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Arrival on Trill (Ep.7 backpost)

Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:14 am

Bridge, USS Portland
Near the start of Mission Seven
Authors: Captain Alenis Meru, Coln Jena (NPC Beauvoir), Lt. Jason Beauvoir, Commander Timothy Rouse, Admiral Washington (played by Alenis Meru)

It had been a few days' journey from the Borg-infested nebula. The less damaged vessels were taking care of cleanup duty, and a few Olympic class vessels were en route to the nebula to deal with the thousands of drones regenerating in their alcoves, disconnected from the collective. The Portland had spent the last few days limping home at low to medium warp, so as not to stress the old girl and add to the severe damage the ship had suffered.

At the center chair, Alenis took a sip of her tea, her mind already on her week at the spa. As much as she was loathe to admit it, she needed a vacation.

Jena sat at one of the ancillary stations. She'd asked the Captain's permission to be on the Bridge when they arrived, because she'd wanted to see Trill from orbit. She'd kept quiet as she watched the Bridge crew go about their duty. She smiled , she was happy to be back on the Portland. The Starbase had been fun for a little while, but the Portland was her home.

Jason checked the sensors as they dropped out of warp. There didn't appear to be any problems. So, he reported. "We have arrived, Captain."

After looking at Meru to ask her for permission to take over Tim stood up from his seat before saying. "Start docking procedure with the shipyard," They had been ordered to dock at the shipyard in order to get the much needed repairs.

"Yes," replied Alenis, "hail the shipyard for an approach vector and set course."


The planet Trill floated like a precious gem in the blackness of space. The pale green of the land, with its blur tinted mountain contrasted with the purple of its many oceans.

"It's beautiful." Jena said completely forgetting Bridge protocol.

Arthur subtly sneered at the image, but decided not to elaborate. Instead, he focused on the tactical console and tried not to be a huge ass.

As the Portland approached the shipyard, the weapons system on the starbase began to light up.

Although briefly readying himself to activate the shields at a moment's notice, Arthur reasoned that the starbase had no ill intent. Furthermore, the captain didn't give the order to raise shields, and the ship's new chief tactical officer wasn't looking to screw up the one chance he had to make a semi-decent impression on his new commanding officer.

Alenis raised her eyebrow, but as she saw the three salvoes of torpedoes sail by harmlessly, she realized what was happening. "It's a salute to the fallen," she said, solemnly, as silence fell over the bridge crew.

A moment later, the silence was interrupted by Admiral Washington appearing on screen. His ship wasn't as badly damaged, so he had managed to make it back to Trill first. "Captain Alenis," he said, in a solemn tone, "Starfleet salutes the bravery of your crew and those who gave their lives to protect the Federation."

"Thank you," replied Alenis. "I would return the honour, but our weapons systems are offline." She glanced over at Tim for a second and then back at the Admiral. Surely, he would be wanting to spend some time with his new grandson. "We are badly in need of repair; permission to dock?"

"Granted," replied Admiral Washington. "I look forward to meeting you at the banquet tonight. And Commander Rouse,"

"Yes, sir?" He asked even though he already suspected the what the question would be.

"I'd like to arrange some playtime with Andy. 1300 hours, sharp."

Tim couldn't help but grin before replying. "Of course, sir."
Capt. Alenis Meru
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