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Ori Paiga
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Chief Medical Officer
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Ori Paiga

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Name: Ori Paiga
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Species: Bajoran/Cardassian
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Unknown, 2362 (age 28)
Place of Birth: Bajor

Physical: Paiga displays less pronounced features of both her parent's heritage such as her nasal and forehead ridges. Her skin is pale, though a bit less reptilian in nature. She has dark hair and dark eyes. Paiga keeps herself in shape due to her love of Parrises Squares and also because she doesn't believe in asking patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle if she can't do it herself.

Behavior: She is very resourceful and determined to succeed. She also views problems or roadblocks as challenges that can be overcome. Paiga has trust issues, but is willing to be outgoing and open up. She is respectful and caring, or at least tries to be.


Being young and living in an orphanage left a mark on Paiga's life. She learned early that bad things happen with or without any personal input. She also learned that there is always someone worse than off than you. Given that, she holds onto what she can and keeps a collection of various keepsakes from important people in her life and memorable events. Paiga also learned the power of a little bit of kindness. Had it not been for the kindness shown by the monastery or her adoptive parents, her life would have been drastically different.

She roots for the underdog and will fight for the rights of her patient. She has been known to argue against the merits of the Prime Directive in cases where a species could be wiped out by sickness or natural disaster.

Ten years of living in the monastery embedded in Piaga principles of the Bajoran faith. However, she is what one would call a nominal observer, she attends services occasionally and can usually be found without her d'ja pagh earring.

Paiga was born to an unknown Cardassian Glinn and an unknown Bajoran woman in the waning years of the Cardassian Occupation. She imagines that they were two starcrossed lovers who ran away together, even though she admits the truth is much less glamorous. Soon after birth, she was given to an monastery's orphanage in the Rakantha Provence.

While living at the orphanage, she was never ill treated. She grew up with an average education, making good grades. From her own experience and seeing those who were like her, Paiga grew up with a desire to help those in need. She can remember an instance where one of the younger orphans was crying and she have him her only toy.

As Paiga turned ten, she was adopted by an ex-Bajoran resistance fighter and her husband who had become cargo pilots. Ori Ruus and Jino were great parents. They exposed Paiga to many different cultures and races as they moved freight from place to place.

By the time 2380 came around, Paiga turned 18 and was accepted into Starfleet Academy as a medical student. While there, she fell in love with the game of Parrises Squares and was part of a championship run.

After her six years of medical school were completed, Paiga was transferred to Starbase One for her residency. She was part of a study into the Ragolian Plague and its successful effort to find a cure. She also got the chance to practice real medicine and perform real surgery instead of relying on holographic simulations.

As her three year residency came to a close, tragedy struck the Romulan Star Empire. She volunteered and was selected to join part of Starfleet's relief efforts. Paiga's group was assigned to a Romulan colony for two years. She saw the colony grown from a barely functional refugee camp to a rather modest farming town.

As her volunteer time ended, Paiga was then assigned to the USS Kyoto, a Galaxy-class. While there, she served as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer as she completed her fellowship. It was an exciting time for her as she got to lead her own surgeries and being in charge of beta shift.

After her fellowship completed, she stayed on a few extra years to build up her resume. Once she felt she was ready, Paiga applied to and was granted the Chief Medical Officer spot aboard the USS Portland.

Starfleet Record:

2393-Present, USS Portland
2391-2393, USS Kyoto
2391, Romulan Relief Effort
2388-2391, Starbase One
2380-2386, Starfleet Academy/Medical School
Lt. (JG) Sera Williams
Chief Engineer
USS Portland

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