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Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:44 pm

This is the third mission of the USS Portland, which started in July 2014 and became our longest mission to date, running into April 2015.

In this mission, after returning the Tolic shard to its rightful owners, the Bajoran people, the USS Portland is tasked with handling a delicate diplomatic matter.

A lost tribe of Bajorans has been discovered on the strategically important planet of Gamia III. The USS Portland is assigned the job of escorting Bajoran diplomats to Gamia III with the goal of bringing the Gamians back into the fold. However, the Bajorans and the Federation are not the only people interested in the Gamia system, and not all is as it seems on the third planet...
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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:44 pm

The final journey...
Torpedo Bay 1
USS Portland
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

Alenis knew that this day would come. The galaxy was still a dangerous place, and it was only a matter of time before one of her crew made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

But, she didn't think it would happen so soon.

With her first and second officers by her side, she looked over the crew, all assembled in full dress uniform. Some of them were taking it better than others, or at least were better at hiding it. Arvel would be busy; to have a senior officer killed while doing a mundane prisoner escort, especially so soon after launch, would cause serious damage to the morale of the crew. No doubt, there would be people who served with him who would need his counsel to get them through these dark times.

It was a standard Starfleet burial in space, in accordance with Tobin's last wishes. Alenis had authorized full military honours, feeling that nothing less would be appropriate for a fallen comrade.

Something about it seemed wrong, though. For Daniel to survive New Algiers, one of the bloodiest battles in recent history, only to end up being stabbed to death in a corridor by some lowlife Syndicate assassin just wasn't right. Alenis had read the coroner's report; she shuddered just thinking about his final moments, bleeding out alone on a space station far from home. No one deserved that.

"We are assembled here today, to pay final respects to our honoured dead..."

Jena stood among a sea of dress uniforms. She didn't need to be here, she wasn't a member of the crew and she didn't know Lieutenant Tobin, but since Jason had served with the man and was unable to make it to the funeral, she felt it was her duty to attend in his place. She felt a little out of place in her aquamarine ball gown, but it was the only formal wear she owned. She'd attended two of these ceremonies before, one for Peter and one for her mother, but this was different, she wasn't the next of kin. This didn't prevent her from feeling bad for his loved ones, in fact she knew all too well what they must be feeling. She looked around recognizing the odd person in the crowd of faces, most were solemn, while some showed clear signs of grief.

"...Daniel Tobin was a fellow officer, a comrade, and a friend to us all..."

Brad was lost in his thoughts and not really paying attention though the Captain hadn't started talking and there wasn't much to pay attention to. He had been lucky so far saving himself and Jena. Tyrlai had been hurt that he attended too after the diplomatic reception battle. Would it always be this busy on an active ship? The U.S.S. Paul Revere was the only other ship he had served on and it was so dull compared to the Portland.

"...and though he was only with us for a short time, I know he served honourably in the fleet that he dedicated his life to, and gave his life in service of..."

His thoughts drifted to his sickbay. All the equipment had been delivered and installed thankfully. Still a good deal of work to do to get everything settled in but the worst was behind him. He never did get a chance to find some authentic Bajoran sheet music that would have been nice. Music how could he think of something like that at a time like this during the funeral of a fellow crewmember, a senior staff member at that. True he hadn't even met Tobin but still. A doctor can't just keep himself detached like that from his patients, Tobin was a sentient being. Brad would have to meet everyone else properly.

"...and though our comrade steps forward into the valley of the shadow of death, his soul is not lost. He shall be with us evermore. It shall be our most solemn duty to carry forward his memory, in our hearts. To finish his unfinished business, and to pick up what he leaves behind. Our comrade -- our friend -- Daniel shall not be forgotten."

As she finished those words, the casket slowly moved forward towards the firing chamber. The anthem of the Federation filled the room as everyone stood at attention, saluting their former comrade as he made his way forwards, into the chamber. As the breech closed, Alenis lowered her arm, paused for a moment, and then signaled the crewman at the firing controls to launch the casket.

With a flash of light, the torpedo blasted forward, and Lieutenant (J.G.) Daniel Tobin left the Portland on his final journey.

Alenis stood silently at attention as the anthem wrapped up, allowing the assembled mourners a moment of reflection. With a lump in her throat, she managed to utter the word "dismissed."

As the remainder of the crew filed out, Alenis stepped forward to a small viewport and looked out at the stars. She could barely make out the faint glow of a torpedo arcing around the moon of Jeraddo. She stared at it as long as she could, before refocusing on the stars. "Vike, you're out there somewhere," she muttered. So much of Daniel's life was spent trying to atone for the things he had done while under Vike's influence; Alenis knew that his biggest regret would have been not finishing that work. "Vike, I don't know how, but I will make you pay for this, and pay for all the other people you've harmed over the years. I'll chase you round the stars, round the moons of Orion, and round the flames of perdition before I give you up." She felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Alenis, we should get to the reception," said Tim in a warm voice.

"Yes," replied Alenis, wiping a tear from her eye. "This isn't over."

"I know, Captain, I know."
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Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:45 pm

Timothy's Quarters - USS Portland
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse and Cmdr. Alenis Meru

Tim was lying with his hand behind his head and eyes closed on a lounger when Ellen entered his quarters. “Hello gorgeous” He said with a wide smile. Ellen looked nervous, twitchy. “What’s up?” he asked as he held out his hand.

“We need to talk!” she said as she paced the room. Tim laughed soft. A few weeks back he was the one doing the pacing. “We do?”

“I uh….we uh….Oh dammit, this is difficult” she exclaimed. Standing still and looking at Tim she blew out a big breath. “I’m being serious.”

Tim lifted a brow and again held out his hand again, hoping she would come towards him.

“Ok, I’m pregnant. What will we do know?” She had continued pacing, this time even in a higher tempo. “What will people say.” Putting a hand for her mouth. “Oh no, what will my father say?"

Tim walked to her and put his arms around her waist. “Calm down sweetie,” he said as he lifted her chin so her eyes would meet his. “Just go back to the first part”

She looked up at him and repeated the sentence. “I’m pregnant.” Softer this time.

The smile appeared on his face again. Tim had always wanted to have children, but he never expected things to happen so fast. “This is wonderful! A boy or a girl? I can put in a request for family sized quarters, and we can use the extra room as a nursery. We can paint it, and put up posters of starships and nebulas. I think my mother still has my old stuffed tribble in her attic! I can get her to send it to us; this is going to be so wonderful!”

“Calm down, honey,” replied Ellen. “This is going to be a big change. We’re going to have to take care of him together. And what about our careers? It’s going to be hard to raise a child when I’m down in sickbay and you’re on the bridge.”

“We’ll find a way, don’t worry. Besides there are more important things in life than work. I can be pretty flexible with my schedule, or I work from our quarters. I don’t need to be in my office to read reports. And we can get one of those holonanny’s. For if we need to work at the same time.”

Ellen let out a deep breath and held Tim’s hand in hers. His excitement was so reassuring. “But what are we going to tell people? It’s against the rules for a senior officer to fraternize with a junior officer; what’s the Captain going to say when she finds out?”

“She’ll probably ask me if I don’t know of the existence of birth control, then lecture about fraternizing, but she has no leg to stand on, as I happen to know about her dealings with a certain counselor on this ship. Besides your not a Junior officer, but enlisted. So no problem there. And even if there was, we’ll find a solution somehow. Our child won’t be the first child born on a starship from to crewmembers.

Ellen couldn’t stop herself from giggling a little when Tim mentioned the counselor. She’d definitely have to keep this little secret under wraps and not tell anyone -- not even Maria. “I just hope my father will understand.”

“And if he doesn’t? What then?” he asked. He knew how much her father’s opinion mattered to her.

“I… I don’t know.” Ellen looked down at her stomach, and then back up at the face of her lover. “He’ll just have to, I guess.”


Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:46 pm

Main Airlock, USS Portland
Authors: Tyrlai Zade and Novia Yenn

Novia stepped through the causeway generally following the other kids but actually looking around as much as possible. There was a corridor of sorts stretching a dozen yards or so between the space station and the ship. The idea that there was nothing but this lone corridor between her and space was a little scary. The adults were walking back and forth like it was no big deal so she also pretended to be unimpressed, as much as she could.

She had not been thrilled when her parents had surprised her with this thrilling opportunity. She had been two weeks removed from an equally ‘thrilling’ junior expedition to the ice caves. There had been seventeen different kinds of ice and a series of experiments to show how they were different. She had spent six weeks wanting to go home, and two weeks later she was outbound for the space station. She had hoped her mother would have been able to make the trip with her, at least as far as the station but a symposium had broken out somewhere and Novia had to be a ‘brave little scientist’ and make the trip on her own.

Still, as much as she hadn’t wanted to go, the station had been pretty impressive and now the ship. She looked back and forth, it was one of the smallest ones. She supposed the bigger ones probably had important things to do. More important than shuttling around kids at any rate. Still it was far and away the biggest ship she would ever have been on.

The teacher was very pleasant. Her parents wouldn’t approve at all; teachers were to be stern, disciplined and Novia’s job was to mind them. They most certainly were not to color their hair, it was frivolous and unproductive, like the liberal arts.

Novia was to concentrate on science and engineering. She mustn’t waste her aptitude, children her age were already doing the bulk of their best learning and she was to strive to use her time effectively. It was a thrilling opportunity she was to receive, learning aboard ship. She walked through the far end of the corridor through the main airlock and onto the ship.

A friendly looking crewman who had been assigned to the class was walking next to the teacher and rattling on about ‘egress’ and ‘station-keeping’ and something about ‘emergency procedures.’ Novia was sure it would all be available on her datapadd later. She looked around at the crewmen. Darting back and forth with purpose, there was a buzz of activity, even more than she had expected. Twice pallets of supplies were pushed pass the kids and into the ship. Everyone was moving quickly streaming past each other and around the class.

Except for one. She had a different uniform from the others, it was purple, her pants were black but they were kinda tighter than the ones the other people were wearing. She had some sort of black brace around her tummy but the thing that had caught Novia’s attention was the fact that she was a Trill. She hadn’t even figured there would be another Trill on board, the Federation was such a big place after all but there she was. Not darting around at all like the others.

“Hey, kid. Welcome to the Portland.” Tyrlai Zade smiled at the girl looking up at her, she then glanced at the others, before returning her gaze to the first girl. “Do you know what a Portland is?”

Novia shook her head, she hadn’t heard of a Portland and expected it was named after a Vulcan city or something.

“It’s an old Earth sea creature, with three segmented pods with nine tentacles each and row after row of sharp bristling teeth.” Tyrlai looked at all of the children and winked at the teacher. Many of the kids seemed to realize the story was just that. She suspected they were a gaggle of little geniuses, just the sort of snots who used to tease her when she was growing up. ‘Tyrlai’s too athletic to assemble her beam harmonic generator properly.’ She still remembered the teasing vividly.

“I will program one for you on the holodeck. It will be fun, most of the kids survived the last time.” She grinned a toothy smile at them glaring wickedly.

She walked away before any of the kids had time to remember that Earth morphology wasn’t trimodal. What school years Tyrlai had had had been pretty much a nightmare for her. The smarter kid’s constantly ganged up on her and teased her for being tall and good at sports. She ran her hand through her long raven hair and smirked. Trill schools were kind of weird. From what she learned at the academy, that sort of thing did not happen on Earth.

She walked past the ladder, the Portland was old enough to still have some of those, and stepped into the lift to go up the single deck to the sickbay. She needed her dressing changed, she didn’t want any scars, she had the one from joining and that was it, end of her collection.

She smirked a little at the notion that she had probably exceeded most of the little Vulcan wannabee’s in her class back on Trill. It helped to have a symbiont who had already learned everything take your tests for you.

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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:51 pm

Family size
Alenis' Quarters, USS Portland
Evening, MD1 - the day after the banquet
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse

Tim entered Alenis’ quarters with a grin on his face from ear to ear. He still couldn’t believe it, but at the same time he was delighted. “Busy?” he asked after she had let him in.

“Never a dull moment,” replied Alenis, not even looking up from her PADD. With all the excitement as of late, she was falling behind on some of the more unexciting tasks of being a captain - crew transfers, reports, and other mundane paperwork.

“Great, I have a question, and it may sound strange. But… can I have family quarters?”

"Why do you need family quarters? Those are for people who have children or are expecting…” Alenis placed the PADD in her hand and looked up at Tim. He was still smiling. “Ellen? Please don’t tell me you knocked up the admiral's daughter?!"

“Don’t sound so negative.” Tim said, trying not let that sentence kill his mood. “Be glad! I am!”

“I am,” replied Alenis, feigning a smile. The words of Admiral Washington only a few short days ago ran through her head. ...and if anything happens to her while she is under your command, I will personally make sure you spend the rest of your days flying a cargo ship full of rubber dog toys out of Bolarus IX! “But how… how did this happen?”

Tim raised an eyebrow. “You want to know how it happened? Didn’t they teach you that at school?”

“Never mind, I don’t need to know the details,” replied Alenis, cutting him off. She knew this was going to be a hard one to explain to the Admiral. Though she had had a fair bit of experience in explaining tricky situations to the man in the past few days. But on the plus side for her, it would likely supplant her alleged romance with Jason as the gossip of the week on the ship. She looked up at Tim, who was still smiling.

“You know what? If you’re happy, I’m happy,” she said, getting up from her desk and swiftly walking over to the kitchen. Her smile was genuine this time. She opened up a cupboard to reveal a wine rack with a modest collection. “We must celebrate,” added, examining a bottle of wine in her hand. “Bajoran Spring Wine, from the Kendra Valley. 2371 -- a very good year.” From another cupboard she produced two glasses.

“I like your way of celebrating” he said after accepting the glass she offered. He smelled and tasted the wine. “Indeed a good vintage.” He sat down on the couch and let out a deep sigh.

“Cheers,” replied Alenis, clinking glasses with Tim. “To a new addition to the Portland family. May he or she be as smart as her mother, and as cute as her father.”

“Don’t you mean the other way around?” Tim said with a laugh.

Alenis lowered the wine glass from her mouth and winked at Tim. “I know what I said.”
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Brad Silverton

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:51 pm

USS Portland
Mission 3: MD1
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

Clutching her side, Alenis made her way to sickbay. Since the show must go on, she decided to "play through the pain" at the reception, and the morning later, she was feeling it. "Doctor," she called out, upon seeing Brad in his office, "My apologies for the late cancellation last night; I hope you didn't fill my appointment slot so quickly?"

"No no not at all Captain come over here." Brad walked over to the newly installed biobed. "The DS9 crews have pretty much installed everything so your timing is perfect." As Alenis walked over to sit down he noticed her holding her side and he started to scan her. "Captain I hadn't noticed last night you were injured this badly. From the way you were acting and withstanding the pain I had thought it was just a light stun shot that the XO hit you with."

"Yes, well, I was injured..." Alenis cleared her throat, trying to think of the most diplomatic way to put it. "... before Mr. Rouse decided to shoot me."

Though trying to hold it back, Brad let out a quiet chuckle. "Well all things considered his plan worked. This won't take long at all." He grabbed a dermal regenerator and started passing it over Alenis where the phaser hit her. "So about that growth I'm afraid I still don't understand what you were trying to tell me last night."

"Doctor, it's..." Alenis paused for a moment to organize her thoughts. No matter how she put it, she knew it would sound crazy. "It's the shard. I snuck into the science lab the other night to consult the shard; to try to make sense of everything that is happening. The prophets came to me in a vision; they told me not to reject their gift. So you see... I can't go through with the procedure."

"So its a Bajoran religious thing then? Why would they give you a cancerous growth as a gift that makes no sense?" Brad sighed deeply. "I apologize if I sound disrespectful about your beliefs I'm honestly just trying to understand, though from what little I know of the prophets trying to understand them is sort of the point."

"They work in mysterious ways," replied Alenis. Brad was right; trying to understand the often cryptic messages of the prophets had taught the Bajorans more about reflection than to simply tell them in a straightforward manner. "I don't know what it is, but they obviously have some sort of plan for me. Have you ever heard the story of Tyka the boatbuilder?"

"No I haven't but I enjoy the history of various cultures. Whats Tyka's story?"

"Tyka was a simple man, a boatbuilder from Ashalla. One day, he had a vision from the prophets so profound that he dedicated his life to figuring them out. He abandoned his career and traveled far and wide, to every corner of the land. For decades, he wandered the lands, consulting Vedeks and trying to find answers. Eventually, he found his way to the low-lying areas of the Dhakur province. But just as the old man was about to give up, something happened that made him understand the meaning of his vision."

"Sounds like he spent his life searching everywhere. What finally gave him insight?"

"A flood," replied Alenis. "A great flood threatened the city of Tempasa and the people of the city needed to build an ark. Tyka saved the people and died a hero."

"So his vision was to spend his entire life searching for an answer that landed on him, saving others, and killing him? I hope there aren't any parallels with your vision here Captain." Brad sighed lightly and quickly.

"I hope not, but if I'm destined for something, who am I to argue?"

"I'll respect your decision Captain but I want to keep an eye on it regularly for any change. There really is no telling what will happen with it. REGULAR exams Captain I won't budge on this one."

"As you wish, doctor," replied Alenis. "On another note, have you ever seen anything like what happened to Lieutenant Beauvoir?

Brad snickered lightly. "I haven't seen it myself but as a doctor yes I have studied and know what he is going through. I don't mean to make light of it Captain as its very serious its just that... well its kind of funny in an odd sort of way seeing as how they pride themselves over controlling their emotions and urges. To put it simply, every seven years a Vulcan has to have sex or he dies. Its barely controllable barely more then delaying the urges at best but Lieutenant Beauvoir is going to need to... release those pent up urges."

Alenis nodded along, "And by 'release those pent up urges,' you mean..."

"He has to have sex. Usually they try to target people they respect and care for. At least that's what the medical class covered. This is really the first I have encountered it. I am not sure if a holodeck simulation would work but it would be worth a shot. One final thing, Captain. For as inevitable as this pon farr is you'd think they would just accept it but they don't. Its very embarassing for them even though its purely biological and natural. I'd be ready for the Lieutenant to come to his senses after this and be shaken up about it."

"Well, in that case," replied Alenis, "work with Dr. Darze to find him a suitable holodeck program. I'm sure there is something in the database that you can, ahem, prescribe."

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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:52 pm

Visiting Hour
Brig, USS Portland
Mission 3: MD1, morning
Authors: Cmdr. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) Jason Beauvoir

Alenis was hoping to get some shore leave in on Bajor, but things are rarely that simple for a Starfleet captain. Instead of returning to her hometown, she found herself busy taking care of ship's business. And the first order of business was dealing with a certain romantic encounter from the night before.

"How is he?" she asked the officer on duty in the brig.

"Well, he was screaming and bouncing off the walls earlier, but I think he's tired himself out, ma'am." The security officer blushed slightly. "Ma'am, if I can speak freely for a moment..."

"Go ahead," replied Alenis.

"Ma'am, he's been mentioning your name."

"Oh?" Alenis raised her brow, feigning shock and confusion. The last thing she needed right now was for rumours about their encounter to start floating around the ship. "In what context?"

"Well..." the guard's face turned bright red. "I'd rather not say, ma'am."

"I see," replied Alenis, sparing him the embarrassment of having to recount the details to his superior officer. "May I talk to him?"

"Go ahead, captain."

"Jason, are you all right?" she asked, approaching the cell containing her Chief Science Officer.

Jason perked up when he saw the object of his desire. "I am now," he said with a wolfish grin and hunger in his eyes.

"Jason... what's going on?" asked Alenis, a look of confusion in her eyes. She didn't know what had caused Jason to start acting erratically on the planet, hoped he understood that she only brought him to the brig for his protection. "Why are you acting like this?"

"In a word, biochemistry, ma'am." Jason said clearly battling hard to stay coherent. "I need you, Meru. I need you to save my life."

"To save your..." Alenis furrowed her brow. "I'm afraid I don't understand. Jason, what is happening?"

"It's the Pon farr, the Vulcan drive to mate..." He winced in pain. "My body is burning itself up, if I don't mate in the next few days..." He winced again. "My body will succumb to the stress, and I will...die." His breathing was laboured and his voice was almost a whisper, when he added "Meru, please help me."

"But, Jason, I'm seeing some--" Alenis cleared her throat, she nearly let her and Arvel's little secret slip. She looked him up and down. He was an attractive man, and he had a lot of good qualities. But still, she couldn't break Arvel's heart again. In another universe, one where he wasn't in the picture, perhaps. "I mean, I can't be your mate." The security guard in the background winced, his face turning beet red. "Jason, you're a good man, and perhaps if circumstances were different, we may be together, but not now. And definitely not like this."

Jason gave an feral yell, his animalistic nature supplanting reason again, he began bash his fists against the force field.

Alenis stepped back. "Jason, I'm trying to help you. I only have you locked up in here for your own protection. I'm sure Dr. Silverton and Dr. Darze can get you the help you need. I'm not going to let you die in here." With that, she turned and left. She wasn't sure anything was getting through to Jason anyways, and she wasn't sure he wanted her to see him acting like an animal.
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Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:53 pm

Teens getting in Trouble, part 1
Deck 6 - Gymnasium
MD 01 - 13.30 hrs
Authors: Jason Beauvoir as Coln Jena and Timothy Rouse as Devon Avit.

Devon was training in the gym. He had finished his homework ages ago and his classes weren’t until later this afternoon. He was bored, so he had decided to get rid of the boredom by working out.

Jena was exploring the ship again. As a civilian she was officially restricted to certain areas of the ship, but she didn’t let the rules get in the way of her curiosity. After a while she found herself at the gym. There she found a young man working out and decided to watch him for a while.

“Lost?” he asked the girl standing in the door. “The gifted kids class is on deck 10.” He was the only child, so far he knew, on this ship that wasn’t part of the new program. Not that he regretted it much, he never liked school. But to be the only sane kid on the ship did have its down sides.

“I’m not one of them, I’m a Starfleet Brat, my father’s the Chief Science Officer.” Jena told this rude boy.

“That can’t be.” Devon said as he stopped the treadmill he was using. “I thought I was the only brat on board.” He wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel and threw it over his shoulder. “Devon Avit. Mother is the Master-at-Arms.”

“I’m Coln Jena.” She said.

“Nice to meet ya, Coln”

“Coln’s my family name, my given name is Jena.”

Devon looked closer and only now noticed the earring and wrinkled nose. “My bad. Nice to meet ya, Jena. So, what are you doing here at this time of day. Finished your lessons too?”

“Yeah, I’m a genius, school’s a breeze for me.” She said with a smile.

“Jeh, I know the feeling. Normally I would say that you don’t need to be a genius to excel in school here, but after those smarties got here that’s not the case anymore.” Devon said with a smirk grin on his face. “Wait a minute. Didn’t you say your father is the Chief Science officer? The same guy that’s in the brig now?” When he saw the smile disappeared on her face he said “Sorry, news travels fast, especially when you’re bored.”

Jena scowled at Devon. She was frustrated at not knowing why her father had suddenly been thrown in the Brig and didn’t like being reminded about it. “So what have you heard about it?” She asked figuring it was better to know what was being said.

“Nothing much. I tried to learn more, but all the adult stop talking about it when they see me. You mean you don’t know either why he is in there. But he is your father. Why hasn’t anyone told you?”

“They probably think they’re protecting me.” She said with a half smile.

“How can they protect you by ignoring you?” He said. “You know what, we could try to find out some other way. I know my way around a computer. I can try to find the information in there for you. Someone must have added something in the computer about it” He said with a wicked grin.

“I like the way you think, Devon.” She said returning his grin.

“The computer core is located on deck 10 and 11. With the school now being on 10 I would suggest to go there. They won’t notice us there, as they probably think we are part of the smarties.” Devon said. “Meet me there? I need to shower and pick up a few things first.”

“A sound plan, Mr. Avit. Make it so.” She said mimicking a Starfleet officer.


Deck 10 - Computer Core Upper Deck
Ten minutes later

A few minutes later Devon approached the door to the computer core and saw that his new friend was already standing there. “Great, let’s get started.” he’d changed into some human clothes. He liked that better than the clothes his people wore on Tomorela. Especially something called jeans. He opened his bag and removed a padd from it.

“My, you scrub up well.” Jena said.

He looked at her for a second and raised his eyebrow. Returning to his padd he typed a few commands on it and spoke “Computer, “ His voice sounded way different now. “open door.” and the door opened. Something it wasn’t suppose to do with their clearance level.

Now it was Jena’s turn to raise a quizzical eyebrow, there was definitely more to this boy than it first appeared.

“A few weeks back I was in the gym with some Security crewmen” Devon started explaining. “They were talking about some flaws in the system and hadn’t noticed me. So I accepted the challenge later, used those flaws and created a profile of a fake security officer. Installed a program on my padd to change my voice. Gave my alter ego enough clearance to do something, but not high enough to get noticed. I normally only use it to watch movies and play games that I’m not suppose to have access to. Never knew it could come in handy. Shall we go in? This door doesn’t stay open forever.”

Jena smiled and then slipped through the doorway.

Inside Devon immediately walked to the closest console he could find. “Computer,” he said in his other voice, “access personnel file on the Chief Science officer.”

=/\=”Accessing”=/\= the familiar computer voice spoke. =/\= ”Information in currently not available.” =/\=

Jena frowned, but before she or her new friend could say anything further, the door closed behind them and the clang of a maglock was heard. Then the lights in room dimmed and a klaxon sounded. Jena tried the door, but it wouldn’t budge. They were trapped. Devon had probably tripped something when he was trying to be clever.

Jason A. Beauvoir

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:54 pm

Teens getting in trouble, part two
Deck 1 - XO’s Office
MD 01 - 1400 hrs
Authors: Jason Beauvoir as Coln Jena, Ensign Rizzoli and Timothy Rouse as Devon Avit, CPO Syalla Coren, Maj. Judith Rouse.

Jena stood with her hands behind her back, staring at her shoes, while the XO gave her and her companion a dressing down.

Tim was staring at the kids continuously. He had heard of the situation almost right away, and even though he understood why they had done it, he couldn’t condone it. =/\="Mrs. Coren has arrived." =/\= Ina’s voice sounded through the comm. “Let her in.” Tim replied while he kept staring at the children. His office door opened, revealing Devon’s mother. The woman looked rushed and even slightly imberred.

“Sir, I’m so sorry, sir. I leave him alone for a few hours, and then this.” turning to her son she said. “Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to hear that not just someone broke in the computer core, but your own son.”

“He did it for me, ma’am.” Jena said sticking up for Deven.

The door opened again to reveal Major Rouse, Tim’s sister and the new Security Advisor. Syalla let out a soft sighed and look at her son even madder. She hadn’t met the captain jet, but her son had just shown why exactly they needed a security advisor.

“It seems we have two problems here at hand” Tim started. “one boy that has too much time on his hands and a girl that has been completely forgotten about after her father's accident.”

“And what about the Security problems?” Syalla said, using this moment to address a problem that’s been there for a while.

“I’m fully aware of the situation with Security” Tim said, remembering the lecture he had gotten from Judith hours earlier. He glanced at his sister. “But they are being handled. That’s not why I called you.” The last was meant for Judith, who was still standing inches away from the door.

“You young man,” he looked in the direction of Devon. “You will lose all privileges you currently have, and will have to earn them back by doing chores for various departments. Starting with the Operations department. Lieutenant R’havis will be expecting you tomorrow at 0800 hours.” Tim handed the padd he was reading from to Devon. “This contains your work schedule for the next few weeks.” He looked at Syalla and the woman actually looked relieved. “This should make sure you don’t get bored anytime soon.”

Devon let out an audible sigh as he glanced over the padd. “But this is not norm..” a soft slap to his head from his mother prevented him from saying anything more.

“I will keep an eye on you, young man.” Tim said. “That’s it for now. I’d like to talk to Jena in private. You are dismissed.” he saw his sister starting to move too. “Not you, Major.”

Devon stood up and followed his mother out of the XO’s office. Turning back just before he left the room to wink to Jena and say. “Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Jena said though she believed he needed it more than her.

Tim signaled his sister to take the now empty seat before he started talking to Jena. “Jena, am I correct in thinking no one has spoken to you since your father is in the brig?”

Judith looked up at that remark. She hadn’t found time to figure out who was in the brig, but she had heard that it was the most important topic on the gossip channels. Hearing that the young girl’s father was in the brig hurt her heart. She decided that she would investigate why as soon as she could.

“That’s correct, sir and Devon was just trying to help me get some information.” Jena replied.

Tim shook his head and felt guilty. He pressed his combadge. “Commander Rouse to the Brig”

=/\=“This is the Brig, Ensign Rizzoli, here, sir.” =/\= Came the South Bostonian voice of the Brig Duty Officer. In the background could be heard the sound of mournful animalistic calling something that sounded like “Meru.”

“Ensign, is the Lieutenant able to talk to his daughter.” The calling became louder and the ensign’s negative was almost drowned out. “Thank you, I know enough. Rouse out.”

A look of fear and sorrow crossed the young woman’s features. She recognised the sound as coming from her father, but it held none of his personality only longing and pain. “What have you done to him?” She demanded to know.

“Tim?” Judith asked, totally ignoring protocol. Protocol left the window the moment that girl had to heard those awful sounds. “What is going on?”

Tim looked at his sister for a mere second before returning to Jena. Great, now he was the bad guy, all he wanted to do was have the girl talk to her dad. “I think you deserve to know.” He paused for a second. Oh how did he wished Ellen was here to explain to the girl. “What do you know about Pon Farr?”

Judith raised her eyebrow and let out a soft “Oh,”

“It’s the Vulcan drive to mate, isn’t it?” Jena asked. She’d read about it, it didn’t sound like fun and she knew that she’d experience it herself someday.

Tim was relieved to hear he didn’t have to tell the girl about the birds and the bees.

“Is that’s what’s going on?” Judith asked to what she got an affirmative nod. “And nobody bothered to tell you about what’s going on?” she asked. Then she realized something. “Where did you sleep last night? Not all by yourself did you?”

“That’s right and yes I slept in our quarters, mine and my dad’s, that is, by myself. I had the Computer play music until I fell to sleep.”

She looked at her brother. Again. Angry. And took a decision. “That’s it. I’m going to look after you. I’ll stay with you in your quarters and we can watch a movie or something else. I do have to work tomorrow, but you can come with me.”

Jena looked at this woman, who had just offered to be her, what? Babysitter. “Thank you, Ma’am, but I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Who said anything about a baby?” Judith asked quickly glancing over to her brother.

Jena caught the glance, but had no idea what it meant. “I mean, I’m okay on my own.” The girl explained.

“Your only what, 15 years old. You can’t stay on your own. Hey, I’m not such a terrible roommate. We can raid the replicator. Ice cream, Pizza.” Judith tried to convince the girl.

“I’m 14, but a very mature 14.” Jena said in a childish manner.

“But still 14!” She thought a moment. “I’ll just grab my bag and see you in your quarters in half an hour.” Not giving her a second chance to deny.

“Hey.” Jena said, but it was too late, Judith was already gone. ’Well, looks like I’ve got a new roomy.’ She thought to herself with a sigh.

Tim couldn’t help but laugh about his sister’s actions. At moments like this he loved her even more. “Sorry kid, when my sister gets something in her head, there’s no getting it out again.” he said. Thinking of when she had decided to become a Marine. A decision that had cost her her health and almost her life.

Judith Rouse

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

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USS Portland - Captain’s Office
Authors: Maj. Judith Rouse and Cmdr. Alenis Meru

“...and so, I think your expertise would make you a valuable addition to the crew,” said Alenis. “I’m sure that you’ll have no problems with--”

Without warning, the door opened, revealing a disgruntled Tellarite in yellow. “Captain, what is the meaning of this!” shouted Grel. “I don’t need some jarhead coming into my department and telling us what to do. This is absurd! I’ve been in security for six years! What does some Marine Corps reject know about--” Grel’s voice faltered; he was so angry that his brain did not initially process the image of the woman in green sipping coffee at Alenis’ desk.

Judith looked up at the man with a curious look in her eyes. “Mister Grel, I presume?” She tried very hard not to show that his words hurt. A reject. If it wasn’t for her accident she would still be working with the Marines.

“And you must be Ms. Rouse,” replied Grel in a sneering voice.

“The one and only.” she said with amusement in her voice. “But if that is too difficult for you to remember, Jarhead will do”

“A Tellarite never forgets, Ms. Rouse.” Grel turned to Alenis. “Commander, why do I have some jarhead--”

“Enough!” shouted Alenis, interrupting the Tellarite. She knew how to deal with their type; her arguments with Gran, the Chief Tactical Officer on her previous assignment, were legendary and were often the stuff of gossip on the ShiKahr. “Major Rouse is your superior officer and you will give her the respect she deserves.”


“But nothing!” Alenis slammed her fist on the table for good measure, nearly spilling her tea. “If you wish to be rude and insubordinate, that is your choice, but that will leave me with no other choice than to relieve you of duty until you can keep a civil tongue in your head. Is that clear?!”

Grel smiled. The captain was bold and had some moxie. He respected that. “Yes, captain. Now, Major, why are you here?”

Judith put her coffee mug down. She blinked for a second. “The reason for my presence here is related to the Portlands upcoming mission and to review and report on your department's performance. Now, I understand that a couple hours ago, some fourteen year old kids broke into your computer network? How was that possible?” Every sane person could see that lots of things were going wrong there. She was only on board a little then 24 hours and she noticed right away.

Alenis stifled a laugh; Judith was quickly learning how to deal with Tellarites.

“Some wannabe hacker kid tried accessing the network.” Grel was on the defensive. “He tripped an alarm right away and we caught him and his little accomplice.” He let out a grunt and turned towards the captain and sneered, “but if I were you, I’d be more concerned about the conduct of your senior officers. What do you plan to do about the Lieutenant in the brig who won’t stop moaning your name?”

Jason, thought Alenis. She had to do something for him; she could only hope that Brad and Arvel had something up their sleeve. “That,” started Alenis, speaking slowly and deliberately, “is none of your concern. Your job is to simply make sure that he doesn’t escape and doesn’t hurt himself for the time being. I trust you are competent enough to manage that.”

“Quite,” replied Grel. “Now, Major, when would you like to start this ‘training’?”

Judith chuckled at Grel’s confirmation. She heard other things. “Training?” That’s one way of calling it. “I’m currently assessing the situation. I’ll probably need a few day to complete that. After that we will work on a plan to improve things.”

“Well, I look forward to hearing your suggestions,” replied Grel in a sneering tone. With that, he turned and left.

“I’m sorry,” started Alenis. “Grel is… well, you know how Tellarites are.”

“I hadn’t expected to be welcomed with open arms anyway.” Judith said. “Risk of the job”

“True, consultants tend to be vastly unappreciated by the people they are consulting.” Alenis took a sip of her tea. “Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” she asked, changing the subject. “All I know about you is that you’re a marine and you’re Tim’s little sister.”

She took a small sip from her coffee. “I use to be a fighter pilot, but my plane crashed three years ago. After learning to walk again i worked as a MCO for a while on a vessel, but on an away mission I hurt my back again and… well, lets just say that I am lucky to be still walking. I can’t stand for long periods or walk long distances. So I needed to change profession again. I just got some bad luck.” with the last she sighed softly.

“I see,” started Alenis in an empathetic tone. “Well, if you are half as talented as Tim, I’m sure you’ll do well here on the Portland. If there’s any special accomodations you need, don’t hesitate to let myself or Tim know.”

“About that.” Judith started. “Uhm.. I haven’t told Tim about the second accident. He would go completely nuts if he hears. He still sees me as his little sister.”

“Well, it is not my place to tell you to whom you divulge your personal medical information to,” though she was an only child, Alenis could sympathize with Judith. She never wanted to show weakness to anyone; it’s why she tried to hide the mental health problems that she suffered from ever since the destruction of the Gol. Only Arvel and a couple others knew about that. “That said, he’s your brother. You can’t hide this from him forever.”

“I can try” she joked. “I just don’t want him to worry even more then he already does. Especially now.”

“Tim is a big boy,” replied Alenis, jokingly. “I’m sure he can handle it. Now, I’m sure you have some funny stories for me about growing up with him.”

“Well, there was this one time…”

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