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Marcus Kallan
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Marcus Kallan

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Name: Marcus Kallan
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Position: Operations Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: December 16th 2359 (age 31)
Place of Birth: Mars Colony

Mother: Victoria Kallan née Lagrange
Father: Lt. JG Michael Kallan (deceased)
Siblings: Trina Kallan (deceased)


Marcus an average Caucasian human male in his early thirties, somewhat on the lanky side at 180cm and 75kg. He keeps his hair short and reasonably close to a Starfleet regulation haircut, and blue eyes on the side of gray.

Marcus has a somewhat dry and intellectually-smug attitude, having more in common personality-wise with a Vulcan than your average human, although those that know him recognize that this is just a front designed to keep folks at a distance. Underneath this layer of duranium armor, he has the capacity to be an empathic and caring individual. He takes great pride in his work, and spends a lot of his off-time engaged in personal research. He plays 3D chess and other mathematical games, and has an interest in holography and holo-novels.


A Starfleet brat, much of Marcus' early years was in and around the Utopia shipyard facility on Mars. Michael, his father, was a career officer, involved with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as a materials specialist. His mother Victoria was a professional musician and fine arts instructor.

Young Marcus and his older sister Trina were inseparable -- at least, from Marcus' perspective. The younger Marcus would follow around his sister as she followed the beginnings of a passion in astronomy and stellar cartography. Marcus, not particularly interested in the hard sciences, would "help" his sister in her amateur star-watching.

When Marcus was old enough, his family relocated aboard the USS Bellerophon (NCC-52048, Nebula-classs) where his father held a position as Materials Engineer. Unfortunately, not long after acclimating to his new home, the Bellerophon was assigned to Wolf 359 during the infamous Borg attack of 2364. During the Borg assault, Lt. Kallan sacrificed himself staying at his post in Engineering while civilians were evacuated. Due to the ship taking catastrophic damage, Marcus and his mother were separated from Trina during the evac, and was presumed dead along with the remaining crew. One of Kallan's recurring nightmares is seeing Trina's face through the escape pod rear port windows as it was ejected from the burning hull of the Bellerophon.

Much of Marcus' adult life decisions have been a direct result of his familial loss. He applied himself to maths and sciences during his adolescence, and displayed growing interest and proficiency in subjects of physics, computer science, biology, cybernetics, and nanotechnology. Upon graduation from high school, he briefly interned with the Daystrom Institute's annex on Mars Colony while waiting for his Starfleet Academy application to process. It was here that Marcus garnered the attention of Starfleet personnel visiting from Starbase 173.

At Starfleet Academy, Marcus sometimes crossed paths with underclassman Tyrlai Zade, whose penchant for disruptive behavior sometimes landed her in hot water with her instructors -- particularly in the hard sciences, where Marcus excelled. There was a brief window where Marcus, as a third-year cadet, mentored Tyrlai in computer sciences, but it was short-lived.

Upon matriculation, Marcus put on a blue uniform and began his career as a sciences officer assigned to Starbase 173 under Captain Bruce Maddox. Marcus seemed to thrive in a starbase environment, where research activities dominated his daily responsibilities. Primarily as a statistician reviewing massive data sets for anomalies and previously missed trends, Marcus was never happier.

He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon the completion of his first tour and assignment to the USS Montana, a Nova-class science vessel. He found it difficult to integrate into a ship's crew, having found a starbase career more suited to his personal and professional needs. Despite proving to be at the top of his field, repeated minor infractions and personality conflicts earned Mr. Kallan a dressing-down and written reprimand by Captain Graham Cresswell. After a fellow science officer, one Lieutenant Jason Beauvoir, received a similar treatment, Marcus offered a written formal complaint and asked for transfer. His transfer was granted with ne'er another word from Cresswell.

Marcus' next assignment was the USS Wellington (NCC-28473, Niagara-class) where things settled down for him as far as personality conflicts, although Cresswell's influence beyond the captain's chair prevented him from advancing his career beyond his current rank. As a junior science officer, his duties included maintenance and improvement of the Niagara's aging LCARS system During this time, he contributed to a number of studies remotely, including authoring a paper, "The Fallacy of the Positronic Brain", in which he academically tears apart the "uncertain pseudo-science of positronic-based artificial intelligence." This tour was mainly uneventful, albeit a position promotion to an assistant to the chief science officer, handling gamma-shift science branch needs for the ship.

In 2390, Captain Maddox reaches out to Marcus again and offers him an Assistant Scientist position at Starbase 173 at the Daystrom Robotics Annex. Marcus' focus would be artificial intelligence studies, particularly around the emerging science of holographic AI, with the goal to "prove" the "uncertainty" of a holomatrix' capacity to create sentience. Just as Marcus was getting comfortable and back into the swing of academic life, Admiral Washington requests and requires Marcus' transfer to facilitate the investigation of the USS Portland at Deep Space Nine and the reported sentient "copy" of late Captain Alenis.

Service History:

2377-2380: Starfleet Academy
2380-2382: Junior Science Officer, Starbase 173, Daystrom Institute Robotics Annex
2382-2384: Junior Science Officer, LCARS Specialist, USS Montana
2384-2386: Junior Science Officer, LCARS Specialist, USS Wellington
2387-2390: Assistant Chief Science Officer, USS Wellington
2390 -2391: Associate Scientist, Starbase 173, Daystrom Institute Robotics Annex
2391-current: Adjutant to Admiral Washington, Deep Space 9
(ooc, ultimately) Chief Operations Officer, USS Portland
Marcus Kallan
Chief Operations Officer
USS Portland

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