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Kahnr Dai
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Kahnr Dai

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Name: Kahnr Dai
Position: Chief Flight Control Officer
Rank: Ensign
Species: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Date of Birth: January 2, 2369
Place of Birth: Semizad Province, Betazed
Height: 6'1" (1.85 m)
Weight: 190 lbs (86.1 kg)
Build: Very athletic, muscular
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black

Physical Description:

Kahnr Dai is a tall man, with broad shoulders and a very muscular build. With thick arms, a strong chest, and washboard stomach, it is easy to tell that he has exercised and trained extensively to have the fit state he is in. His brown hair is kept relatively short and he has the traditional triangular sideburns that many in Starfleet wear. Kahnr's irises are black as any Betazoid's. His ears are slightly large and prominent, his nose straight and long, his cheekbones high, and his jaw square. Kahnr is almost regulation perfect, but if allowed he tries to cultivate a beard or goatee. His race generally has not much body and facial hair, and these efforts turn out to be a bit sparse.

Kahnr has two tattoos that cannot be seen when in uniform. Over his heart on his chest is the Betazoid symbol of the Four Deities. The Omicron squadron insignia is on Kahnr's right bicep, the squadron he was a member of at the Academy. When on duty his uniforms are neat as is expected. When off duty, Kahnr will often discard the uniform for more comfortable clothing. He enjoys denim jeans and tank tops.

Spouse: None
Family: Harr Dai (Father; 49; Vintner; Betazed), Ptema Dai (Mother; 46; Viticulturist; Betazed), Sala Dai (Sister, 25; Musician; Betazed)


Kahnr has a zen-like quality about him, partly serious but more an unflappable patience to allow events to turn out as they will. This might seem laid-back or lazy by his peers and superior officers but given some time to get to know him they will see that this is not the case. The pilot follows orders, with graceful manoeuvres during normal situations, and quick evasive moves during red alert or emergencies. Kahnr can show some risky flying when needed, and he might only give a sudden warning to hang on before pulling something off that he sees is needed with orders or without.

His officer training at the Academy, along with the experiences gained in Omicron Squadron, has made him a capable leader. Despite being fresh from the Academy, he is capable of running a department on a vessel though has much to learn as well. His friendliness and empathy makes him an easy superior to work for.

Kahnr's personality is in many ways typical of a Betazoid. Besides his peaceful nature he has a ready smile that is close lipped and slightly crooked, a laugh that comes easily that is deep and rich, and only rare anger, hard eyed and stoney faced. He respects the privacy of other races when it comes to telepathy, and will not read the direct thoughts and emotions of others without permission or orders. Kahnr is somewhat introverted, quiet, and sensitive, and likes to ponder, meditate, and study. Personal understanding is important to him, and enlightenment is one of his highest goals. Like other Betazoids, he displays perfect honesty which might make some people uncomfortable at times but he means no harm by it. Even though he can feel the pain of others, Kahnr is capable of defending himself with a phaser or in close quarters combat.

In the end, Kahnr is very easy to get along with, friendly though he might be a bit slow to get to know, passionate about the things he loves, dedicated to his job in his own way, and a good hearted person that is empathic towards other's needs and desires.


+Piloting; Kahnr shows a knack for piloting many kinds of vessels, from shuttles and fighters, destroyers and frigates, and some light cruisers. His piloting ability was notable amongst his peers in the Academy, and made him one of the top pilots to graduate in recent years.

+Strength; Kahnr keeps himself in very good shape, with a powerful build and a large amount of physical strength and stamina. This can make him useful for some heavy lifting, forcing sealed doors, or intimidating an alien visitor as an 'escort'. Kahnr continues to practise Starfleet's martial arts for self defense as part of his intense workout routine.

+Farming Background; Though it might not be useful very often, Kahnr's upbringing in a family of farmers has given him the skills for it. He is familiar with some common plants, farming methods, and other aspects of the trade.


-Inexperience; Though it is a weakness that Kahnr will overcome in time, being straight out of the Academy on his first assignment has its downsides, and so does his youth. His suggestions or ideas might seem obvious at times to others who have already thought of and dismissed them, his ideas might be good but undeveloped, or his actions could be just plain wrong or impulsive.

-Naivete; Kahnr respects other's right to privacy in their own minds and rarely reads them without permission. Combined with his natural tendency to trust easily and his inexperience, Kahnr can be an easy mark to take advantage of.

-Limited Knowledge; Kahnr might be knowledgable about anything to do with flying such certain tactics, warp theory, and navigation. Yet, outside of this area, he has little to offer. Complex scientific methods or ideas are beyond him, though he does know a bit about engineering matters given his knowledge of propulsion and warp engines.

-Too Much Success; Kahnr's life has so far been filled with positive experiences without any significant strife or loss. Someday he will have to face the effects of major loss and personal failure, and on that day he will not have the foundation to handle it well like others who have grown up with tragedy or regrets.


Like many young officers, Kahnr is actually quite ambitious. For short term goals, he hopes to prove to his superiors he deserves his position. Middle term goals learning how to pilot the heavier vessels in Starfleet like the cruisers and above. Long term goals for Kahnr would to someday be able to switch to the Command track to become a first officer, and eventually a captain of his own vessel. Kahnr would also prefer to find one or more people he might develop some long term romantic, physical, and spiritual relationships with.


Betazoid, Federation Standard


Kahnr was born to Harr and Ptema Dai in 2366. His sister Sala was born almost exactly one year later. They were a simple family, not related to any of the Great Houses, but even for them life on Betazed was peaceful and comfortable. The Dai's were farmers, growing a wide variety of grains, vegetables, and fruits. The children helped out as soon as they were able to, and the family was a happy one. He was taught how to care for and work on the farm. That work was quite physical at times, even with modern farming technologies and tools, and led to Kahnr to be a strong and healthy boy. In school, he showed himself to be smart though not in any way that made him really stand out. Kahnr made friends somewhat easily, though even then he seemed to take his time with it..

However, Kahnr was always deeply curious and spiritual growing up, and his parents were not surprised that these drives would lead him to eventually leave to find a different path in his life. Kahnr left his home and school at 16 and began to travel across Betazed. Eventually his way lead him to one of the communes that had teachings that focused on spiritual and personal enlightenment as well as a connection to the Four of the Betazoid religion. This appealed to the teenage Kahnr, and he agreed to join.

The spiritualists here taught many meditation methods, helped to shape and control telepathic abilities to increase their strength, to attain a communion with their gods, and how to develop ways of turning one's awareness inward to gain truth. Physical labour was also considered to be of importance. Kahnr took to the physical training well. It was the start of how he would become the strong adult he was later. Kahnr spent just three years at the monastery altogether, but this experience shaped him in many ways.

At the age of 19, in the year 2388, Kahnr's path lead him Starfleet, where he hoped to satisfy his curiosity about the universe and to gain further enlightenment through exploration. His application to the Academy was accepted, with recommendations of support from the leading spiritualists from the commune. At the Academy, Kahnr went into Flight School for his speciality. He was assigned to Omicron Squad, a group of twelve first year cadets who would train together, and develop friendships and more complicated relationships over the next four years. Kahnr was selected to be the squadron leader after the initial tests and simulations.

During these years he was often confronted with challenges to lead his team. He worked hard in his classes, eager to learn, and worked even harder with his squadron mates. He felt responsible for them and wanting to lead their group to great accomplishments both in the classroom and the cockpit. By the time graduation came, Omicron Squadron had set new records, had honours from their classes, and praise from their instructors. Though he still would have much to learn, Kahnr's time at the Academy had been extremely satisfying and successful in the end.

The last gathering of Omicron Squadron in San Francisco was a joyous but also sad even. The cadets, on the last day before graduation, snuck out of the Academy grounds to have a party at a local club. As part of their farewell towards each other, the members of Omicron Squadron each got the same tattoo on their right bicep, their squadron's insignia, to show their camaraderie forever and their success as a team. The Academy instructors caught them on their way back in, PT'd them hard, shouted and threatened, but in the end decided to skip the formal reprimand in their records. Graduation was the next day, and Kahnr proudly received his commision to an ensign.

Kahnr's first posting was to the USS Portland in early 2392. He was given the position of the Chief Flight Control Officer. The responsibilities of leading a department on a starship were going to be a challenge as just a green ensign even with his experiences at the Academy, but it was one Kahnr looked to a great deal and with a desire to impress his superiors.

Service Record:

2388-2389 Cadet Forth Class, General Studies; Starfleet Academy, Earth
2389-2390 Cadet Third Class, Flight School; Starfleet Academy, Earth
2390-2391 Cadet Second Class, Flight School; Starfleet Academy, Earth
2391-2392 Cadet First Class; Flight School; Starfleet Academy, Earth
2392-Present Ensign, Chief Flight Control Officer; USS Portland, NCC-40424
Ensign Kahnr Dai
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Portland

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