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En route to the USS Portland
Authors: Ensign Sera Williams, Lt JG Amata Zan, Ensign Jeromy Grossnick (written by Jason Beauvoir), Ensign Nikki Barclay (written by Alenis Meru) and Captain Andrew Rouse, (written by Timothy Rouse)

"So, Sera, did you have any pets growing up?" Sitting in the right seat of the shuttle during her turn as co-pilot on a long and boring journey, Ensign Nikki Barclay tried to pass the time by twiddling her thumbs, counting stars, and fidgeting with a loose fitting on her control panel. But, unable to nap and with no better way to pass the time and keep herself awake with talking, she decided a little chatter with Sera, seated next to her in the pilot's seat, wouldn't hurt.

Sera took her eyes off the pilot's console and looked at Nikki to reply, "We had a cat named Freckles. We joked that her rent was paid by keeping the rodents and birds away from dad's garden." Sera had spent a little time with Nikki during their layover at DS9 and had begun the beginnings of a friendship, at least Sera hoped. "What about you?"

"That's nice. I had a dog growing up, his name was--"


Nikki's causal conversation was interrupted by a loud slamming sound and the shuttle being thrown about violently, too sudden for the inertial dampeners to fully compensate. As she put on her seat belt, she saw her console light up like a Christmas tree. A mostly red Christmas tree. "What just happened!" she exclaimed as the shuttle spiraled out of control.

Sera rushed to regain control of the hurtling shuttlecraft. "Inertial dampeners are struggling to compensate and hull integrity is critical." With her hands flying across the console, Sera added, "Compensating...."

"No good," exclaimed Nikki. "We've snagged some kind of subspace vacuole, it's going to tear the ship apart!"

"We have 30 seconds until the hull buckles, taking inertial dampeners offline, rerouting power to hull integrity." replied Sera mainly to herself.

With Sera unable to free the ship from the vacuole, Nikki decided to try something risky. "If we can't free ourselves we'll have to go through the vacuole," said Nikki, seemingly in slow-motion. "Sera, cut power to engines." Nikki's fingers danced across the control panel. "If I reverse the polarity of the shields at just the right moment, we should be able to weather this without too much damage."

Sera nodded and replied, "Right, we should bounce off... or rip a hole through space." Sera cut the power to the engines and let the shuttle drift towards the vacuole. "I am rerouting engine power to the shields." Here goes nothing. If we make it out of this, I'll have to send my thanks to the builders at whichever shipyard this came from." she added while mentally crossing her fingers.

The shuttle shuddered violently as it was pulled into the vacuole, and Nikki could hear the creaking of structural elements being stressed almost to their breaking point. Whether it was just adrenaline or some sort of relativistic effects, time seemed to slow to a crawl for her. When they were about to hit the event horizon of the vacuole, she closed her eyes and reached for the button to reverse the polarity.

Sera took a look out the viewscreen, and smiled. Nothing but empty black space. "Well, well, it looks like I have some thank you letters to write. Nikki, can you see if you can find the Portland while I run a diagnostic on the systems to check for damage? I'd hate to be late for my first assignment." The last comment was filled with a bit of embarrassment. If her fellow Delta Squad members could only see her now, Sera thought. A Rigel Cup winner almost destroying her shuttle on the way to her first real assignment. She could have kicked herself.

“So are we dead now?” asked a dry-toned voice from the aft cabin, coming from Amata as he struggled to the front of the shuttle, duty jacket missing and sleep in his eyes. He moved to an auxiliary display on the wall and started flipping through the ship’s data, sparing only a moment for in-progress diagnostic and instead focused on the sensor readings, understanding only one thing fully, they’d had contact with some sort of anomaly. Being about twenty years from his last astronomy lesson, the readings were far beyond his scientific literacy.

“Kosst,” he muttered in response to the situation, before turning back to the aft cabin and shouting, “Hey, star scientist, get up here if you’re conscience, sh’Kor too.” Grossnick would have a better understanding of what was going on than the three of them, and the Andorian was technically the ranking officer aboard. He turned back to the front of the space craft, basically next to the engineers, “Did you two do something to the shields? The anomaly’s giving off some kind of sensor echo effect and it's clinging to them.”

Jeromy, a little unsettled from the 'turbulence', got up from his seat and moved carefully forward. Approaching Lieutenant Amata he asked. "How can I be of assistance, sir?"

Sera, who had not really been listening and was only vaguely aware of the voices behind her, turned and said, "Well, the good news is that we aren't going to explode. The bad news is that I can't seem to find the Portland on my scanners. We are close enough to the rendezvous point that we should be seeing them... only we can't."

"That is strange, sensors are operating within normal param--" Nikki was interrupted by a large energy reading suddenly appearing at very close range. "Something's right on top of us, it's--"

She looked up out the windshield of the shuttle just in time to see the shimmering of a decloaking vessel at very close range. With a saucer section attached directly to the old warp nacelles, and clean lines which betrayed its age and the era in which it was designed, there was no mistaking this ship.

"That's strange," mused Nikki. "I didn't know that the Portland had a cloaking device."

"Grossnick, I need you on these scanners," ordered Amata, finally responding the Ensign's nearly forgotten arrival, a decloaking ship somewhat stealing his thunder. The lieutenant moved back from the panel, giving the other officer room to work, take a look at our shield readings and tell me if their are any concerns, and tell me anything you can 'bout the 'nomoly." Though he had no clue as to the teal trimmed human's scientific specialty, he knew that the PhD would serve better at the station than himself.

Moving to stand behind to two co-pilot chairs, Amata could clearly see the now decloaked Miranda floating just ahead of the shuttle, unfortunately he could not clearly make out the Federation markings, standard being hard for him to read at his current angle, "All 9th Fleet vessels have one, but most Captain's don't cruise 'round cloaked, something might be up," after a few seconds he stopped musing."

"Ping their transponder to identify and then hail them, tell them what happened and advise them that we may need medical attention," He didn't like that sh'Kor and Carlisle had yet to respond, but couldn't check on them until the situation was green.

Sera nodded her head, then pinged the ships transponders. "Nikki, can you verify the sensor readings? This can't be right. The transponder is pinging back the ISS Portland?" Sera asked the woman to her side, emphasizing the letter "I" where a "U" should have been.

"Hmmmm, that's strange," said Nikki, "Opening hailing--"

She was interrupted by a bump as the Portland engaged its tractor beams, enveloping the shuttle in blue energy. "Maybe they're just guiding us into the shuttlebay," mused Nikki. But something just didn't feel right, she thought as she linked the center screen to the hailing frequencies. "Hailing frequencies open. Portland, this is the shuttle Kasai-4. We hit some kind of anomaly, and need medical attention--"

Again she was interrupted as a picture of the Portland's bridge appeared on screen. But even it was unusual for it was darker than usual for a Miranda-class bridge. And the captain's uniform was all wrong.

"Identify yourself" Tim barked at the people that stared at him through the view screen. His officers had already told him that the shuttle wasn't to be trusted and judging from the people in the shuttle and the shuttles appearance he just knew this to be another ploy of the opposition. "And don't give me the bullshit you've been ordered to tell. We all know that too be a lie." He sliced his fingers through his pitch black hair. "There is no way to go. You'll be in the brig where you belong in no time. This is your one and only chance to save your sorry asses by telling who your working for? Who it is that send you to us."

As the pilot, and thus the closest one to the viewscreen, Sera answered, "Lt. Commander Rouse? Is this some sort of hazing ritual? We are newly assigned officers to the USS Portland, inbound from Deep Space Nine."

Tim raised an eyebrow, followed by a big laugh. He looked around his bridge. When he returned his attention back to the view screen he said. "As you are surely aware of my name is Captain Andrew Rouse. Commanding Officer of the ISS Portland."

[To be Continued]

Andrew Rouse

Re: Incursion

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Reflections, Part II
Somewhere near Gamia III,
Mirror Universe
Authors: Andrew Rouse, Eilis Ross and Sera Williams

Last time, on Star Trek: Portland:

Tim raised an eyebrow, followed by a big laugh. He looked around his bridge. When he returned his attention back to the view screen he said. "As you are surely aware of my name is Captain Andrew Rouse. Commanding Officer of the ISS Portland."

And now, the continuation...

Leaning over Rouse's shoulder, Eilis quickly entered a command into the Captain's console as she muted and killed the link and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "Attach a beam now and bring them in. I'm assuming you missed what was written on the side of that shuttle and you listened to their words....USS.... you know that can only mean one thing."

"I am aware of that." He growld. "Didn't you listen to what I just said?"

As Andrew responded to Eilis, another woman slowly, deliberately made her way over to where the two were talking. Her hair was long, dark dreadlocks that were wrapped in bands at the ends. She wore an old navy flight suit cut to match the women's uniforms of the old Terran Empire. Tamara pushed her way between Eilis and Andrew and said, "Now, Andy. Imagine how much the Federation has advanced in ten years. We could... take advantage of those advancements. Come on, let me take a team to their shuttle."

He looked at her. "Sure, why not. You can lead the security team." He looked around the bridge for a second. "Just try to keep them alive this time," he said after the moment of silence.

Eilis stared at the woman who had dared to push in on her space. "Be careful Tamara...." Her words were not just relating to the woman moving to board the shuttle but also to her having talked over Eilis. The woman would only accept so much before she'd hit back. "I want every single person from that ship intact. Their technology might be of use to use but their minds will be even moreso."

Tamara pointed at one of the security officers, "You, with me. Have a team meet us outside the shuttlebay." She turned back to Andrew, purposefully unfastening one of the top buttons of her flight suit, leaving a bit less to the imagination than her outfit already showed. Responding to Eilis but more or less directing it towards Andrew as she slowly wrapped an arm around the Captain, Tamara added seductively, "Don't worry. I aim to please." Tamara was the Captain's Lady after all, Eilis was just a homely upstart. Tamara was not worried. She unwrapped her hand and made her way toward the turbolift, giving Eilis a twisted smile as she passed.

Eilis stopped short of growling before turning to Andrew and facing him straight on. "If she looses us these people I will take a phaser and end her myself. The secrets and information those people hold are invaluable." Without giving him time to reply, the woman turned sharply on her hell as she recalled the turbolift and stormed off to prepare.

Andrew grabbed her upper arm just before she was out of his reach. He took one step to her while pinching her arm. Mobing his head to ver close and intimidating gesture he said softly but strict. "No, you will not. I'll deal with it, should such a situation. If you do anything to harm her you have to deal with me."

Eilis let out a hiss at the stab of pain before she turned in Andrew's direction and stared him out on the spot. "You remember what happened last time she was entrusted with something so delicate. You promised that time that you'd deal with her. You evidently did a good job of that back then."

He clinked for a second. He appreciate the bravery to speak up to him like that. Not many dared. Then a wicked smile appeared on his face. "I did deal with that. Don't forget I am the the Captain of this vessel. I don't require to let you or anyone else on this ship know how or if I dealt with a situation." He was fully aware she had a point. Tamara had caused them all a lot of trouble the last time, but he didn't need someone else telling him how to do his job.

Studying the man very carefully, Eilis moved up closer as she tilted her head to whisper in the Captain's ear. "Make sure you do my love." Pulling her arm away from the grip he still held, the woman stepped into the waiting turbolift as she instructed it to take her to the bowels of the ship. She may aswell spend this time preparing for what was to come. Someone was going to be hurt before this was over....Tamara had just better hope that it didn't end up being her.

[To be continued...]

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Re: Incursion

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Gul Alenis
Kel’don Shipyard
Asteroid Belt, Cardassia System, Mirror Universe
Two months ago

As she heard the airlock in front of her pressurizing, the raven-haired leather-clad woman stopped fiddling with her eye patch and stood at attention. Since the last remnants of the once-proud Bajoran fleet were wiped out at Gamia III a few months prior, Col. Alenis Meru was a captain without a fleet, a soldier without an army. Like most of those who were lucky enough to survive, she made her way to Cardassia, where she was fortunate to have a friend or two in high places.

But her retreat to Cardassia was not without loss. Badly burned and missing an eye, the last thing she remembered before everything went black was being dragged to an escape pod as the fleet burned around her. Her crew had put up a hell of a fight, holding the Terrans off long enough for five ships filled to the brim with Bajoran refugees to escape. She was told afterward that she would have been given the highest honour in the fleet, had there been a fleet left. Now, her people were nothing more than refugees scattered across Cardassian space. And those were the lucky ones; Gamia was the last Bajoran system to fall to the Terran Empire, and by that time tales of the horrors of Terran occupation of Bajor had spread throughout the quadrant.

As she stood at attention, her hand brushed up against her sidearm. It was definitely not standard issue; an antique projectile weapon taken as a trophy of war from a Terran commander she had vanquished. She didn’t quite know the history behind it, but as a ceremonial sidearm and a conversation piece, it couldn’t be matched. On one side it was engraved with the words “Colt Peacemaker” and on the other, “Adm. J. Washington.”

With a mechanical sliding sound, the holodeck doors opened, revealing a half-Cardassian, half-Bajoran woman with two bodyguards in tow.

“Senator Narale,” said Alenis, bowing to acknowledge the presence of her superior. “Welcome to the Kel’don shipyards.”

“Please, it’s just Inaji,” replied the senator, waving her bodyguards back with a motion of the hand. There were no threats to her on this station, and she needed more privacy than protection for this conversation. “We are sisters, remember?” she added, momentarily offering Alenis a smile, one which was not returned. “Let us take a stroll.”

As they left the bodyguards behind, Alenis turned to Inaji. “I take it this isn’t a social call. A shipyard in the middle of an asteroid belt isn’t exactly the kind of place for siblings to get together to reminisce. So, why have you insisted on this little rendezvous?”

“You fought well out there, Meru,” replied Inaji, ignoring her inquiry.

“Not well enough, I suppose.”

Inaji nodded slightly, not in agreement but in acknowledgement of the massive loses at Gamia III. “It was a tough battle. The Terrans are a vicious foe, and our scientists are still scrambling to catch up with the technology of their Defiant-class vessels. There was nothing that could be done.”

“That’s easy for you to say. It wasn’t your people who were vanquished.”

“I’m half-Bajoran, remember?” Inaji shook her head; her political opponents wouldn’t let her forget. But she had chosen to serve the Cardassia of her father rather than the Bajor of her mother. It was a source of tension between her and her sister, though that all seemed unimportant now. “Never mind,” she added. “Are you familiar with the Juggernaut project?”

“I’ve heard rumours.” Whatever it was, it was top secret. But it was also something that was too big to keep a secret, in spite of the official denials that such a thing existed. “Didn’t you just say on the news yesterday that there was no such thing, and that it was all just some fantasy created by bored officers?”

Inaji smiled. Her sister had said what she was supposed to say. “What else have you heard.”

“That it is supposed to be some sort of new ship, larger and more powerful than anything in the quadrant.”

“Very good,” replied Inaji as she led Alenis down the corridor towards an observation area looking over the shipyard. “Allow me to show you something.”

“You mean to say that the rumours are true?” As Alenis she stepped into the observation area, her question was answered for her. Below her, with work pods buzzing around it, lay the largest ship she had ever seen. It resembled a Galor-class, only larger. Much larger. “It must be four kilometres long!” exclaimed Alenis, awed at the scale of the thing.

“Four point three, to be exact. This is the largest and most powerful ship the quadrant has ever seen. It is capable of defending from attacks from any direction, and with forward weaponry that can make short work of even the most powerful Terran warships as well as an unparalleled planetary bombardment capacity, the ACS Wrath of the Prophets will lead the way as we avenge the fall of Bajor.”

Alenis couldn’t help but smile as she admired the vessel. To say it was impressive was an understatement. And the idea of using it to strike back at the Terrans and crush their rebellion filled her with excitement. “Wrath of the Prophets?” she asked, commenting on the name – a curious one for a Cardassian ship.

“Yes. She was named in honour of the longstanding friendship between the Cardassians and the Bajorans. And, we hope that this vessel will be a beacon of hope to the Bajorans suffering under Terran occupation.”

“I hope so too,” replied Alenis. “If there is one thing my people need, it is hope.”

“Indeed,” replied Inaji. “That is why I’ve insisted that command of this vessel be given to the hero of Gamia III.”

“The hero of--” Alenis was shocked as she realized who Inaji was referring to. “First things first, we lost that battle. I’m not a hero. And second… no! Absolutely not! I’m not going to be put on some pedestal!”

“Meru, we’re losing this war. Some people are even calling for a peace treaty with the Terrans.” Inaji practically spit the words out; as a champion of the Juggernaut project, she was one of the most hawkish voices in the senate. She knew that if they were to give the Terrans an inch, they would take a mile and use it to rebuild the Terran Empire. Not to mention the total breakdown of the Alliance that it would cause. “We need more than just this ship, we need some way to raise morale and shore up support for this war. Take a stroll through the refugee camps sometime and look at the despair. Both of our people need a hero right now. I don’t know what exactly happened at Gamia III and I don’t know if anyone will ever know the whole story, but to everyone out there, you’re that hero.”

“Shore up support for the war… or support for your party?” asked Alenis, squinting at her sister with her one good eye.

Inaji offered her sister a wicked grin. She was more politically astute than she gave her credit for. “My first priority is to do what’s right for Cardassia. Now, if I should benefit politically, so be it. But we both know what must be done, for Cardassia, for Bajor, and for the Alliance.”

“Well…” started Alenis, her voice relenting somewhat. She didn’t know how to do anything other than command a ship, and the idea of being the one to liberate Bajor and avenge her people did excite her. “I’m no political figure, but--”

“Excellent,” said Inaji, cutting off her sister. She knew by the tone of her voice that she was coming around. “You will be given a commission in the Cardassian Defense Forces, and assigned to the ACS Wrath of the Prophets as Commanding Officer. How does Gul Alenis sound?”

“I like the sound of that.”
Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

Ori Paiga

Re: I Feel the Need... (Rigel Cup 2390)

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Incursion, Part III
Somewhere near Gamia III,
Mirror Universe
Authors: Ensign Sera Williams, Lt. (JG) Amata Zan, Ensign Jeromy Grossnick (played by Jason Beauvoir), Ensign Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru)

Back on the shuttle, the mood was one of tension and confusion. "I've never met him, but that's not Commander Rouse," explained Amata the second the link to the Miranda-class was cut, a little bit of panic slipping into his words, "And that's not the Federation Starship Portland." He took his hand off the back of the pilot seat, which he hadn't realized he was gripping, and pinched his nose and cursed in Bajoran before collecting himself. "Alright," he began, slapping the back of a seat, "Send a distress signal, all frequencies, boost it anyway you can. There's no way we're getting away from this but if we're really lucky, say our prayers and all that phekk, maybe someone will show up to ruin his day. Till then, we stay cool headed and hope they'll bother treating our wounded."

Sera's fingers made a few taps on the pilot's console, then she looked at Amata and said, "Distress signal sent, all frequencies. It's being broadcasted in all known languages. I've shut down all power but basic life support to boost the signal." Turning to Nikki, Sera asked, "Do you think this is the Mirror Universe that Sisko visited that they taught about at the Academy?"

Jeromy looked out the starship though the runabout's transparent aluminium windows. Though it appeared to be a Miranda class, but there appeared to be indications that it had Ablative armor based on that used in Defiant class vessels. He was no expert, but he'd grown up around Starfleet officers/instructors and had learned a few things, and as far as he was aware no Miranda class in the fleet had such tech. "I'd say that was a definite possibility." He said answering Sera's question, even though it hadn't been directed at him.

"In that case," said Nikki, trying to recall her classes, "We'd be the first people from our universe to cross over to theirs within the past fifteen years or so. At least, the first people that Starfleet knows of. Who knows how much has changed in this universe since then?" she asked as the shuttle shuddered, caught in the blue tractor beam of the ISS Portland. "The Terrans seem to have done pretty well for themselves."

With a silent curse, Sera took her hands off the pilot's console. She turned her chair toward the rest of the crew, "There's nothing I can do, the tractor beam is too strong. We'd just burn up the engines trying to escape." With a dejected shrug, Sera responded to Nikki, "A bit too well if you ask me. Our own ship wouldn't even match-up to that." She then looked at the rest of the crew and asked, "What should we do?"

"Nothing, do nothing," solemnly answered Amata, hating space travel and sorely missing the simplicity of planet-side assignments, "When they board make sure your hands are visible." Having only gone to an Academy annex briefly, the security officer was suddenly feeling like the dumbest kid in the class, having no clue what a mirror universe was suppose to be.

Suddenly a thought struck him, "Computer, recognize security clearance, Amata Zan, lieutenant junior grade, assistant chief security officer USS Portland."

"Recognized, BETA - ONE clearance granted."

"Kosst, I'm suppose to be beta - two," the Bajoran pinched his nose, "Restrict all records and controls to beta - one access, with special exemptions for all officers on shuttle manifest, execute Amata alpha pi."

"All computer records have been restricted as per specifications."

Sera looked out the viewport to see the fast approaching shuttlebay of the ISS Portland. It certainly looked like it'd be more than a match for the Starfleet Miranda-class ships that she had learned about, though she had never seen the real Portland. As the ship quiet literally went into the belly of the beast, Sera muttered mostly to herslef, "Well... her goes nothing."

Inside the shuttlebay, Tamara fidgeted restlessly with her phaser. She had long since removed it from its holster. As the bay doors opened and the tractorbeam let the shuttlecraft through the force field. The shuttle came to rest gently on the ground as the docking bay doors closed behind it with a louder thud and hiss sound. Tamara motioned for the security team to take their positions around the exit of the shuttlecraft. She then opened a comm channel to the inside of the shuttle and said in her most intimidating voice, "We have you surrounded. Make this easy on yourselves and come out with your hands behind your head."

"Hands behind your head," repeated Amata to himself, worried at the female voice's request, an experienced officer would want to see their hands, an inexperienced one might get twitchy and fire, and the security officer doubted their weapons were set to stun. He sighed in defeat, “Wait to see what they do with me before following.” Amata reached over Ensign Barclay and activated the shuttle’s external speakers, “Understood.”

Moving to the aft of the shuttle, the Bajoran allowed the rear hatch to drop, staying out of sight until it touched the shuttlebay’s deck, “I’m coming out.” Just as ordered, Amata stepped into view with his hands behind his head, “We have wounded.”

Tamara stepped closer to the approaching Bajoran with her phaser drawn and aimed at his center of mass. Her long black dreadlocks made her look like a Klingon without the cranial ridges, but those familiar with the prime Sera could see the resemblance. Tamara gave Amata a supicious look and turned a nervous eye to her security team. Looking back at the Bajoran, she said, "A Bajoran, with Terrans? Looks like we have some spies." She really wanted to kill the Bajoran coming out of the shuttle, but her promise to Andrew held the trigger.

Somewhat stunned by the young woman's face, Amata stared blankly as she talked nonsense about about Bajorans, Terrans, and spies, the tension in her body language giving him a bad feeling. Signaled by her look, two of her team and roughly forced Amata's hands down behind his back, securing them with a restraint before kneeing him in the stomach hard enough to force him to bend over, but not hard enough to drop to the ground. Hooking their arms in his, the two forcefully dragged him down the ramp and away from the shuttle, were they fed him several more knees before determining he was sufficiently restrained.

Still fiddling with her seat belts, Nikki gasped at the sight of Tamara. Instantly, her eyes darted to Sera. "She looks like..."

"She looks like me..." Sera finished for Nikki, more than a bit horrified with the turn of events. Sera had just removed the seat restraints, and stood up. She put her hands behind her head and proceeded to follow Amata's lead.

"Interesting, but hardly surprising." Jeromy interjected, trying his best to remain cool and unconcerned, while in truth he was more scared than he'd ever been in his whole life.

Tamara made her way to the shuttle's ramp with purpose. Her security team was taking a bit too long in handling the situation, and she had promised things would go better this time. Once to the ramp, she pointed her phaser rifle at those still in the shuttle, and commanded, "Let's go! Hands behind your head and move it! Give me a reason to use this."

Tamara's face changed when she saw Sera. "You, who are you?" she asked with her phaser aimed at Sera. With a nervous voice, Sera replied, "Ensign Sera Williams, Starfleet."

Tamara gave a suspicious look to the woman, then delivered the shoulder rest of her rifle into Sera's stomach. Sera went to the ground in obvious pain, but was pulled back up by Tamara and pushed harshly down the ramp. "Anyone else want to try me?" an obviously flustered Tamara asked as she pointed the phaser at each of the shuttle's other occupants.

Jeromy raised his hands and carefully rose from his seat.

Sera was helped of the floor with a questionable amount of gentleness by the guards, who each shared a somewhat curious look as they noticed Sera's face. One of them got as far as asking, "Lt. Cmdr. she looks..." before Tamara had gone off on him.

With a bit of anger still in her eyes, Tamara stared daggers at Jeremy. The tip of her phaser rifle rose a bit to point at him, she simply said, "Get out." The phaser rifle shook slightly from her anger as she watched Jeremy's next move.

As the shuttle's passengers were unloaded, Tamara commanded, "Take the injured to Sick Bay, the rest will go to the brig with me."

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Re: Incursion

Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:46 am

Wrath of the Prophets
ACS Wrath of the Prophets
On the fringes of Cardassian space...
Authors: Gul Alenis Meru, Glinn Amata Zan, Glinn Coln Tela (played by Jason Beauvoir), General Mar'dok (Played by Sera Williams)

"Engineering reports all disruptor banks fully charged!"

"37th squadron reporting ready!"

"Marine squad Alpha is a go!"

Red alerts blaring, the bridge of the ACS Wrath of the Prophets was a bustling hub of activity. Officers were shouting orders, lights were flashing, and klaxons were blaring as the crew struggled to get the ship ready for a fight. It was the worst possible time for a Terran attack; not only was it shift change, but main power was offline on four decks due to some engineering work to correct a malfunction in the EPS system.

Blocking out the commotion around him was a Cardassian yeoman, carrying a tea mug and saucer towards the center chair, careful not to spill a drop. It took all his effort to concentrate, given the importance of his task and the chaos around him. "Your tea, ma'am," he said as he held it out towards the captain.

Taking the tea mug in her leather gloved hand, the captain of the vessel offered a subtle nod. It was Cardassian red leaf tea, her favourite. As the yeoman quickly retreated, the woman in the center chair took a sip of her tea before looking at her chronometer. "Time!" called out Gul Alenis. "Status, Mr. Amata!"

"We are at Warp 4 point.... 8," Amata said. "Shields are at 60%... we do have weapons at the ready. Ask the Prophets to keep them that way, if you can get through to them." He knew those numbers were not good enough for the supposed flagship of the new Bajoran/Cardassian Alliance. Since his twin his twin Amn's death at the hands of the Terran occupation, Amata had given up on the Prophets and had left the Vedek Assembly to their own devices. Because of that, the crew still referred to him as Vedek or, even worse, "Your Emminence," which annoyed him to no end. For now, he simply wanted revenge on the Terrans, and if putting up with a few ignorant comments was the price... it was well worth it.

"Not good enough," mused the Gul. "The Terrans are vicious; they'll attack out of nowhere, using every trick in the book. This isn't some laundry ship, this is the ACS Wrath of the Prophets, the newest and most powerful vessel in the Cardassian Defence Forces. We need to be at peak combat readiness at all times." She couldn't help but lecture. Her eye patch was a constant reminder of the viciousness of the Terrans. Even though the Wrath of the Prophets had unparalleled combat sensors, the cloaking technology of the Terrans meant that no Cardassian ship, least of all the one which was supposed to give hope to Bajor, could afford to let down their vigilance even for a moment.

"Sir, sensors are at 73% efficiency, some dorsal sensor arrays are without power." Glinn Coln reported from the Science station.

The Vedek looked at Glinn Coln, daring the science officer to give more bad news. "That is simply unnacceptable. Find some way to to get this ship in fighting condition. The Terrans could be on us at any time." His voice was stern, yet controlled. That came from his experince leading worship services in the temple for so many years.

T'Kara swore as she replaced yet another EPS rely. It was the 15th since leaving the shipyard. The idiots that laughingly called themselves 'ship designers', had tried to do too much in too short a time. That was not to say that the engineer didn't appreciate or marvel at what they'd done in such a short time, but they'd cut too many corners which may lead to all their deaths. Although she was unafraid of death, she saw neither the logic or honour in dying due to a faulty design. After replacing the maintenance hatch, she hit the wall and some systems returned to life.

Parker over watched the bridge and busy preparation. As long as Captain Alenis of the ACS Prophet's had her tea things would run smoothly. At least that is the way it was supposed to happen. "Central Bajor Command would like a status report Ma'am as soon as possible." Parker stressed his comment. His large Bajoran nose imprint and a smirk. The lighting around the consoles in battle mode.

The Klingon General had stood toward the back of the bridge. He wore his full regalia, showing himself as a General and a member of the powerful House of Mar'Kash. This new ship of the Cardassians made him laugh, it was a pathetic site. The ship was so massive and clunky that it couldn't even be fully powered. A few of their newly minted Birds of Prey would make quick work of this new design if given the opportunity. Using a derogatory tone, Mar'dok's powerful voice chimed in, "So this is the new Cardassian flagship? The hope of Bajor?"

Alenis squeezed the bridge of her nose and sighed. "Mr. Amata, we'll have to do a lot better than that. Make engineering work around the clock if you have to to repair our systems, and arrange drills for every department. Three drills a day, until performance improves. Mr. Hudson, signal command and inform them that we are still working on rectifying their design and construction errors, and that we hope to be combat-ready shortly." Her tone was acidic. Since taking command of this ship, which was sold to her as the most powerful warship in the quadrant and the hope of Bajor, it had been one problem after another. She should have realized that the malfunctioning door and faulty communication system which rendered her trapped in her office for several hours the day before launch was a bad omen. After all, if they can't even get a door right, what is the hope that they might get the most ambitious warship in the galaxy right?

"And General Mar'dok," she added, placing her tea aside and standing up to face the Klingon liaison who had been assigned to her ship. With her one good eye, she stared the Klingon general down, as her right hand instinctively came to rest on the ivory handle of her revolver. "Any ship this large is bound to have some teething issues. But mark my words, this ship will be the point of the spear which breaks the so-called Terran Empire."

The General liked this Meru. While her ship left much to be desired, it's Captain was a different story. His hands stayed crossed and he stared the Bajoran down in return. There was no fear in his eyes as he knew that no harm would come to him. After a tense moment, a grin crossed his face as he gave Meru a hard slap on the back. "For the sake of this... alliance, I hope you are right Captain." Lowering his voice to just above a whisper, he added, "Why waste your time in this Cardassian garbage scow? You'd do better aboard one of our new Birds of Prey."

Alenis smirked back at him and looked around the bridge. All around her were a ragtag bunch of refugees. Many of them had scars, and most of their uniforms were either not exactly uniform or borrowed from the Cardassians. They were a scraggly bunch, but they were some of the last remains of her once-proud people. "As nice as your Birds of Prey are," she said, lowering her voice, "this is where I belong."
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Re: Incursion

Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:49 pm

A Warm Welcome (Incursion, Part V)
Brig, ISS Portland
Mirror Universe

Authors: Eilis Ross (<MU), Tamara Williams (played by Sera Williams), Luka Mahone, Sera Williams, Nikki Barclay (played by Alenis Meru)

Eilis eyes narrowed as she looked over the small group held in one of the cells. The already cramped quarters was made worse by the more than one person being inside but right now it served a purpose to keep them all together. The dark lighting caused shadows to cross their faces, hiding the fear and anger that the young woman knew was bubbling under the surface.

Eilis didn't need to do a head count to straight away recognise that people were missing. "You were warned Tamara not to touch a hair on their heads...." Turning to her adversary, the officer wasn't anywhere near being happy. Yet again Tamara had royally screwed up, but had anyone expected anything less.

Tamara had almost enough of Eilis. Staring daggers at the woman, Tamara growled, "They're alive. Blame the guards, they took care of the Bajoran." Tamara pressed her face in close to Eilis, then whispered venom that only Eilis could hear, "I'd watch the tone. I'd hate for an accident to happen while the prisoners make an escape attempt."

Very easily, Eilis raised her hand to cup it around Tamara's throat as she exerted enough pressure to stop the flow of oxygen. "I'd be very careful who you threat my word and I'll have you shot quicker than you can cry out your lovers name. He can only protect you so far...."

Tamara's eyes stared murder at Eilis. In any other situation, Tamara would've taken the d'k tahg at her side and ran the other one through. She had won it by killing a Klingon warrior and stealing it from his corpse. This time, however, she simply slammed her fists into Eilis' elbows to release the hold. "You are the one who should be careful. This is your show, so I'll let it slide," she said hiding a bit of fear behind blinding rage.

Eilis held a the woman's throat a little longer before she finally let go and turned to the cell. Deactivating the force field, her whole deminer and face changed as she met each of the captives eyes, one after the other. "I apologise for my colleagues behaviour."

Indicating to one side, she motioned for one of her officers to step forward with a platter of food and a jug of water. "I imagine you must be hungry and thirsty after the ordeal you've been through."

From the opposing corner of the cell, a disheveled-looking man, dressed in a dirtied, blue jumpsuit and doctor's coat, snorted out a laugh. He eyed the oddly-dressed prisoners, before leveling a single-eyed stare on Eilis, choosing the wiser option to not speak further.

Hearing the noise, the false smile on Eilis' lips never once slipped as she tilted her head slightly to the side. "Is there something the matter Mr Mahone? I hope that you aren't feeling unwell, I can always arrange a repeat visit to sickbay if it is neccessary?"

Quirking a brow, the vibrant-eyed man shook his head, speaking in a lowered, gruff tone. "I don't think that'll be necessary, Miss Eilis. I think you'll find I am... fit as a fiddle, as they would say."

Sera struggled a bit as she rolled into a sitting position. Her captors were not the most gentle, and the hand restraints caused some difficulty in pushing herself up. She noticed that she was in the corner of what definitely looked like the brig of a Portland class ship, one that seemed a bit off. Inside her mind, she located the EPS conduit and other important components of the holding cell. She tried to stay as quiet as she could, it was obvious this new interrogator wasn't in the mood for games.

Eilis' eyes moved over each of the bodies crammed into one cell. One in particular caught her eye, the uncanny resemblence to get own antagonisor was slightly nerve wrecking but at the same time to be expected...they were from pararell universes after all. "So can anybody explain what precisely happened to land you all here?" Years had been spent experimenting on inter-universe travel. The wealth and knowledge each universe could bring to hers unimaginable. They could bring down the disgusting Bajorians in one single strike, wipe the universe of their existance. Any clues that these captives may have to making the travel happen would be gold dust.

Sera looked up at the woman, her eyes hurt and was most certainly swollen and there was a nagging pain in her stomach. "We were en route to meet with our new ship, in a shuttlecraft. Out of nowhere we encountered some sort of subspace vacuole. We couldn't escape, so we went through it. Instead of bouncing off, we wound up here." Sera told the whole story as she knew it, though somehow she knew that their interrogator wouldn't be convinced.

The woman's injuries didn't go unnoticed by Eilis as she fisted her hands by her sides and struggled not to hit out at Tamra. The stupid woman had no handle on her temper and was a liability. Indicating towards one of her officers and a medikit, Eilis dropped the forcefield as she indicated for the woman who had spoken to move forward. "Sounds like a frightening experience for all involved. I apologise about the greeting you received once you got here. Things are a little...uneasy in this quadrant at the moment."

"I see that," replied Nikki, placing a hand on her friend to comfort her. "If you would just let us get back to our shuttle, we can try to replicate the accident that brought us here and return to our universe." She could see by the look on her captors' face that that wasn't going to happen. "That is, if it's not too much trouble..."

Eilis kept the forcefield down but knew the staff would have her back if the captives should try anything. Shaking her head sadly, she leaned her shoulder against the cell edge as she waited for the injured crew member to come forward. "We are currently checking your shuttle over as there seems to have been some damage sustained. Right now we aren't even sure if she's operable beyond life support."

Sera looked over at Nikki and nodded her appreciation, then gave her a 'that's BS' look. Sera wanted to explain that the ship was certainly able to fly and that they had only been captured because of the tractor beam. What held Sera's tongue was the fact that the ride had not been gentle, if these people wanted to make some repairs to the shuttle... Sera wasn't going to be the one to fight them. Instead, she looked at Eilis and asked, "That one, the one who got us off the shuttle. What is her name? If you don't mind me asking."

Eilis glanced over her shoulder to where the woman in question stayed in the shadows before looking back at Tamara's doppelgänger. She knew that she wasn't fooling the captives but that just played towards her game. No matter what they may have thought, they weren't going to be going anywhere. "Tamara Williams. She is our Chief Engineer onboard. I'm sure that you know the principle of the alternative realities....It seems you're getting to meet your alt half quicker than some of the others."

"As much as I'd like to talk," started Nikki, cautiously, "Sera here is a great mechanic. If you just let us go, she can repair the shuttle and we'll be on our way."

Eilis let out a little sigh as she shook her head. Stepping back from the cell, she deactivated the field before tossing the med kit to one of her officers. "I don't think that you understand....None of you are going anywhere....Your not going back home."

Nikki sighed. So much for that. "Well then, what do you want with us?"

Sera's eyes narrowed slightly as she thought, then widened a bit as she came to a realization. "They want technology," she said in revelation. She remembered a class at the Academy that discussed Captain Sisko's last time in the Mirror Universe. He had delivered schmatics for the Defiant, and even helped supervise construction and piloted the ship here.

Nikki nodded in response to Sera. If it was technology they wanted, then they were in trouble. Handing over a bunch of technology to an aggressive alien race, even if they were mirror copies of themselves, was an unacceptable risk in the eyes of Starfleet. And if they couldn't give these people what they wanted... Nikki shuddered at the thought of what they might be capable of.

"And with that I will leave you all be..." Eilis took a step back as she indicated for the forcefield to be reactivated. "If there is anything you need, just let one of my men know and it will be provided for you...within reason."

As her nemesis left the detention cell, Tamara stepped forward. Her eyes fell upon her mirror captive as she asked Eilis, "Get anything good out of them?"

Eilis barely looked at the other woman as she moved out of the area, leaving Tamara to keep pace. "Only that they asked questions about who you were. We have their technology and very soon...we will have their minds."

Tamara brushed off the other woman's commentary. She had convinced herself that the words of lambs meant nothing to lions. "I'll make sure they aren't destroying any tech we can use," announced Tamara as she picked up her pace, shouldering past Eilis as the engineer made her way to the shuttle bay. If anyone was going to get any technology, it was going to be the Chief Engineer.
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Re: Incursion

Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:52 pm

Welcome to sickbay
Sickbay, ISS Portland

Authors: Amata Zan (played by Alenis Meru), J'Son (played by Jason Beauvoir)

To some the Sickbay on the ISS Portland would appear like Dr. Frankenstein's lab. The technology present was a mishmash from several cultures. Some of the technology was even organic and lent an interesting range of smells to place. In the middle of all this stood what appeared to be a Borg drone.

Amata was the first to awaken in sickbay. "Uuuuuggh," he groaned, raising a hand to his head. "Where am I?" he asked, dazed by his injuries and confused by his surroundings.

"You are in my Sickbay, Bajoran." Said the cyborg medical and science officer, tipping his head to one side to observe his 'patient'. "Your injuries are extensive, but not life threatening. I have immobilized for your own good."

"Who... who are you?" asked Amata, as he took in his surroundings. Delainey and Thoval were both unconscious on biobeds next to him, and while it looked like some sort of Starfleet sickbay, the decor was a little darker than he was used to. "Wait a minute, you're not Starfleet--"

"I am Lt. Dr. J'Son and this is my Sickbay on the ISS Portland." J'Son replied. "Starfleet? oh yes, you are from the 'other' universe, very interesting."

"Other universe? But--" as the words rolled off his tongue, the memories of what had happened immediately prior to him being knocked out came rushing back. This wasn't the USS Portland; he was trapped in the mirror universe. "My colleagues, are they all right?"

"Yes, for the time being." J'Son replied, his mouth moving in a sinister approximation of a smile.

Amata froze for a second to ponder his tactical situation. It wasn't good; he was in no position to demand anything, and he had two unconscious officers to take care of. On top of that, half his party was missing; if he was lucky, they were locked up in a brig somewhere. "I want to see them," he replied, his eyes narrowing as he stared down J'Son.

"Your wants are immaterial, my experiments are paramount." Then another sinister smile. "Lay back, this won't hurt...well not for long anyway." J'Son said as he picked up a rather frightening looking medical utensil.

Amata broke out into a cold sweat as the cyborg brought the medical utensil closer... closer... closer... Unable to move, unable to resist in any way, there was nothing he could do. With the instrument only a few centimeters from his chest, he closed his eyes and made peace with the prophets, if they could even hear them in this universe.

But instead of the sound of the instrument digging into his flesh, he was relieved to hear a voice coming from the doctor's comm badge.

"Doctor J'Son, this is Captain Rouse. The captives are from the other universe. I want them unharmed; they have information and technology that could be extremely valuable."

A frown crossed the Cyborg's lips. "Aye, aye sir." He replied, but his tone betrayed his disappointment.
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Re: Incursion

Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:53 pm

Assault on Gamia III
ACS Wrath of the Prophets
Mirror Universe, on the fringes of Cardassian space...

Authors: Gul Alenis Meru, Glinn Amata Zan, Glinn Coln Tela (played by Jason Beauvoir), General Mar'dok (Played by Sera Williams)

A few hours out from their destination, the ACS Wrath of the Prophets led a joint Cardassian-Klingon task force with one simple goal: to take back Gamia III. Flanked by two Galor class cruisers, and with Mar'dok's squadron of Birds of Prey for support -- not that the Wrath of the Prophets needed much support, mind you -- the task force would be unstoppable.

In her black leather uniform and the eye patch she had worn since her last visit to Gamia III, Gul Alenis stepped out onto the bridge. "Intelligence report," she called out, looking down at Glinn Amata, her second in command.

"The Terrans seem to have anticipated our attack. Long range sensors indicate that they have massed forces at Gamia III and are preparing a defense." The Glinn vacated the center chair and moved to a seat to her left, across from General Mar'dok. "I'm detecting at least eight Defiant-class escorts, four Rhode Island class destroyers, a Sovereign class heavy cruiser, and..." Amata paused for a moment, knowing how Alenis might react. "The ISS Portland."

"Rouse," she uttered, scowling at the name. It was he, the captain of the Portland, who took her eye in battle the last time they had met. While she despised all Terrans for what they had done to her people, with Rouse, it was personal.

"Yes, Rouse's vessel," replied Amata. "I'm also detecting a low-frequency repeating signal from one of our intelligence assets. It appears that Mr. Mahone has been captured, but listen to this." Amata pressed a button on the LCARS panel on his chair to bring up the audio file.

"...being held on the ISS Portland." Alenis recognized it instantly as Luka's voice. "They have also captured a small group of Terrans from the other universe, as well as their shuttle. They want their technology."

Alenis brought her fist down onto a control panel with a thud, so hard that it caused an audible rattle, indicating the shoddy workmanship of some of the Cardassian contractors. The last time the Terran Empire got technology from the other universe, they were able to create the deadly Defiant-class escort, which turned them from a minor annoyance hiding out in the badlands to a major threat to the safety of the quadrant. If they were to get more advanced technology, there would be no telling what they could be capable of.

"Continue on course towards Gamia III. Prepare all fighter wings and the marine battalion. We're going in."

"But captain, they are ready for us--" protested Amata. An untested dreadnought taking on a well-prepared enemy was a recipe for disaster, and he suspected that Alenis' hatred for Rouse and the visitors from the other use was clouding her judgement."

"You have your orders. We'll make Gamia III a graveyard for the Terran task force, as well as these interlopers from the other universe. Amata, prepare our vessel to lead the assault. General Mar'dok, prepare your birds of prey; we'll launch a full-frontal attack while you use your ships' cloaking devices to hit them on their flank. Today, Bajor will rise again."

"Captain, I'm detecting an alarming variance in the warpcore." Tela reported. Then under her breath she cursed the Cardassian engineers.

Alenis nodded in acknowledgement. "Helm, what is our ETA at Gamia III?"

"Four hours, thirty-seven minutes," replied a Cardassian officer at the helm.

"Glinn Coln, you have three hours," replied Alenis towards Tela. "I want the warp core running steady, at at least 98% efficiency. Any questions?"

"Aye, ma'am, your will be done." Tela said as she left the Operations console in the hands of a replacement and made her way down to Main Engineering.

Mar'dok shifted a bit uncomfortably as he noticed the shoddy craftsmanship of the Cardassians. He would've given just about anything to be aboard one of his new Birds of Prey. The Klingons had secretly captured a Defiant-class starship without informing the rest of their alliance, less the Terrans get word that their technology had been compromised. In fact, his new Birds of Prey had been built using technology from the captured Defiant that had been reverse engineered to fit into Klingon ships.

Looking at the Captain, Mar'dok replied, "I'll take the unused universal console just behind tactical to coordinate our end." Trying to hide a bit of hopefulness in his voice, he added, "Unless you'd prefer I lead from my flagship?"

"Why watch this historic moment from the bridge of your vessel when you have a front row seat here?" asked Alenis. Seeing that he was unconvinced, she decided to appeal to his sense of honour. "General, this ship may have a few bugs to be worked out, but it is the pride of my people and a testament to our long-standing friendship with the Cardassians. It would be an honour to be blessed with your presence as Bajor rises from the ashes."

In high level Klingon circles, the Bajorans were a much bigger priority than the Cardassians. It was why the Klingons had tried to pull Bajor away from the Cardassians for some time, the Council saw a better and stronger ally in the Bajorans. Both of their people used to be religious, but it was the Terrans who had taken away both of their people's gods. "The honor is mine, Captain," General Mar'dock replied as he changed his mind about his posting. If it were a Federation ship he would have taken the Chief Councelor's seat, right beside the Captain.

Using the console attached to his new chair, he opened a channel to the Klingon Fleet. "Mar'dock to the fleet, form up in battle positions. Engage cloaks and take flanking positions." From where he sat, he envisioned his new starships wrecking vengence upon the Terrans for everything the Klingons had been through for the last 200 years. "Remember, it was the Terrans who cut our people off from the gods. Fight so that the gates of Sto-vo-kor are flung open. Honor awaits us."
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