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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Sat Oct 17, 2015 10:35 pm

Where your loyalties lie, part IV
Somewhere in the Badlands
2412, immediately after "Arrival in the Badlands"
Authors: Commander Arthur Reynolds, Coln Jena (played by Jason Beauvoir), Val Dubois (played by Jason Beauvoir), Captain Sera Williams, Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Zirra Kajat (played by Jason Beauvoir), Tolaran Kian, Timothy Rouse, Holo-Meru (played by Alenis Meru)

Last time, on Star Trek: Portland

"Tim," said Meru, placing an arm around him, "Let the prophets guide you. Let them work through your hands." She looked up at Zirra, motioning for her to place the container of shards in front of him.

Tim took a deep breath and opened the container. For a moment, he was blinded by a bright white light, and then before him he saw six crystalline shapes floating before him, slowly rotating. Instinctively, he reached out towards them, but they pulled away. Slowly, they assembled themselves before his eyes, and then with another flash of white light they were gone and he was back on the shuttle, a class 8b crate in front of him. "I know how..." he whispered as he opened the crate and got to work...

And now, the continuation:

Arthur's Shuttle

There was a sense of urgency in the air, combined with the unease left over from his departure. The Portland meant nothing to him. He spent no more than a month on the ship before being reassigned, only finding out a year later that Section 31 was responsible. They practically held him at gunpoint, threatening to destroy his career and only chance to get away from the world he knew if he didn't follow their demands. Now here he was, bitter over a failure from his past that continued to haunt him to the present day. But years of working for them meant this was the only life he would ever know - too old to turn over a new leaf. So now was his only chance... his chance to make sure that didn't happen again. Even if it meant submitting to their authority once more.

Superior or not, Tolaran had been compromised. Arthur knew that the moment the former security officer's transmission from Portland's engineering section was broken. Since then, he cut off all communication and destroyed the only combadge capable of sending and receiving signals from his fellow operative. Rather, he'd spent that time putting together everything he'd seen. As a spook, he knew how the game of deception was played. Having the Portland fake its surrender before damaging the Eclipse could only mean one thing: they were the bait meant to lure the Admiral away from the real linchpin to their entire plan. So Arthur had made the choice to find that linchpin - that one loose thread - and pull it.

"Computer," he exclaimed as he finished the last few modifications to the panel beneath the engineering console. "Activate program Arthur-Omega-13 and patch it into the chroniton deflector. Execute."

Bridge, USS Portland

The ship rocked as tetryon beams laced her shields and transphasic torpedoes passed through them with ease. On the Bridge several EPS taps blew. Jena threw up her arm in front of her face as an unmanned console near her, exploded in a shower of sparks.

"Captain, we have hull breaches on four decks, those transphasic torpedoes are passing though our shield like a hot knife though butter. At this rate we're going last about as long as a junebug on a hot skillet." Val reported from the Tactical console.

"This is Engineering," called out Nikki's voice over the one loudspeaker on the bridge that was still working. "We're losing critical systems; I'm diverting all our emergency power to structural integrity and reactor containment. Captain..." she said, her voice cracking. In the background, a cacophony of klaxons and warning messages conveyed the seriousness of the situation. "I don't know how much longer I can keep the Portland alive."

Captain Williams sighed with resignation. It would take a miracle for them to make it out alive. The Portland was little more than adrift with nothing on the side of offensive capabilities. "Perhaps today is a good day to die," she whispered as she repeated the old Klingon saying. She hoped that Tim found all of the shards, if he did none of this would happen.


Tolaran's Shuttle

Zirra glanced at the tactical display. "Mr. Kian, there appears to be approaching our position at high impulse." She said.

Tolaran slammed his fists into the console "DAMN YOU ARTHUR!" he quickly worked his fingers over the controls, trying everything he could to block what he knew would be coming, Arthur had decided to ignore him, their years of working together in Section 31 had obviously come to an end, now he would have to take him out. "I'm sorry Tim... I can't keep you here anymore, you, Zirra and... the hologram are going to have to leave. Arthur is coming for us, and he will destroy this shuttle if he gets the chance and you need to complete your mission."

Sweat coming down his forehead, Tim was busy fumbling with the shards. He glanced up out the window of the shuttle, just in time to see the badly beaten hulk of the Portland float by, a small explosion separating it from one of its nacelles. "No... I just need a minute..." he muttered, trying to block out all emotions and focus solely on the shards. His hands were moving without him even thinking, as though they were guided by the prophets.

Tolaran worked through a different phase variance, trying to keep Arthur guessing and working, buying Tim as much time as he could. "Hurry!!!! Whatever you are doing, do it quick!"

"There!" exclaimed Tim as he slid the last shard into place. Glancing out the window of the shuttle, he saw the Portland explode before his eyes. A tear came to his eye for all his lost friends and comrades, before he was overwhelmed by a flash of white light...

Before the white light hit him, he stared at holo-Meru, a look of acceptance spread across his face, peaceful almost. "I hope to see you soon Captain..." then his vision went black...


Arthur's Shuttle

Certainly it would have seemed strange for a superior to request orders from his subordinate earlier that day, but Section 31 believed these were trying circumstances, and Tolaran had more experience aboard the Portland than Arthur himself. They even believed Tolaran's ties to the Portland left him unsuited to the task of planning out the entire mission, much less being keyed in to all its details; hence why Arthur had to transmit orders one objective at a time. Yet despite that, they worked together for years as partners, with Tolaran only higher in rank. With that rank came a sense of respect for the Portland's former CSO, even when they sometimes failed to see eye-to-eye.

But Arthur had little time to waste with nostalgia. Sensors detected a temporal anomaly right on time... but not before another alarm went off. Someone or something had switched the phase variance of the other shuttle, meaning Arthur's own shuttle was now in the wrong phase. If he couldn't match that variance, the effect of the anomaly would carry him to a slightly different time and place. There was no stopping it now, however. Even as Arthur reached for the controls to correct his deflector, a marvelous flare emerging from the other shuttle engulfed him.

Now only time could tell if he would succeed at his mission... or die trying.
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Sun Oct 25, 2015 10:09 pm

A blind date
Bartoli's restaurant, DS9
MD03, evening
Authors: Lt. Brad Silverton, Judith Rouse (played by Alenis Meru)

Wearing her new green dress, Judith scanned the room as she sat waiting at her table for her date. She had a habit of showing up early, in spite of everything she had been through, punctuality had given her a bit of control. So, with a glass of ice water in her had, she was seated alone, waiting for her date to show up. The restaurant was filled with all sorts of people -- a party of Bolians, no doubt from the medical conference two decks down, several young and not-so-young couples, and two women attempting to disguse themselves quite poorly with their sunglasses and garish headgear.

Locking eyes with one of them, Judith waved. It was clearly Ellen and Maria, attempting to spy on her to see how their little setup was going. But instead of waving back, the two women panicked and called their waiter over for their cheque. In response, Judith smirked and looked back out at the stars when she detected someone approaching her table out of the corner of her eye.

Brad entered the restaurant and scanned the room. He was grumbling slightly to himself. He had really wanted to go to the medical conference for what he was sure was going to be a stunning breakthrough. It would have been a good chance to network and introduce himself to some of the fields best researchers. Still, he was young and perhaps the life of a researcher could wait. His eyes set upon the back of a woman in a green dress sitting by herself.

He checked himself over and smoothed out the sides of his attire. It was classy, just on the casual side of formal. He wasn't quite sure what level to dress to but if his date was in a dress... he didn't want to be mismatched. He approached her from the side and recognized her.

Brad introduced himself with a warm inviting smirk."Good evening Ms Rouse. I believe we have plans for this evening together."

"Doctor Silverton?" asked Judith. She was a little surprised at first, but as Brad sat down, she offered him a warm smile. "I should have known," she said in a lighthearted tone, "Ellen and Maria aren't the type to allow a young, talented physician go without a date, even if he is their department head."

Brad seated himself down across from Judith. "Yes those two had seemed to be planning something for awhile now but I didn't know it involved me though now that I see who my date is... I'm glad that they did. I hope you haven't been waiting long."

"Oh no, of course not," replied Judith as she looked down at the wine list. Aside from "red" and "white," the entire menu was completely foreign to her; having been a little tomboyish since her youth, she was more likely to gravitate to a burger and a cold beer than a glass of fine wine at a fancy restaurant. "Would you care to select some wine?" she asked, passing the wine list across the table to Brad, unable to tell the difference between a Merlot and a Chardonnay.

"Absolutely." Brad took the wine list and quickly scanned it. "Last time the Portland was here I had made a few recommendations for their selection but it looks like they haven't had enough time to order any." Brad looked backup at Judith. "Ideally though we'll want to pick dinner first then pair the wine to it. Did you see anything that looked good?"

"Well, it is an Italian place, so I suppose I could go for some pizza," replied Judith, reverting to one of the few things on the menu that she had some familiarity with. The extensive list of exotic and authentic Italian cuisine might have been Greek to her, and pizza was one of the few comforting things on the menu. In truth, part of her would rather have been two decks down at Baryon Burgers and Fries, which she had heard was home of the best bacon cheeseburger in the sector. "Or maybe some lasagna?" she added, her inflection betraying the fact that she was in over her head with the classy menu.

Brad was no Betazoid but he could tell Judith was out of place. "Well. First start off with picking what kind of meat you want. Chicken, seafood, beef. From there you can pick the nuance of flavor from the spices and herbs." Brad slightly bit his lip thinking that that probably didn't help. "Spice or no spice?"

"Hmmm...." Judith pondered the menu for a moment. "I suppose I do like meatballs, so beef?" she said, her voice raising in inflection as if it were as much a question as a statement. "And sure, lets go with spice."

Brad looked over the wine list again. "Ok I think they have something here that will be close enough." He nodded to a waiter who came over. "We'll each have a glass of the Bajoran Fidini Estates Sangiovese." As the waiter left Brad continued, "They just started growing wine grapes recently when they noticed the Federation demand. They are even naming their vineyards to make them Italian sounding. The vineyards still have young vines but the sommeliers have added minerals to their water to harshen the boldness. It should come across more like a soft Cabernet then a true Shiraz."

"Fascinating," replied Judith, feeling a little in over her head at Brad's description. "That's a red, right?"

"Yes it is." Brad wasn't the most experienced man when it comes to dating but at least he could tell a date starting to go wrong. "So wine isn't your thing." He said with a devilish grin. "So what is your drink of choice?"

"PBR" she admitted, with a little guilt over her low-brow tastes. "I like beer."

"PBR? I didn't even know they still made that." Brad didn't really know what else to say on the topic. He didn't know much about PBR other than he found its taste appalling and knew enough not to say anything to Judith about that. "So. How are you finding your time aboard the Portland?"

Judith paused for a moment to ponder the question. "It's... different." She let out a sigh. "It's just difficult coming to terms with my new role ever since my injuries. I used to command a squadron of starfigthers, then a team of marines. Now... I can barely walk, and I'm flying a desk as a 'consultant' and 'training coordinator.'" She took a large gulp of the wine which had just been placed in front of her by the waiter. "It's hard enough not being able to fly anymore or get my hands dirty, but now it feels like Starfleet is giving me make-work projects out of pity."

Brad thought angrily to himself. "Smooth. Bring up a touchy subject like her career and injury for a date conversation. I might as well have talked to her about her medical exam results. Hmm actually that isn't a bad idea at this point what the hell.

"Judith, from what I've seen of your record there is still the chance of a full recovery. That plus there are amazing medical break-thrus coming out every week. There will be plenty of time to just sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like a glass of wine."
Brad held up his glass in a half toast half salute gesture.

Judith returned the toast and took another sip of the wine. It wasn't bad per se, and she was sure it was very good by wine standards, but it wasn't exactly her cup of tea. "What about the other simple pleasures, like white-water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking..." Judith let out a sigh. She wasn't about to give up on all the physical activities she enjoyed so much, but she was under no illusions. She knew any recovery would be a long, painful journey, and one with no guarantee of ever reaching her destination. "I'm sorry, I'm being kind of a downer."

"Don't apologize. Having a forced dramatic lifestyle change can be difficult at best to accept. But I honestly wouldn't give up just yet." Brad sipped his wine and thought for a second. "When we get back to the ship. I'll see what I can dig up in the recently Starfleet medical journals."

"I'm pretty sure Ellen and Maria might have something to say if they knew that you were talking about work," countered Judith in a lighthearted tone. She scanned the room once more to make sure they were gone and then leaned in, lowering her voice. "I caught them spying on us, they were at that table over there with their bad disguises."

Brad chuckled lightly as he looked over his shoulder to see where Judith was looking at. "Well I guess we can't blame them for wanting to see their grand scheme unfold." The then grew silent while trying to think of what next to say. He felt like he had already screwed up on conversation topics he didn't want to swing at another miss. Of course the longer that the silent went on, he thought to himself, the more awkward it would become.
I wonder if there has been some research showing if there is a tipping point in the neurotransmitters indicating a dramatic shift...


For Judith, the walk back to her quarters was a long and painful one. With her back problems acting up again, she could barely make it back, a harsh reminder that she was no longer able to partake in the activities that were important to her. Stopping outside her door, she leaned against the doorframe and winced in pain, longing for her bed and her heating pad. "Thanks for dinner," she said. "That was... fun."

"It WAS fun. I'm glad Ellen and Maria talked us into it. Part of me wishes they had staid and watched the rest. The way that poor waiter had assumed I'd be ordering and speaking for you. He got to see a bit of what Starfleet Marines are made of." Brad laughed heartily at the memory.

"Well, to be fair, I was a little in over my head..." The date hadn't gone too badly, but it hadn't gone great either. They didn't have a whole lot in common, and Judith found herself a little overwhelmed by the upscale nature of her surroundings. "But I still don't know where that guy got off..." She giggled a little at the memory before placing a hand on her back to steady herself. "I guess I'll see have to see you for my appointment; can you squeeze me in on Tuesday morning?"

"I'll make time. That is. Unless you are needing help tonight? I may be your date tonight but I'm still a doctor and I can tell when someone is in physical discomfort."

Judith thought for a moment, a hint of a smile appearing on her face. "I suppose I could use a massage and some pain meds," she said, before turning and heading into her quarters. "Would you care for a cup of coffee?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't like that, but perhaps we'll save that for next time?"

Judith nodded. "Gotcha. Two analgesic tablets and I'll call you in the morning." With that, she turned and headed back into her quarters to find a heating pad for her throbbing back.
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:52 am

The next day...
MD04, Lunchtime
Security consultant's office, USS Portland
Authors: Timothy Rouse, Judith Rouse (played by Alenis Meru)

Inside her office, Judith leaned back in her high-tech ergonomic chair. Specially designed for her, it was one of the few chairs she could sit in for long periods of time without triggering severe back pain. But as she picked up a PADD, she heard a chime at the door. She thought it was odd; she wasn't expecting any visitors. "Come in," she called out, curious as to who might be here to disturb her.

As the doors whooshed open, the revealed her brother, Tim, with a small container under her arm. "Judith," he said, smiling down at his sister who was attempting to hide her pain. "I brought you something."

"What is it?" asked Judith, examining the container.

"Open it up," replied Tim, placing him in front of her.

Slowly and carefully, Judith opened the container to find... "A bacon cheeseburger?" she asked.

"From Baryon Burgers and Fries, on the station," replied Tim. "Your favourite, and they're supposed to be the best in the sector."

"Thanks," replied Judith with a smile. She had skipped breakfast and hadn't eaten lunch yet, so the arrival of her brother with food was fortuitous. Quickly, she took a bite and placed the burger back inside the container. It was mouth-wateringly delicious. The beef was cooked to perfection, the condiments were just the right amount of spicy, and the bacon...

Oh, the bacon...

"It's delicious," she replied. "Thank you," she added, looking back up at her brother. "But you didn't run all the way over to the station and then come back here just to suprise me with a hamburger, did you?"

"What?" asked Tim, feigning innocence. "I was just thinking of you, and how much you like cheeseburgers. And surprises."

"Cut the crap, Tim," shot back Judith. "You're my brother; I've known you all my life. You wouldn't be coming down here like this unless you had something to say. Now spit it out."

Tim smiled at Judith and took a seat across from her. "Have you seen Doctor Silverton lately?"

"Of course," she replied, deciding to play dumb. "I see him every other week about my back."

"Oh?" asked Tim. "I didn't realize he was practicing out of Bartoli's restaurant."

Judith immediately turned bright red with embarrassment. "How did you know?" she gasped.

"Seriously, Judith, there are no secrets on the Portland," replied Tim. "Especially not when you're in a relationship with one of our delightfully chatty nurses."

<i>Ellen,</i> thought Judith as she clenched her fists tightly. She would have to have a word or two with Ellen and Maria as soon as possible. But first...

"All right, yeah, Ellen and Maria set us up. I guess they can't help themselves from trying to be the ship's official matchmakers, and the thought of a young, handsome, single doctor--"

"Whoa, wait!" exclaimed Tim, interrupting Judith. "Did you..."

"No, no, we didn't do anything," replied Judith, turning an even deeper shade of red. "He's a nice guy, but we didn't really have a connection. Or anything in common. Anyways," she added, scowling at Tim, "I'm thirty-one years old; I don't need you trying to look after me and keep the neighborhood boys away. This is just like when I was fourteen and Matt Henderson from match class--"

"This is nothing like that!" exclaimed Tim. "I... I..." He stepped forward and placed his hand on his sister's shoulder, smiling down at her. "Enjoy your bacon cheeseburger."
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:44 pm

USS Portland
Chief Counselor's Office
MD03. Morning
Authors: Brad Silverton and Delainey Carlisle.

Brad arrived at the Chief Counselor's office for his appointment. He wasn't quite sure what to say or how to say but then again, that WAS the entire point of a ship having a counselor on board. He pressed the entry chime and waited.

"Come in," Delainey called out, the doors opening on her command. Carlisle looked up and stood from her desk with a smile. "Hello, Doctor. What may I do for you?'

"Hello Counselor. I'm needing to talk to you. I like to pride myself in being direct and confronting with with any issues that I have. This one however... well I'm going to need help on this one."

Gesturing for Brad to take a seat, she offered with a small reassuring smile, "You seem to be direct enough now, Doctor, but I can see you're bothered by something that's not easy to admit. I'm happy o listen and help however I can."

Brad sat down and was quiet for a moment while collecting his thoughts. "I'm having a hard time with the A.I. hologram copy of the Captain." He sighed heavily with lips mostly closed. Part humph and part hiss.

The statement in itself wasn't all that surprising, but it wasn't terribly specific either. "What in particular is giving you trouble?" Delainey asked.

"The moral responsibility of the situation. When I started out with helping in creating the A.I. program it seemed like it would just be an advanced holodeck sim. Nothing real. Nothing permanent. Now here we are with questions of is she real or not. Does she have a career in Starfleet or not. Does she get stored in a computer kept alive but not really? Just too many unknowns swirling through my head to sort out."

Carlisle couldn't deny the truth of his words. Holo- Alenis was creating a host of complications no one could have predicted and it was enough to keep all of their minds reeling, especially in light of the real Alenis' death. "You don't have to sort it all out alone," Delainey offered gently. "You have to know no one could have known the repercussions of all of this, and ultimately, you are just trying to look out for a member of your crew."

"I'll disagree with you that I don't have to sort it all out alone. Psychologically I don't, and hence why I am here for your advice. But in the end it is on me professionally. The original EMH being an A.I. could be seen as a member of the medical department and thus my responsibility. I could have tried to come up with something else or possibly used my medical authority to deny the procedure."

"Hindsight is always 20/20," Delainey replied gently. "The decision may have ultimately been yours, but unless I'm misremembering events and you configured the EMH all by yourself, there were others who believed in what you were doing. In any case, if you're going to criticize yourself for what you didn't do, you have to give yourself credit for what you did accomplish, which was do everything you could to ensure a member of your crew didn't suffer or die."

"Well that's true. I did have the confidence of the Captain." Brad chuckled and blushed slightly thinking how involved the Captain was in this procedure, "Well obviously had her confidence on this matter." His tone turned somber once again.

"I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself. The Vulcans have been dealing with pon farr for centuries. The best they seem to do is keep it some shameful secret and hide it as much as possible. I didn't really have much to work with."

Delainey nodded. "That's something I never understood myself. I get that it's an uncomfortable subject for Vulcans, but you'd think they'd be better prepared to handle it discretely in that case, even preparing a back up plan of sorts in case it occurred sooner than expected." Carlisle shook her head. "Still, I don't think less of Beauvoir. He was ill and needed help."

Brad laughed deeply, "You know when you really think about it, its illogical to keep it hidden because they feel that its embarrassing. Kind of hypocritical of them in a way." Brad went back to a serious professional tone. "I haven't even really talked to her since she, 'cured' Beauvoir. Maybe I should?"

Delainey shrugged. "That's entirely up to you. For what it's worth, I think she would welcome it and while it may not erase your feelings of the past, it may help you resolve to go forward."

Brad got up to leave. "Thank you Counselor. You've given me a few things to think about. I think I will stop by and see how she is doing." He opened his mouth to say something else then closed it and nodded his head to himself before leaving.
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:01 pm

Too Many Merus
Captain's Office, USS Portland
2391, MD06, morning
Authors: Lt. (JG) Delainey Carlisle, multiple Alenis' (all played by Alenis Meru)

"...and it's strange, I still have feelings for him, but I'm not sure if they're real feelings." Holo-Meru took a deep breath. Even though she didn't need oxygen, she was programmed with holographic lungs and what were to her perfectly normal Bajoran responses to stress. She looked up at the woman across the room from her. Normally ship's counselors didn't make house calls, but without holo-emitters in Delainey's office, she had to come up to deck one. They were using the captain's office because it was guaranteed to be quiet, and because it was at least in some way familiar to Holo-Meru.

"You know, it's funny, doctor, the real Meru would never volunteer herself to see a shrink," continued the hologram. "Well, except maybe Arvel, but that's a different story. Anyways, I'm actually finding this session to be a lot less painful than expected."

Delainey smiled. "I'm glad to hear you say that because it's what I aim for. Certainly, depending on what people are going through, it can be painful to talk, but I believe talking things through is preferable to keeping them inside." She chuckled. "Contrary to perception, therapists aren't motivated to pull out people's most traumatic thoughts and feelings for their own amusement."

Truthfully, it was just as strange for Carlisle to hear holo- Meru speak about the other Meru as it was for the rest of the crew. Delainey had never had an opportunity to meet the organic Meru as it were, but at the same time, she felt as if she knew her all the same based on people's stories.

"That's good to know," replied the hologram. "It's nice to have someone to talk to, especially with all that has happened over the past week. I'm still not totally comfortable with the idea of being a holographic copy of someone."

Delainey smiled. "I'd worry if you were," she answered honestly. "Try to keep in mind your emotions just are," she added. "There is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings."

Suddenly, they were interrupted by a chime at the door, one which startled both women. Neither of them were expecting to be interrupted in here.

"Are you expecting someone?" Delainey asked.

"No, I..." The hologram froze as the door opened, revealing a Bajoran woman who bore a striking resemblance to both herself and the late captain.

The woman froze in her tracks. "Meru?" she asked, a look of shock on her face.

"No, I'm..." The hologram sighed and swiped her arm at the computer monitor, it harmlessly passing through without interruption, to show she was a hologram. "It's a long story. But I could say the same about you. You bear a striking resemblance to her."

"Oh, no, I'm... Tylo Nerys," replied the Bajoran woman, the door closing behind her. "I'm... very close to the family."

"I don't remember a Tylo Nerys," countered the hologram, her eyes narrowing. "Unless..." the hologram froze for a split second. "I know who you are, Doctor Silverton mentioned something about you. You're Ina--"

"I'm Tylo Nerys," said the other woman in a firm voice, asserting her new identity.

Delainey was utterly confused. "May I help you?"

The hologram looked up at the other woman and saw the pain and exhaustion in her eyes. "It's okay. Dr. Carlisle here can be trusted."

The mysterious woman simply nodded and opened her mouth, but no words came out.

"This is Inaji Narale," added holo-Meru. "My... I mean, Meru's, half-Cardassian half-sister. We found her on Gamia III and gave her a new identity and a new life. There... were people after her."

Delainey wasn't sure what she expected to hear, but she decided it certainly wasn't *that.* At first, Carlisle was beating herself up inwardly for not having the first clue about such events. Granted, she had come aboard mid-mission to Gamia III but it seemed she was destined to forever play catch up where that planet was concerned.

Carlisle said the only thing that seemed appropriate under the circumstances. "Hello. It's nice to meet you."

For a moment, Inaji froze.

"Don't worry, she's cool," said holo-Meru as she stood up and walked towards Inaji, giving her a big hug. "And you're safe here."

"I..." Inaji froze for a moment and wrapped her arms around the hologram. Whatever she was, she was the closest thing to her late sister. As the hug ended, Inaji looked over at the doctor. "It's... nice to meet you too, Doctor Carlisle."

Pulled from her surprise in large part by holo Meru's reassurances to the seemingly skittish woman before her, Delainey offered, "Please forgive my surprise. I did not mean to leave you thinking you weren't welcome. I don't know your circumstances exactly, but you are indeed safe here from me. I mean you no harm."

“Thank you, doctor,” replied Inaji. She offered Delainey a hint of a smile. “Sorry. I’ve been on the run for so long… it’s hard to remember what it was like to be able to trust someone again.”

Delainey nodded in understanding, though in truth it was the kind of understanding that came from only the general idea of being on the run. She had no idea of the circumstances that affected Inaji specifically, and the counselor was torn about whether she should ask. Suddenly, she felt guilty for almost giving into the impulse to start a brand-new therapy session with the new person in the room without finishing the previous session with Meru.

Not accustomed to being unsure of what to do, particularly under professional circumstances, she found herself turning to both women and offering a small smile. "It's my turn to apologize. I find myself wanting to lend an ear to both of you right now. Professional hazard," she added with a wider smile. "Still, I should probably just give the two of you some privacy."

“No, Doctor, it’s all right,” replied the hologram. “I--”

She was interrupted by a chime at the door. Inaji, a tinge of fear running down her spine as she knew she was cornered in this room, looked over at holo-Meru. “Are you expecting anyone?” she asked, a little nervous.

“No, I wasn’t…” Holo-Meru looked over at the door, hoping it was Tim or someone who understood their situation. “Come in,” she called out, not knowing what else to say.

The doors opened to reveal an older Bajoran woman. One who bore a certain familial resemblance to Inaji and the hologram. But she was older, with a number of grey hairs and lines on her face which told a story. One of the struggles of raising a child under occupation, of living as a refugee, and of years over a grill in the kitchen of the little hole-in-the-wall Bajoran restaurant on Earth which she ran in order to provide her daughter with everything she needed to succeed in life.

“Mom!” exclaimed holo-Meru, her jaw dropping.


“Mom?” chimed in Inaji.

“Meru?” Alenis Kendra rubbed her eyes; not only did it look like she was seeing double, but she was seeing double of her late daughter. “I…” she stumbled forward, her legs turning to jelly, she leaned on the desk for support. “I...” she glanced over at the one woman in the room who she didn’t recognize. “This… can’t be. I came here to gather my daughter’s things… what’s happening here?”

Delainey wasn't sure she knew, but it was clear the new arrival was in shock, and Carlisle acted quickly. "Here," she offered, rushing forward to gently lead the older woman to nearby seating. This was certainly not how she imagined meeting anyone's parent for the first time, but the symptoms, if not the circumstances, were familiar to the doctor and therapist in the room, and for the moment, Delainey's focus narrowed to the older woman. She didn't like her color, and though she wanted to do more, Delainey thought it wise to at least introduce herself and explain before putting more hands on the new arrival. "I'm Delainey. I'm a doctor here. I know this is very upsetting and very confusing, and I will explain everything, but first, will you take some slow, deep breaths for me?"

A million questions flew through Carlisle's mind and she wanted nothing more than to turn to the other women in the room to explain, but there would be time for that later, she hoped.

Sitting down, Alenis Kendra took a few deep breaths and held her head. Confused, she didn’t know what was going on when she felt someone hold her by the hand. It was a familiar feeling, it was just like that of her daughter, but a little different. There was something missing about the way she touched her.

“I know you’re confused right now,” said holo-Meru, taking the elder Alenis by the hand. “A lot has happened over the past week. I…” She froze, not sure where even to start. “Can I get you some tea?”

Alenis Kendra nodded in the affirmative. Delainey chose to remain silent for the moment. The fewer people vying for the clearly upset woman's attention, the better.

"Doctor, perhaps it would be best if you were to give us a little privacy," stated the hologram as she headed for Meru's tea kettle. "Family matters, I'm sure you understand..."
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Tue Nov 17, 2015 5:50 am

Inaji's Departure
Lita's Tea House
Promenade, Deep Space Nine
MD06, early afternoon
Authors: Alenis Meru, Timothy Rouse

Lita’s Tea House
Deep Space Nine

“…and so that’s how I ended up on the Portland.” Over some Deka tea, Inaji Narale explained as much of her life as she could in a short time. After forty years of waiting, she had only a couple of hours to get to know her mother.

Tears were streaming down Alenis Kendra’s cheeks. “I’m so sorry,” she uttered, bawling. Hearing what her daughter had gone through while she was unable to protect her gave her the worst feeling that she had ever felt. “I should have been there…”

Inaji grabbed the elder Alenis’ hand. “I know there was nothing you could do. Gul Narale was a vicious, sadistic man. But he’s dead now and the galaxy is better off for it. And, finally, I can claim the life that he denied to me.”

Alenis Kendra wiped the tears out of her eyes. “We have so much catching up to do. I only wish we had more time.” Holo-Meru had told her that Inaji Narale was to become Tylo Nerys and start a new life near Romulan space, as far away from Cardassia as she could get. In what was effectively witness protection, she was to disappear, and have no contact with the family she was just reunited with for at least a year or two to throw off any suspicion.

“Me too.”

Their moment was interrupted by the entrance of a tall, blond-haired Starfleet commander entering the café. “Ms. Tylo,” called out Timothy Rouse as he approached their table. He paused for a moment, overwhelmed with grief as just seeing the two Bajorans with the uncanny resemblences to Meru reminded him of his dead friend. “It’s time for your tailor’s appointment,” he added, a reference to the Cardassian shopkeeper on Deep Space Nine who, in exchange for a few bars of latinum and a bottle of fine Kanar that Tim had procured, would arrange fake papers and safe passage on a freighter halfway across the quadrant.

Slowly, Inaji released her grip on her mother and stood up. She knew that this time she had with her mother and with Meru’s adopted family on the Portland, the first time in her life where she was treated as if she belonged somewhere, wouldn’t last. Alenis Kendra stood up as well and wrapped her arms around her daughter in one last embrace.

“I love you, mom,” whispered Alenis Kendra.

“And I love you too,” replied Inaji. “I love you too.”
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:18 pm

Resurrection, Part I
Shuttlebay Two, Deep Space Nine
MD07, 1300 hours
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Brad Silverton, Lt. (JG) Sera Williams, Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Coln Jena (played by Jason Beauvoir)

Tyrlai began the pre flight checklist while waiting for her invitees to show. This would either be a very strange tour of Deep Space 9 or it would be a memorable reunion and introduction for some to the Captain of the Portland. On her invite it was listed as simply a 'get to know each other' tour. She checked the location of her probe crawler and it reported back that all was well. She expected that an invitation from your acting XO would be relatively well attended.

Tyrlai had decided that the problem with her vision was the lack of knowledge the wormhole aliens had of linear time. They had no reason to resurrect the Captain here in the present time frame. They would go forward to whatever time the orb was restored and likely resurrect Alenis there. She furrowed her brow, there was no telling how long it would take her to find all of the pieces and the Portland needed her Captain now, not at some indeterminate future point. Fortunately the wormhole aliens could walk through time like she could walk across a room, so all she needed was to make them come back across the room to restore Alenis. Tyrlai's plan was simple, she would lock a small torpedo on her probe crawler and obliterate the body of her Captain. Thus forcing the Aliens to 'cross the room' and restore Alenis here, tonight. The trick being to beam her out before the detonation.

She mentioned nothing of her plan in the invitations of course. The main problem with her plan, as with many of her plans, was it's chances of success were iffy. The wormhole aliens might very well not need the Captains material form at all, in which case all she would be doing would be to create a needless and pointless light show in violation of station regulations. That was a risk but ultimately her starfleet record had always been on the colorful side. In time the whole torpedo thing would certainly be overshadowed by other dubious actions she was sure to undertake in the near future.

"Lieutenant Commander Zade," called out Nikki as she stepped through the door of the shuttle, a heavy holo-camera and tripod slung over her shoulder. When she got the invite to go on a tour with the acting XO, she responded immediately in an effort to endear herself to the command staff. Then, she spent the next several hours panicking and worrying about it, afraid she would embarrass herself in front of her senior officer.

Tyrlai smiled and waved her in. She was looking at the starboard wall pondering a pesky flashing red light on the console. "That camera may come in useful, set it in the corner and point it at the floor."

"I brought a camera! And a tripod and remote shutter, for selfies!" she exclaimed, spilling drops of her coffee on the shuttle floor as she bumbled her way to the seat. "This is going to be so much fun. Oooh! Can we go through the wormhole!"

Zade looked in the general direction of the wormhole and winced a little. "That might not be wise just this once." She looked back at Nikki grinning. "We've got fireworks and surprises though. Or at least one of the two."

Brad came in through the shuttle doorway mid sentence as he had been for years. "Tyrlai I got your message. So what kind of hijinks do you have planned for us? Oh hi Nikki."

"Hi, Brad," Tyrlai offered him a hug, "Glad you could make it, we may need your services." She embraced the good doctor, her brow furrowing just as her face was hidden as she thought up a cover story her little slip.. "Because, my parties are just that wild." She smirked and turned to kick the wall sharply. The flashing red light went out. "Pre flight check done!"

"Doctor!" exclaimed Nikki. Having placed her coffee on the console, she quickly pivoted in place and turned towards Brad. "Smile," she called out, raising the holo-camera and snapping a photo before Brad could even have a chance to react.

Jason and Jena made their way along the corridor to the Shuttle Pad. "What do you think this is about?" Jena asked.

"You know Tyrlai, it's probably something dangerous and flashy." Jason replied.

"True." Jena replied.

Arriving at the airlock, Jason and Jena came to attention. "Lieutenant Beauvoir and acting Crewman Coln reporting for duty, ma'am."

Tyrlai stared at them. "What's this on duty stuff, nobody's supposed to be on duty. Except me, I'm flying. Everyone else is to have fun." She winked at Jena. "Hi Jena, sorry I've been busy lately, we'll do something soon though. There's this molecular gelatin I think would be very useful for, um,... things. we can have an organizational meeting about it later."

Sera quickly made her way across the hanger and up the shuttle's ramp. With a quick knock on the side of the hull, she entered the small craft. Sera thought that she could definitely get to know the rest of the crew, being that she had only just met them just before the Gamia III mission. With a polite nod to each of those in the shuttle, she took her seat beside Nikki.

Tyrlai nodded to Sera as the engineer stepped inside and crouched looking for any stragglers. Tim would need to be here, she would fetch him from his bath with the transporters if she had to. She was hoping Marcus would let his curiosity get the better of him, as long as those odds were. A pair of white cat monkeys tore around a corner and got halfway to the shuttle entrance before spotting her. She glared and pointed back the way they had came. "Not you." Eyes wide, the cat-monkeys turned and scampered out of sight.

Tim was the last to arrive. He wasn't expecting to be here at all, but Tyrlai has been summoning him over his comm badge for the past half hour. Tyrlai was nothing if not persistent, so he finally relented, if only to get her out of his hair.

"Ms. Zade," he called out as he strolled quickly across the shuttlebay towards the shuttle. His uniform was immaculate, however a close inspection would reveal dark circles under Tim's eyes, indicating the lack of sleep he had gotten since the death of his close friend and captain. "You are no doubt aware that I have a meeting with the admirals in less than an hour regarding the report on the death of the captain; I trust this is important?"

"There are Admirals about?" Tyrlai asked with a combination of being dubious about such a probability and also being completely unaware that she had already missed all of her meetings with the same. She tapped her combadge. "Commander Zade to flight control, this is Federation runabout 'Trill Sucks' requesting permission to depart."

>>The registry for that runabout reads, the Thames, commander. But otherwise permission granted.<<

She closed the door behind the scowling acting Captain as he stepped aboard. "There are refreshments at the port side of the cabin along with emergency medical supplies. Please keep clear of the emergency transporters as they may well be put to use. Welcome aboard the USS Portland, I truly hope this is a memorable trip for everyone." She took the pilots chair giving only a scant few moments for everyone to buckle in and then accelerated from the station at the edge of regulation maximum speeds.

"Whoa, what's the hurry!?" exclaimed Tim, clutching the co-pilot's seat, surprised at the speed at which Tyrlai was whipping the runabout around the pylons of the station and oncoming traffic. As they pitched forward, the wormhole came into view. "Wait, we aren't going into the wormhole, are we?"

"That would not be prudent." Tyrlai explained as she banked the runabout and leapt to a quarter impulse, darting out over traffic lanes and out into the darkness. The trip took thirty-five seconds and breaking the shuttle was lurching and sudden. "We're here."

Tyrlai tapped a few commands into the console. "Fireworks of some kind in two minutes and counting." She readied her hands over the cancellation button with one hand and and the transporter controls with the other.

To be continued...
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:26 pm

Resurrection, Part II
Runabout Thames (or Trill Sucks)
MD07, 1315 hours
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Brad Silverton, Lt. (JG) Sera Williams, Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Coln Jena (played by Jason Beauvoir)

Last time on Star Trek: Portland...

Tyrlai tapped a few commands into the console. "Fireworks of some kind in two minutes and counting." She readied her hands over the cancellation button with one hand and and the transporter controls with the other.

And now, the continuation...

Inside the wormhole, the pagh of Alenis Meru manifested itself as the late captain. She held her arm up to her face, shielding her eyes from the bright white light that surrounded her. As the light began to fade slightly, she lowered her arm and squinted through the light, taking in her surroundings. She was on the bridge of the Portland, and standing before her was her friend Timothy and the rest of the senior officers.

Dazed and confused, she thought back to the last thing she remembered. She was in a cave... Kosst Amojan... she was using her last ounce of strength to beg Tim to shoot her.

Suddenly, she realized where she was. "Am I dead," she managed to gasp in a weak voice.

"Dead... alive... you think is such linear terms, my child," replied the prophet in the form of Tim. He stepped forward and squeezed Alenis' ear. "Your pagh is very strong."

"My pagh..." Alenis looked around. Tyrlai was there, as were all of her senior staff. And Ko-ko. "But, I don't understand. I was shot."

The prophet known as Tim stepped aside. "It was not your time," he said, motioning towards the screen.

Alenis backed up, almost falling into the captain's chair, and studied the screen intently. She could see the future, or at least one possible future. Before her, a story played out. One with a familiar cast of characters, her friends, twenty years in the future. She could see what had become of them; she saw that Sera had become captain, and had seen what had become of Marcus and Tim. And she saw their struggle to accomplish their mission, along with their final sacrifice.

"No..." she whispered as the destruction of the Portland played out before her. "This can't be..."

The Tyrlai prophet stepped forward and placed a hand on hers. "It is, and yet, it isn't..."

Before Alenis could respond, she could feel something tugging at her. Pulling her away from the bridge of the Portland, towards another white light...


For a moment the shuttle was gone, there was a shimmering white plain, the officers in the shuttle looked out and could see the last moments of the Portland bridge, in the future. Sera dressed in a Captains uniform, Jena at the helm. And somehow a few feet of shimmering white away, Tim and a few others in a shuttle.

Jena saw herself at helm, her Sciences blue uniform torn and dirty, around her the Bridge was in a bad state. Wires were exposed, consoles sparking and wall and ceiling panels were scattered across the deck, there were even some corpses laying amongst the debris. Jena was horrified by the scene, but the facts that she had remained loyal to Meru and crewmembers that had become her family and that she'd decided to follow her father into the Science made her smile.

Unable to spot himself among those on either the Portland's Bridge or future shuttle, Jason wondered what had become of him.

Sera began to walk around the bridge of the Portland. It looked like the ship had been through hell, yet in the middle of it all she saw her future self in the center chair. She smiled that she had been able to become someone who could be a leader, that people would follow her to whatever end. However, before she could get an idea about what was happening, the ship vanished in white as the warp core breached.

In the future, Brad was by Tyrlai's side. Still trying to save her after all the years of repeated failure, but now he was out of options and was left to just trying to make her comfortable. He hadn't put much faith into the Prophets over the years having trusted in science and technology. That had failed him and now at this final hour? Well what he hell if some energy beings claiming to be prophets could save Tyrlai when he couldn't...

There was a flash and Tyrlai felt the shard in her pocket vanish. Her hands hit the transporter controls and the body of Alenis vanished from the torpedo casing a quarter kilometer from the nose of the shuttle and onto the floor of the cabin between all of the attendees. Tyrlai stepped down motioning Brad over and knelt at the Captain's side. She could tell immediately, that Alenis was breathing. Tyrlai smiled as Alenis opened her eyes and was genuinely glad that the Prophets had kept their side of the bargain. Behind her on the main viewscreen torpedo casing obliterated itself in a colorful explosion.

"Welcome back, Captain." Tyrlai extended her hand, and Alenis took it getting to her feet.

"Thank you, Tyrlai," replied Alenis, slowly standing up with Tyrlai's help, still a little dizzy and lightheaded from her experience. Looking around the shuttle, she was surrounded by her senior officers. They were all frozen in shock, with the exception of Brad who was slowly reaching for his medical tricorder. "What's the matter?" asked Alenis, in an effort to lighten the mood, her voice wavering slightly. "You all look as though you've seen a ghost."

"You're alive!" Tim stated the obvious as he was holding onto the seat next to him. "You're not dead anymore!"

Alenis took a step forward and wrapped her arms around Tim, giving him a warm hug. Having seen what he had done for her in the other universe, she held him tightly as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks. "Thank you," she whispered in this ear. "You came back for me. Thank you."

Tim returned the hug, holding Alenis tightly. There were a number of questions to be answered about how this was possible, but in the moment, he didn't care. He was just overjoyed to have Meru back. Captains and their first officers may have their special relationship, but Meru was more than just a superior officer to him, she was his friend. "I..." for once Tim was speechless as he tried to stammer out his feelings. "I thought I lost you. That we lost you. But you're here..."

Behind her, Alenis heard behind her the sounds of a whirring medical tricorder and a loud thud, which would be Nikki fainting and her body slamming into the floor plating of the shuttle.

Jason was happy that Meru was back, he wanted to talk with her, but with Brad busy with her, he thought it best that he attend to the unconscious Miss Barclay. Grabbing an emergency kit, he made his way to her. He pulled out the medical tri-corder and did a scan. The results told him she'd be okay, her only injuries were a few bruises she'd received from hitting the deck. "Miss Barclay, Nikki can you hear me?" he asked.

Giving Nikki a glance to ensure that she was ok, Sera rushed to the Captain's side. All of the emotion of her perceived failure on Gamia III washed away when she saw that Meru was alive. "Captain, I'm glad you're still with us," was all that Sera could say. With tears in her eyes, she had to take a seat in the nearest chair.

Brad was as shocked as the rest at seeing the Captain appear but while the others seemed overjoyed, he was skeptical. He had just been through too much with alternate versions of the Captain recently. The energy wraiths took possession of her and used her, Brad had copied her and helped create an A.I. hologram version of her. As he scanned Alenis everything pointed to her being real, but there was one small detail he was looking for. Hoping and pleading to find that would prove this to be the real Captain.

And there it was. The small growth on her right ovary. Caused by the damned shard in the first place. He honestly hated that growth. It represented Meru's faith and its conflict with a rational, prudent course of action. But it was also hard to deny that it was intertwined with her being here and her return to the crew. Couldn't that just be good enough for now?

Brad lowered his tricorder and spoke softly. "Welcome back Captain."

Jena smiled they'd done it. Approaching the others she said. "Thank the Prophets, you're back."

"It is also thanks to you," replied Alenis, smiling warmly at her crew. They were like a family to her, and the family was now reunited. "All of you."

Tim glanced at his chronometer. "Um, as delighted as I am, I'm late for a meeting with the Admirals, so if we could return to the station..."
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:31 pm

Final meeting with the Admirals
Meeting room, DS9
Shortly after Tyrlai's shuttle ride
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru (the real one!), Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Admiral Washington (played by Alenis Meru), Admiral Cresswell (played by Jason Beauvoir), Admiral Anderson (played by Tyrlai Zade)

Seated next to Admirals Cresswell and Anderson, Admiral Washington tapped his foot impatiently as he looked down at his chronometer. Rouse was late.

And he hated it when people were late.

To show up late to a meeting with three Admirals was beyond the pale. It signified a total lack of respect for their rank and position, and a belief that his time was more important than that of three flag officers. It was a sign of irresponsibility that made Washington wonder if Rouse was truly ready for his own command.

Finally, Washington's assistant poked her head through the door. "Admiral, Commander Rouse is here. And... he has a guest... I think you should see them both."

"Very well, bring them in," replied the Admiral.

A moment later, Timothy entered the room, holding hands with Alenis who was by his side, to the collective gasp of everyone in the room except for Admiral Washington. Tyrlai Zade trailed in behind them trying to be as professional looking as possible.

"Ah, Commander Rouse, you're late," he started. "I don't know what they taught you in the academy, but I'm pretty sure you were taught to show up on time for things, especially when you're talking to three flag officers. And as for your little hologram, I didn't invite it, so I'm not sure why it is here--"

"But--" interrupted Alenis, not sure why Washington was talking about a hologram.

"Excuse me, we'll get to the question of your holo-matrix later," said Washington, glaring at Alenis. "I suppose since we are running late, we can kill two birds with one stone. But until I get to you, be quiet. Now, Commander Rouse," he started, looking over at Tim. "Given your record, and your existing relationship with the Portland's crew, I was considering giving you command of the ship. But, unless you've got a really good reason for being late--"

"Actually--" started Alenis.

"Quiet, I'm not talking to you right now!" Washington looked back up at Tim, doubly angry at both Rouse's tardiness and this unruly hologram. "I'm sure you understand that we can't just give command of a starship to a hologram cobbled together from an outdated EMH and some brain waves. Now, Mr. Rouse--"

Tyrlai looked over at the Captain, very much wishing to ask if that was the Commanders father in law but stifling herself.

The admiral's yeoman walked over beside him and leaned over, whispering in his ear. "Admiral--"

Washington turned towards her, the anger visible on her face. "What is it," he whispered. "This better be important."

The yeoman took a deep breath. "Admiral, the holo-emitters in this section are down for maintenance. They have been all day."

"So? Why do I care about maint--" Washington froze. He narrowed his eyes and stared at Tim, then Alenis, and saw a hint of a smile appear on her face. "But if the holo-emitters are down, that means..."

"It means I'm the real Alenis Meru, commanding officer of the USS Portland," replied Alenis, smugly.

Admiral Anderson cleared his throat and addressed the CO of the Portland sternly. "I have a great deal of paperwork here that says you are deceased, Captain. Including an autopsy report, I can assure you it's going to require a great deal more paperwork to undo what we have so far. Are you sure that is a path you wish to go down?" The Admiral said with only the lightest hint of a smile. "This is your one chance to reconsider."

"I'm quite sure; I much prefer being alive, at least at this present juncture." Alenis paused for a moment and backtracked; she thought she heard something a little out of the ordinary. "Wait, did you say Captain?" she asked, returning the smile. "Did you give me a posthumous promotion? I'm sure that would be even more paperwork to rescind, Admiral."

"I suppose technically..." blubbered the Admiral. He had never dealt with anything approaching this situation before.

"Paperwork aside. How is, Captain that you are alive?" Cresswell asked.

Tyrlai raised her hand from the back. "My fault, sorry. The wormhole-- erm Prophet," she said trying to be more reverent, "being a non linear being had knowledge of events still to unfold. We reached a bargain and the Prophet guarded Alenis' pagh while I arranged the return of the orb of life. Apparently that took some time, like twenty years judging from the appearance of those who helped me, so I had to blow up her casket in order to alert the Prophet as to when to restore her. Non linear perception can make those kind of things hard to spot I expect. Still, all's well that ends well and there were no crimes committed that I am aware of."

Those wormhole aliens or Prophets as they were also known, had never made much sense to Cresswell. "Commander I'm aware of a few crimes that you may have committed here, unlawful use of a dead body, unauthorized contact with a alien race, and a violation of the Temporal Prime Directive, for starters." The Admiral said.

Tyrlai's gaze became focused and she stepped a few paces forward. "The Temporal Prime Directive forbids me from altering past events, so it doesn't apply. Unlawful use of a dead body will be a tricky accusation to prove while she's walking around being alive and all. As for contacting alien races, I'm a member of the Diplomatic corps, it isn't just my right to make such contact, it is in fact my mandate."

Washington shook his head. Just the thought of the sheer amount of paperwork he would have to file in response to this incident was overwhelming. "The Lieutenant is correct. Without a dead body, we don't have any evidence for the first charge. And, not only is Lieutenant Zade a member of the Diplomatic corps, but if she is telling the truth, it was the alien race which contacted us. As for the violation of the Temporal Prime Directive..."

Washington held a hand to his head. He was never much good at temporal mechanics, always finding himself confused by the paradoxes that one invariably ran into when one studied even the simplest temporal mechanics problem. His professor at the academy said it best when she lectured him about thinking in such small, four-dimensional ways. That was decades ago, and he still hadn't improved much. He really didn't have the energy to deal with questions of time travel right now.

"...Captain Alenis, Commander Rouse, Lieutenant Zade, expect a visit from the Department of Temporal Investigations. Again. In the meantime..." Washington stared down at his PADD for a moment and considered his options. "In the meantime, Captain Alenis, I'm returning you to command of the Portland, pending the results of a full medical examination to prove that you are who you say you are. Commander Rouse, Lieutenant Zade, you will be returning to your duties as Executive Officer and Second Officer respectively. And as for the hologram, since there is the possibility that it is sentient and it can not be removed from the Portland without risking a complete cascade failure, I'm going to leave it in the care of the Portland crew, and assign Lieutenant Kallan to your crew as Chief Operations Officer, so he can study the hologram in more detail. Understood?"

"The hologram..." Alenis still was confused at why Admiral Washington was referring to a hologram. Then it hit her. She glared at her executive officer. "Tim, I thought you promised you would delete that thing..."

Tim looks from Alenis to Washington and just shock his head. All the trouble that small request had given him...
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Re: Mission Four: "Requiem"

Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:40 am

The Conclusion
Captain's Office, USS Portland
2391, MD07, late afternoon
Authors: Captain Alenis Meru, Cmdr. Timothy Rouse

After finally escaping from the battery of tests that Dr. Silverton had performed on her in an effort to firmly establish her identity to the satisfaction of Starfleet Command, Alenis returned to her office, with Tim escorting her.

Tim had so many questions, but now was not the time for those. He just wanted to treasure the company of his close friend and captain again. But, there was one question that he couldn’t hold in any longer.

“So, what was it like?” asked Tim as they approached the captain’s office.

“What was what like?”

Tim froze for a second outside Alenis’ door, dumbfounded at her response. “Meru, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Alenis rolled her eyes as she strolled through the door of her office. Or at least, she tried to, but the biometric sensors on the door didn’t recognize her and the door failed to open. Thanks to her quick reflexes, Alenis managed to stop, her nose barely a millimeter away from impacting the door. “Computer, open door, authorization Alenis Pi Alpha,” she called out in an irritated tone.

The computer chirped. “Authorization invalid.”

“What do you mean authorization invalid? I’m the…” Sighing, Alenis turned towards Tim. “You disabled my authorization codes?”

“I didn’t realize you were coming back,” he replied. “Standard operating procedure. And technically, you’re still legally dead for another couple days until all the paperwork clears. Computer, override, Rouse Gamma Three.”

“Thank you, Tim,” said Alenis as the door opened. Stepping inside her office, she made a beeline for her tea kettle. “Tea?” she asked, glancing back at Tim who slowly walked in.

Tim just stood there in amazement. His closest friend had just come back from the dead, and here she was, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. “I don’t know how you can drink tea at a time like this,” he said, standing there, flabbergasted at Alenis’ seemingly flippant attitude towards her death and resurrection.

“Oh?” countered Alenis, raising an eyebrow as she filled the tea kettle. “I drink tea all the time; why should now be any different?”

“Because you just came back from the dead!” exclaimed Tim, shocked at Alenis’ response. “You were dead! Doesn’t that bother you?”

“Not really?”

“Not really?! How can you not be bothered by this?”

Alenis took a deep breath as she prepared two cups of Pyrellian ginger tea. “Because I was saved.” It was really as simple as that. “Somehow, for some reason, the prophets saw it necessary to bring me back. I don’t know how, or why, or what unfinished business they have with me. And maybe these are questions that shouldn’t be asked. But the important thing is, by the will of the prophets, and with a little help from you and Tyrlai and the others, I’m here. And right here on the Portland is where I’m meant to be. The lengths that the crew went to in order to bring me back prove this. You and Tyrlai and Jason and this whole crew… you’re like a family to me. Even the hologram I told you to delete.”

Tim just rolled his eyes at the mention of the hologram. With the report of the Admirals saying that she couldn’t be deleted and she couldn’t be removed from the Portland without risk of her program collapsing, he was going to have to put up with the hologram for a bit longer. But Meru seemed content, peaceful even, and that was all that mattered. “You still didn’t answer my question,” he added. “What was it like?”

“Well…” Alenis held a hand up to her chin and thought on it for a moment. “It’s difficult to describe in words. But I would say--”

Alenis froze mid-sentence, interrupted by a loud chirping emanating from the corner of her office. “What’s with Ko-ko?” she asked, heading over to the bird’s aid.

“I don’t know,” replied Tim stepping a little closer to investigate. “She’s been acting strange ever since she laid that egg. Well, stranger than usual.” While at first he didn’t have much affinity for the bird, Ko-ko’s soft, gentle coos had helped him through the difficult days when he had thought he had lost Alenis forever.

“Her egg…” Alenis sat down on her knees in front of the cage and examined it Ko-ko and the egg closely. The mother was nuzzling the egg up beside her to keep it warm, while the egg itself was beginning to crack and jolt as the baby bird struggled to escape.

“Tim, quick, look!” exclaimed Alenis. “Ko-ko is about to become a mother!”

Tim headed over to the cage and sat beside Alenis, watching patiently as the baby bird slowly broke the egg open from the inside. “So, what are you going to name it?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the egg.

“I don’t know,” replied Alenis. “It’s Bajoran tradition to name pets after people close to you; people who you cherish--” Freezing mid-sentence, a wide smile appeared on her face.

“Wha?” asked Tim, confused, before his face turned to a look of dread. “No, you’re not…”

As the baby bird finally broke free from his shell, Ko-ko immediately took him under her wing, keeping him warm. “Commander Rouse,” said Alenis, glancing towards her first officer, “Meet Little Timmy, the newest addition to the Portland family...”
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