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Aiden Cel

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NAME: Aiden Cel, M.D., Psy.D.

RANK: Lieutanant Junior Grade

POSITION: Counselor

SPECIES: 1/4 Betazoid, 3/4 Human


DATE OF BIRTH: January 9, 2356


D E S C R I P T I O N:

Aiden is 1.83 meters tall and relatively slim. His physique coincides with his enjoyment of physical recreation such as racquetball and springball. That said, he has no interest in significant strength training. Aiden simply values general fitness and health.

P E R S O N A L I T Y:

Aiden's daily personality is easygoing. Too easygoing, according to some. His friendliness is often at the expense of the personal. He is a good listener, genuinely caring, but rarely allows personal topics to flow outwards. Aiden enjoys helping others but has difficulty receiving the same.

Growing up on a large, bustling starbase caused Aiden to develop an inherent comfort with variety and cosmopolitanism. It is easy for him to relax around other species and cultures. The second personality trait a starbase childhood formed was the ability to remain calm in a wide variety of situations. Arguably, he can be too calm and be seen as not taking a situation seriously enough.

Aiden Cel is skilled at his job though his approach has been criticized by a few as too casual. Even though his M.D. qualifies him to prescribe medication, Aiden has a reputation for avoiding pharmaceuticals in favor of psychotherapy whenever it is reasonably possible. The combination of genuine care and keeping himself at a distance from others allows for a relatively effective baseline for a psychotherapist.

Long-term, Aiden desires to progress his career as well as start a family. He is a strictly monogamous individual and as such hopes to find a woman to marry someday in the future. That said, he is not particularly active in taking action to fulfill that goal. His career and the Federation are his top priorities.

H I S T O R Y:

Aiden was born on Betazed to a human mother and half Betazoid father. At the age of three, his father decided to leave his mother and return to the Betazoid he had been bonded with at birth.

With no longer having ties to Betazed, Aiden’s mother moved them to Starbase 12. She had friends that owned a gambling bar on the starbase. Thus, Aiden grew up without significant Betazoid culture or influence. His human-colored eyes, as are common in those that are less than half Betazoid, meant that Aiden fit in well with his mother’s old community. Since leaving Earth at eighteen, she had made a circle of friends out of humans and Ferengi.

It was not until Aiden’s adolescence that their situation became more complicated. It became clear that he was starting to develop empathic abilities. Aiden’s mother sought out the Betazoid community on Starbase 12 to help guide him through the process. As is common with human-Betazoid hybrids, to this day Aiden has no telepathic connection with non-telepathic species. His Betazoid abilities consist only of empathy unless communicating with Betazoids or Ullians.

News spread in late 2374 that Betazed was free from Dominion occupation. Aiden asked permission from his mother to visit the planet and seek out his father. He had no memory of Betazed or his father, but the Dominion War and his training by local Betazoids had engendered curiosity about his heritage. His mother refused to let him go, afraid that he would begin to favor Betazoid culture over the bustling and myriad experiences of a prominent starbase.

As a result, Aiden spent the entirety of his upbringing after the age of three on Starbase 12. He spent the majority of his free time growing up in the area of the base with bars and gambling establishments. As a result, Aiden became conversational in Ferengi. He decided to attend university for language and cultural studies to make use of his experiences rather than give into a stagnant life on the base.

By that time, Aiden’s mother owned a bar on the starbase and was able to support his aspirations. A year into his attendance at the University of Alpha Centauri, he realized he was in the wrong field. Now nineteen, Aiden switched to a medical degree. It was the only topic he found interesting at the time that was social.

Finishing his medical residency at twenty-six, the idea of Starfleet was on Aiden’s mind. His favorite attending had suggested the possibility. It had the variety of his accustomed life of living on a starbase, he had a personality amenable to following orders, and there was no organization more important than the Federation. Without practical use of his degree other than residency, Aiden applied to Starfleet Academy.

He found out after acceptance that his aptitude testing scored high for professional counseling. It was not long into his first year that Aiden felt he had finally found the correct career. Due to his prior M.D., Aiden was able to add a second focus during his seven years at Starfleet Academy. He chose Command, assuming that it would be necessary in the future if his career trajectory was ever to move beyond a specific field. He graduated with honors and began a Starfleet career as a counselor.

His career has followed a successful trajectory. Over the next four years, Aiden served on several Federation stations. They were often the stations with the highest population of conflict survivors. He requested such assignments to boost his resume in the hopes of field service.

At thirty-five, Aiden Cel put in a request for starship assignment.

S E R V I C E:

2374-2381: University of Alpha Centauri (M.D.)

2381-2387: Starfleet Academy/Medical (B.S. Administration, Psy.D.)

2387- 2388: Ensign, Counselor, Starbase 4

2389-2390: Ensign, Counselor, Deep Space 7

2390-2391: Lieutenant JG, Counselor, Deep Space 7

PRESENT: Lieutenant JG, Counselor, USS Portland

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