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Brad Silverton
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Brad Silverton

Tue May 05, 2015 3:20 am

Name: Brad Silverton
Species: Human
Gender: Male
[b]Age: 28
Date of Birth[/b]: March 12, 2363. Phoenix AZ, Earth

Father: John Silverton (deceased)
Mother: Mary Silverton (deceased)
Siblings: None

Reading medical journals focusing on new types of research.
Classical music. Of any planet's culture. He prefers music with no lyrics that strives to evoke emotion vs. just "fun to listen to". He has always wanted to try to play the violin but never seemed to have the time.
Dirty Vodka Martinis. People think its about the type of vodka but its really all about the brine. A white wine, vinegar, AND sea salt based brine is best vs just one or two of those ingredients.

Physical Description: Average height and build. Short brown hair that he usually wears slicked back. Hazel eyes.

Personality Traits:

Strengths: Brad scored very high at Star Fleet Medical Academy in medicine and devotes most of his free
time in keeping up with the latest medical research.

Has high ambitions at curing the Groxian Plague that killed his parents which drives him in his work.
Curing it would require an entirely new approach to disease control and Brad dreams of the day his
name will be in the journals that he reads.
“Silverton's process” or “Silverton's Scan” doesn't quite have the ring to it. He is still working on what he will call his cure.

Weaknesses: Brad is still inexperienced in how a Starship medical department should be ran and managed. His sole previous assignment was relatively quiet and uneventful allowing the Chief Medical
Officer he worked with to have Brad do the majority of the exams and operations. This has caused Brad
to have a “I'm-the-best-qualified-I'll-just-do-it-myself” attitude that will make delegating tasks difficult
for him to get used to in his new roll as Chief Medical Officer.

Also due to the quiet tour, Brad has little experience with dealing with encountering exotic and new alignments not documented in current medical journals that a Chief Medical Officer would be tasked
with dealing with.

Service Record:
2385-2389: Attended and graduated from Starfleet Medical Academy
2389-2391: Medical Assistant serving on board U.S.S. Paul Revere (New Orleans Frigate class)
Lt. Brad Silverton
Chief Medical Officer
USS Portland

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