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Healing Arvel
USS Portland - Sickbay
MD5, 14:35 hours
Authors: Lt. Brad Silverton and PO Ellen Washington (played by Timothy Rouse)

Ellen sat behind one of the consoles latterly waiting for something to happen. It had been quit for the entire duration of her shift. Checking the schedules, to see what crewmembers still needed their medical checks and send them a invite. The length of the list suggested many people liked to find way to get out of the exams, apparently. Then the doors to sickbay opened and two security officers came in carrying a man, wearing a Teal uniform. She immediately recognized him as the Portland's Chief Counselor. She looked around to see who of the medical officers was present, and there was no one.

"Where do you want him?" one of the security officers asked and she showed them to the bed in the center of the room, while pressing her commbadge. "Lieutenant Silverton, please report to Sickbay immediately."

While waiting for the CMO's presence she grabbed a tricorder and started assessing the severances of the Counselor's injuries. He was unconscious, that much was clear. The doors of Sickbay opened up again to reveal the CMO. After he approached the biobed Ellen gave her preliminary findings.

"Victim is unconscious. He has small phaser burns to the abdomen with possible damage to the symbiont."

Brad nodded as he came over to join Ellen's side. "Phaser burns? Damn thats going to complicate things. The Trill symbionts are very long lived and hardy... except when it comes to energy. They seem particularly susceptible to that." Brad thought back to how long it took for Tyrlai to get even simple surface dermal regeneration.

"So, what shall we do?" Ellen asked.

"Apply dermaline gel onto the wounds for the burns. Luckily I think the phaser was only set to a meadium stun instead of stronger. A non-joined Trill would be out of it for only a day but with Darze... it'll be a few and touch and go. Monitor his vitals for the next three hours. Have the biobeds lifesupport field on standby in case he worsens. If for some reason he starts to come to... don't let him. Keep him under. We need to give his body time to heal up."

"Will do sir," Ellen said as she went to work. With Arvel being unconscious and sedated there was no need for a whole trauma team. A other nurse, who was standing by approached her. "I'll replicate the gel, could you start with removing the clothes from the wounds." she said and headed for the replicator. Passing by a tray with medical equipment on her way back to the Counselor she grabbed the needed material and displayed everything they needed. Seeing the major wound was clear she started there. Cleaning it first, before applying the gel and placing a bandage loosely over it, before moving to the other wounds.

Brad looked over at the Minister on the emergency biobed in the center of the room. She was still critical and on life support herself. Arvel would have to make do on a regular one. The phaser blast to the abdomen would be a synch on there but he'd have to make due. Brad was already getting tired of the limited facilities on the Portland. Why Starfleet kept retrofitting them instead of just de-servicing them was beyond him. That was a question better suited for Parker though.

"Dr. Silverton, please head to Holodeck 1. Your presence is needed earlier then planned." Tim's voice was heard through the doctors commbadge. Ellen looked up in surprise. Guess the EMH will be out of order for the moment she thought, before going back to work.


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Forest Incident
Gamia III

Shortly after the arrival of the Cardassians
Authors: Novia Yenn, age 12

The two girls crept through the light underbrush. They were still in the shadow of the Capital complex but far enough into the preserve that the Jungle was taking hold. It was a cultivated sort of hold, a scenic area for visitors to relax and a haven for protected flora and fauna. All Novia knew about it was that there were supposedly monkeys, birds and cats to be found. Her guide was a native Bajoran girl who looked to be about the same age, named Telil who had offered to lead her here for a two ‘cake cups’ fee.

They were sneaking now as they got closer and the Bajoran girl paused repeatedly to whisper ‘shhhh’, as if Novia hadn’t heard her any of the last dozen times. She wondered how ‘shhhhh’ sounded the same in Bajoran and Trill. Suddenly her guide stopped in her tracks and crouched rigidly, pointing forward and a little to the left. Novia looked almost gasping at the sight of a snow white monkey, crouched at the base of a tree its eyes fixed on the two interlopers, hissing quietly but very insistently at them.

It was perhaps a half meter high in its crouch and had vaguely feline features, its coat was a sleek white with a touch of very lightly mottled grey along the tail and haunches. The eyes were vivid blue and the nose, ears, tail, feet and hands were tipped in a pale blue. The ears were feline and twitched nervously as it stared back at the girls.

“This way.” A gruff voice sounded and the two girls crept back into the cover of the brush. Broad-leafed green covering them from view as five tall figures came around a bend in the path lying between the girls and the monkey.

Novia didn’t recognize them, they were grey skinned with reptilian features and very wide necks. They looked strong and mean. She mouthed the word ‘who’ at her guide who just looked back wide eyed and shook her head. The monkey didn’t seem to like the new interlopers and quickly took up a small rock and threw it at them, striking the rear figure on the side of his head.

The man snarled drw his sidearm and fired, the monkey shrieked and fell where it stood, giving a soft croaking noise and exhaled once before falling still. Tears burned at the corners of her eyes and her guides hand was clamped hard over Novia’s mouth or she might very well have screamed.

The lead figure turned, an expression of cruel exasperation on his face. “Tolvik, I will caution you one last time, until I tell you otherwise we are on a diplomatic mission. We do not cause incidents and that means we do not go around shooting the local vermin. Animal or otherwise, is that understood.”

The murderer, put his sidearm away and nodded meekly, “Yes, Glinn Varan.”

The figures walked towards the Capital buildings and her guide did not release her until they were well out of sight. Novia immediately darted over to where the monkey had fallen. Her guide looked around nervously. “We shouldn’t be here.”

“We have to get a doctor.” Novia said knowing that it would do no good, she could see the glassy stillness in the poor creatures eyes.

“The Wardens will take care of it.” Her guide was becoming panicked after being the one with the cool head only moments before.

“We have to do something.” Novia looked around, unable to think of what that might be.

“We are not supposed to be here,…” Her guide said plaintively.

“Indeed you are not.” The two girls turned to see a man approach along the same path the murder and his friends had come down. He walked over to where Novia knelt next to the Monkey’s body.

“We didn’t hurt it Warden, sir. We swear,…”

“No swearing needed,” the Warden raised his hand, “I saw what happened.”

“Why did you allow it?” Novia looked up with a hint of suspicion at this so called ‘Wardens’ motives.

“I was too far away, and I was in no position to oppose five Cardassians.” He knelt by the creature and looked around for a few moments before standing and walking over towards a large tree. He reached inside one of the larger twisted roots and pulled out a pair of small yelping white monkeys.

Novia’s eyes brimmed once more. “It was a mommy?”

“I’m afraid so, that’s why it didn’t scamper away to safety.” He gave the small white bundles a quick inspection, each was only slightly bigger than the hands of the man holding them. “So, which one of you will be taking care of these two.” He said matter of factly as if this was clearly all their responsibility.

Novia’s guide stepped back looking at the two little creatures regretfully. “I cant, My mother would never allow it. She would flay me for even being here.”

Novia wiped the brimming tears away and stood up, glaring once in the direction these ‘cardassians’ had gone. “I’ll do it. Little ones shouldn’t have to grow up without parents.”

The warden nodded at the Trill girl and smiled. “You Honor the traditions of our ancestors. Come, I have a datachip with care instructions and some supplies.”

Parker Hudson

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See How She Runs...

MD: 05
TIME: 10:10
SCENE: Mess Hall

Authors: Ens. Sera Williams (Played by Alenis Meru) - Lt. Parker Hudson

Sitting in the mess hall Parker's eyes drifted from the stars caped windows to that of the chatting people around him. It was late morning and the lulled murmurs of conversations was almost enough to overpower the gentle warm humming of the Portland's engines. He was not someone to get excited, although today he was rather outwardly happy to be meeting his new Chief Engineering Assistant a Sera Williams.

Flipping through the PADD on his table he read the headlines from the Federation News Services. There was always something new and interesting happening somewhere. Taking a sip from his coffee and letting it wallow before swallowing, he reached to his plate of cookies. He was here to meet and greet with the Engineer. Cookies and chocolate chip namely was Parker's way of welcoming someone. He didn't know how else to address such pleasantries.

Sera looked around the sickbay, PADD in hand. She had a picture of the man she was supposed to meet, one Parker Hudson, her new boss, up on the PADD. Scanning the room, she saw what she thought was a match and checked her PADD again to be sure. As she walked over, she noticed the cookies in front of him. "Lieutenant Hudson?" she asked, standing over the table and the plate of cookies.

Parker got up from his seat "Ensign Williams. Good to see you on time. Have a seat, will you?" He extended his hand at the seat across the table. As she sat down one of the Galley servers came around. Parker extended his hand looking into Sera's eyes and made contact with a firm commanding control.

"It is nice to meet you, Lieutenant," replied Sera, shaking his hand. She turned to the server. "I'll have a coffee, black," she requested before sitting down at the table. This was definitely less formal than she was expecting.

"One black coffee on the way," replied the server. "Lieutenant Hudson, may I get you anything else?"

"No thank you I am still working on my first cup." Parker nodded at the server.

"I see here that you have graduated cum laude." He reviewed her personnel file in front on the table. "It is Federation Law that I review standard Engineering Corps Emergency procedures. However I will forgo that one..." He slid Sera the PADD with the info. "Sign and get back to me when you have passed the 42 part page report exam on those please." He then reached for the second PADD "this is your LCARS static sign in display systems, you can manufacture which operational system you find efficient while you are on your command duty. I will be only allowing you once I have been thoroughly satisfied."

Sera frowned at the first PADD. "Sir, with all due respect, I have just completed Starfleet Academy with honours. There is no need to do additional testing; If I had not been a satisfactory engineer, I would not have made it through the Academy." She looked up at Parker, seeing he was about to open his mouth to speak. "...but, if it will make you feel better about my performance, I will write the test."

He crossed his arms and leaned back somewhat in his seat, his body becoming more comfortable in that position as he studied Sera's response. "I understand. I agree with you." He looked at his PADD with the same testing information on it. "These are specific updated procedures for a Miranda Class vessel." Looking at his silver wrist watch antique time piece... "Judging by the time you've left and arrived on board its been almost few days in transit. You've got a few recalls to read up on, its a standard bureaucratic mess we have to go through Ensign Williams." Parker then reached for his cup of coffee looking at it and then taking a drink of it.

"Tell me what you hope to achieve from this position Sera." Parker asked curious.

"Just to be the best engineer I can be, sir," she replied.

"Good, that should be well. Now what can you offer me as Assistant? What is your passions?" He asked staring intently at Sera. It must have been awkward to her.

"My passions, sir?" she asked, stumbling slightly over the words. <i>My passions?</i> She dreaded these sort of open-ended questions. It was just giving her more rope to hang herself with in front of her new boss. "I suppose you could say that exploring the stars is my passion. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to see the universe. It's why I joined Starfleet. As for what I can offer you..." she paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. "I'm very knowledgeable about warp systems, tactical systems, and holographic programming. Those were my best classes at the Academy. And I'm a quick study too."

Parker sensed Sera's somewhat dread and confusion in her response. He could not blame her... "I am sorry." Parker slid the white porcelain plate with homemade chocolate chip cookies across the table to her. "It was... A lame question. I don't have much experience you can tell in these sort of meetings." He had wanted to start in a professional character to Sera. More and more he was sounding like a fool. "I like your response!" He half grinned.

"Cookie?" He took a bite chewing from one of his. "I baked them myself."

"Baked or replicated?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she made a reach for the chocolate chip delectables. Baking was in a lot of ways a lost art, given the convenience of replicators. Taking a bite, the cookie melted in her mouth and the chocolate and cooked dough swirled together, creating a vortex of deliciousness in her mouth. "Mmmmmm, that's so good," she said, clearly enjoying the taste. "Definitely baked."

"One thing is that I don't trust much replicated." He held looking at the authentic baked cookie in his hand. "You just..." He chewed and swallowing "Can tell the difference between baked free amino radicals from pre-chained photon spheres."

"Why don't I show you the nature of the beast then let's get started."

Main Engineering
Deck 7

Walking through the main entrance of the operations center there was a slight action of personnel. Hudson nodded at one of the officers performing a diagnostic. Stopping and introducing Sera to Ensign Jennings. "Ensign Jennings this is Ensign Williams she will be our new Assistant here in Engineering."

The similar aged male to that of Hudson extended his hand offering a slight nod. "Welcome to the Portland and Engineering." He was working on a level two diagnostic of the Portland's internal dampening systems.

"Thank you, Mr. Williams, it's good to be here," she replied, shaking his hand.

"We call him Mike, we drop the formalities here as much as possible." Parker led on Sera through towards the Portland's slow blue pulsing Warp Core. "When the Captain is on away mission planet side we try and catch up on much as possible." Parker stopped at the computer table top readout display or 'pool table' and punched a few buttons in bringing up the current work list... "Right now I'm reworking the Displacement Manifolds I could use some of your help with those."

"Sure, I think know my way around a displacement manifold," she replied, eager to prove herself with this task. "Would you like me to monitor the flow rate while you make adjustments, or shall I do the honours myself?"

"Nah, I think I'd better let you work this one out." Parker took a step back from the computer work station. He gestured. "I'll be in my Office, if you need me..." He nodded. Parker then turning and leaving Sera to herself with the task. He knew by her GPA ratio and marks that she was well suited for the task and theorem associated. He wanted to see how long it would take Sera and her familiarity around the Miranda Class systems.

"All right, displacement manifolds..." muttered Sera. She took a quick look around her new assignment, taking in the layout of Main Engineering and the glow of the warp core before getting to work.


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Tyrlai Zade, Novia Yenn and two cat-monkeys in a backpack.

The evening of mission day 4

Zade waited for the shuttle to come to a stop. The Portland had been sending down whatever basic supplies and medical equipment the replicators could manage as a humanitarian gesture. It allowed Tyrlai to return to the ship without risking causing an incident at the Capitol with her unsuitable djarra. It also made time available for analyzing some of the results from her recent scans. The small handheld devices most Starfleet personnel carried with them had grown more and more complex over the years. Her scans of the pretty one had been intermittent but relatively detailed when they hadn’t been blocked by strange energy shields or architecture.

She had isolated a half dozen signatures and planned to have the ships sensors do a sweep of the planet overnight, hoping it would help determine a likely target for her continued search. The magician show her quarry had performed at her last stop had been energy intensive and if she could find remnants of the same signatures, it would point to a likely base of operations.

There was a ping as the shuttle came to rest aboard Portland and Tyrlai rose, gathering her bag and stepping into line automatically. She glanced around realizing for the first time that most of the schoolkids were on board, no doubt quietly being retrieved as tensions were mounting planetside. The were all gathering their things, schoolwork, personal electronics, backpacks moving by themselves, half finished lunches and whatnot from the trip. Looking back at the scans she wondered how fast she could get the sensors programmed to look for her pre-selected energy readings. They stepped out into the shuttlebay and Tyrlai took a couple quick steps towards the turbolift meaning to beat the kids and not have to wait through a prolonged stop at the school deck.

Backpacks moving by themselves,…

She stopped suddenly and pointed to one of the students. “Freeze kid,” Tyrlai turned to face a petrified girl, the diplomatic officer’s features turning stark and glowery, a kind of look usually reserved for angry grandmother’s. Something she had picked up when she was a grandmother. “What’s in the backpack?”

“Scanners and stuff, for scientific study.” Tyrlai remembered the little Trill girl from the ride up, about twelve and thin, big-eyed and smart sounding like the girls who had teased Tyrlai had been at that age. And quick with a lie, just like Tyrlai had been at that age.

She ran the scanner still in her hand over the girl. There were a pair of adolescent cat monkeys in the child's bag. She turned extra glowery. “You can’t smuggle alien lifeforms aboard a starship! There are a dozen things that could go terrifically wrong. Pathogens,…”

“…the Cardassians killed their,…”

“…don’t care if the Cardassians stole your bag and put them in there, you brought them aboard…”

“…the Warden said,…”

“Nobody gets to say anything, this is real trouble young lady,…” Tyrlai relented slightly as she realized how much she was sounding like her own mother. “Just, stop. Hand them over.”

The girl started to protest and Tyrlai interrupted with a sharp and practiced ‘hrumph’ that she hadn’t used for at least a hundred years. “Now.”

The crestfallen girl pulled the backpack off and held it out, tears streaming down her face. Tyrlai took the bag by the straps, glowering at a level she had never managed before. Inwardly kicking herself for making the girl cry over something the likes of which she pulled frequently herself. She was glad Thosk wasn’t here to witness all the irony. “They will have to be screened and held for observation. You will report to your quarters and stay there except for classes until I say otherwise.”

She turned on her heels and stalked towards the turbolift not able to stand the girls stricken look any longer. ‘Turn me into my mother you little,…’ she muttered as the turbolift doors slid shut behind her.


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Tyrlai's Report
Tyrlai Zade and Alenis Meru

Captains Quarters
Evening, MD5

"Lieutenant, report," said Alenis into her comm badge. She was on a secure channel, and with a little gadget that Parker prepared for her before she left, she could be confident that no one would be able to eavesdrop on her conversation. She knew that letting Tyrlai run off by herself was taking a big risk. The sorts of diplomatic incidents that she could cause on her own was enough to make Alenis worried sick. On the other hand, Tyrlai had about a dozen lifetimes worth of experience inside of her, so she had to know at least partially what she was doing.

On top of that, Alenis had a vague feeling of discomfort . A tinge of pain radiated out from her abdomen, from where Brad had found the growth. She made a mental note to go see him as soon as the missions was over. Maybe sooner, if she could just get some painkillers. The pain wouldn't be so bad, she figured, if only Tyrlai would report on time and she didn't have to worry about what she was up to.

So, anxiously awaiting news of whether Tyrlai had found out anything important or single-handedly derailed the entire negotiations, Alenis got impatient and decided that if Tyrlai wasn't going to call her, she was going to call Tyrlai. "Lieutenant Zade, come in."

Tyrlai Zade walked through the doors as they whooshed open carrying a gathering of technical doodads and a small horned monkey in a cage. "'There is no such thing as a secure channel.' I learned that from a Romulan Subcommander about a hundred and ten odd years ago." She placed a device on the floor which after she slid a chip into it played a holostill picture with full spectrum energy scans of a Bajoran with a cobalt blue earring in priest robes, as he stood on the other side of the force field from her.

"I call this guy 'the pretty one'. We found him at a warehouse / monastery that coincidentally was the site of the rocket launch that nearly took us out on arrival. We also found three datacores of information on various religious and secular factions currently active on this world. Though technically united there seems to be a near constant struggle for power going on just beneath the surface. Parker is decrypting and analyzing the data now, I have assigned Thosk to help. Unfortunately we don't have information yet on the important whys. Why steal a book widely available in data format? Why shoot at a shuttle full of starfleet kids? Why risk an incident with Bajor to shoot me? And, interestingly enough, why did a force field appear between me and him without any sort of energy emitters or detectable energy signatures?"

"Those are some very interesting questions," mused Alenis. None of it made sense to her. "I've been talking to one of their diplomats on the side. One Jita Eloru, possibly related to our own Ensign Jita. She's been very open about the internal politics of Gamia III. It's... well, it's a cause for concern." Alenis sighed, shaking her head in frustration. "So, Tyrlai, what would Eledzar do?"

Tyrlai thought for a moment, Eledzar was still pretty fresh in her memories. "He would be primarily concerned with the Cardassians, he would make it his primary mission to make sure they did not get the opportunity to add a planet full of Bajorans to their Union. He would be interested in setting up an advisory embassy which he would make sure would get filled with listening equipment and the shadowy types that handle those sort of things. Tyrlai would say the odds that this place is going to pass for Federation membership are dwindling rapidly."

"Agreed. Regardless of their political instability, we can't let Gamia fall into the grasp of the Cardassians. For their sake. But the Kai is just so intransigent" Alenis shuddered at the thought of the Cardassians subjugating more Bajorans. "I don't suppose one of your past hosts would be skilled at finding out what these Cardassians are up to?"

"Being sneaky and getting involved in things that sane people would think twice about is uniquely a Tyrlai quality. No stuffy previous hosts needed for that."

"One more question, Lieutenant... why do you have a monkey?"

"One of the kids smuggled it and it's sister aboard for 'scientific study'." Tyrlai smiled down at it as it crouched in its birdcage. "She is now cleaning and polishing fixtures in the mess hall and very distraught about her missing 'subjects'. Bio sciences is running tests as we speak to make sure they don't have any sort of high level pathogens. If they pass evaluation I'm considering returning them as a kind of school mascot and mascotess, with your permission of course." Tyrlai added the last bit smoothly as if she had been planning to say just that the whole time.

Alenis sighed. A pet monkey was highly unorthodox, and it was questionable whether it was appropriate for a starship, but she didn't want to add distraught children to her list of problems. As she was about to deny the request, she was interrupted by a bird call. She rolled her eyes as Ko-ko forced her tongue. "Well, I suppose it would be hypocritical for me to say no, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah I was going to guilt you with the bird." She had actually been planning that the whole time and she looked over at Ko-ko like it had been in on an operation. "There was something about the look on that kid's face when I had to take them away, and frankly it was a little more personal betrayal than I have allotted for this year. For children at least"

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A visit to sickbay...
MD5, 1825 hrs
Sickbay, USS Portland
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Lt. (JG) Brad Silverton

After leaving Tim's office, Alenis went straight to sickbay. As she rushed through the door, bloody napkin still around her hand, she saw Brad at work. "How is he?" she blurted out as soon as she saw him.

Brad was standing over Arvel and monitoring his vitals while taking a few scans. Casually he looked up to the Captain then snapped to attention. "He's fine now what in the world happened to you?" He came over and reached for her hand to exam it.

"Oh, this," said Alenis, nervously trying to brush it off as she used her other hand to unwrap the bloodstained napkin. "It's nothing, just a little cut. From a broken wine glass." She figured it was probably for the best that Brad didn't know the exact circumstances of how broken pieces of a wine glass ended up in her hand. "Are you sure he's all right, doctor?"

"Hmm this doesn't look too bad." He walked over to a drawer and took out an autosuture. He came back and addressed her wound while speaking to her. "Yes Captain. He's in stable condition now. The phaser blast he took was point blank to the abdomen but it was at a low setting. Arvel is fine. Darze is a bit worse off but should recover they both just need some time."

He finished sealing up her wound. "There it might be sore for the rest of the day but nothing major." He looked down at Arvel. "I'm told that you two are.... close so I can understand your concern. Really though there isn't anything long term to worry about."

"Thank you, doctor," replied Alenis, turning her hand over to examine it. The doctor did good work, one could barely tell that within the past hour she had been so angry that she crushed a wine glass with her bare hands, driving razor-sharp pieces into her skin.

Alenis took a deep breath as she stared at Arvel's unconscious body. There was obviously little point in trying to hide their relationship from the doctor. "I guess I just get a little overprotective of him because of our relationship. I've lost him once, due to my own stupidity and hard headedness. After finally being reunited, I don't think I can bear to lose him again."

"Meru?" A quiet voice emanated from the figure on the biobed. "I..."

"Arvel, you're awake!" exclaimed Alenis, bounding towards him. Arvel winced in pain trying to sit up, before Alenis placed her hands on his shoulders, holding him down. "Just relax. You're going to be all right. The doctor will take good care of you. Right, doctor?"

Brad was already reviewing the medical readings from the biobed. "Well Lieutenant you'll be quite sore I'm afraid especially for Darze. I want you to stay in sickbay so I can monitor you. I'm sure you'll be just fine though." Brad's look on his face while he looked at the biobed readings was less than convincing. "I'm sure you two will want to... discuss Jason's progress. I'll be in my office if you need anything." Brad took a few steps back then turned and went into the Chief Medical Officers office in sickbay adjoined to sickbay.

"Thank you, doctor," replied Alenis before looking back down at her lover. Affectionately petting him on the forehead, she continued. "Arvel, you're in good hands. I promise you, I won't lose you again."

"You promise?" Arvel smiled up at Alenis with his trademark infectious smile.

"I promise." Alenis returned the smile and held him by the hand. "Now, as soon as you're out of this bed and the mission is over, we'll have a night on the town. Just me and you. And Ko-ko, of course."

"I'd like that," he replied, looking up at her. Her dark eyes betrayed a certain intensity, a certain passion, and a certain longing. "It's a date, captain."
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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:43 pm

Family Matters
MD5, late evening
Gamia III

Wandering the streets of Gamia III, Alenis tried her best to fit in. Having been away from Bajor for the last thirty years or so, and with the Gamians separated from Bajor by a few centuries, it was a bit of a tall order for her. Her plan was to scout out the locals and see what she could find out about public opinion on Gamia III. There was an old Bajoran proverb about the wisdom of the man on the street compared to political leaders, and try as she might, she couldn't remember the exact working, but figured it probably sounded wise and somewhat flowery.

But as Alenis strolled down the main strip towards some less well-to-do areas, a mysterious figure peeked out of a dark alley. She was wearing a dark cloak with a hood, and keeping to the shadows, was able to move undetected through the street, concealing her face. When she saw a dark-haired Bajoran walk by looking somewhat out of place, the mystery woman could not believe her luck. Her target, one she thought would be nigh impossible to even get close to given the security around the negotiations, had just appeared right in front of her. And she was alone, which was good.

The hooded woman followed her target, waiting for the right moment to confront her. She was nervous; she didn’t know how her target was going to react, and thought it better if she could do it off the street in some place private. When the target ducked into a hookah bar, she knew she had her chance.

“Ma’am!” called out a stern-looking Gamian guardsman, with a Cardassian in tow. The tall Cardassian was dressed in a military uniform, but was focused more on his tricorder than on his weapon. He was obviously looking for something. Or someone. As the mystery woman took a glance over her shoulder, he caught a glimpse of her face

“That’s her!” exclaimed the Cardassian as him and his Gamian partner gave chase. “Stop!”

The mysterious hooded figure turned to run, but it was too late. The Gamian grabbed her by the arm with one hand and tugged at her hood with the other, revealing her face. She was a slender Cardassian woman, about 40 years of age. Her dark eyes were emotionless; she had long since learned to conceal her fear and anger. "Gotcha!" exclaimed her captor.

Her face revealed to the world, with her free hand she made a fist, her hand clenched so tightly that her fingernails dug into her palm, breaking the skin. With the force of a panicked, desperate woman, she pivoted and socked the guard right in the face. As he went down, he released his grip on her wrist. She bolted towards the hookah bar, dodging a disruptor blast from the Cardassian’s pistol as she slipped through the door. She knew she had only seconds, and quickly scanned the room for her target, finding her seated across the bar.

“Meru!” she called out as she approached quickly. “You’re the only person who can help me!”

Alenis was taken aback by the Cardassian woman suddenly approaching her. She didn’t expect to run into Cardassians tonight, least of all one begging for help. Caught off guard, “who are you?” was all she could muster in the heat of the moment.

“I’m your sister. Please--” she begged, grabbing Alenis by the wrist.

“Inaji Narale,” said the Cardassian guard, approaching from behind and placing a handcuff around the woman’s wrist. From behind, he forcefully pulled her off of Meru and cuffed her other hand behind her back. “You are under arrest for the murder of Gul Narale.”

By this time, the Gamian police officer had stumbled into the bar, bleeding from the nose. “I’ll take it from here, Tirak,” he said as he walked over. “You will be held in the custody of the Gamian Police Force, until such time as we can extradite you to Cardassia to face your crimes.”

“No! You can’t do this to me!” exclaimed Inaji as she was dragged off. "Let me go, you fascist scum!"

With his target apprehended, Tirak, the Cardassian officer, turned to Alenis. “Are you all right?” he asked.

“I think so,” replied Alenis, hoping that this officer didn’t catch the details of her short conversation. Or didn’t recognize her as the captain of the Portland. “She just came up to me for no reason,” she added, playing the part of a confused Gamian.

“Well, you’re very lucky we caught her,” replied Tirak. “She’s a dangerous fugitive; we could have had a hostage situation on our hands. Or worse.”

“Yes… thank you,” replied Alenis, the whole encounter leaving her with more questions than answers. Questions which she would have to investigate.
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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:43 pm

Message from the brass...
Tim & Ellen’s Quarters, USS Portland
MD05, 2015 hours
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, PO Ellen Washington (written by Tim), Adm. Washington (played by Alenis Meru)

Ellen was lying on the couch with the back of her head resting against Tim’s chest. Her feet were hurting from all the standing she had done today, so Tim had lifted her up the moment he noticed that and placed her on the couch, completely ignoring her protests. Holding her tightly against him so she had no other option than to stay put.

“Now I finally have you still here, we need to talk about something,” Tim started. When Ellen wanted to protest, knowing what he wanted to discuss, he put his finger on her lip. “Ahah, not this time. We can’t postpone the conversation for ever.” He couldn’t help but smile at her, he liked the way she continued to avoid the topic. “So, how are we going to tell your father about the baby, and me, without getting Meru in big trouble.”

Ellen sighted and gave up on trying to get free. “Or you getting in trouble yourself.”

“Don’t worry about me,” he said. “and besides. Even if I did get into trouble, it’s worth it. You’re worth it”

“You don’t understand. My father will kill you?”

“Am I really so bad?” he replied with a grin. He tried to add some humor in the hope Ellen would lighten up. She was worrying way too much. That couldn’t be good for the baby.

Ellen didn’t respond to that, but only shook her head. “You know what I mean.”

Before Tim could say another word his commbadge chirped. Resting his head back while he sighted he answered the call. “Rouse here, what is it?”

“Sir, I’m receiving an incoming call.” It was R’vahis, on the bridge. “From Admiral Washington.”

"Can't the captain take it?"

"She's not aboard the Portland, sir."

He looked at Ellen with raised eyebrows. This couldn’t be a coincidence. The admiral calling for the Captain right now. “How do you mean the Captain is not on board. Didn’t she arrive back on board hours ago with the rest of the away team? Never mind. Direct the call to the terminal on my quarters,” he said after he got up and headed for his desk. “I’ll take the call here.”

After starting the terminal and the Starfleet logo had changed with the image of the Admiral he said. “Good evening Admiral, Unfortunately the Captain’s isn’t available to receive your call. Is there anything I can help you with?” He glanced over the screen to see Ellen sitting up all tensed.

“Not available…” Washington squinted at Tim as he repeated his words. He clenched his fists. “What do you mean not available!? Where is she!?”

How the hell was he suppose to know that. For all he knew she was on board, something she apparently wasn’t. “Captain Alenis is down on the surface of Gamia III for the last preparation for the negotiations.” He said, thinking on the spot. He was sure there was a partial truth in there somewhere.

The admiral let out a deep sigh. “Very well. What is the situation with the Cardassians? Have they made any aggressive moves? Are they interfering with your mission?”

“Negative, we’ve established contact with them. They claim to be here on a diplomatic mission. So far they have kept their self to that.” Tim said. He didn’t trust that Cardassian Commander.

“Keep an eye on them,” replied the Admiral. “The Gamia system is in a very strategic location, and we can’t allow the Cardassians to interfere with our efforts or establish a presence there themselves. Starfleet Intelligence reports that they may be interested in making a play for the system. I don’t need to remind you about the threat of revanchist elements in the Cardassian government looking to bolster their national pride through territorial expansion. They’ve been kept in check by the Detapa council so far, but there are a lot of tensions underneath the surface.”

“No, sir, you do not. I am aware of the territorial expansion.” Tim said, trying not to look up at Ellen to betray her presence. Even with the quick glances he could see she was afraid. They really needed to work on that. It’s her father, jeez.

“Very well.” The Admiral looked up at his star chart and ran a finger across it. “I’ll place the USS Republic and the USS Indomitable in position out by waypoint 253; they should be there within the next 24 hours. They’ll be able to offer backup if needed, but will be far enough out so as not to antagonize the Cardassians. However, if they do make any aggressive moves, you are authorized to call them in for support. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.” he replied. He was hoping they didn’t need that option.

“Very well,” replied the Admiral. “In the meantime, I’ll see if I can convince Starfleet to increase the amount of aid available to the Gamians should they join the Federation.” Admiral Washington paused for a moment and bit the corner of his lip for a moment, debating whether to ask this last question or not. “One more question, commander. How is my daughter handling her first assignment?”

Not expecting that question Tim barely managed to conceal his surprise. “I haven’t seen or spoken her myself in the last few days, but I will check on her, if you desire.” Ellen left the room towards the bathroom. She had just taken a sip from her drink when the question came, and trying not to spray it out caused her to almost choke in it. Tim could hear her coughing heavily from his desk and wanted to go to her, but he couldn’t because of the Admiral.

“Is everything all right over there?” asked the Admiral, raising an eyebrow. “It sounds like someone’s choking to death in your quarters.”

“I have no idea, sir. But I will check out as soon as I can.” Hinting to his hopes of ending this conversation. Tim hated obvious questions. How can he know if she is alright while he was talking to the Admiral?

“Very well, commander. Washington out.”

As soon as the starfleet symbol appeared on the screen Tim rushed to the bathroom, seeing Ellen sit on the ground with her head as red as a tomato, laughing and coughing at the same time. “I haven’t seen or spoken her myself in the last few days, but I will check on her, if you desire. You should be a diplomat, you know. I never knew you were that good at keeping a straight face.” Ellen actually felt relieved by that. Her father didn’t seem to have any objections towards Tim, not yet anyway.
Capt. Alenis Meru
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Amata Zan

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:47 pm

Deck 5
MD 5, 1453 hours
Authors: Lt. (JR) Amata Zan (featuring Lt. (JR) Grel and CPO Syalla Coren)

Escorting her department’s new second out of courtesy, Chief Coren exited the turbolift onto deck five, followed by a towering, quiet Bajoran male, it was mostly a formality, but besides his short trip on the Toronto to DS9, Amata hadn't been on a Miranda since about Stardate 53866 and he preferred not to get lost on his way to meet his new SO. The Chief spoke, “Sir, have you ever met a Tellarite?”

Continuing down the corridor after the Portland’s Master-at-Arms, passed the crew quarters, Amata pre-empted the expected warning, “Several.”

“Then you know how they like to be argumentative just for the sake of being argumentative and, too put it bluntly, overly emotional.”

Amata purposely stopped to face the female, taking in the detail of her Wadi facial markings, “True, though your phrasing could be taken as prejudiced.”

For a moment, female looked defiant, like she was about to put him in his place, Amata didn’t blame her. Though they appeared to be close in age, Coren was a Chief and he was just a junior officer, if their ranks were reversed the Bajoran probably wouldn’t have shown as much restraint as the Wadi. By the time she spoke, her tone was purely professional, drained of any emotion, “I was just trying to warn you, Lieutenant.”

“It’s appreciated, Chief.”

A moment of awkward silence passed between the two security personnel before they began to once again make their way down the corridor towards the Security offices. Rather quickly, the pair arrived outside of Lieutenant Grel’s office, the Terran writing on the sliding door marking it so. Chief Coren spoke to Amata once more, “Here we are Lieutenant, I’ll be returning to the Armoury now.”

“My thanks, Chief,” Amata bowed his head slightly as he spoke.

The Master-at-Arms began on her way back to the turbolift, but stopped after only a few steps and looked back, “Remember, Sir, I warned you.” There was no levity in her voice.

With a muffled Tellarite swear at the interruption, Lt. Grel, who had been comfortably sitting with a PADD in hand, his duty jacket draped over the back of his chair and his feet on his desk, took a second collect himself and put his feet on the deck before answering the ring of his office door in a most unwelcoming tone, “Enter.”

Crossing the threshold, the Bajoran stopped in front of the desk and stood at attention, towering over the seated Tellarite far more so than he had the Wadi Chief, “Lieutenant junior grade Amata Zan, at your service.”

“You’re late.”

Caught off guard, Amata stole a glance at the chronometer on the wall, and in a far less dutiful tone, defended himself, “I’m early.”

“You’re disrespectful.”

Without permission, Amata stood at ease, and then changed his posture to be more natural, and honestly, more threatening, “You want to spar, we do it off duty. Playing words won’t be much fun for you if I have to respect the chain of command.”

At this, Grel just stared up at his new subordinate, most of his porcine features covered in a thick, course, dirty blonde beard; out of a purely biological reaction, Amata’s body began to prepare for a fight. But suddenly, like a binary system switched, the Tellarite laughed, a loud, powerful snort.

Grel now appeared as amused as he had been irritated. He stood from his chair and offered a Terran handshake; the Bajoran was more than a head taller than him, “You know I might not be happy you’re here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t like you, Amata. Lieutenant junior grade Grel. Now sit, we’ll make this quick so you can finishes getting settled in and I can get back to finishing this,” the Tellarite held up a PADD, “And to be fair, we are off duty.”

Shooting a look that suggested that he still didn’t want to argue, Amata sat across from his new supervisor, who offered him a different PADD than the one he had just gestured with, he took it. Displayed on it was all the expected data, including his upcoming duty shifts, “Gamma?”

Still just as amused, if not even more so, Grel adjusted himself in his chair and gave another snort, looking rather proud of himself, as far as Amata could tell, “Well, I prefer to have at least one experienced Security Officer on duty at all times, obviously, just makes sense. Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to rely on any of the Ensigns, so I have Chief Coren co-supervise Alpha. I prefer Beta Shift and she has a son to spend her evenings with, works out great for everyone.”

Amata stared at the Tellarite harder than was appropriate considering their positions, but couldn’t think of any reasoning beyond personal preference to base a protest on, “So the new officer gets the cemetery shift.”

“You mean graveyard shift, but yes. A Terran idiom, quite a strange people, they fear death as much as the next culture, yet they apparently save related work for the darkness of night. Will this be a problem?”


“Excellent!” Grel clapped his hands together to emphasize, “I need a team minded officer right now; it’s been a ------- week.”

“I’m sorry…,” Amata paused for a moment to determine the proper way to address the Tellarite, holding the same rank as him, “… Grel, the adjective before week didn’t translate,” the Bajoran pointed to his commbadge.

“Aww, you’d think these ------- things would be able to translate a simple ------ curse word.”

“Actually, few curses can be translated literally, even between related terrestrial...” Amata caught himself, “Go on.”

His broad, gold clad shoulders instantly filled with tension, “For starters, our department’s being evaluated by some ----- female animal jarhead with no related experience, I’d bet a month’s leave that she’s only here cause she came out the same ----- ----- as our XO!” It took Amata a second to realize what the translator had done, he would have been amused by the device had Grel’s mood not switched once again from one extreme to another. If the Lieutenant was any other species, Amata would have been concerned that the other male had a severe chemical imbalance, but by Tellarite standards, as far as the Bajoran understood them, Grel was just being melodramatic.

“Should we worry?” his tone failing to match Grel’s in anyway.

“Usually, no, but Coren’s little bastard had to try and impress some little ---- by attempting to access Computer Core,” Grel’s eyes lit up like a child the morning of a festival, “You want Alpha shift, I'll switch her to Gamma.”

“No, I’m fine with Gamma,” Amata began to realize what the Chief had been trying warning him about, “How did they gain access to the Core in the first place?”

Grel stared at him, but unlike before, Amata knew the Tellarite’s mood, neither male looked away. When the silence was finally broken, Grel tone was subdued, “He created a profile of a false security crewman.”

Amata was impressed, “How did he discover the exploit?”

“Apparently, a few of my crewman couldn't keep their mouths shut in the gymnasium, boy overhead them talking.”

Now Amata was appalled, “They were aware of the flaw and didn’t report it?” Grel said nothing in response, but the taller male had his answer, “You knew.”

“It wasn’t a priority; beside it’s not as if someone could discov…”

“Someone did.”

The Tellarite stood and slammed his meaty fists on his desk, once again expressing extreme emotion like any other member of his proud race, the same anger he had expressed days before when he discovered he was going to evaluated, “I've six years Security experience!”

Amata remained sitting and became coldly calm, “I have eighteen.” Once again the two stared at each other, “We done, Lieutenant?”

“We’re done; Lieutenant.”

Pushing back his chair and rising without taking his eyes off Grel, Amata grabbed his PADD and made his way to the door, pausing briefly in the door way to glance back at the Tellarite, “Before, you said weren't happy I was here, explain.”

For once, Grel’s voice lacked emotion, “We’re the same rank, and like you said, you've served longer than me.”


“So, either I’m about to get a well-deserved promotion to full Lieutenant, or you’re here to replace me.”

Amata decided that he would have to make a point of apologizing to Chief Coren.

Jason A. Beauvoir

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:47 pm

USS Portland
Beauvoir’s Quarters
MD 06 - 0800 hours
Authors Jason Beauvoir, Maj. Judith Rouse (Played by Timothy Rouse), Coln Jena (Played by Jason Beauvoir)

Having been discharged from Sickbay, Jason entered his quarters. He was a little miffed to see pillows, clothes, bowls with some left over crisps, ice cream, chocolate and popcorn. Wine and soda glasses.

Judith came in the sitting area upon hearing the sliding sound of the door. Wearing a shirt and sweatpants with her hair hanging loose and chaotic. “Jena? Is that you?” she said thinking it was her young prodigy that was already up and leaving her quarters.

Hearing an unfamiliar voice and seeing it’s owner sitting on his couch. “Hello, who are you and why are you in my quarters?” He asked the dishevelled but attractive woman.

She looked up to the origin of the voice that was speaking to her. Seeing the blue uniform and connecting that to what he said about this being his quarters she assumed this was Jena’s father. “Lieutenant Beauvoir, I presume?” she quickly put her hair in a ponytail using the rubber band she had around her wrist.

“You presume correctly, Mademoiselle. But you still haven’t answered my questions.”

She stood up and walked towards him. “Judith, I’ve been looking after your daughter during your uhm…. absence.” She said.

“Oh, thank you, Judith. That is most kind of you, I hope she hasn’t been too difficult.” He replied.

“Not at all. She is a bright kid. Although you should know she has been aware of what was going on with you.” she warned him. “She guessed it even before the captain could tell her.”

Jason felt a mixture of embarrassment and pride. “Thank you for the warning, Judith.”

Judith looked around the room and noticed the mess. She got up and grabbed the clothes she could and walked them to the guestroom. When she got back she started picking up the glasses and bowls. “Sorry for the mess, we’ve been having another movie night last night.”

“Movie night sounds like fun.” Jason said. “I hope there was time for school work too.”

“Schoolwork??” She said as she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Are you serious? I spent the last few days distracting your daughter from the fact that you were in the brig for sexually assaulting the Captain followed by having a hot date with her on the holodeck. Schoolwork wasn’t exactly my highest priority. I choose to focus on preventing her to form a trauma for the actions her newly found father had done.” Judith spoke angrily. What was up with this guy. He might be under the influence of a hormonal medical condition, but hadn’t it crossed his mind how his teenage daughter felt about it all.

She shook her head and put the last items in the replicator before heading in the bedroom once more giving her a few second to cool down and get dressed decent enough for the trip to her own quarters. “I’ll leave you two alone. I guess you have some talking to do after all this.” She put the strap of her sports bag over her shoulder. “If you ever need someone to look after her, if you go on an away mission or so, just ask. I’m on the ship anyway and it’s no problem at all to check up on her in times.” She headed for the door, but then remember some other thing. “Before I forget, her teacher is under the impression you’ve been injured during the banquet. I didn’t correct her, that seemed best.”

Thank you again. I’ll be sure to keep you in mind. Good bye, Judith.”

As Judith left the door to Jena’s room opened and out walked a pajama clad Jena. Her tired eyes lit up when she saw her father. "Dad, your back" and she rushed to him and put her arms around his middle with her head resting against him. She looked at him. "Is uhm.... Your problem over now?"

“Yes, I’m fine now, thanks to Meru...uhm...Captain Alenis’ help.” Jason replied.

Jena looked puzzled. ”But that can’t be, she was on the planet with me and several others.” Jena said.

Now it was Jason’s turn to look puzzled. “But she was there when I woke. I talked to her." His forehead furrowed more. "What was going on?" He asked.

"I don't know what's going on either." Jena replied.

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