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Crew Manifest & Open Positions

Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:46 am

Current Crew Manifest

Command Staff
Commanding Officer: Capt. Alenis Meru
Executive Officer: Cmdr. Timothy Rouse
Second Officer: Lt. Cdr. Tyrlai Zade

Flight Control

Chief Flight Control Officer: OPEN

Chief Operations Officer: Lt. (JG) Marcus Kallan

Chief Tactical Officer: Lt. Arthur Couer-Reynolds

Chief Security Officer: Ens. Ash Sullivan

Chief Engineering Officer: OPEN

Chief Medical Officer: OPEN
Chief Counselor: Lt.(JG) Delainey Carlisle

Chief Science Officer: Lt. Jason Beauvoir

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Lt. Cmdr. Tyrlai Zade

Civilian Affairs
Teacher: OPEN

Top Open Positions

We are especially looking for a Chief Medical Officer to fix up our bumps and bruises and a Chief Engineering Officer to fix our ship. We also have a contingent of gifted and slightly socially maladjusted children aboard, who are desperate for a Teacher to help them with their studies.

Of course, you can also consider other, less senior positions, such as:

Chief of the Boat

Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Auxiliary Craft Pilot

Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Operations Officer
Computer Systems Specialist

Chief Engineering Officer
Engineering Officer

Assistant Chief Security Officer
Security Officer

Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
Tactical Officer

Assistant Chief Science Officer
Science Officer

Chief Medical Officer
Medical Officer (Doctor or Resident)
Lab Technician

Teaching Assistant

Note: The list of top open positions is not meant to be exhaustive. Department heads and other key positions are highlighted, but players may apply to play any character who has a conceivable reason to be on the ship. This includes but is not limited to assistant department heads (eg: Assistant Chief Medical Officer), rank and file officers (eg: Nurse, Engineering Officer, EPS Technician), and civilians (eg: Bartender, Civilian Doctor). Also, if you have a unique concept, let us know and we can see if we can include it either permanently or as a guest starring role. Also note that the USS Portland does not have Marines or Starfighters, though players with a Marine or fighter pilot background may be considered for other positions such as Security or Flight Control.
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