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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Murder in sickbay!
Sickbay, USS Portland
MD5, 2200 hours
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Ensign Nikki Barclay & EMH Mark I (played by Alenis Meru)

A nervous wreck, Ensign Nikki Barclay walked into sickbay. She had forgotten to see the doctor about the possibly-contaminated Gramallian sand peas she had at Quark’s, and her stomach had been feeling somewhat queasy in the past few days. Which, coincidentally, was just the same amount of time it would take for those Kamazaarite silk spider eggs which were no doubt hiding in those sand peas to start hatching in her stomach.

She looked around sickbay, not seeing anyone on duty. Which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, she was more comfortable around holograms than people anyways. “Computer, activate EMH,” she called out, expecting to see a handsome holographic doctor in a Starfleet uniform.

Instead, what appeared in front of her was a Bajoran woman in a red cocktail dress. Nikki thought her face looked familiar, as if she were a character from a holodeck program that she had used before which had somehow gotten its holo-matrix mixed up with the EMH.

Then it hit her. She realized where she had seen that face before. It was in a photo in the boarding package which was provided to her, along with the names and pictures of all the other senior officers of the Portland.

“Captain?” she gasped, slowly backing away from the hologram. This wasn’t how she expected to meet her first commanding officer.

“Relax, Ensign,” replied the hologram. “I’m not the captain. At least… not anymore.”

“I… what do you mean?” stuttered Nikki, confused.

Tim entered sickbay with the intention to turn down the hologram himself. To get this over with. Upon seeing the ensign with the hologram already being active he stopped dead in his tracks. “Ensign?”

“Lieutenant Commander Rouse?” asked Nikki, shocked at seeing another face she recognized appear in sickbay. “You are the real Lieutenant Commander Rouse and not a hologram, right?”

“The one and only,” he said with a humorous tone in his voice. “If I may ask? Why did you summon the EMH? It should have been out of commision.” He looked around and wondered where the medical staff was.

“I… needed to see a doctor. I think I might have ate some contaminated food,” replied Nikki, not wanting to tell her senior officer the whole story about the Gramallian sand peas and embarrass herself in front of him on her first day. “But when I activated him, I found… well… her,” she added, before offering Tim a nervous smile -- matching the nervous smile of the hologram.

“I see,” Tim said. “Is it very serious?” He asked? “Because then you need to call someone to help you. Or come back later.” He was hoping she would leave. He didn’t want to explain to her what was going on, and that he was about to end the program for good.

“I suppose I can wait,” replied Nikki. The Kamazaarite silk spiders that were no doubt wreaking havoc on her stomach could wait a few minutes; they’d probably only just started hatching. “If you’re coming down here to do something with the hologram, maybe I can help,” offered Nikki. “I am a systems engineer, and holographic matrices are a specialty of mine,” she added, beaming with pride. This sort of chance to impress the executive officer doesn’t happen very often, and she was going to take it.

“Let the girl stay,” interjected Alenis. “Face it, Tim, we’re both ex-tactical. What do we know about holograms?” she joked.

“Oh shut up!” he said to the hologram. He was getting annoyed that things weren’t going the way he wanted them to go. He just wanted to press the off switch and get back. He thought about the ensigns offer. And Holo-Meru did have a point. He didn’t even know where the off switch was. He took her up on her offer, if holograms really were her specialty then she probably would find out the whole story to this nightmare anyway. “Good, you can help me.” Tim said. “Where is the off switch to this thing?” He asked.

“The off switch?” asked Nikki. “The EMH console should be around here some-- ah, there it is!” she exclaimed as she spotted a control panel on the wall. “The EMH should respond to verbal commands for a temporary de-activation.” Nikki looked at the hologram. “Computer, deactivate EMH.”

“Wait--” protested the hologram before disappearing into thin air.

“Great,” Tim said. “Now what do we need to do to make sure that can never be activated ever again?”

“You could decompile her program and delete all of her memory files,” explained Nikki as she browsed through the EMH program. It was an impressive program. The personality matrix was more complex than anything she had ever seen. “Hmmm, she’s based on the EMH Mark I?” asked Nikki, furrowing her brow.

Tim tried to remember how the EMH looked like before Hudson and Silverton started changing it, but he didn’t remember ever using the EMH. Or ever going to sickbay, at least before he knew Ellen was there. “If you say so..”

Nikki was growing ever more nervous as she flipped through the EMH program. Her plan of impressing the Executive Officer on her first day was about to go out the window. A bead of sweat formed on her brow. “I’m… I’m afraid I can’t let you delete her. Sir.” Nikki wondered for a split second who said those words before she realized that they came out of her mouth.

“And why is that, Ensign.” he said, emphasizing her lower rank.

“Because… because… because…” Nikki was breaking out into a cold sweat and stammering profusely. “I… think she may be a sentient being, sir.”

He looked at her mere seconds, using his height to make clear he was not in the mood to have this discussion at this moment, with an ensign. “That,” she pointed in the direction where the hologram stood earlier. “is a computer program created to look like the Captain. Not a sentient being.”

“Look at her program!” exclaimed Nikki, practically begging. “Talk to her!” She took a step to the side, positioning herself between Tim and the EMH console just in case. “We know that sentient artificial lifeforms are possible, like my uncle’s friend Data. Or the Doctor from Voyager -- who is based on the same EMH Mark I holomatrix as the captain!” She took a deep breath. “Please sir, we can’t risk killing a sentient being!”

“That is not the Captain!” Tim said, louder this time.

“Maybe not, but she may be a sentient being!”

Tim moved his hand through his hair. He really wasn’t in the mood for that. He looked around the room. There was still no one around. “Then we’ll do this the old fashion way.” he said and walked to the Chief’s office to get a phaser.

“What are you doing, sir?” asked Nikki as she saw the executive officer open a small locker containing a couple hand phasers. “No!” she screamed, tapping a few buttons on the console as Tim reached for a phaser. “I can’t let you do this, sir! Please, no!”

When he found what he was looking for he walked back to the ensign and pushed her away from the console. Nikki tried to resist, but the former tactical officer was just too strong and powerful for her, and it only took him a few seconds to push her aside and get a shot off with his phaser. After the sparks were gone there was a gaping hole in the console, where once was the brain of the EMH. He turned around and headed for the door. “Please, clear the remains of that console away Ensign,” he said in a voice that didn’t tolerate any objection.

“Yes, sir,” replied a crestfallen Ensign Barclay as she stared at a melted computer core which once contained the EMH.
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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:48 pm

Decoding the Mystery...
Sickbay, USS Portland.
MD6, 0030 hours

It was late at night, and Alenis had a lot of questions on her mind. Why were the Cardassians here? What was the Kai hiding? Who are the reptilian and his buddy who were after her diplomatic officer? And what happened to the EMH console?

But featuring most prominently on her mind at this moment was her little encounter in the hookah bar on Gamia III earlier. Who was that Cardassian woman claiming to be her sister? Some deranged fugitive? Perhaps a Cardassian officer who snapped?

But if she was just some crazy person, why, of all the people in that bar, did she run up to her? Could she really be her sister? Alenis immediately perished the thought. She was an only child, and even if she did have a sister, she would be Bajoran – or at least half-Bajoran.

But, she had to know for sure. Which is why she found herself in sickbay in the middle of the night, playing around with a hypospray while Arvel slept on the biobed in the next room. After a few clumsy attempts at operating a hypospray, she managed to take a small sample of her own blood. As she held the sample up to the light, she was interrupted the whooshing of the door.

“Hello, can I help--” Returning from a quick meal break on her night shift watch, Maria Hill was surprised to see Alenis in sickbay. She was especially surprised to see her holding a blood sample. “Captain?”

“Oh, hello, Ms…” Alenis struggled to match the face to a name.

“Hill. Maria Hill,” replied the nurse. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Alenis’ eyes darted across the room. This was something that she didn’t want anyone to know about. At least, not until she had something conclusive. But she couldn’t very well bumble around with the medical equipment while the nurse was here. “Yes, actually,” she replied. “I have this blood sample here. I’d like to test to see if there is any familial connection to this stain here, she said, picking up her coat by the sleeve and pointing to a stain where a cut on the Cardassian woman’s hand left a small amount of blood behind.

“I see,” replied Maria, taking the coat in her hands. “I think I can get a sample from this, but why do you need to determine familial relationships between a vial of blood and a splotch on your coat?”

“I’d… rather not say,” was Alenis’ response. “How soon can you do it?”

“It shouldn’t take long,” explained Maria as she pulled a swab out of a medkit and started swabbing at the stain. “So, how did you get blood on your jacket anyways?”

“Again, I’d rather not say,” replied Alenis, quickly growing tired of dealing with a chatterbox nurse at midnight. “Can you just do the test?” she asked anxiously.

“Very well, captain, I see you’re not that talkative tonight.” Seeing that the captain wasn’t interested in small talk, Maria figured it best to continue the test in silence. For her, it was a simple matter of taking the samples and using a DNA scanner to decode them. Of course, the aging computer system in the Portland’s sickbay took a few minutes to spit out some results, which Alenis spent alternating between staring at the nurse and looking at Arvel.

“It’s ready!” called out Maria, pointing Alenis towards a vertically bisected screen, showing a representation of the DNA of the two individuals who these samples belonged to. Pressing a few buttons, she was able to do a quick scan of the results. “Hmmmmm, one of these two samples comes from a hybrid, someone half Bajoran and half Cardassian. Seems like a strange combination,” she mused aloud.

“It’s more common than you’d think,” explained Alenis. “During the occupation, Cardassian soldiers used Bajorans to take care of their needs and desired.” She shuddered just thinking about it; it was one of the many scars of the occupation that her people had yet to heal. “Wait, you said half-Cardassian? Not full-blooded?”

“Yes, this sample is clearly Bajoran, but the other sample also contains Cardassian genetic sequences in roughly equal proportion.” Maria’s little explanation was interrupted by a chirp coming from the computer. “Ah. Well, there’s your answer,” she replied, swinging the monitor towards Alenis. In bright flashing text, her answer lie in front of her: “Familial match: Siblings. 99.999% certainty”

Alenis stared at the screen, dumbfounded by the results. It made no sense, and yet here it was, in black and yellow, staring her in the face. Her mouth opened slightly but closed again as she pondered the situation, totally speechless.

“So… what does this mean?” asked Maria in an effort to break the awkward silence.

“It means I have to talk to my mother.” With that, Alenis turned and rushed out the door, towards her quarters and a terminal where she could access a subspace transceiver. In private.
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Brad Silverton

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:50 pm

Just another day in the office...
MD6, 0650 hours
Authors: Lt. Brad Silverton

Brad walked into Sickbay to start his shift. He had a light day ahead of him with only three scheduled exams. That suited him just fine as he had his hands full with the Minister still unconscious and in critical condition. Arvel just woke up last night and should be ok to leave today assuming Darze was up to it.

"Computer. Coffee. Sumatran late harvest dark roast." With any luck Brad would be able to get caught up on the latest research out of Starfleet Medical. If it wasn't pirates causing problems it was long lost Bajoran tribes firing on their kin keeping him from his updates. He took the cup of hot coffee and drank deeply. "Alright there we go. Now we can start. Maria? Lets get your end of shift report done and have you on your way from your long night."

Maria had finished her report and gave him a verbal run down of the important things. "Only three events of note last night sir. Ensign Nikki Barclay came in at 2200 with a possible case of food poisoning."

"Food poisoning? Are the replicators malfunctioning that shouldn't be possible."

"It was from when the Portland was on DS9. She had an order of Gramallian sand peas that was tainted with Kamazaarite silk spider eggs. They had gestated over the coarse of several days."

"You're kidding? Ug why the Federation doesn't shut down that rat infested hole I'll never know... well spider infested at any rate. I presume you took care of it with a sterilization scanner?"

"Yes sir. A strong enough setting for the spider larva but not the Ensign. That occurred at 2230 when I arrived back to sickbay. I was doing nightly inventory in medical storage..."

"No problem so the Ensign didn't have to wait long for you?"

"Um well no. She activated the EMH for assistance." Maria winced as she said that. Knew what a sore spot the EMH had become with Brad.

"Of course he was activated. Why wouldn't he be. The crew seems insistent on getting immediate attention for things that cannot possibly wait for say... one of the full medical staff members they need to be rushing to the EMH for everything. So he couldn't handle a simple parasitic infection and had to wait for you to come and do it? Oh that's good I can't wait to see his face." A smile had grown on Brad's face and he was going to enjoy sticking it to that smug know-it-all. "Computer activate the EMH." Nothing happened. Brad repeated his request, "Computer. activate the EMH." This time the computer responded.

"Unable to comply. The EMH has been taken offline."

"By whose authority?"

"Lt Commander Timothy Rouse."

Brad pondered on why the XO would have thought it necessary to disable the EMH. "No doubt having to do with the aftermath of the holodeck tampering we did and needing to put everything back in place. Hopefully the Captain had a chance to talk to the EMH and settle everything." Brad has spoken out loud to himself.

Maria knew she had better say something before Brad had gotten the wrong idea. "Well sir that brings me to my next part of my report. The EMH is sort of missing." She point back past and behind Brad who turned his head slowly around while keeping the rest of his body facing Maria. There he saw a hole in the wall where the EMH computer housing the software was stored. It looked as though someone had removed the computer who wasn't familiar with it. As Brad had to adjust and reinstall it himself during his time fixing up sickbay as the Portland launched he was quite familiar with it. Upon closer inspection it looked like there were phaser burns on the wall.

Maria was quick to add in, "It was missing when I got back from inventory. Ensign Barclay seemed jumpy as if something was on her mind as I was curing the silk spider larva from her stomach. She told me the EMH had tried assisting her before I got there but didn't say much else. I didn't think to check the EMH status until after she had left."

Brad was still looking at and inspecting the housing of the EMH computer. "No that's quite already Maria that's not exactly something I would think to check right away either."
"Computer what the hell happened here last night with the EMH?"

"The EMH was activated by Ensign Nikki Barclay. During medical examination Lt Commander Timothy Rouse deactivated the EMH emitter with a standard Federation issue hand phaser. Commander Rouse ordered Ensign Barclay to clean up the mess. Ensign Barclay then removed the EMH emitter from sickbay."

Brad seemed slightly nonchalant about the whole thing. "Firing a phaser is kind of a loose interpretation of the term disabled by the commander's authority don't you think?"

"I do not understand the request"

"Of course you wouldn't. Never mind that. Computer where is Ensign Barclay?"

"Ensign Barclay is on Holodeck 1"

"Maria I am afraid I need you to cover for a little bit longer. I'll be down in the holodeck getting to the bottom of this." With that Brad exited sickbay, forgetting Maria had something else to report.

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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:52 pm

Calling mom...
MD6, 0100 hours (USS Portland ship time)
Minneapolis, Earth

Alenis Kendra was making tea and just settling in for the evening when she was interrupted by a chime. “In a minute,” she grumbled as she poured the boiling water into a large mug. “Always when I’m making tea.” With her mug in hand, she walked over to the computer terminal which was interrupting her nice peaceful evening with its racket. The words on the screen said she had an incoming subspace transmission, but she wasn’t expecting any calls. The only person she knew who might call her long distance was no doubt busy flying starships around some distant star system – and her calls home tended to be scheduled in advance, as much as she could schedule them around the responsibilities of being a big-shot Starfleet officer.

Answering the call, she was surprised to see her daughter on the other end. “Meru?” she asked, squinting at the image on the screen. “What a pleasant surprise; you should call more often!”

“Yes, I will” replied Meru. She had a distressed look on her face, and had recited what she was going to say. But seeing her mother’s face on the screen and knowing how difficult a subject it would be threw her off her plan. “Are you taking your Retinax?” she asked, picking up on her mother’s squinting.

“Retinax!?” exclaimed the elder Alenis. “Those doctors are quacks! For sixty-seven years I haven’t needed any fancy eye pills, and I’m not going to start taking them now! Besides, look what Gary got me,” she said, reaching for a pair of vintage eyeglasses and holding them in front of the screen for her daughter’s benefit.

“You should really take your pills,” replied Meru. She must have had this argument a hundred times with her mother. It was why she didn’t call that much anymore.

“Pills, schmills. My great grandmother didn’t take no pills, and she lived to be a hundred and nineteen! You know what her secret was?”

“Katterpods, I know,” interrupted Meru before her mother could get into one of her long-winded stories. “She ate katterpods three meals a day, and would run a mile before breakfast.”

“I see you’ve been listening.” Kendra took a sip of her tea. “Now, speaking of grandparents, when are you going to make me some grandchildren? Are you even seeing anyone?”

“Yes, mother, you remember Arvel?”

“Oh, I liked him!” exclaimed Kendra. “He was some kind of doctor, and he was cute too. He was quite the catch; whatever happened between you--” Kendra gasped in surprise, realizing what Alenis meant. “You two are back together! Oh, this is wonderful news, just wonderful! I always knew he would make an excellent father for my grandchildren!”

“Yes, he is a wonderful and caring man,” replied Meru. Having had enough small talk, she decided it was time to get on with the reason why she called. “Mom, I have a question for you. It’s… kind of difficult.”

“A question? You know you can ask me anything?” Kendra took a sip of her tea.

Alenis looked into her mother’s eyes. She had the same dark, intense eyes as she did, and apart from the grey in her hair and some lines and wrinkles, looked strikingly similar to her daughter. The younger Alenis didn’t want to hurt her own mother, but she just had to know. “Mom, do I have a half-Cardassian half-sister?” she blurted out.

The tea mug dropped to the floor and shattered. “Meru, I…” stammered Kendra. “Why are you asking me this?”

“I ran into someone earlier tonight claiming to be my sister,” replied Meru. Though her mother’s words didn’t confirm anything, her eyes told the whole story. “I compared her DNA to mine. Half Cardassian, and, according to the computer, my half-sister, with 99.999% certainty.”

Kendra took a deep breath. “I suppose there are secrets I can’t hide from you forever,” she sighed. “It was a couple years before you were born. Her father was an officer during the occupation. Narale. Vicious, sadistic man. Like a typical Cardassian, he thought himself entitled to everything on Bajor. Including--”

Hearing her mother’s voice crack, Meru held her hand up. “I know, mom.” This story was one which had been told countless times by countless Bajoran women; it was one of the deepest scars remaining from the occupation. The least that Meru could do was save her mother from having to retell it here an now. “But what happened to her?”

“He took her,” replied Kendra. “He took care of me while I was carrying his child. But as soon as she was born, he took her right out of my arms and sent me straight to the camps, where I met your father.” She wiped away a tear. “I never saw him again. And I never wanted to. But I always wondered what happened to that little girl.”

“She’s here, on Gamia III.” Meru was also tearing up. She wanted to ask why. Why her mother never told her about this. But seeing her cry, she knew that it was a painful subject, one which her mother kept from her to protect her. “Mom, I’m so sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” Kendra wiped away a couple of tears and put on her strong face – the one of a refugee woman who came to Earth with nothing but the clothes on her back and a hungry child, and whose very existence was an act of defiance. “I should have told you a long time ago, but it was just too painful. I didn’t want you to share in that pain.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t know if this is possible,” continued Kendra, “but I’d like to meet her. I’m… curious. I’d like to know what happened to her.”

“That may be difficult.” Meru didn’t know how best to break this news to her mother, but felt that there was no beating around the bush. “She’s currently being held in a Gamian prison, awaiting extradition to Cardassia for the murder of Gul Narale. And knowing the Cardassian legal system…”

“She’ll be lucky to get a death sentence,” said Kendra, finishing her daughter’s sentence. The Cardassian legal system was infamous for its harsh punishments and the kangaroo court like nature of its proceedings. Those who were sentenced to death were at least spared a (usually not that long) lifetime of hard labour and brutality at the hands of the prison guards and their fellow inmates.

“I’m sorry.” Meru shook her head. The brutality of the Cardassians was only matched by their callousness. “I don’t know if there’s anything which can be done, but… I’ll do what I can for her, okay?”

Kendra nodded and reached for the button to end the transmission. She couldn’t let Meru see her cry.
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Timothy Rouse

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:53 pm

The morning after...
MD6, early morning
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse and Cmdr. by Alenis Meru

Alenis was tired. Between the revelations of the night before, the stress of these negotiations, and the intense abdominal pain from whatever that growth was, she barely got any sleep at all. She was looking like hell warmed over when she walked into Tim’s office, tea mug in hand.

“Good morning,” she said, with little enthusiasm as she walked through the door. “I trust yesterday wasn’t too eventful of a day on the ship?” she asked, knowing that she was likely to get an earful in response.

"Eventful? Nah, not at all" Tim said sarcasticly with an almost evil smile in his face. "Lt Beauvoir is recovering in Sickbay, a new group of officers arrived yesterday" Tim summed up the major things that happened yesterday. "Oh, and the most important thing. I'm having a son!" The last made his sleepy, wicked look change in one of love and proud.

“Thats’s wonderful!” exclaimed Alenis. She had wanted a family herself, but had kept on putting it off. Seeing Tim’s excitement made her smile. “I just found out last night that I have a sister.”

"A sister? That's great, but how can it be you didn't know of her?" He stood up, grabbed the two empty coffee mugs he already drank this morning and replicated a new one. He couldn't wake up this morning.

“That’s the thing…” Alenis took a sip of her tea. “She’s older than me, and half-Cardassian. She was taken away from my mother after birth, and she never told me about her for… obvious reasons.” She hoped that those details would be enough for Tim to infer what happened so many years ago during the occupation.

Tim raised an eyebrow, wanting to what she meant exactly but seeing at the look of Meru that she didn't want to explain further he didn't ask. "So, where is she now? Have you met her yet?"

“For only a moment...” Alenis sighed deeply. “She’s being held by the Gamians, awaiting extradition to Cardassia for murder.”

"What?" He asked in surprise and leaned forward. "Why?"

“That’s all I know,” explained Alenis, her voice tired. “She has been going by the name of Inaji Narale. The person she is alleged to have killed is a Gul Narale. Perhaps her father, or a sibling?” she speculated.

"So what do you want to do?" He took a sip from his coffee.

“I don’t know,” said Alenis. “I don’t know whether she did it or not, but I know the Cardassian ‘justice’ system,” she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm at the word ‘justice’. “A kangaroo court, cruel and unusual punishments… we can’t just leave her to that fate. But…” she sighed, “that’s all in the hands of the Gamians right now. They’re apparently opening diplomatic relations with the Cardassians, and whether they extradite her or not is up to them. Unless…”

"Unless she has a legal counsel?" He asked with a grin.

“That wasn’t my original suggestion,” replied Alenis. “I was thinking a jailbreak, but if you know someone…”

"I know some guys from the academy" he said, but then realised something. "You do know I studied law as a minor, right."

“Really!” exclaimed Alenis. “You think you can help me with an extradition hearing?”

"Sure, I'm just not licensed, so I can't represent you if needed"

“It’s not me that needs the representation, it’s her,” replied Alenis. “And you’re the closest thing I have to a lawyer registered to practice on Gamia III.”

"Offcourse I'll help you. But do you think we can get access to her? Without revealing your connection to her." Tim said. "I think it wouldn't be beneficial for the negotiations if we side with her. The Gamians believe she is a criminal, or they wouldn't have arrested her and put her in jail."

“I don’t know if they have visiting hours in Gamian jails,” replied Alenis. “But I suppose they would have to let her see legal counsel.” Alenis tried to remember her history, but the Bajoran legal system of 500 years ago wasn’t exactly her specialty.

"Do you have any idea how long we have before they extradite her to the cardassians? Because I need to do research to the Gamian Justice system. Hopefully it will be similar to the Bajoran." In his head Tim was already making a list of what he needed to do. He loved his job, but if he ever got a chance to help someone like this, he was thrilled.

“No idea.” Alenis looked down at Tim; he wasn’t a full lawyer, but he was close enough. And, after substituting a foreign minister for a 14 year old girl for the negotiations, she found herself open to the idea. “If you can find a way to talk to her and put a case together, that would be just wonderful.”

“I’ll see what I can come up with.” Tim said and took a few notes on a padd. “What are your plans for the rest of the day? I don’t need to tell you that its better not to go see your sister herself, I hope. For both your sakes.”

“Oh, I’ve got to go back down to see that insufferable Kai and her ministers. And probably some Cardassians as well. I’m sure they’ll keep me busy.” She shook her head and let out a deep sigh; even before the Cardassians got involved, the Kai was already getting on her nerves with her deflections and evasiveness. “Anyways,” added Alenis, changing the subject, “I heard that the EMH console in sickbay is out of commission. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

He looked up. So, she did hear. For a moment he didn’t say anything, waiting for her to continue. “Didn’t you ask me to get rid of her?”

“I didn’t think you would use a phaser,” replied Alenis, in a slightly joshing tone. “Don’t worry,” she added, “spare consoles are a dime a dozen. Thanks.”

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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:54 pm

The Morning After
MD6, 0830 Hours
Jason and Jena's Quarters
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Lt. Jason Beauvoir

Not looking forward to having to talk to the Kai for the third day in a row, Alenis found herself, travel mug in hand, outside the door of Jena's quarters, here to pick up her ceremonial chief negotiator. She knew that Jason had been discharged from sickbay; she wasn't sure if he would be in his quarters or at his station. If he was here, she for once didn't know what to say to him.

Taking a sip of her tea, she pressed the chime on the door, hoping that Jena would be the one to answer.

Jena answered the door, mug of jasmine tea in her hand. "Morning, Ma'am." She said with a smile.

Alenis breathed a subtle sigh of relief. "Good morning," she replied, returning the salutation and peeking into the quarters to see if Jason was there. "Are you ready for another round of negotiations with the Kai?"

"Yeah, just let me put this mug in the sink and tell Dad where I'm going." Jena replied.

"Oh, your father's home?" asked Alenis, raising an eyebrow. As soon as the words came out of her mouth she bit her lip. She wasn't sure whether it would be a good time to talk to him or not. "Uh... give him my regards, I guess."

"Okay, but are you sure you don't want to talk to him yourself?"

Alenis tilted her head slightly. Perhaps Jena was wise beyond her years; she knew enough to know that a commanding officer couldn't avoid one of her department heads forever. "If he wants to talk..." she started, before trailing off.

Jena popped back inside and moments later Jason appeared at the door. "Bonjour, Me...Ma'am." He said. Although his expression was calm, if one looked closely enough at his eye, they'd see the puzzlement there.

"Jason..." she started. "I mean, Lieutenant Beauvoir. I... guess we have a lot to talk about," she added, her cheeks turning slightly red with embarrassment.

"Indeed, Ma'am. Please come in." Jason said anguish to find out what actually happened.

"All right. Thank you." Alenis stepped into the loving room and looked around. There were still a few kernels of popcorn lying around from Judith and Jena's movie nights. But her eyes fell on the young girl who was daughter of the man she needed to talk to. "Jena, why don't you head on up to the ready room," suggested Alenis, pretty sure that the teenage girl didn't need or want to hear about what they had to talk about. "Tell the diplomats that I'll be up there shortly."

"Aye, Ma'am." Jena said grabbing her PADD. "Bye, Dad." Then she was off.

When she was gone, Jason took a deep breath and asked the question that was forefront in his mind. "With all due respect Ma'am, how could you possibly be down on the planet and and with me in...the holdeck at the same time?"

"Jason..." Alenis paused for a moment, trying to choose her words carefully. She knew Jason was feeling confused and probably somewhat embarrassed, and the last thing she wanted to do was add to his embarrassment. "That wasn't me in the holodeck. It was a hologram, created by Lieutenants Hudson and Silverton." She paused for a moment to look him in the eye before continuing. "I'm sorry we deceived you. But given your... condition... it was the only way."

Jason was indeed embarrassed and hurt at what had happened. "Besides Hudson and Silverton, who else knows?" He asked fearing that he was the subject of shipwide gossip.

"Only a few; those who really needed to know. Rouse, Darze, perhaps one or two others. Oh, and the guards who were watching you in the brig might be wondering why you were calling my name, but we made it clear to them that gossip wouldn't be tolerated." Alenis took a step in closer and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Jason, I know you're probably feeling embarrassed about this right now, and that Vulcans don't like to talk about this sort of thing. But... I understand. It was biology. There was nothing you could have done to control it."

Suddenly Alenis remembered one more person who she had talked to about this. "Oh, and your mother. She knows as well."

Jason was not happy that his mother or that his crew mates knew, but that was unimportant, people had been hurt by his actions. "Mes dieux, Lieutenant Darze, is he alright?"

"The doctor says he'll be fine," explained Alenis, trying to reassure Jason as best she could. It was funny, despite the fact that he assaulted her and nearly killed her partner, Alenis still felt for Jason and wanted to help him. No matter what, he was still one of her crew. "He's still under observation in sickbay, and could probably use some rest." Alenis placed a finger on her chin for a moment. "I think it best, if you need to talk to a counselor, that you speak to Dr. Carlisle, his new assistant. For obvious reasons."

Of course, there was more than one 'obvious reason' why it should be Dr. Carlisle and not Dr. Darze, but Alenis let the little matter of her relationship with the counselor remain unspoken.

"I'm glad Dr. Darze is going to be okay and I agree it's best I talk to Dr. Carlisle, but first I'd like to apologise to you for my actions, I put the lives of yourself and this crew in jeopardy. Normally I would've informed the CMO of my approaching Pon farr, but I believed I'd already experienced it last year on Vulcan." Jason didn't like talking about this, but he felt he owed Alenis an explanation.

"Apology accepted," Alenis' eyes darted across the room, no more comfortable than Jason about the topic. She could tell that both parties could use a change of subject. "You know, I have something for you in my office. Before the banquet, I put in the paperwork for a your promotion. Congratulations, Lieutenant."

Jason smiled, "Thank you, again." He said. "For everything you've done for both Jena and myself, ma'am."

"Oh, it's nothing," replied Alenis, blushing slightly. Of course, it was much more than nothing, but the situation she found herself in demanded a certain degree of modesty. "Just taking care of my crew."

"You're too modest, ma'am." Jason said. "From what I've heard, you've gone above and beyond."

"Well, that was as much the EMH as it was me," replied Alenis, deflecting the compliment with a little joke, albeit one which fell flat. Being good at taking compliments was not one of her many qualities. "Now," she added, "I think it for the best that we keep this whole episode out of our official reports, wouldn't you agree?"

"Agreed." Jason replied. Then blushing lightly, he asked. "Just out of curiosity, what are your plans for the EMH?" And hoped that Alenis wouldn't take his query the wrong way.

"Lieutenant Commander Rouse has ensured that the EMH has been permanently deactivated and deleted. Why do you--" Alenis held her hand to her head. "You know what, Lieutenant, I don't want to know."
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Thoval sh'Kor

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:54 pm

Inspecting the troupes
Deck 10 - Main Armoury
MD 5
Authors: Lt. JG Thoval sh'Kor and Ensign James Burton (written by Timothy Rouse)

James entered the room to halt immediately. The room was packed with what looked like the whole tactical department. Apparently he wasn't the only one. He thought for a second if he should report in, as was common after being summoned, but decided there was no use. Everyone was talking to each other. He wouldn't be heard over the noise. And the person having summoned him here, he couldn't even see. With a lot of difficulty he managed to reach on of the sides of the armoury and leaned against a console that he thought was off-line. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. And seconds later a very loud, deafening sound was heard in the whole room, and probably outside of it as well. Everybody reached for his or her ears and James clumsily tried everything he could to turn it. At first he only made it worst by increasing the volume, but with the help of a Petty Officer the sound was turned off. Everyone in the room look angrily at James.

The tension was broken by a loud, booming laugh, the owner of which soon came into view. Tall, muscular, and—most notably—Andorian, she moved through the crowd easily, laughing all the while.

"Not on the ship for an hour and red alert has already been declared?" she chuckled, ushering the Petty Officer and Ensign out of the way to access the console. A few deft motions and the machine was powered down. The Andorian offered James a nod before turning back to the room, smile sluicing away.

James, almost as red as a freshly cooked lobster decided best to say nothing and hope to blend in.

"Who is on duty?" she demanded. It was a moment before a few men and women reluctantly stepped forward, but the Andorian's rank marked her as a lieutenant, junior grade, and someone to be obeyed. She looked at them each in turn before nodding towards the console she now leaned against.

"Under current operational conditions, this machine should be off."

A pause. "Yes, Lieutenant, but—"

"Excuses do not interest me," the Andorian interrupted, eyebrows raising. "Unless you believe the regulation should be changed, in which case I would be pleased to work with you to file the appropriate paperwork."

Another pause, then, "No, Lieutenant."

She smiled, and with the expression, her strict authority seemed to melt away. "Excellent. The less paperwork the better." The lieutenant turned back towards the room and raised her voice, addressing the room at large.

"Tactical, hello. I am Lieutenant Thoval sh'Kor, your new chief." She spread her hands in front of her in a gesture of peace—so opposed to the galaxy's view of Andorians—and offered the room a calm, even look. "Unlike my offer to assist with filing paperwork, I am sincerely pleased to be aboard the USS Portland and to assist in any capacity requested." Thoval clasped her hands loosely in front of her body. "As I understand that the majority of you are human, this offer includes to answering cultural questions—unlike what you may believe, I will not take an ice pick to anyone's head should a sensitive topic be breached."

Her lips curled into a smile. "Who will apprise me of the current situation?"

James started speaking, but instead of saying the lines he had practised in his head all that came out was. "We're in orbit of the Planet Gamia III. So are the Cardassians." he stuttered.

The lieutenant nodded. "Gamia III. Cardassians. Do we know the specs of their vessel?" She glanced at James. "Ensign... Burton, correct?"

"Yes ma'am," he said. He tried very hard to remember the specifications of the other vessel, but more then that it was a big ship he couldn't come up with. Trying not to look an ever bigger ass he said, "You should be able to find them in the computer, ma'am."

Thoval laughed easily before shrugging. "Very good point, ensign. But I want us all aware of the Portland's situation, understood?" She unclasped her hands and pushed off of the console, making her height that much more apparent. Her smile faded. "To that end, I want you—all of you, not just Ensign Burton—to discuss the current tactical situation amongst yourselves and divide into groups based on how you think it should be handled. Each group should prepare a report and have it to me by 0800."

She looked across the room evenly. "To promote interpersonal communication and mindful awareness, I expect a situation report at the end of every shift encompassing every opinion, recommendation, and complaint." The lieutenant assumed military rest; it made the muscles in her chest more obvious. "We all come from different backgrounds, and those differences are invaluable to me when advising the captain. Each and every one of you should be able to give me a full assessment of the Portland's situation when asked."

The Andorian met the eyes of as many of the gathered personnel as she could—this was her department now, her people. "Are there any questions?" she asked.

There were none. Thoval smiled once again, her eyes going back to Ensign Burton before she continued. "For future reference—refer to me as sir or lieutenant. Ma'am no more describes me than [/i]Sha[/i] describes any of you."

She glanced back over the room before nodding. "Dismissed. I imagine Grel will want us out of his Armoury before he returns—I will be in Tactical, awaiting your reports."

James nodded in agreement with the Chief's assignment. It made sense, even though he wasn't sure how he was going to remember all those different details each and every time they encountered a other vessel. He looked around him to see all his colleagues had already formed groups, and as always, he was the only one still standing in the room. Highschool all over again.

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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:55 pm

Back in the holodeck...
Holodeck 2, USS Portland
MD6, 0710 hours
Authors: Lt. (J.G.) Brad Silverton, Lt. Parker Hudson, Ensign Sera Williams, Ensign Nikki Barclay (Played by Alenis Meru)

Nikki wasn't sure how long she had been in the holodeck.

She had gotten to the holodeck about midnight, she knew that. Even though it was late at night, she rushed there as soon as she could, right after she finished cleaning up the mess that the executive officer had made in sickbay with his phaser. Fortunately, being late at night, she wasn't interrupted by anyone coming in for their favourite exercise program or to live out their little fantasies.

But as she worked through the night, she had completely lost track of time. She was working so frantically on her little project that she had become oblivious to the passage of time, and unknowingly found herself still in the holodeck ten minutes after her shift was supposed to start, when she was interrupted by the whooshing of the holodeck door opening.

Brad Silverton was standing in the holodeck doors clearly not in the best of moods. "Hello Ensign. I came into Sickbay this morning and had the funniest of ways to start my day. I find a rather odd incident had occurred to my medical equipment and personnel and I'm told you might know what happened. Would you be able to shed some light on the subject?" No, Brad was not amused one bit.

"Lieutenant, I..." stuttered Nikki, not exactly sure who this blue-shirted man was. All she knew was that he outranked her and he wasn't happy. "Wait, this morning!?" she exclaimed, a look of dread appearing on her face. "It's morning already? Oh god, what time is it?!" Frantically, she looked for a chronometer. "Oh no, I'm late for my shift!"

"Oh don't worry I'll take care of that." Brad tapped his chest comm. "Lieutenant Silverton to Lieutenant Hudson. Ensign Barclay is with me discussing an important matter and unfortunately we've forgotten the time. Would it be ok to keep her a little longer?"

In the middle of delegating orders to the Engineering staff Parker was about to head planetary side on the shuttle to Gamia III. He was in need for the particular technology that the breakaway sect of Barjorans were using within the caves offering any assistance he could.

Parker was finished as he packed his back pack in his office when Dr. Silverton had contacted him regarding Ensign Nikki Barclay on the Holodeck. He had no idea what the Doctor was talking about.

"Doctor hold on, I will be there in one moment thank you." He was interested none the less.

Within a few minutes Parker with gear and backpack ready for planetary side, he walked in to see the two Officers near a holodeck command console. Parker rubbed at his forehead seeing the Doctor not impressed and then Nikki with a look of dread on her face.

"Ok... Whoah.. Whoah, what is happening here?" He held up his hand.

Brad turned and answered snarkily to Parker, "That's an excellent question that I'd love to know the answer to myself Lieutenant. I seem to be missing the EMH computer. The one with the "MODIFIED" EMH program stored in it." Brad strongly stressed his sentence to update Parker without letting on to Nikki. He then turned back to Nikki. "I'm told that the Ensign here has knowledge of what happened."

"Okay!" shouted Nikki, clutching her head. "I went to sickbay, and tried to activate the EMH. But instead, some woman appeared. She looked like the captain, but was wearing a red cocktail dress." Overcome by anxiety at being confronted by two senior officers, Nikki's words kept coming out faster and faster. "That's when Lieutenant Commander Rouse came in. He was going to delete her but I pleaded with him not to. I thought the hologram might be an artificial sentient being, like my uncle's friend Data. But he was insistent. When I saw him going to get a phaser, I tried to transfer the hologram to the holodeck to save her." Running out of air, Nikki took a deep breath. "He shot her. Before the transfer was completed, he shot her console." She looked down at her feet and continued in a dejected tone. "I managed to save 99.2% of her program, but she's not booting up."

"Why the hell was the Commander in such a hurry? We had it under control and it wasn't in use anymore. Ensign... you did good in trying to save the program. You were correct that there is strong indication to believe it could be sentient. If nothing else we need more time to determine that and you gave us that. Thank you." Brad's tone and scowl had shifted softer and was replaced with a reassuring smile. "As for it having the captain's appearance... It has been modified for a special purpose and we are needing to get it back to normal now that its purpose has been full filled. Now as to you being late to shift..." Brad turned to Parker, "I think this is a pretty good reason and that nothing bad will come of it when you report to duty and that they probably need you to start...right sir?"

Parker just stood there watching the interesting scene play out before him. There was no need to interject as Brad had explained quite well his own thoughts on the matter. Parker's eyes let that show as he let them gaze from deconstructing Brad to Nikki.

"One thing before I go," said Nikki as she scrambled to pick up her PADDs. "If she is a sentient being, then we should be consulting her before we make any changes to her program -- appearance or otherwise." She stepped towards the door. "If we can get her program to activate, that is."

Sitting at the side of the command console and looking at the data structures that were changed to 'his program' Parker was very protective. The coding, the computer, the linguistic matrices had been endangered. Nikki only had intended to make a mad dash to save the Captain or at least the 'program turn sentient being' which was now becoming the grappling question.

"The Federation Special Envoy on Inter-Species Rights and the Council of the UFP Treatises on the Rights Conditions of Treaty Worlds its culture and its technological progress will be the wild card in determining..." He tapped at the metal carbide structure of the console to make his point "whether the next set of rights become installed... hopefully." He nodded to them both.

"It's a tricky issue," replied Nikki. Of course, she had strong opinions on the subject, but didn't want to voice them on her first day. She had written papers at the academy on this issue, and gotten into numerous arguments with her less enlightened fellow students. Her uncle was close friends with two of the first artificial lifeforms to be considered people under the law -- Data and Voyager's EMH -- so she had a personal stake in the question as well. "But from what I've seen of her programming, I think we've got a sentient being here."

She looked towards Parker. "Lieutenant Hudson, I know you probably need me in engineering, but if you can just give me some more time and maybe a little help, I know I can save her."

Brad checked the time and knew they were running out of it. He sighed in defeat...

"Parker... if this was a living patient I'd be able to help but she isn't and there isn't much I can do, at least not until she is working and able to take form. What I do know is that when a living being's cerebrial cortex starts to fail then memory, consciousness, attention, and thought starts to degrade.. permanently. If the same thing happens to an A.I.'s data file integrity... we may be running out of time here." Brad nodded over to Nikki, "The ensign already knows about the EMH so the cat's out of the bag I don't see the harm in her staying to help at this point."

"Agreed." Parker looked at the frozen still of the Alenis matrix in front of the console in the holodeck. It was an eerie sight. "If we have created something with our hands then we must take responsibility and fix that sentience with our hands." Parker turned from Dr. Silverton to Nikki. "I have to be on the surface for an away mission soon. You have full access to Engineering resources to recover the Alenis EMH assuming your Chief of Science approves. I'd say try and find a way to fix patches for a future safeguard in her matrix for future degradation like this, a fail safe point." Parker was thinking as he raised his eyebrow and rubbed at the back of his neck in Engineering think. "Sera Williams my Chief Assistant from Engineering, she will be joining you."

Looking at his silver watch for the time Parker then motioned to the doorway his departure. "Good luck!"

Walking down the corridor outside of Corridor I Parker tapped at his communications badge "Parker to Ensign Williams. I would like you to report to Holodeck I and begin to work with Ensign Barclay regarding an EMH."

Sera would have loved to have had a better excuse than getting lost aboard the ship, however... that is exactly what happened. She tapped her Communicator and said. "Williams to Lt Hudson, understood, Sir. I am en route. I will be in Holodeck 1 shortly.

With Parker gone, Nikki turned to Brad. There was still one question she wanted answers for in all of this. "So... Doctor... why was the EMH reprogrammed with the image and personality of the captain? And why the cocktail dress?"

"The short of it Ensign is that we had a Vulcan crewmember experiencing Pon Farr. A very private and very personal medical condition requiring copulation with a trusted associate. The Captain is fully aware of what is going on and is involved with the creation of a holodeck version of herself. Nobody was to know about this." Brad paused to think for a moment and then continued.

"We used the EMH as a base template for the AI and added in some special scans of the Captain's personality. We didn't think there would be an actual sentient entity created and were just going to delete it afterwards. But..." Brad sighed and then continued, "IT became a SHE. She is now a sentient being with rights. Don't worry. I have no intention of just deleting her. My oaths as a doctor to protect life cover all versions of it."

"Oh." Shocked by the situation, that was all Nikki could say.

"And that is where I need engineering's help. I can't cure data file integrity issues or recompile files."

"I can try," replied Nikki in a nervous voice, suddenly realizing the enormous responsibility that is having the fate of a sentient being in her hands. "Her program was damaged... it's not compiling, I don't know if I can fix it."

As she stepped off the turbolift, Sera hurried towards the holodeck. Just before she stepped in, Sera did what she could to remove the embarrassment off her face at her debacle. With a heavy sigh, she walked through the door in time to hear Nikki explain the situation to Brad.

Sera recognized Nikki from the time they had spent together at Deep Space 9, but had yet to get to know Brad in any real capacity.

"I have some experience with Holograms. I can begin verifying the interity and then running some checks on the programing matrices."

Sera pulled out a few of her tools and set out to the room's Holographic core and removed the plating, exposing the circuitry that comprised her new workzone. Before she got started, Williams looked toward Nikki, "Nikki, if this is truly a sentient being, I would like some help before I start brain surgery. I don't want to destroy this being's spark of life... if it has any."

"All right," replied Nikki. "I'll do what I can."
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Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:55 pm

Preparing for Round III...
Armoury, USS Portland
MD6, 0840 hours
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Major Judith Rouse (played by Timothy Rouse), Coln Jena (played by Jason Beauvoir)

Whether it was the Cardassians, the Kai, or the unsettling feeling coming from the growth, Alenis had a bad feeling about her return to the planet. She didn't get to where she was in her career by being unprepared, so after talking to Jason, she found herself making a pit stop at the ship's armoury. As a former tactical officer, she felt it was a prudent move, even though she hadn't actually handled a phaser herself since New Algiers and the destruction of the Gol.

But when she arrived, the first thing she noticed was that she wasn't the only one there. "Judith!" she called out to the woman in front of the opened weapons locker. Clearly the resident Marine felt the same way.

"Captain!" she said in surprise. "What are you doing here?" She nodded to a standard issue phaser lying with the gear she had already assembled for their trip she said. "I already prepared a weapon for you. I was going to bring it to you as soon as I'm ready myself." She quickly looked around the room in the hope of finding a time display somewhere. "Am I late for the meeting?" She knew she tended to lose time when she was in the armoury. She always learned herself to keep her complete focus with what she was doing. Only that occasionally led to her losing track of time.

"Relax, Major, I just stopped by to pick up a phaser." Seeing that Judith had everything under control, she sat herself on a desk. "I'm sure you've heard about Tim and the phaser incident in sickbay by now. Not that I'm not grateful that he got rid of that... thing, but I'm a little worried. He's usually the level-headed one. Is he feeling all right?"

Judith thought about what to answer. She was worried about her brother, but knew him well enough to know that it was best to let him be for a while. Especially after their earlier clash. "To be honest, I don't know. He's had a lot to deal with lately. I think it just gotten a bit too much."

"Yeah," replied Alenis. "Between all that's gone on on board the ship plus finding out that he's going to become a father..." she trailed off. "I promise we're going to get some nice shore leave in after this mission. And if he needs to talk to someone, I'm here, and so are Arvel and Dr. Carlisle."

Judith chuckled at that. "I don't think Tim is going to see a counselor, unless you order him to." she said. They both weren't a fan of getting their head shrinked. But Tim was way worse then she was. She had made it a sport to annoy a counselor for so long that they eventually gave up. Tim was different, he just avoided them completely, making sure he never needed one, and if he did, he would other way not having to go to one.

"I'll keep that in mind," replied Alenis, offering Judith a hint of a smile. "I have the power to do that you know,"

Judith wasn't sure if that would be a good thing or not. She did know that Tim wouldn't be happy, if the Captain decided on that action...

--A few minutes later--

Strolling into her ready room with Judith at her side, Alenis quickly took in the looks on the faces of the assembled diplomats. Fero, Rass and Iyso all looked exasperated; between the Kai's intransigence and the presence of the Cardassians, she didn't blame them. She was getting tired of the Kai herself, and found herself wondering if it was all just some bizarre game they were playing. Jena, on the other hand, looked nervous. And one could hardly blame her either; a 14 year old being suddenly thrust into delicate diplomatic affairs. Not to mention the issues with her dad, and the private conversation between him and Alenis only a few minutes ago.

"So, how are we all feeling?" asked Alenis to the assembled delegation.

"Ma'am, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I don't mind saying that I'm rather uneasy about things." Jena replied.

"I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous too," replied Alenis. "There's something going on here and I'm not sure what it is. Major, with the Cardassians around, security is going to be very important."

"I already arranged standby team to be ready if needed," Judith said as she was thinking whether it was best to give Jena a phaser so she could protect herself if needed. But decided the dangers of the surrounding weren't high enough, compared to the dangers of giving a teenager a phaser with no experience in weapons, as she assumed she didn't have. She would stay close to the girl herself.

"Excellent," replied Alenis. "I'll make sure that they keep a transporter lock on us at all times. I've got a bad feeling about this."

"Captain, if I may," interrupted Iyso. "Carrying a weapon on a diplomatic mission could be interpreted as an aggressive act. I have to object; this could negatively impact the negotiations." Fero and Rass nodded in approval.

"Your objection is duly noted, Mr. Iyso," replied Alenis. "But given the presence of the Cardassians, I have to take precautions to keep my crew and this delegation safe. Of course, we will be discrete, and will be carrying Type I phasers only. Now," she added, looking over the room, "We have a lot of notes to review before we head down. I suggest we--"

Alenis was interrupted by the chime of a comm badge. "Captain, we have an incoming transmission for you." It was R'vahis, but there was a hint of confusion in his voice. It's coming from a jail on the surface of Gamia III."

"I'll take it in my office," said Alenis as she stood up from the table. It could only be one person -- her sister, the one who had kept her up all night wondering about her. Alenis needed to know more. "The rest of you, I'm sure you've got plenty of prep work to do."
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Amata Zan

Re: Mission Three: "Pilgrims"

Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:56 pm

Dealing with Your Actions
Executive Officer's Office, USS Portland
MD6, Early hours of the Morning
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt.(JR) Amata Zan, Maj. Judith Rouse (Played by Timothy Rouse)

"Are you nuts?" Judith shouted at her brother who was staring out the window. "You can't just shoot a console into oblivion."

He pulled up his shoulders. "It seemed the best solution to eliminate that sextoy." He didn't understand what all the fuss was about. First Ellen and now his sister. Who was next? Everyone agreed that they couldn't keep the new version of the EMH, but now he did something about it everyone was mad at him, or so it seemed.

"It's not like you to just grab a phaser and shoot at a machine." she said. She didn't have time to deal with this, knowing Grel would probably make a fuss about it. Just to remember her that it was her brother this time that caused a problem.

"Not like me?" he turned around and looked at her. "For weeks I've been the only sane person on this damn ship," Tim yelled at his sister. "I'm fixing everyone's problems and when I fix the largest problem you all come yelling at me because you don't like the way I handled it. Well, too bad." and he smashed his hand on the bulkhead next to him.

"Tim, what is going on with you?" Judith said on a softer tone. She'd seen Tim lose his temper before, but only when they were still children. He'd never lost his temper with work. For as far as she knew that is. "Come on, talk to me!"

"Nothing is going on. What is it with you woman always thinking something is wrong." he yelled, unintentionally revealing part of the discussion he had with Ellen earlier. He kept stating at his sister, anger in his eyes. At the sound of the doorbell he didn't look up, but did yell "What?"

Amata opened the door and entered the Executive Officer’s office without any further invitation, stopping in front of the entrance, presenting himself with nearly ideal military professionalism, back straight and hands clasped behind him, his expression revealed that he had heard the yelling. The Bajoran scanned the two people in the room occupying the room before nodding before both of them, seeming to take special notice of the Commander’s body language. With a nod to each, he made his introduction, “Lieutenant Commander Rouse and Marine Captain Rouse, I’m Lieutenant Amata, Assistant Chief Security Officer.” His hip was noticeably lacking the expected phaser.”

Focusing his attention solely on the red trimmed Rouse, Amata got directly to the matter of things, “Sir, I’m here to discuss the incident that occurred in Sickbay at roughly 2200 Hours.” His tone, while polite, left no room to believe that this was a request.

Tim broke contact with his sister and looked at the person just having entered his office. "And what incident would that be?" Tim asked sarcastic.

"Oh, don't act stupid." Judith on a louder then second before. "Oh, to hell with it." turning towards the assistant chief. "I've had it. Maybe you can get some sense to him." Judith stormed to the door.

Tim, even more angry by his sister's unprofessional show, took a deep breath and pointed to his desk. "Shall we take a seat?"

After watching the female sibling leave, Amata hesitated as he looked towards the desk and chairs, was well aware he had a more effective presence while standing. Unfortunately, the riled up human’s position still demanded that proper respect and courtesy be shown, “My thanks, sir.” One could almost believe he hadn’t just witnessed the younger Rouse storm passed him.

Walking over to the desk and taking his place in the guest seat, the Lieutenant never took his eyes off of the Rouse, his eyes continuing to take in every detail the man offered him; he made effort to be subtle, “I trust you understand the weight of the situation we have on our hands, Commander, and delicate nature your position on the ship creates.”

"You mean the fact that I am your superior officer?" Tim asked well aware that was what the security officer meant.

“Yes, because you are this vessel’s Executive Officer. Any other member of the crew would be in the brig right now had they done what you did,” Amata kept his voice flat, “Grel wanted to come up here with a Security team, and he wouldn’t have been wrong to do so.”

"We don't put crewmembers in the brig for obeying orders, Lieutenant." Tim said. Why was Meru the only one that did support him? "As for Grel, I think he has other problems to handle. Let him do his own job properly first, before he tells me how to do mine."

"Huh, really?" laughed Amata without any sign of amusement, "I'd like to hear your orders, sir. To the word please, no paraphrasing." He shifted in his seat, "Since I'll be the one telling my direct SO to do his job properly."

Tim stood up and stared out the window for a moment before turning back towards Amata. "The captain told me to get rid of the EMH. If you check your security logs, Lieutenant, you will see that the EMH program was accessed and altered within the past 72 hours." Turning back towards Amata, he stood next to his chair, striking a physically intimidating pose as he leaned on his desk. The domineering disciplinarian wasn't really him, but despite his friendship with and respect for Alenis, but all the antics going on around him over the past few weeks were beginning to seriously grate on him and it was starting to show. Another shore leave was in order, or perhaps even better, a mandatory boot camp for some of the curious characters around him.

"Now, before you inquire any further," continued Tim, "the alterations to the EMH were approved by the Captain and were of a very personal and delicate nature. Details of those modifications have been kept off report and on a strict need to know basis, and quite frankly, you don't need to know and neither does Grel." Removing his hands from his desk, he stood up to his full 1.9 metre height and continued looking down at the Lieutenant. "I was instructed by the captain to ensure that the program was deleted, and given the nature of this program, the most thorough and discreet way to do that was by physically destroying the console on which it was stored. So, you and Grel have a choice, Lieutenant. You can throw me in the brig and then explain to the captain -- who is very busy and knowing how she feels about Cardassians, not in the best of moods -- why you removed her executive officer from command in the middle of an important mission, or you can follow orders and refrain from sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. But before you make your decision, consider that I had already spoken to the captain about this and that she concurs with and is grateful for my actions."

"So, any questions, Lieutenant?" he asked, emphasizing the security officer's lower rank. He hated having to pull rank like this and his hands were trembling slightly. His leadership style was more collaborative, but given the nature of the hologram, he didn't have much of a choice but to cut off any curiosity at the pass if he was to avoid besmirching Alenis' honour.

Amata took a moment to just stare at the standing commander; a brief flash of novelty in his eyes as he looked up at the tall human, it had been a long time since someone had tried to physically intimidate him with their size. However, any feelings of amusement quickly vanished as he looked down at Rouse’s shaking hands, “As I said, Lt. Grel wished to come up her with a team to arrest you, until we were sure you were not a danger to those aboard, which is part of his job. I convinced him that the same could be determined by me talking to you.”

Pushing his chair back, the Lieutenant then back stepped beside it so he could politely push it back to the executive officer’s desk, “If you take a moment to remove yourself from your own agitation and privilege, you’ll be able to see how other members of the crew might not consider opening a weapons locker and firing a phaser in the middle of sickbay to be subtle.” While it was possible that standing as Rouse had would only give the other male an excuse to escalate, Amata truly only knew one thing about the man and he had to consider his own well-being, “Or safe.”

Amata then quickly shifted gears before any response could be given, asking the question that Rouse had only rhetorically invited him to ask, “How was Ensign Barclay involved?”

Tim blinked with his eyes to the sudden change of subject. "Barclay?" It took him mere seconds to understand the question fully and find the answer. "She happened to be present in Sickbay when I went there to deactivate the EMH." He said, leaving out the bit where she technically didn't obey his orders giving him no other choice to deactivate it the way he had.

"I'm sure Ensign Barclay's account will be the same," Amata let go of the chair and stood up straight, his hands clasped behind his back, the same image he had presented before he and Rouse begun their little chat, "And like you said, Commander, there is nothing to be done if it doesn't, since the Captain approved of your methods." He took a moment to pause, "Besides, I've taken enough of your time. Though if you will permit me, sir, I'd like to offer some advice, unofficially." The Bajoran's right hand appeared from behind his back and removed his commbadge, "I promise it's friendly."

Reluctant he nodded, giving the man permission to speak his mind, trying hard not to react to the suggestion Tim hadn't spoken the truth. What kind of advise could someone have that was questioned his Executive Officers word...

"There's obviously something bothering you, and whether you or the Captain want to admit it, it affected your judgement in sickbay. Make an appointment with the Counselling Department and work through your issues; you have access to weapons bigger than a hand phaser, and problems far worse than an EMH," Amata tapped his commbadge back onto his duty jacket, "Now with your leave, sir, I'm running Security's gamma shift."

"You are excused," Tim said, more relieve then normal. He had a feeling that the woman in his life would recommend the same thing about seeing a counselor. After the Security officer left he took a deep breath and let himself fall in his chair, waiting for the next piece of trouble to arrive.

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