how life is with a newborn do you?" He asked with a grin. "I plan on catching up on sleep."

"Sleep is for the weak," joked Alenis, before taking a sip of her tea. "I've booked a week at the Illaria Falls Relaxation Centre. It's the most exclusive and highest-rated spa on Trill. I had to call in a few favours to get a reservation; usually they're booked years in advance. This time next Friday, I'll be sitting in a Trill mud bath and finally relaxing for once."

"I hear that's a very good one. I tried to convince Ellen to go there, but she wasn't ready to leave Andy."

"Good luck getting reservations," replied Alenis. "You would not believe what I had to go through--"

It was at that moment that they were interrupted by a beeping at the console. "Captain," called out a voice over the intercom, "priority message from Admiral Washington."

Alenis sighed. "Put it through to my office," she replied, pressing a button on her console to project the image onto one of the side walls. A few seconds later, the Starfleet logo was replaced by the bearded face of Admiral Washington.

"Captain Alenis," he said, looking at Alenis through the subspace channel, "Timothy," he added, nodding at the father of his grandson. "How is my grandson doing?"

"Perfect. Looking more like his mother every day." He said with a smile.

"Excellent; I would hope so," replied Washington. Holding back a smile, he looked over at Alenis. "Meru, Tim, I have your orders. You are to proceed to Starbase 66 in the Trill system. There, your crew will be given shore leave while a team from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers inspects the Portland to determine the extent of the damage."

Alenis closed her eyes and sighed for a moment. The fact that they were bringing in SCE for an inspection and that Admiral Washington didn't just say to stop for repairs wasn't a good sign. "Admiral," replied Alenis, "does this mean that the Portland is going to be scrapped?"

Washington considered the question carefully. He recognized the look that was in Alenis' eyes. He would get the same look when talking about his first command, also a Miranda class. "Captain," said Washington, staring into Alenis' eyes, "I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way about my first command, the USS Toulouse. But these decisions are made in the best interests of Starfleet." He sighed deeply. "Honestly... there are a number of voices out there who think the Miranda class should be phased out altogether. The resources that would go into repairing a heavily damaged hundred year old ship..."

"I understand, Admiral," replied Alenis. "But the crew..."

"Starfleet will find places for all of them," countered the Admiral with a wave of the hand. "And given your service record, you might be in line for something larger. A Cheyenne class, perhaps, or even a Galaxy."

Alenis glanced over at Tim, an uncomfortable look on her face.

"Is there still a change they might be able to fix her?" Tim asked. He didn't want his family to be seperated.

"It might be possible," replied the Admiral, "but judging by your damage reports, Starfleet may want to simply write it off." He looked down at Tim. "Commander Rouse, you should be happy. This could be a shot at the big chair for you."

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm not interested right now." Tim said. "I've only been a XO for less then a year."

Washington gave Tim a disappointed look. "Mister Rouse, I'm afraid you may not have a lot of choice in where you go if the Portland is scrapped." He sighed deeply. Changing the subject, he continued. "Anyways, aside from some well-deserved shore leave, I'd like the Portland to participate in the AI symposium being held on Trill. I've been reading your reports; I'm sure your crew has much research to share."

At that point, a nervous look appeared on Alenis' face. "When does this symposium--"

"The symposium will kick off with a banquet next Friday evening. I expect both of you to be there."

"But Admiral," replied Alenis. "I've already made reservations at--"

"Cancel them, Captain, that's an order."

Alenis' heart sank. The dream of a Captain's spa day was over. "Is that all, Admiral?"

"One more thing." Washington looked down at Tim. "Mr. Rouse, I expect to meet my grandson the moment you arrive on Trill. Are we clear?"

"That shouldn't be a problem," He replied.

"Excellent. Washington out." With that, the projection shut off.

Alenis sighed in frustration. Apparently a little vacation once in a while was too much to ask. "Well, so much for my week at the spa."

"Too bad you can't be in two places at once." Tim said with a chuckle.

Looking up at Ko-ko, a mischevious smile appeared on Alenis' face. "Hmmmmm, maybe I can..."

"Oh no, that look can only bring trouble." he said. "What are you gonna do?" Tim asked with a smile.

"Well..." mused Alenis. "It is an AI symposium, and we do have a hologram who looks, walks, and talks just like me..."

Tim closed his eyes as he counted to ten. He knew her good enough to know there was no point of talking her out of it. "Just do me a favor, please pretend I knew nothing about this."
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:55 pm

Can it be done?
Holo-lab, USS Portland
MD02, 1000 hours
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) Marcus Kallan

Alenis strolled through the corridors of the Portland, PADD in hand, to see her resident holographic expert. She had an invitation for him, and also a favour to ask. She wasn't sure it was possible, but if it was, she would be able to have her cake and eat it too.

"Lieutenant Kallan," she called out as she strolled into the holo-laboratory.

The lab had returned to a state of semi-normalcy by now. Marcus had requisitioned the help of several crewman engineers and operations officers, and the lab had been organized into still-functional or salvageable equipment -- the latter being worked on by said crewman -- and a pile of scrap, which was busy being carted out on grav sleds for catalog and ultimate recycle. Marcus, himself, looked cleaned up and freshly shaved, with a fresh uniform to boot.

"Captain," Marcus responded, setting down his diagnostic tricorder and turning to face her. The assorted crewmen all halted in their work and came to attention. "We're almost done, here."

Looking around, Alenis took in the scene before her. It wasn't totally clean yet, but at least there was a method to the mess. "At ease." She stepped towards Marcus. "Sorry about your lab. But I do have good news," she added, sliding a PADD containing the invitation to the symposium across his terminal towards him.

"The lab's inconsequential to what we've gained. Oh?" He took up the PADD. "As if this Stardate, you have been transferred to the USS Garbage Scow." Marcus smirked, and then actually read the invitation. "Oh. Oh, this is a surprise. This'll be fun." He looked up at Alenis. "Thank you, Captain."

"You're welcome," replied Alenis. "I'm sure you'll have much to present. Our interactions with the Borg, as well as our friend Nerys..."

"Present?" Marcus looked surprised. "You intend me to represent the Portland? I mean, I suppose I could throw together a talk or two." He shrugged. "And I'm not about to put Nerys on show."

"You are one of the guests of honour at the banquet... apparently word of your good work leaked out to Admiral Washington somehow," she replied with a wink, so much as admitting that she was the one who put him up to it. "Now, I don't want to put her up on some stage like it's some kind of kennel club dog show, but speaking of the banquet, I was wondering if you could do a favour for me..."

"Anything, Captain, you know that," Marcus replied.

"Okay." Alenis took a deep breath and nervously straightened her uniform before launching into her request. "As you are no doubt aware, it is of the utmost importance that the Captain of a vessel take a little break from time to time, in order to keep her performance in peak shape. Ergo, I have booked reservations at one of the most luxurious spas on Trill. However, Admiral Washington has insisted that my presence is mandatory at this banquet, which conflicts with my reservation. I was thinking, if I could get someone to go in my stead, someone who looks, talks, and acts just like me..."

He blinked. Then, he laughed. "You realize that if you get caught, you're going to seriously piss off the Admiral," Marcus said. Holding up a hand, he said, "Of course, Nerys would be able to replicate the exact look on his face if he found out..." His kidding gave way to a thought. "Um, how exactly are we going to install holo-emitters everywhere throughout the banquet facility? I mean, if you suddenly got your hands on a mobile emitter, which technically doesn't exist..."

"The emitters shouldn't be a problem," replied Alenis. "It is an AI symposium after all; I'm sure the hall will be equipped with emitters for presentation purposes." She rubbed her chin for a moment, pondering the problem. "The question is; is her program stable enough to transfer out of the Portland's computer core?"

"Without going into too many details, the short answer is 'yes', although her program is horribly piggish on active memory," Marcus explained. He had become proud of Nerys' progress as an AI and as an individual, although the technical challenges of letting her matrix settle over the past few months were only resolved with dedicated, auxiliary holo-memory. "Someone would definitely notice her memory footprint, so we'd have to install some hardware on-site." He paused. A question came to mind that he thought he would never ask. "Have you, um, spoken to her? Nerys. Is she complicit in these shenanigans?"

"She's been so tired of being cooped up in the few areas of the ship that have holo-emitters that she'll be happy to get out anywhere," replied Alenis with a wave of the hand. "Besides," replied Alenis, "I think it's a good idea, so since she's a copy of me, that means she will as well."

Marcus inwardly sighed. He'd have to bring this up to the hologram, himself. "Right. I'll come up with a checklist for transferring her matrix, as well as what materials I'll need. Anything else, sir?"

"No, that will be all," replied Alenis, relieved at having elnisted Marcus in her little plot. She tugged her tunic and looked around the room. "How are things otherwise? Are you getting along with our Cardassian guest?"

"Guest?" Marcus shook his head. "Haven't met a Cardassian, sir. I've been knee-deep in salvage."

"Oh, you haven't?" asked Alenis, raising an eyebrow. "She's an AI researcher on Cardassia Prime. A guest of the Federation; she was on board Jatok's ship and is hitching a ride with us to the symposium." She took a quick breath and pressed her comm badge. "Alenis to Gil Korat, if you're available, please report to the holographic lab. I'd like to show you some of our Chief Operations Officer's work."

"Yes, Captain, I am on my way," replied a female voice. Marcus' jaw dropped and the color left his face. "Merry? Merry's here?"

Shortly thereafter, a Cardassian woman dressed in a uniform not too dissimilar from Cardassian bridge staff came into the holographics lab. A centimeter or two taller than Marcus, slender, and graceful. "Gil Korat reporting as ordered," she said to Alenis. And then when noticing Marcus, she simply gave him a curt nod and something of a frown. "Hello, Marcus. You've gained weight."

"So that's why you didn't reply to my communique," Marcus replied, still flabbergasted. "When did you transfer back to Cardassia?"

"When my fiance' abandoned me," she replied dryly.

Marcus held out his hands, palms forward. "Whoah. That was your idea. I never said..."

"Well, I see you two have a lot to catch up on," replied Alenis, anxiously straightening her uniform. She didn't know that Marcus and Merry had a history together. But, knowing which personnel matters to intervene in and which to leave alone was something she learned as an executive officer, and this was definitely the latter. "I should get back to my personnel reports. Ms. Korat, I'm sure you'll be impressed at the Mr. Kallan's research."

With that, Alenis backed of the holo-lab, leaving Marcus and his guest to get caught up.

"Thank you, Captain," Meriatha replied, favoring Alenis with a polite nod. But as the Captain tactfully retreated, she looked Marcus' way, and then glanced to either side at the various piles of junk. "...but I suspect not."
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:06 am

Close Encounter
Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:28 pm
Set morning two on Trill
Lt Cdr Tyrlai Zade, Ensign Ash Sullivan

It had been a long journey to Trill but once it was reached the crew were granted some shore leave. Shore leave that Ash was more than happy to take. At the academy he had spent more nights in the quarters of his peers than in his own but he learned quickly that a ship environment made habits like that difficult to keep up. It was hard to have a no-strings-attached relationship with someone who was stuck in the same tin can as you. So Ash had made it a personal policy not to get involved with shipmates, and for that reason shore leave was his favorite time of every mission.

Sullivan had knocked back a few drinks at a quiet bar before making his way to a popular nightclub called Club Candor. He wore a pair of black skinny leg jeans, a tight white t-shirt that showed off his athletic build and a tailored, silver-blue blazer. Sitting at a small table he looked around the room, seeing if anyone caught his eye.

The Trill woman was tall, wearing an ice blue shimmering dress, mid thigh length resembling the cheongsam from Earth. She had long straight black hair silken smooth and tied back with an intricate ribboned braidwork Her eyes were blue and she had the leopard pattern of Trill spotting tracing down her neck and along her long tanned legs. She was swaying with the music at the edge of the dance floor seemingly lost in thought. She was young, perhaps mid twenties and moved with smooth grace.

The woman's legs were the first thing Ash noticed. Beautiful, long, toned and lightly spotted with the familiar pattern of a Trill.

'Good.' He thought to himself, 'A local's a safe bet to avoid any ties to work.'

His eyes moved upward and he took in the rest of her finely formed body before his gaze was finally caught by her bright blue eyes, highlighted by the colour of her dress. They were dazzling, particularly under the lights of the nightclub, and they were what truly drew Ash in.

He finished the drink he had ordered and then very slowly moved in the Trill woman's direction, making his way through the dance floor to try and draw her attention before giving her his.

Her head was buzzing lightly from the synthahol but she was still eight hundred with an uncanny sense of pattern recognition. The human was moving through the crowd in a singular pattern. Staying at least at the edge of her field of vision. The only one not moving with the flow of the crowd. He was kind of perfect, not local, she didn't recognize him from the ship. There were new crew-members now and again but what were the odds? He was 99.9% likely to be from the station down for the ice festival.

She just needed to get her family and her sister out of her head for a couple hours. Her sister, the concept was so very odd. Her little sister had been on Portland for weeks and she hadn't known. It made sense in retrospect. Her parents had disavowed her so they could apply to have one last chance at a little super-genius. She had naturally assumed it was to get back at her, mostly because she was angry and fifteen and not very self actualized. She walked over to the little table at the edge of the dance floor that held her drinks and downed one, it had not helped at all to learn they just wanted a different daughter. The spite thing was actually easier to take.

It also didn't help that Novia was in fact a freaking little genius. And also sweet and clearly every bit as desperate for any sort of contact that she had been at that age. It would have been far easier if the child was a spoiled brat. But she couldn't hate Novia for having the practical scientific gifts that had eluded her, quite the opposite. She posed in profile turned an stared at the human for a moment, the slit of her dress ran all the way to he beaded hip of the clingy material. She had eight hundred years of experience in attracting attention on dance floors and even with her inner monologue rambling on despite all her best efforts she still knew exactly how to position herself to get noticed.

It didn't hurt

Ash noticed her gaze fairly quickly and while he didn't return the stare he smiled a bright wide smile. She had gotten his attention and he had gotten hers. Still smiling he moved over to her table, now being more direct in his movements. "G'Day." His signature greeting, though frustratingly the Universal Translator always changed it to "Hi" even when talking to an English speaking person. Like Australian was some sort of foreign language.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He asked with a wink.

Tyrlai looked him over, definitely not from the Portland, she would have noticed this one. Far too pretty for his own good. He knew it too, she had met a few of his type when she worked the pub just off campus in San Francisco. "I came prepared actually." Tyrlai waved a hand over her tray of sparkly blue shot glasses filled with a wispy and aromatic, synthaholic version of ice whiskey. "It's a local concoction brewed from the icevines in the polar glacier fields." Which was kind of true. These had been concocted from a replicator pattern she'd devised.

"How about a dance then?" He suggested, nodding towards the dance floor.

"Drink first." Tyrlai smiled, handing him a sparkly blue glass and downing one more of her own. Setting her glass down she walked out on the floor. Swaying her hips to the melodic ice festival tunes picking a style midway between Earth club dancing and the formal steps of the Trill music.

Ash followed suit, quickly downing the ice whiskey. The drink was smooth with a warm finish which spread through his body quickly as he stepped out onto the dance floor. Ash moved to the music as he followed the Trill woman out into the crowd of people moving to the music. "My name's Ash by the way." He half shouted over the music.

Tyrlai smiled back as she began swaying along with the Trill music in a pattern she hoped he could adapt to. "I'm Tyrlai," she replied, "you are a long way from home, mister Ash."

"That all depends on where I call home doesn't it?" Ash asked with a grin. "For example, tonight I'm calling my hotel room home, which means I'm really only a few blocks from it."

Tyrlai had downed her fourth ice whisky and it had suddenly started working. The troubles with Novia and her mother had fled and her mind was free to reel through normal thoughts. Her dance moves became more natural and a little suggestive. More than one lifetime of dance and gymnastics took over, and more than one of paranoia and tactics also took over and she began to notice the stares. Ash was not the only one watching, other eyes glanced in her direction repeatedly. Here she was Zade, and Zade had been gone for twelve years and people were interested. She placed her hands on the Humans shoulders. "That actually sounds preferable to here, if you don't mind." She smiled and fluttered her eyes.

Ash raised his eyebrows, surprised and somewhat impressed at Tyrlai's forwardness. They were both attracted to each other and obviously both had the same intentions. If he was at all hesitant the spark in her beautiful eyes convinced him. "Of course." He replied placing his arms around her waist and moving closer. "Should we finish this tray of ice whiskey?" He asked nodding to the tray on her table.

Tyrlai almost kicked herself for forgetting. She quickly sorted the remaining shot glasses into two parcels of three glasses each. She moved to one end of the tray and motioned him to the other. She downed the first and paused a handful of seconds before the second and a pair of handfuls before the third. Her head swimming ever so lightly she lead him out into the crisp evening air.

Ash followed suit with the whiskey before following Tyrlai out of the club and into the cool night air. Her beauty, confidence and impressive drinking ability were intoxicating and for a moment he lost his bearings admiring her. "Uhhh..." He started looking for a familiar landmark or street name. "This way, my hotel's this way." He said grabbing her by the arm and walking somewhat hurriedly towards his place of residence. A few moments later they were in the lobby, then the turbolift and as the doors closed Ash leant in to kiss Tyrlai, placing one hand on the small of her back and pulling her body into his.

Tyrlai responded, her hands roaming as she leaned in. The turbolift slowed and the doors to his room wooshed open. She had forgotten her small avalanche of other problems as she wrapped her arms around him.

Ash's free hand moved up her back as they continued to kiss while moving onto the couch. "Another drink? I have a real bottle of spiced rum from Earth. Non-synthahol." He asked between kisses as he allowed his lips to move down Tyrlai's neck, following her spots.

Tyrlai arched her back and leaned her head back making a soft 'hmmmmmm'. She reached down and managed to pull one of her heels off and let it slip to the floor. "I never touch the real stuff." She said looking him in eyes once again and smirking. "It interferes with my gymnastic training."

'A gymnast!' Ash thought to himself excitedly, his eyes lighting up even more. "We'll skip the drink then." He said running a hand down and then back up Tyrlai's thigh while he kissed her shoulder.

Tyrlai leaned back towards and then onto the couch. Reaching for the wooden toggles of her dress, returning the kissing and caressing while one hand managed to slip the silken garment off to reveal matching undergarments over light coppery skin with leopard Trill spotting. She pulled the ribbon from her long black hair and shook it free and then started on his clothing. She leaned in a purred, "Let me know if Im going too fast for you."

Ash let his blazer slide off his shoulders and onto the floor before lifting his shirt over his head, revealing a strong chest and a toned 6-pack. "Don't worry I'll try to keep up." He said as he fumbled with his belt buckle and lent in to kiss her once again.

**** ** ****

It was a touch before seven local Trill time when the chirp woke her. She heard the sound of the sonic shower in the antechamber, and expected her nights host has risen early. She smiled in a weary contented way and then, in a panic jumped out of bed and to the floor, pulling her combage from the pouch in her dress where it lay on the floor. "Computer, no visual broadcast." She said cognizant of her lack of any clothing.

It was Novia's panicked voice that came over the comm. "She's going to kill them, please, please come help!!"

Tyrlai tapped her badge again, standing and looking for the rest of her clothing. "Computer, execute, Tyrlai C-M-Four." The was a clear transporter whine and suddenly she was dancing madly as sharp clawed cat monkeys attempted to clamber their way up her slender form. "Ow, stop, ow, you need those trimmed, OW-- Bed NOW!!" Tyrlai pointed and Berelca and Zinzac jumped to the bed and sat together sending Tyrlai pictures of her mother morphed into the guise of an alien predatory animal stalking Novia.

"She will be fine. Let's get you somewhere safe while I think of a way to handle her." Tyrlai located her undergarments and slid her way into them, looking over at the dress and deciding she needed something with more shoulder protection. She walked over to the dresser and began looking through the stuff inside.

"Good morning." Ash said as he stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked up behind Tyrlai and kissed her neck while wrapping his arms round her waist. "There's probably a few shirts in the bottom drawer you could try on." He said before something on the bed caught his eye. "Um... are these friends of yours?" He asked as he stepped backwards and pointed to the two creatures occupying his bed.

Tyrlai picked the largest shirt she could find and pulled it over her head. "They are my sisters, my mother may have tried to have them murdered. I will need to go find out whats going on." She managed to extricate her head and pull the shirt down as far as it would go, it made a frustratingly micro mini but one that had shoulders. "I'm sorry, this was wonderful and I hate to go so quickly,..."

"I'm sorry you have to leave." He said walking up behind her and again wrapping his arms around her waist. "I really enjoyed it as well." He added resting his head on her shoulder. "But it does sound like you've got a serious family situation going on."

Tyrlai warmed to the moment but then noticed the curiosity coming in telepathic picture form from the pair on the bed and stepped free gathering her dress and sending a mental image of monkeys on her shoulders. "Sorry, the cat-monkeys are telepathic and my little sister is on the other end of that connection so,..." she offered her hand as the pair of silvery white creatures clambered up one on each shoulder of his shirt, which fit her like an unusually skimpy evening dress.. "It was nice meeting you, Ash>"

"It was very nice meeting you." He replied.

Tyrlai blew a kiss as she shimmered from view, arriving a few moments later on the USS Portland, barefoot in a skimpy shirt with a pair of cat-monkeys on her shoulders, having been displaced to the corridor no doubt for safety reasons just as the turbolift opened and a trio of smirking crewmen looked her up and down. "Emergency pet rescue drill. As you were."
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:41 am

A Date with Alice and Bob (part 2)
Trill homeworld
Upon arrival of the USS Portland
Authors: Kent Draven and Timothy Rouse

Lt Kent Draven was waiting on Trill for transfer to the USS Portland. In a cafe courtyard outside the AI symposium, he was enjoying some conversation over a cup of tea before being summoned to meet Cmdr Rouse as he beamed down to the planet

Kent made his way to the transportation center, navigated to the proper transporter room and checked in with the operator. The room glowed and shimmered as the officer was beamed in. "Greetings, Commander Rouse. I'm Lieutenant Draven, your new intelligence officer. Welcome to Trill, I heard you hit a bit of trouble before getting here."

Stepping off the transporter pad and towards the man who was waiting for him. "Lieutenant," he said with a nod of his head. "We've had some problems indeed," Causing his son to be born on a escape pod. "I hope your trip here was less problematic."

"Quite uneventful, in fact. However, your delay permitted me to attend some interesting lectures here at the symposium. Most of the fringe topics were in these few days leading up to the main upcoming events." Slowly they walked from the transporter room to the open atrium, the warm sunlit air and gentle breeze of Trill filled the structure as the indigenous decorative flora danced with the passing wind. "These extra days on Trill have been great, but I'm very excited to get up to the ship and get started, sir."

"Well, Unfortunetly there isn't much to do for you at the moment. Unless you have an engineering degree." Tim said as the two men walked through the atrium. "The ship is heavily damaged as a result of the mission."

Draven lost some excitement at the news of having to wait longer before getting started, but Trill was not a bad place to be stuck for a few extra days. "No sir, I doubt I could be much help in that regard. I took a few engineering extension courses during my down time on the Yeager, but I would probably be more in the way than anything else." He recalled the Starfleet extention courses; his engineering knowledge extended little beyond being able to identify the difference between a hyper spanner and a sonic driver. He could manage some damage control, or basic tinkering, but battle repairs were likely well beyond his skills. His thoughts turned to the possibilities planetside, and to the young woman he had just met, and abruptly left, at the cafe. "There is a great cafe nearby, just outside the symposium hall, if you would like to relax a moment," he offered.

Did he have time to relax Tim thought. He was planning of finding a toy for Andy. A real toy, not a replicated one. He knew he was still too young for toys, but with the Portlands missions you never knew when another chance to look for one would arrise. "A cup of coffee can't hurt" he said with a smile. "And these surroundings for a meeting with a new officer are better then my office. Or the icy environment of the location where the symposium is held."

Draven led the way back to the cafe. "I'm not a huge fan of icy weather, so I decided to wait on the warmer side of the planet. Fortunately, a few of the early lectures and conferences were here, too. We can just beam to the other side when we're ready." As they approached the cafe, Draven looked around the the tables: more open tables now, but that wasn't what he was searching for. Madison, the young woman he just met, had apparently departed unfortunately, but luckily so had his obnoxious acquaintance Ramon. Draven strolled up the the outdoor food station, glanced over the menu for another local tea he hand't tried yet, and took the replicated beverage to a nearby open table. As he sat, he breathed in heavily, taking in the fresh warm air, well aware of the cold temperatures that awaited him shortly. "So Commander, what's the latest with the ship and crew?"

Tim followed the Portland's new Intelligence officer and sat down opposite of him, taking his coffee with him. "As said earlier, the Portland is heavily damaged. Engineering teams are determining if she is salvageble or not." He explained. "Our last missions should give you enough backlogs to occupy you for a while."

Draven pulled out his pocket-PADD, interfaced it with the planetary network and accessed the Portland's data files, now available since the ship's arrival. He briefly scrolled through some mission highlight files and a few crew files before putting the device away. "Hm, quite a ride indeed. I'm looking forward to serving with such an experienced crew." The two traded a few chit-chat remarks as they finished their drinks at the cafe. Kent paused, took a sip of tea, and then a long slow breath of the warm air. "Well Commander, I supposed we should get over to the main conference, and I could meet up with the rest of the crew. It's been pleasant and I'm sure I will see you around the ship and on Trill." Draven stood and began back toward the transportation center.
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:32 am

Take a Hike
Multiple Locations, Trill
MD 05 - Morning Two on Trill (After Close Encounter)

After Tyrlai shimmered away, Ash made his way over to his wardrobe to find some clean clothes. Putting on his shirt and slacks, he reflected on the last night. What a night. He and Tyrlai clicked almost instantly and were clearly after the same thing. Neither of them tried to ask for or offer contact information, they didn’t even know each other’s full name. Hell, Tyrlai may not have even been her real name for all Ash knew. It had been a while since he’d had such a great night and he felt better for it. Now however it was time to get some breakfast before he headed off for a 2-day hike up Bes Manev, Trill’s tallest mountain. He pulled on a large coat and a beanie before heading out.

He wandered through the streets near his hotel until he stumbled across a small café that appeared to have some French inspiration. He took a seat at a small outdoor table, enjoying the morning chill. He would have loved to do a full hike right to the top of Bes Manev but that took around 2 months and it was a bad time of year for a full expedition. Not knowing how much time off he’d have and not wanting to be away from the ship too long he opted for a popular 2-day group hike that his friend had helped him get onto. He could beam in to Summit Camp, a half-day’s climb from the highest point on Trill, ascend to the summit, camp the night then return to Summit Camp the following day. After a few minutes Ash finished off the bacon and eggs and coffee he’d ordered. After paying for his meal he headed for the Transport Hub and checked the time. He was scheduled to beam up at 11 am local time and already had his gear and supplies for the trip downloaded to the transporter buffers at Summit. It was 10:30, ‘Always better to be early than late.’ He thought to himself as he walked.

Checking in at the Transport Hub was fairly painless and right on time he found himself materializing in a cabin on the side of Bes Manev in his snow gear. There were a few other climbers gearing up when he arrived and it looked like he was the last to arrive for this hike. He quickly made his way to a locker that had his name on it where he found all his climbing gear.

“Morning Star Fleet.” Someone said from behind him. “We leave in ten.”

Ash turned to see the guide for this trek standing behind him. “Joey. I knew you got me onto this hike but I didn’t know you were the guide. You look good man.” He said shaking hands with his friend.

“Good to see you too man. I guess last time we spoke face-to-face I didn’t exactly look like someone who’d be doing this sort of thing.” That was an understatement. Ash and Joey were friends in their first year of the Academy but Joey dropped out because of the physical expectations of potential security officers. Joey wasn’t much of an exercise enthusiast. Now he was like a completely different person. Strong, thin and full of energy. “I guess I just found something I was passionate about, now I run an extreme tourism company, hiking the biggest, most exciting mountains in the Quadrant.”

“No kidding.” Ash replied pulling his pack onto his back and fastening it around his waist. To preserve the feel of a proper hike there were transport inhibitors blocking everything but emergency transports above Summit Camp. That meant they all had to carry their camping and climbing gear up with them. “I still reckon I can out climb you mate.”

“Of course you do.” Joey said rolling his eyes and opening the door to the cabin, exposing everyone to the icy environment outside. “You all picked probably the hardest season to climb so we’re going to face frozen slopes, snowdrifts and forecast’s suggest there might be some fresh snow coming down overnight on us up there. If anyone wants to change their mind, now’s your last chance.” He shouted over the wind. “No? Okay helmets on. They’ve got built in comms so we can all hear everything you say out there and they’ll also provide oxygen. The air’s pretty thin up here.”

With the group suited up and ready to go the hike began with everyone filing out of the cabin and heading for the first cliff face they needed to scale.

To be continued…
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Re: Mission Seven: "Troubles on Trill"

Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:00 pm

Who: Lt JG Marcus Kallan, Gil Meriatha Korat (NPC), Lt. Jason Beauvoir, Coln Jena (NPC)
Where: Computer Core, USS Portland
When: Before or during the Symposium on Trill

Most of the crew's efforts to patch together the Portland were focused on much of her external-facing systems and shoring up structures. The computer core, one of the most heavily-defended and shielded places of the ship, suffered only minor damage, which had already been repaired. As a consequence, it was very quiet, with only the hum of subspace fields and isolinear components filling the room.

It was a sound Marcus found very comforting.

He sat at the console usually operated by an Operations crewman or Ensign assigned to monitor computer core systems, whom he relieved -- not so much feeling generous, but just wanting the space to himself. A number of PADDs littered the console top while he quietly tapped and worked, putting together his notes on the Nerys hologram. Most of the facts he knew by heart, having worked on her -- with her? -- over the past few months to exclusivity. All that really remained was organization of information, presentation imagery, and the 24th-century equivalent of a PowerPoint deck.

"I thought I'd find you here," came an almost accusatory alto, accompanied by the turbo doors quietly whooshing open and closed. "You've been avoiding me," the female voice said. Coming into the subdued glow of the computer core revealed a Cardassian woman's face.

"Hi, Merry," Marcus replied, not looking up from his work. "I thought you'd find me when you were ready for round two of harassment."

"Clearly no one here is doing that," Meriatha said. She slowly circled the main console, tracing its edges with her hand. She regarded the older, but upgraded and uprated core. "This is inferior technology," she observed dryly.

"Yeah, no kidding. But it's home," Marcus said. He sighed; there was no getting any work done while she was here. Might as well get the unpleasantness out of the way. "Go on and say it."

"Say what?"

"What you came here to say."

Meratha turned to look at Marcus over her shoulder. Rather than coy, her facial expression looked a combination of disappointment and disapproval. "You left me," she sneered.

"I was transferred," Marcus said in defense, a hint of defensive anger creeping into his voice. "And we weren't engaged."

"We were!" Meriatha slapped the console with her hand. "There were wedding preparations on Cardassia Prime! Family was coming from all over the quadrant! You abandoned me!"

Marcus pointed an accusatory finger. "That was all in your head, Merry! We were talking about it, not cementing the deal!" He ran both hands through his hair, exasperation setting in. "We've had this fight a thousand times before!"

"Thirty four times, actually," she corrected him. "Hyperbole doesn't suit you." Now she was looking coy.

"Damnit, Merry, go back to your post, and leave me alone," Marcus said, jaw tightening with frustration.

"For the duration of the Symposium, I'm assigned to you, to my chagrin," she responded, looking, again, disappointed.

"Huh? How? Why?" Marcus' frustration and anger dissolved to confusion. "Why haven't I received transfer orders?"

"Because I'm here to deliver them to you, right now," Merry said. Completing her circuit of the console, she got dangerously close to Marcus, hands slinking up the front of his chest to curl behind his shoulders.

"...Wait, what?..." Marcus was completely disarmed. He began to stammer a protest, but she cut him off.

"Thirty four times we have had a heated argument. And thirty three times, we had a very enjoyable night afterwards," the Cardassian woman purred. "For being a human, you always knew how to be belligerent in just the right way."

"Merry, I... I can't..." Marcus whispered, looking a mixture of afraid and seduced, peering down into her eyes. He licked his lips -- why were they so dry, all of a sudden? "I'm... involved with someone..."

"Good, that will make it that much more delicious..." And that's when Meriatha went in for the kiss.

"I could do this by myself, you know?" Jena said as she and her father made their way to the Computer Core.

"Yes, but after the last fiasco, you promised Commander Rouse, you would not." Jason replied.

The young woman sighed. "I was worried about you, and nobody would tell me anything."

"I understand and I appreciate that, but there is protocol for a reason." Jason said.

Jena rolled her eyes. "But it's just a request for another datablock."

Before Jason could reply, they entered the room to find Marcus and a Cardassian female in a romantic embrace.

"I apologies for the intrusion, Lieutenant." Jason said. "Come on, Jena, we will return later."

"Hey, Marcus, who's the dame?" Jena asked in a faux New York accent.

Pulling free of Meriatha's embrace, Marcus looked dumbfounded at Jason and Jena. "Oh, wait, guys! This isn't what you you think it is," he stammered, trying to disengage. Merry turned to regard the two, putting on a honey-sweet fake Cardassian smile. "Oh, hello. I'm Meriatha Korat. My supervisor and fiancé and I were just catching up." Marcus, ever-so-graceful, tripped on the foot rung of the console chair and stumbled a meter away, barely catching himself and preventing himself from spilling to the ground. "No! We've been over this! We're not engaged!"

"So, Meriatha, how did you and Marcus meet?" Jena asked.

"We were serving together at the Daystrom Annex on Starbase 173," Merry said, leaving the fumbling Marcus behind and approaching Jason and Jena. She extended a hand to the young woman. "I was an exchange officer. Marcus was my peer, then my superior. Science is not a rapid means of advancement in the Cardassian military, I'm afraid." She seemed more interested in conversing with Jena, and barely acknowledged Jason.

"Beauvy, help," Marcus mouthed silently, looking desperate. Pointing at him and Jena and then himself, he jutted his thumb towards the exit, and looked hopeful.

Reading Marcus' lips and expression, Jason said. "Ladies, if you will excuse us, I have something of importance to discuss with Lieutenant Kallan." And directed Marcus to the door.

Glancing up at Jason, Merry said, "Of course. Rescue your friend, Lieutenant, it's quite all right. If you don't mind, I would love to converse with your daughter." In typical Cardassian fashion, she knew more than she let on, and apparently already knew who Jason was as well as his daughter.

When Marcus scampered past like a fearful dog, Merry said, "Thank you for your time, Lieutenant. I look forward to working with you. Again."

Marcus grimaced, and then scurried out the door.


When they were in the corridor, Jason said. "Miss Korat seems pleasant." His manner and tone made it evident that he was suspicious of her attentions.

"She's a black widow," Marcus breathed, looking as if he were halfway into a panic attack. Gasping for air and clutching his chest, he panted, "Please don't tell Nikki. And you should make sure Jena doesn't pick up any bad habits. Cardassian women are friggin' dangerous, and she'll use her and anyone else on board to manipulate me back to her." He barked out a couple of coughs and pounded his chest, trying to get his breathing under control.

"Deep calming breaths, remember?" Jason said familiar with his friend's anxiety attacks. "I will not tell Nikki, because that is your responsibility."

"W-What?" Marcus almost had his panic under control, until that was mentioned. "No, I can't. It'll... she'll have a meltdown! It'd be like going to warp without inertial dampeners! Splut!" He shook his head. "No, I'll just... I'll just bury myself in the symposium. I'll cite Conflict of Interest with Rouse and get Merry reassigned. I'll... I'll..." Another cough, and Marcus slumped down to the deck, looking very pale. This was the worst Jason had ever seen Marcus. This was a Nikki-level freak-out.

Remaining calm, Jason grabbed a medkit from a nearby locker. He scanned Marcus with the tri-corer, and waited for the results. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and high serotonin absorption. Taking a hypo, he prepared a solution of dextrose-saline and a low concentration of a partial serotonin inhibitor and pressed it to his friends neck. "You have been over doing, it again, my friend. You may think like a Vulcan, but you do not have the constitution of one. You must take care of yourself." He said as his friend began to calm down.

Marcus did begin to calm, but that was only because of the hypo. "I... need to lie down," he said, scrambling to his feet with Jason's help. "Just... keep an eye on the both of them, okay?" He jutted a thumb back towards the computer lab.

"I will." Jason promised and watched Marcus make his way to the turbolift before returning to the Computer Core.
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