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A rendezvous in Engineering

Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:07 am

Who: Dr. Brad Silverton and Lt. (JG) Sera Williams
Where: Engineering
When: Shortly before Brad & Sera leave

The Portland's doctor walked into Engineering. He had heard Sera was leaving and wanted to go say goodbye. The last thing he wanted was for it to be over any potential exiting exam. Lord how everyone loved their hellos and goodbyes in sickbay.

Sera was had just finished approving her very last duty roster. Ensign Barclay had done a good job assigning the crew to where they needed to go, an almost miraculous improvement over her time as Acting Chief during the dark energy experiments. As she placed down her PADD, she saw the doctor walk through the doors into Main Engineering, which could only mean one thing. Sera arose from her desk and walked out of her office to meet Brad. "I think Nikki just went up to the mess," she began, thinking Brad had come to rescue Nikki from some super rare disease.

"I see her five times a week," replied Brad. "I came down to see you."

"Me?" Sera responded, suddenly a bit worried. All of her crazy mind powers had seemed to subside and her last report had shown that the radiation readings had been steadily declining in the recent weeks. Was something else going on? She was beginning to sound like Nikki. "What can I do for you?" Sera followed up, puzzled.

"I actually wanted to talk to you," responded Brad, pausing for a moment to offer Sera a disarming smile. "Sera, I heard you were leaving us, and I didn't want you to leave without making sure that you had a proper medical regimen to deal with your radiation poisoning." Pausing for a moment, he nervously did an ankle rotation with his right foot. "Or without a chance to say goodbye."

Sera paused in her tracks, to say that this caught her off guard was an understatement. She had never really known Brad to view her as a friend, though the two had spent some time together while Sera had been isolated in Sickbay for a number of weeks following the accident. "I wasn't going to forget to drop by," Sera offered with a friendly smile.

"I hoped you wouldn't." Brad glanced around Engineering for a moment. "Normally I would be concerned with the fact that you would be leaving me to deal with Nikki all by myself, but I just received word of an opportunity at Starfleet Medical. It's a research gig, working on the Groxian Plague."

Sera had heard rumblings of some sort of disease that could've been about that plague, but she was no expert. On one hand, losing two people that she trusted would be very hard for Nikki. "Congratulations, that is a worthy cause." Smiling a bit slyly, Sera added, " Make sure you leave the next doctor a detailed write up on what to expect from Nikki."

"Don't worry," replied Brad in a lighthearted tone. "You would be surprised as to the liberties we in the medical community have when it comes to inserting notes into our patient's files. You don't have to worry though, you've been a very good patient. I hope you enjoyed my hospitality."

"I'm glad I could help balance out the patient spectrum," the Chief responded, wondering a bit about what sort of notes were in Nikki's file. "When do you disembark?" Sera asked. "I leave on the runabout tomorrow for DS9, then onward."

"I'll be staying on Trill for a few days, then catching a ride on the USS Bethune back to earth." Brad couldn't help but conceal a smirk. "Those Olympic class ships are nice. I imagine they have much more up to date medical facilities than the Portland. Not to mention a functioning EMH..."

"I'd imagine the whole ship was much more up to date," Sera echoed, giving the century old engineering compartment a glance. It was a job to keep this fossil from a by-gone era flying. "I'm going to miss it."

"Me too," replied Brad, gazing into the warp core. "Me too."
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