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Kent Draven
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Kent Draven

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Kent Draven


1 August, 2364 (approx), Terran calendar. Current age: 28
Capuas village, Nova Babylon colony (destroyed 2370)

Parents killed by raiders, 2370
No known other relatives

Physical description
Kent stands at a respectabley tall six feet with a slender but athletic build. His thick dark hair is always well maintained, as is his chiseled facial features. He takes pride in looking his best to represent the Federation when in uniform, and to represent himself when not in uniform. He always carries himself with pride, stands tall with effect, and when he looks about a room it's as if he is a lion surveying his domain. His commanding presence is supplemented by his strong but always calm voice, and a disarming smile frequents his face.

Lt Draven tends to be direct and straightforward on duty. He loves his job in Starfleet and does it well. Those around him always know they can count on him to get the job done or for a no-nonsense assessment. Off duty, Kent always does his best to keep the spirits up with his friends, cracks the ironic joke and is known for his occasional cheesey or cliche remark.

Quick facts
Expert in languages: fluent in Federation English, Spanish, Basque, French, Italian, Latin, and Arabic. Also Vulcan, proto-Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon, Bajoran, Cardassian, Ferengi, Sheliak, Trill, and Axanar. Has a working familiarity with about a dozen more.

Skilled in mathematics, logic, music, and cryptology

Loves classical and big band music, plays many instruments. Among the favorites are viola, classical guitar, harp, oboe, saxophone, and vibraphone
Also an avid ballroom and blues dancer

Enjoys playing Jai Alai in the gymnasium.

Prized possession is a signed copy of Flaherty's autobiography, "Uncommon Tongues: A Galaxy of Language"

Kent Draven was born on the small Federation colony of Nova Babylon, somewhat near the Klingon border. When Kent was six years old, a rogue alien raiding party beamed down to the colony, robbed them of their supplies, killed most of the colonists, and left the few remaining for dead. It was sheer luck that a Federation survey team happened by the planet only a few weeks later and rescued the remaining few who had not yet perished.

Following the rescue, Kent was raised by several foster families on Earth. He was withdrawn for years, focused on his studies, and showed little affection to his foster families. Being raised on the southern coast of Spain, he was fascinated with Mediterranean cultures, learned as much as he could and soon discovered he had a gift for languages. He studied many of the Mediterranean languages, and as he learned more of the different cultures, he discovered that language was the gateway to a people. He thought that the way each society develops language tells you about how they think on a fundamental level, what is important to them as a people, and how they evolve.

Music to Kent was just another language, and he developed a tremendous appreciation for classical and big band music. He believed music is the language of the artful mind, and instruments were the many voices. Once music reached the electronic age, it lost its soul, so he prefers music before the mid twentieth century. Kent's passion for art and music grew, but he was still somewhat solitary. His foster parents introduced Kent to dance, and he combined his love of music with dances of the similar eras. Jazz and blues dancing, foxtrots to big band, and waltzes to classical were just the start of his artistic deepening.

Once in Starfleet Academy and studying heavier subjects, he found a talent for mathematics as well. To him, numbers were like musical notes, equations like sentences. It all operated on the same level of his mind. As much as he enjoyed learning new languages for the challenge, he had to find quicker challenges to not interfere with his study time. A Vulcan classmate would pose daily logic challenges to him, which he got better and better at solving. Eventually, his Vulcan friend introduced him to codes to decipher, and thus was born his love for cryptology. Codes and ciphers were just another language to unravel for him, another puzzle to solve. These interests drove much of the future of his career.

The years following the academy saw his high grades and specialized interests get him into specialized training. At the Flaherty Galactic Language Academy, he expanded his language skills and learned many off-world languages there. During an anniversary event at the academy, Flaherty himself appeared for a speech and visit, and Kent was able to get a personally signed copy of his book. Next was the xenocryptology school where he learned the encryption techniques of other worlds, how to analyze them, and ultimately break them. Finally, as a capstone was the Starfleet Intelligence training, where he learned to put all the pieces together.

Lt (JG) Draven's first duty assignment was on the USS Yeager, which was conducting a scout and reconnaissance patrol along the Klingon and Romulan borders. Most of his time was spent listening to coded transmissions and deciphering them for the Chief Intelligence Officer. Officially, he was listed as a Communications Analyst, but the ship was "officially" only on a routine cartography mission as well. Five years of exceptional duty earned him a promotion, and eventually assignment to a new ship: the USS Portland...

Current assignment
Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, Encryption and Linguistics Specialist, USS Portland

Service and education
2393-Present: Lieutenant, Intelligence Officer, USS Portland (NCC-40424) Miranda-class
2388-2393: Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant, Communications Analyst, USS Yeager (NCC-61947) Saber-class
2386-2388: Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, Flaherty Galactic Language Academy, Xenocryptology school, and Starfleet Intelligence school
2382-2386: Starfleet Academy, excellence in mathematics and linguistics
Lieutenant Kent Draven
Intelligence Officer
Encryption and Linguistics Specialist
USS Portland

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