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Ash Sullivan
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Chief Security Officer
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Ash Sullivan

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Name: Ashley “Ash” Sullivan
Rank: Ensign
Position: Assistant Chief Security Officer/Weapons Specialist
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 1, 2365 (age 26)
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia, Earth

Mother: Martha Sullivan (estranged)
Father: Lionel Sullivan (estranged)
Siblings: None

Physical Description:
At 190cm Ash is quite tall, by human standards, with a strong muscular build owed to his gym obsession. He has bright blue eyes, a strong square jaw and a charismatic smile. His hair is sandy blonde and shoulder length with short sides, and he almost always wears it in a tight bun. He occasionally sports a short well-maintained beard, often dependent on how lenient his commanding officer is.

Ash is independent, confident and very charismatic. He devotes all of his time and effort on duty to his job and all his time and effort off duty to having a good time. He’s daring on the verge of reckless and has a bit of a rebellious streak. He also tends not to form strong attachments to those around him and has a fear of commitment stemming from his poor relationship with his own family.

Despite his aptitude and skills Ash is not particularly ambitious in terms of career development and has little in the way of command aspirations. He is content doing his best in a supporting role without the responsibilities that come with leadership.

Ash’s hobbies include running, weight lifting, martial arts, velocity and other weapons training as well as a variety of extreme sports on the holodeck. He is also somewhat of a tinkerer, and enjoys taking things, usually phasers and disruptors, apart to see how they work and how he can make them better.

Ash was raised just outside of Brisbane, Australia by very affluent parents and spent a great deal of his youth studying at a private school. In his spare time he would surf, skate or play sports with others his age and he always excelled at physical activities. From a young age he expressed an interest in joining Star Fleet and travelling the stars. Unfortunately for him most of the experience his parents had with Star Fleet was with the nearby penal colony set up in Northern Queensland. For this reason and various other overbearing qualities Ash’s parents possessed they forbid him from attending Star Fleet Academy and insisted that if he wanted any of their help, support and money he would have to attend a respectable university or college and pursue a more “worthwhile” career as they put it.

Much to their displeasure in 2383 at the age of 18 Ash applied for Star Fleet Academy and was accepted immediately. That night he informed his parents of his decision, in the hopes that their threats to cut him off were empty. He learnt the hard way that they were not. He was kicked out of home and his parents left him with nothing but the clothes on his back taking all his assets away.

Not knowing where to turn Ash went to the recruitment office where he had applied for the Academy. After explaining his situation the TAC officer in charge of the office made some calls and organised transportation to and accommodation in San Francisco for Ash. He commenced his studies at the Academy in 2384, which he remembered was the year Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant.

His time at the Academy was difficult for him. He had to deal with issues of abandonment as his family continued to ostracize him for his decisions but it was this event that shaped his personality as it is today. Ash’s determination to succeed at the Academy with his own abilities and not with his parent’s money was what spurned his independent spirit and his remarkable self-confidence. He was also determined not to fit in with the usual rich boy stereotype and didn’t tell many people of his upbringing, rather spending his time living in and for the moment.

He turned his hobbies and natural physical abilities into a sort of coping mechanism as he almost religiously worked out daily, making himself a fierce opponent in self-defense class and an attractive choice in the clubs on campus. This habit is one that has stuck with him in all his time serving in Star Fleet.

As in school back home, Ash excelled in his classes particularly in classes relating to weapons systems. Perhaps it was his thrill-seeking, danger-loving nature but he was fascinated by all things explosive. He also enjoyed physics and chemistry but only really applied himself enough to know the ins and outs of weapon design in Star Fleet.

After graduating in 2388 Ash was posted in the USS Fitzsimmons as a weapons technician where he rose to the rank of ensign in the first year. 3 years on and he has been reassigned to the USS Portland just as they prepare to enter a battle he and the rest of the crew won’t soon forget.

Service History:

2384-2388: Starfleet Academy
2388-2391: Weapons Technician, USS Fitzsimmons
2391-Current: Assistant Security Chief/Weapons Specialist, USS Portland
Lt. (JG) Ash Sullivan
Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Portland

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