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Gregory Paladin
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Gregory Paladin

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(PLEASE NOTE - Work In Progress/Unfinished)

Gregory Paladin
Date of Birth
May 21, 2351, at 0819 (stardate 28385.881)
Clinton, Iowa in the Old United States, Earth
40 Years (Terran)

5' 11"
195 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Light Brown/Almond
Skin Tone
Caucasion (Euro-American decent)
Distinguishing Marks
A few scars and bruises along forearms, upper arms, chest, legs, and back from varying points in life. Nothing specifically notable.

Master Chief Petty Officer
Chief of the Boat

Recent Image
Image taken days after formal resignation from the U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910) during a "going away" party held by the crew

Martial Status
Arytiss Paladin (Father/living)
Samantha Paladin (Mother/living)
Samuel Paladin (Brother/living)
Crystal Paladin (Sister/living)
Tracey Paladin (Sister/living)

Federation standard schooling (grade to high).
Starfleet (Majoring Logistics)
Starfleet Command School (Majoring Fleet Logistics)


Gregory Paladin had, at one point, been an exploratory and innocent soul. His youth had been spent near and around farms, consequently providing him with ample resource and room to mature and grow. Responsibilities came early in his life, and during his years as a child he would be constantly placed into work with his father and, later during the same day, helping his mother with daily chores. The consequence of this was a resolute and disciplined demeanor that formed over the course of his early life. His father would instill in him the concept of, "A time for play and a time for work", thus solidifying his working ethic from that point on.

Typically a friendly and approachable person, Gregory has never been one to let loose with any sort of outburst, even as a child. He has always been capable of rationally thinking of appropriate responses to social situations and, when required, presenting solutions when time allocation is unavailable (quick responses). He never allows too many individuals to befriend him, though allows as many as approaches him to have a friendly conversation.

Professionally Gregory is a strict and disciplined non-commissioned officer in Starfleet. His experience on board the U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910) provided him with ample resources to build and improve upon his early-life demeanor dealing with work ethic and professional outlook. What Starfleet Academy and Command schools failed to provide, his experiences on the field made up. When on duty, Gregory is typically unapproachable with personal affairs, but very open for professional affairs and tasks. His mind is typically set on logistical duties, the same and only of his studies at the Academy and the Command School. He values his insights and beliefs on proper logistical flow, such beliefs stemming back to the beginning of his young adult life back home when he hauled goods.

His time serving on board the U.S.S. Nautilus during the Dominion War changed Gregory, though outward appearances would disagree with this assessment. One report suggests he found someone he cared for, while another adds to it that he lost the very same thing. When approached by Starfleet Councilors, Gregory has always declined to confirm or deny these rumors.

Off-duty, Gregory is a smiling and happy individual. He will always be the first to approach a gathering of people, if he feels up to it, and always the last to leave the gathering if time permits. He enjoys social interaction, but never dives too deep into his own personal affairs. He has been known to disengage from social conversations should personal queries become too detailed, and resort to either concluding said affairs for that time or speaking to other individuals. Overall, he is quite approachable, and has been noted as an excellent person to bounce feelings and thoughts off of when off-duty.

Talented in keeping a keen eye on the flow of resources from one point to another. Observant.
Special Strengths
Able to keep calm in tense situations by presenting a false face.
Highly keen mind to the operation of a starship.
Not completely able to deal with emotional trauma as well as he admits.
Working with family, conversation, and a friendly work evironment
Anger, Drama, infighting, and any system of management that he deems inadequate.
To eventually command his own starship, and extend his learned traits in his profession to his subordinates.
Might get -too- drunk from time to time.
Reading, starship schematic building, resource tracking, swimming, and Golf.

Personal History

Service Biography (STARFLEET)

Gregory Paladin was born to Arytiss and Samantha Paladin in the quaint town of Clinton, Iowa on May 21, 2351, at 0819 (stardate 28385.881). Grown in a working family with one brother (Samuel Paladin) and two sisters (Crystal and Tracey Paladin), Gregory spent the better half of his early years working on farms and, eventually, spending the latter half hauling feed and foodstuffs around his home region region.

While his brother and two sisters were destined to spend the remainder of their lives in the plentiful home around Iowa, Gregory had his sights set skyward. During his off-time, he would study the prerequisite material for Starfleet, using his working experience in hauling materials and feed as a foundation for futur endeavors. His mother and father were approving of his motives, supporting him along the way the best they could.

Thereafter, on December 5, 2370 (stardate 47926.751), at 19 years old, Gregory Paladin englisted in Starfleet. He would begin his career with the intent of furthering his knowledge on logistics and resource management.

On Stardate 49637.675 (August 22, 2372), after two years and several grueling tests later, Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class Gregory Paladin saw his first station on the Miranda-class starship U.S.S Nautilus, (NCC-31910), as one of its non-commissioned officers. His degree had been in supply line logistics and starship resource management. Later in the same year, just as he was beginning to fit into his new role, Gregory was thrust into the era of war.

Gregory Paladin was involved in the First Battle of Chin'toka as his stationed ship, the U.S.S. Nautilus, along with the U.S.S. Hood and U.S.S. Tian An Men, assisted the famous U.S.S. Defiant in attacking a Dominion orbital weapons platform. During that battle, several of his fellow crew were injured, and Gregory took it upon himself to assist in the medical efforts, thereafter manning their stations when medical teams arrived. Several further engagements saw Gregory being forced into further command responsibility, as his actions during the First Battle of Chin'toka were approving to the ship’s Captain and Commander.

On Stardate 55502.756 (July 3, 2378), CPO 3rd Class Gregory Paladin was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, with full honors by the Captain and Command Staff of the Nautilus.

On Stardate 56995.168 (December 30, 2379), Gregory was suggested for further command responsibilities by the Captain of the Nautilus, noting his progression in duty and responsibility. After several months under the tutelage of the command staff, Gregory accepted, returning to Earth to begin his new courses to excel him further in Starfleet. He would thereafter major in Command and Control for a second Logistical degree.

On Stardate 57995.697 (December 3, 2380), after a year in command school, Gregory Paladin returned to the U.S.S. Nautilus as a full-fledged Master Chief Petty Officer, with full honors. He would serve under a new Captain of the Nautilus for ten more years, assisting with monitoring and maintaining discipline on the ship, as well as overseeing the distribution of supplies and resources.

On Stardate 67609.329 (August 11, 2390), MCPO Gregory Paladin accepted a new tenure at Starfleet after accepting an offer to become a temporary instructor at Starfleet. Deciding that eighteen years on board one ship was enough, the 40-year-old MCPO gave a polite decline to an offer from the Captain of the Nautilus to return to his ship afterward, and began looking for other ships interested in his expertise.

Service History

2370-2372: Enlisted in Starfleet; Graduated as Chief Petty Officer 3rd Class; Logistics Major; Stationed on board the Miranda-class U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910).
2372-2375: Dominion War; Valued Non-Commish Officer in conflict; Commanders recognition
2378-2379: Promotion to Chief Petty Officer; Recommendations to Starfleet Command School
2379-2380: Starfleet Command School; Promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer; Return to Service on U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910).
2380-2390: Continued service on board the U.S.S Nautilus (NCC-31910); Recommendation for instructional duties at Starfleet; Conclusion of service on board the U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910) after 18 years.
2390-2392: Instructional duties at Starfleet.
2392-Present: Acceptance and Station on the Miranda-Class U.S.S. Portland (NCC-40424) as Chief of the Boat.

Ship Service History
U.S.S. Nautilus (NCC-31910) - 18 Years (2372-2390)
U.S.S. Portland (NCC-40424) - 0 Years (2392-Present)
MCPO Gregory Paladin
Chief of the Boat
USS Portland

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