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Family Ties

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:04 am
by Ash Sullivan
OOC: This is an ongoing side plot regarding Ash's relationship with his parents. It takes place towards the end of the Breen mission and in the 6 month interim between missions 9 and 10.

Family Ties - Part 1
Who: Martha and Lionel Sullivan
Where: Their home (Brisbane, Australia, Earth)
When: During “Cold Case”

The Sullivan’s lived in a two-storey mansion overlooking the ocean on the east coast of Australia. Their estate was spacious and full of beautiful gardens, carefully tended to by Martha and Lionel themselves now that they had retired. On the rear balcony, at a small glass table for two, Lionel Sullivan sat looking out at the waves crashing on the sand, as the sun began to rise over the horizon. Martha, his wife, soon appeared behind him on the balcony carrying a tray of breakfast for the two of them.

“I checked with Diane from the JAG office, there’s still no news on his whereabouts. As far as Star Fleet is concerned he’s still MIA.” Martha reported to her husband as she sat down and poured coffee, “He hasn’t returned any of my letters either.”

“Did you really expect him to, dear?” Lionel replied, “After the way he left? He has barely had any communication with any of the family since the day he left for the academy... The day we cut him off. In nine years we’ve never made any effort to contact him, nor he us.” There was a hint of frustration in his voice, not at his son but at himself for allowing such a divide to occur in their family.

“He was selfish,” Martha responded, sharply at first but her voice began to shake towards the end of her statement. “We only wanted what was best for him and… and…” She was unable to finish her sentence as tears began streaming down her face.

Lionel put an arm around his wife as she began to weep, “We were selfish, dear. And that’s something we’re just going to have to live with.” He replied as a tear rolled down his own cheek.

Martha replied between sobs, “I don’t… know if I… can… What if… what if we… never see our boy again?” She replied, beginning to sob once again.

Composing himself once again Lionel pulled Martha a little closer in his embrace, “We will see him again. He’s strong, he’s a Sullivan. He’ll be O…” A sudden thud sounded as Lionel collapsed, falling from his chair.

Martha was shocked, she was still crying and didn’t know what to do. Running to the nearest comms panel she quickly contacted emergency services and managed to compose herself a little before she was connected. “Please, my husband just collapsed. I don’t know what happened one minute we were sitting together eating breakfast the next he was on the floor.” She practically screamed in panic.

A calm voice on the other end of the line replied, “Don’t worry ma’am, I have your coordinates and I’m preparing to beam you and your husband directly to the nearest medical facility. Please just remain calm.”

By the time the transporter had engaged Martha had returned to a panicked state, crying hysterically when she arrived a moment later in the hospital.