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Trick or Treat!

Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:43 pm

Trick or Treat, part I
Mess Hall, USS Portland
Halloween, 2392
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, PO2 Ellen Washington (played by Alenis Meru), PO2 Maria Hill (played by Alenis Meru), Lt. (JG) Marcus Kallan, Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Lt. Jason Beauvour, Coln Jena (played by Jason Beauvoir), Lt. Arthur Reynolds

The mess hall was a bustling hub of activity this October 31st; an event planned by the ship's morale committee had attracted most of the crew who weren't on duty. It was a human holiday, but they figured that after the stress of the past few missions, everyone could use an opportunity to unwind and enjoy each others' company. And inside, the mess hall was crowded with Portland crew in all kinds of costumes.

“I’m boiling in here,” said Timothy, wrapping his arm around Ellen. “This Catman costume is hot.”

“You’re Batman,” replied Ellen, rolling her eyes. “And I’m Catwoman. Get it straight, Tim.”

“Right,” replied Tim, rolling his eyes. He had no idea what he was supposed to be, but he knew it was some sort of 20th or 21st century pop culture character; a comic book hero who was a mild-mannered reporter by day and a crimefighter by night. The only other things he knew about his character were that his real name was Peter Parker and that his only weakness was something called Kryptonite.

But it was Ellen’s idea, and he would do anything for her, even if it meant dressing as a bat. Or a cat. Or whatever he was supposed to be. “I’m Batman, you’re Catwoman, and Maria is Harlequin.”

“Harley Quinn,” corrected Maria, approaching in a revealing black and red leather ensemble and pale white makeup.

“Right, Harley Quinn,” replied Tim in a decidedly unenthusiastic tone. “Has anyone seen Meru? It’s not like her to be la-aaaaaaaaaagh!”

Tim jumped up in fright, feeling a cold metallic hook on his shoulder. As he spun around, he came face to face with a Bajoran pirate, complete with a hat, eye patch, and a bird on her shoulder.

“Did I scare you?” asked Meru, a wicked grin on her face.

“Of course not,” replied Tim, though his response was quite unconvincing. “I see you’ve decided to incorporate Ko-ko into your costume; well done.”

“Yeah, it was the only humanoid and bird costume I could find in the database.” Alenis furrowed her brow. “Who are you?”

Tim put on a deep, raspy voice. “I’m Catman.”


Clanging and clattering, a knight stumbled her way towards the snack table, attempting to grab a handful of chips. But instead of them ending up on her plate, the chips ended up in crumbles on the mess hall floor, a victim of her bulky armour. Dejected, she gave up on the chips and looked over at a costumed man closely examining a spread of sliced protein cubes. “So, Marcus,” she said, flipping the visor on her helmet open, “what are you supposed to be?”

Wearing an assemblage of puffed security foam, dyed in muted pastels of primary and secondary colors, and carved in a myriad of geometric shapes, Marcus looked over at Nikki. "I'm a cannibal," Marcus replied, and then he speared a cross-section of a protein cube into his mouth. "See? Textured protein and carbohydrate supplement number seven. Nom nom nom."

"Very creative, Marcus," replied Nikki in a playful tone as she drew a foam sword. "But the villagers of Protein-Cubeshire have found a hero in Lady Nikki of Barclayshire, Knight of the Round Table! En garde!"

"Yawn." Marcus literally did not yawn, but instead said the word with a sardonic smirk. "Only reason why I even put the effort in is because Duvall was doing some materials reclamation and I grabbed the stuff before she could toss it onto the cargo transporter. And you're not allowed to hit me with a foam sword."

"Awwwwww..." Nikki put the sword away. "Well, enjoy your protein cubes. I better get the holo-emitters set up for our special guest..."


Jason entered the mess hall. He was dressed in a charcoal coloured pinstripe suit, black leather shoes. On his head he wore a black fedora, with a silver band that matched his shirt, and in his hands was a Tommy gun.

Jena followed her father in she was dressed in a Command red Starfleet Captain's uniform.

Spotting Jena and Jason walk in, Alenis smiled and stepped towards the two of them. "Lieutenant Beauvoir and... captain Coln?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "I don't know if I should be concerned or flattered that I'm apparently a Haloween costume."

"I meant no disrespect, Captain. I understood that the purpose of this festival was to dress as a hero, so I chose you." Jena said. Thinking now that Tyrlai had given her faulty information.

Alenis smiled at Jena and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Well, I think your costume looks great," she said in a warm tone, a little overwhelmed at Jena's compliment.

"Thanks, ma'am, I like your costume too." Then to Ko-ko, Jena asked. "How are you enjoying the party, Ko-ko?"

Ko-ko simply flapped her wings and let out a satisfied coo.

By that point, Arthur entered the mess hall completely unaware of the party. Pursing his lips, he wondered if he should ignore the hunger pains and return to his quarters without being seen. Unfortunately, he deduced this party would last a while, and with much of the staff off-duty to participate, he wouldn't be getting any help with his dilemma. Trying to avoid falling into anyone's line-of-sight, he slipped over to the bar and requested a large ale. With the replicator to his quarters offline, either by accident or because someone in the crew knew he wouldn't have emerged from his shell to visit the mess otherwise, he'd need something to make this experience more bearable.

"Lieutenant Reynolds," called out Alenis, spotting her Chief Tactical Officer seated on a barstool, alone, in his uniform. "I believe my orders were to dress up for the occasion."

Arthur inwardly flinched when he heard his name. Slowly, he turned to see the captain giving him a devil's glare. "Sorry, captain," he barely managed to say, uncomfortable as he seemed. It was difficult withholding the instinct to speak candidly. His only Tellarite acquaintance would be quite displeased. "I... missed the memo," he explained, knowing full well not to draw out any explanation with anyone in command. It would be a wasted effort if experience was any indication. "Should I go put something else on?"

"Hmmmmm..." Alenis stroked her chin for a moment. Having someone arrive without a costume was a serious crisis, but being a Starfleet captain meant that she was skilled in the art of crisis management. "Sit tight, I'll be right back," said Alenis, before heading towards the replicator.

Curious, Arthur watched her sift away toward the replicator. But after realizing the crowd had grown particularly loud, he pursed his lips and tried to focus on his drink. The last thing he wanted to do was show how uncomfortable he was in crowds. Besides, he thought to himself. If the captain says it's important, it's important. Counselor Jones didn't get his rank aboard the Warren by not sucking up to the boss.

A few moments later, Alenis returned with a small silver triangle. With Arthur focused on his ale, she suck up beside him and pinned it to his arm. "There," she said, as he turned to face her. "Now you're Voyager's Emergency Tactical Hologram, with a little help from some replica 29th century technology."

The sudden feeling of something getting pinned to his arm made him nearly spill his ale. Startled, he turned to look between the captain and the little plastic 'device' she patched to his arm. "Emergency..." Dumbfounded, Arthur wondered what the captain meant... until he recalled his research on Voyager during his time at the Academy. His face lit up at that realization and, with a smug grin that would make even the Doctor jealous, he said, "I see. So when should I get to work on that photonic cannon, captain?"

"After the party," replied Alenis. "Enjoy yourself, Lieutenant, that's an order."

"Yes, sir," Arthur said with a somewhat relieved tone of voice. When she was gone, he turned and shook his head before downing his drink and ordering something stronger.
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Re: Trick or Treat!

Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:46 pm

Trick or Treat, part II
Mess Hall, USS Portland
Halloween, 2392
Authors: Capt. Alenis Meru, Cmdr. Timothy Rouse, Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade, Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Holo-Meru (played by Alenis Meru), Lt. Jason Beauvoir

A few seconds later, Tyrlai stepped in in a blue and red ensemble. Her long, black hair straightened and shimmery, her long sleeved blue crop top, trimmed in gold with a stylized red and gold 'S' on the chest. In combination with a skimpy blue skirt it exposed as much golden-tanned midriff and leg as was possible. She had left the Trill leopard spotting so the others would still recognize her. A red cape, also trimmed in gold hung to just below the skirt and bore the same stylized 'S' in gold on gold this time. She walked up to the others with a slightly puzzled expression.

"My research told me that this holiday was typified by humans wearing costumes of a revealing and sometimes sexually suggestive nature?" Tyrlai asked as the others looked at her with curious expressions.

Tim spoke first. "Not for about two hundred years now."

"Huh, and here I was thinking this was just the sort of thing you humans needed a little more of."

"So who are you supposed to be?" The Captain asked.

"Supergirl." Tyrlai answered. "I chose her because we look alike."


"Yeah, we have the same color eyes."


Stumbling over to the portable holo-emitter that she had set up, Nikki removed her helmet and gauntlet and tapped in a few commands on the touchscreen to activate the unit. "Computer, transfer program 'Holo-Meru' to the Mess Hall, and replace her physical matrix with Meru Halloween One."

"Complete," replied the computer.

"Thank you, computer," replied Nikki. Thanking the computer was an odd habit, but it was one she picked up in recent months. After all, if AIs could become sentient like Data, the Doctor, or the Portland EMH, then perhaps it would be a good idea to be polite to them, just in case. "Now, activate the Holo-Meru program."

The portable emitter chirped and whirred, lighting up as it projected the Alenis hologram a metre off to the side. Surprised at the sudden transfer to these new surroundings, she looked around, quickly ascertaining that she was in the mess hall, surrounded by crew members who were dressed rather strangely.

Then she looked down. Instead of her modest yet fashionable Bajoran civvies, she was wearing a strange black and white outfit. The costume had long sleeves and a short skirt, and was accessorized with fishnet stockings and a veil. The outfit had a cross on her chest, and in one of her hands she found a short stick. The revealing nature of the costume, combined with the leather and fishnet materials, made her look like something out of a smutty holo-program.

Confused and rather irate over the fact that her program had been tampered with, she looked down at the bumbling knight next to her. "Ensign Barclay," she said a certain acidity in her voice, "what's the meaning of this?"

"Did you forget about the Halloween party?" asked Nikki, surprised. "After all the effort I went into to program an alternate physical matrix into your program?"

"But... I wasn't planning to go to this thing," sputtered holo-Meru, "and I definitely didn't ask you to prepare me a costume."

Nikki started shaking nervously. "Don't you remember?" she asked, wondering if perhaps her program was damaged. "I asked you what kind of costumes you wanted for the party and you said--"

"I said none!" interrupted the hologram.

"Yes, exactly!" exclaimed Nikki. "Nun!"

"Nu..." The hologram sighed deeply and held her head in her hands. This sort of miscommunication was the kind of thing that might happen in a Gilbert and Sullivan musical, not real life. She took a deep breath and looked around. She didn't want to go to the party as she would rather avoid talking to the captain, but everyone seemed to be having fun. Even Jason and Jena were present and enjoying themselves. "Thank you, Nikki," she said in an unenthusiastic tone and decided to make the best of this little mixup.

Seeing holo-Meru in her costume, Jason raised both eyebrows in surprise.

"Hello, Jason," said the hologram, approaching him, slightly red-faced. "I like your costume."

"Thanks, Doll. You look swell, yourself." Jason said in a New York/Chicago accent. "I bet those rags cost a lot of scratch. Let's get some giggle juice and get lit up."

Holo-Meru giggled at Jason's little performance. It was so cute how he tried to mimic the accent. "I'd love to," she said, before glancing down at her hand, still holding the riding crop that came with the costume. "Ummm, any idea what this is for?" she asked, waving it in front of Jason. "I'm not exactly familiar with Catholicism..."

"It's a riding crop, it was used to make horses run fast, though I don't know what that has to do with Catholicism. " Jason said. "Come to think of it, nuns aren't known for wear fishnet stockings either..."
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Re: Trick or Treat!

Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:49 pm

Trick or Treat, part III
Mess Hall, USS Portland
Halloween, 2392
Authors: Lt. (JG) Sera Williams, Selina Williams (played by Sera Williams), Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru), Lt. (JG) Marcus Kallan, Ensign Ronald Roberts, Ensign Jessica White (played by Ronald Roberts), Lt. (JG) Tolaran Kian, Lt. Arthur Reynolds, Ensign Malbi tai-Konjah, Cmdr. Timothy Rouse

Sera was pushed into the mess hall by her sister Selina. She had yet to fully recover from the accident, and thought it would have been a good idea to dress as a mummy. Having, 'borrowed' some perfectly unused bandages from Sickbay, Sera had created her costume in her free time... which meant all of the time now. Selina looked as though she came straight from an old sci-fi series from the late-20th Century. Selina had a red 'laser sword' called a lifesaber and wore a yellow utility uniform with a safety vest that she claimed was a pilot suit.

"Selina!" exclaimed Nikki, recognizing her, heading over as fast as her armour would allow. "Wow, a Jedi! I didn't know anyone else liked Star Wars? What's your favourite movie? I like episode--"

Freezing in her tracks, Nikki looked over at the mummy and into her eyes. Could it be? "Sera?" she asked. "Omigod, it is you! You're out of sickbay!" She stepped forward and gave her friend a big hug, using Sera to support herself as she stumbled over her heavy sabatons. "I'm so happy you're up and about! And your costume is genius! Those bandages, they're so authentic and..." As Nikki pulled away from the hug, she noticed that Sera's bandages had caught on her armour. Her panicked efforts to unhook the bandage with her gauntlets only made things worse.

"Uh, Selina, little help?" she asked, hopelessly tangled up in Sera's costume.

While rolling her eyes in utter embarrassment, Selina carefully bent down to help Sera's friend dislodge herself from Sera's costume. In an annoyed voice, Selian added, "I'm a Sith. I like the lightning."

Marcus laughed from around another protein cube. "You're hopeless," he said towards Nikki. "Hi, Sera. Or should I say, Undead Sera."

Sera smiled the comment and the situation with Nikki off as she looked at Marcus. "I thought it was appropriate for everything that happened... and how I feel," she responded as full of cheer as she could muster. Trying to deflect sympathy, she quickly added, "I hope that's protein cube 1031, it is Halloween after all." During her time in Sickbay, she had become a connoisseur of protein cube suppliments. 1031 was the mixing that made the usually bland cubes taste like candy corn.


The cold animated body of the once jovial Ronald Roberts shuffled into the gathering. His one armed body was chill and lifeless aside from its overt motions. No breathing could be outwardly detected. No pulse. All of the above was true for the very in-character ensign. Most of the costume was easy; a removal of a prosthetic and the natural operation of his artificial organs had made it easy for him to seem dead. Only after having sat in the mess hall's freezer for an hour and a half after an argument with Jessica that left him feeling morose were the finishing touches to his disturbingly convincing costume complete.

She had said he seemed so dead sometimes. She wasn't wrong, but it still hurt to hear. And so, in preparation for the festivities, Ron had decided to become as dead as dead could be while still ensuring another day of service after the party. He was glum. He was dismembered. To even the most astute observer he was lifeless. Reanimated. The walking dead. If that's how Jessica saw him then that's just how he'd be. A zombie.

Good thing he was the first of the two to enter. He could easily shuffle his way over to the snytheholic beverages and take his spot before Jessica could come in. He'd probably be spending the rest of the evening away from her while the two of them let their tensions subside once more. Besides, whatever costume she picked, a pretty pink ballerina or perhaps a scantily clad something-or-other, would certainly never be seen anywhere near a shambling corpse.

Until that beautiful blue-eyed babe stepped in with her shirt tattered and her hair all mussed up and, most importantly, with a large chained saw attached to her right arm and a sawed off shotgun in her left. “I got a bone to pick with you,” she said with a devilish smirk as she leveled the gun at him.

Perhaps they'd be spending the festivities together after all...


Tolaran rushed into the mess hall, he'd been on duty until not long ago and had quickly dropped into his quarters to pickup a costume he'd been working on for several weeks, he'd garnered lots of odd looks walking down the hallways but it was the spirit of this human festival after all. As the doors opened several looks were shot his way, some gasps and some stifled laughs... he was wearing tattered purple shorts and was painted green from head to toe, even his spots were covered up. "HULK SMASH" he shouted and stomped over to the bar...

Though caught off-guard by the lack of subtlety in the CSO's entrance, Arthur found himself laughing quietly to himself as the 'Hulk' approached the bar. "The Hulk, huh?" He recalled catching a few glimpses of some famous comics from the early 21st century among the possessions of one of his roommates back at the Academy, and the Hulk was a prominent character on some of their covers. With a chuckle, he added, "You always struck me as the Iron Man type of guy."

Tolaran laughed at Arthur "Whilst I was in the academy, I shared rooms with this guy from Earth, he was in to all of this stuff, I just found it a bit funny, but we did a few parties dressed as these comic book characters from the 20th and 21st centuries. It was a good time and also women seemed to find this look appealing..."

Malbi had heard rumors of a gathering in the mess hall, and being new, she decided that she had better attend in order to meet her new crewmates. She wasn't exactly one for parties, but she felt obligated. So there she stood, in front of the mess hall doors. She took a deep breath and stepped through.

She was immediately shocked by the wide range of extravagant attire. Certainly those couldn't be regulation? And then she remembered,


Malbi had always thought that Halloween was a holiday invented by academy students as an excuse to throw parties. And since she never attended them, of course, Malbi suddenly felt rather ignorant and under-dressed. She turned around, headed back to her quarters to find something to wear, perhaps her old Klingon Military uniform, when she was stopped by someone addressing her.

"Ensign," called out a dark figure who by day was mild-mannered executive officer Timothy Rouse, but by night was Batman. "I'm afraid I'm not sure what you're supposed to be..."

Malbi cringed, "About that," she replied, "I didn't realize that there was a... dress code." She couldn't tell who this man was, so she asked, "I don't believe we've met. I'm Ensign Malbi, the new computer systems specialist." She stuck out a hand for him to shake.

"Commander Timothy Rouse," replied Tim. "Or Catman, at least for tonight." He looked Malbi up and down, then looked around the room, stroking his chin, trying to think of a last-minute costume. Seeing Ellen sit down to re-apply her dark eyeliner, he got an idea. "I'll be right back, Ensign."

A minute later, he returned with Ellen's eyeliner pencil. "Hold still," he said, as he held it up to her face.

"I, uh, okay..." Malbi replied as the black pencil was dragged across her cheeks.

"There," said Tim as he applied the final stroke of the eyeliner pencil to Malbi's cheek. "You're catwoman, just don't tell Ellen or I'll be in real trouble, okay?"

Malbi attempted to smile gratefully, but it probably came off as an awkward sneer. In an effort to express her gratitude, she said, "Well, um, thank you." Getting into character, she added, "Purr."
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