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Luka Mahone

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Name: Luka Mahone
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age/Date of Birth: 32/ February 22nd
Position: Chief Operations Officer
Rank: Lieutenant Jr. Grade

Physical Description: Luka is no slouch with keeping in shape. He has muscle tone, both through rigorous training and various exercises, but it rarely shows unless he's flexing. As sunlight is not something he is a stranger to, his skin will range in tones from lighter to darker, though his natural skin color is a cooler-toned peach. From time to time, freckles will develop on his shoulders and on the bridge of his nose, as well as tan lines all over, depending on what is exposed when. He comes complete with the stereotypical 'unidentifiable American' accent common to those in his native lands. From time to time, his heritage will shine through, and it will take on a 'Hawaiian' inflection, complete with slang. His voice is fair toned, and those listening can swear they hear his innocence shining through as infectiously as his smile.

Personality Traits: Luka is an extremely kind person. His caring and helpfulness are at near devoted-levels, as that is all he really knows how to be. He is more than happy to lend a helping hand, even if all they really need is a shoulder to lean on. His level of compassion and caring opens the boy to more slithery hands attempting to take advantage of his nature. He's not completely without the ability to discern a friend from foe, and tends to not disobey an order, but if a person looks innocent enough, they could very likely get away with quite a few things, even if Luka has a watchful eye on them.

At best, Luka isn't the type of guy who knows a whole lot of social, life-type things. If it's not survival instincts, orders, or Starfleet-related material, he probably doesn't know much about it at all. He's spent most of his time in and out of work-related situations, using his shore leaves as time to train up on various other work-related instances. So… he's a bit awkward.

Luka's caring and compassionate nature allows him to objectively administer medical care to those in need, regardless of race, species, religion, eye-color, smell of feet, etc. He's not the type of person who will judge based upon some weird prejudice that carries over from wars or the like, though is known to obliviously offend from time to time. The exception to this rule, ironically, is high levels of promiscuity, where he becomes increasingly uncomfortable the closer he is to those who participate in such activities.

Though he means well, most of his issues stem from the fact that he runs on the more naive spectrum. His family never truly managed to teach him the ins and outs of the world; he hung on every word of his Academy training, followed orders to the letter, and never truly saw any huge, life-changing issues. He has never found life to be unfair, and has not truly understood the cruelties that others can bring. This does cause him to be undeniably authority-driven and relatively easy to manipulate, unless he feels that he is being manipulated.

Despite any knowledge or kindness he may have, and the fact that he knows that there are others out there that know things better than he does, Luka has developed a slight superiority complex when it comes to certain activities. If someone were to waltz up and attempt to out-do him in something he's quite good at, he will promptly drop whatever it is he's doing and proceed to point out where they went wrong, showing them how to do the thing just a tad bit better, but he will do so… helpfully. He doesn't recognize his own pride, thinking it merely him attempting to be helpful, and any attempt to point out the flaw has been immediately shot down with a cute, doe-eyed look and a 'but I was just making sure you were prepared.'

History: There is definitely not mystery behind the birth of Luka Mahone. His father, a retired Starfleet Engineer, and his mother, a nurse at a local hospital in Hawaii, were caring parents, and thus loved their son as much as they loved their community. Luka was a pleasant child, growing up with plenty of friends and family around him. He excelled in school, joined countless extracurricular activities, and received the praise of many primary school teachers and adult leader types. For all intents and purposes, Luka Mahone was nearly a picture-perfect child.

At the age of ten, another pair of lives entered the Mahone Household, literally kicking and screaming. The pair were near monsters, and his parents would fondly comment on how they seemed to take all of their brother's mischief from him. The boy was far from upset when parental focus turned from him to the twins, and he was more than happy to help out. As he aged, so to did the troublemakers, who were eventually unleashed onto the same school that Luka had earned the most shining of reputations.

Those first years were spent with his mother convincing the teachers that her twin children were scot free of issues and the like, which Left Luka to his own devices. While the twins were being psychoanalyzed by every manner of mental health professional, he used any time that wasn't spent on other obligations on the beach, chatting up those who frequented the area. It was there that he started learning about how to surf, picking up tips and tricks from anyone who would teach him. Eventually, he would learn how to surf proficiently, and, at the young age of sixteen, attempted to enter into a few competitions, or as many as he would have been allowed to.

As his modest, single-beach fame slowly grew, his mother's stress over the twins turned upon him. She soon discovered he had taken up a slightly more dangerous hobby than camping or soccer, and demanded that he immediately cease his 'extremely life-threatening' stunt. She may have come off a tad bit harsh, which she would later apologize for, but it puzzled the boy. His parents never yelled at him before, and they most certainly never did so to forbid him from doing anything he wanted to do.

If he were five years younger, he may have listened to his mother. However, the boy loved the sport, and protested his mother's anger. He explained the precautions and safeties he could have, even suggesting that she could bring the twins out, so that she could see for herself. But his mother was horrified, stubbornly putting her foot down, especially at the thought of the twins being let loose on the beach.

Despite the hardship of being torn from his newfound hobby, Luka continued through his schooling as jovially as ever. He didn't bring up the urge to surf again until it was finally determined that the twins were not indeed plagued with a psychological issue. As they mellowed out and teachers weren't giving the parents calls every other hour, maybe Luka could return to where his passion seemed to be? His mother protested, loudly, but it was his father that came up with a different solution.

While his father didn't agree that surfing was a horrible activity at all, he knew better than to negate anything Mama Mahone had set upon. Instead, he suggested that Luka enroll in Starfleet. The boy may not have found surfing, persay, but he would have been able to find new interests and meet people who had similar interests. As a bonus, it offered a great career track.

So, on his father's prompting, Luka flung himself at Starfleet Academy at age seventeen. Passing the entrance exam and enrolling in every class imaginable was the easy part. Even with his exuberance, the boy found the Academy's programs to not only be comprehensive, but challenging. In his four years at Academy, he crammed knowledge from all sorts of specialties in his head, choosing to be a doctor only when he realized there would be another academy for him to learn at. As soon as he graduated from the first Academy, he transferred to Medical Academy, where he was immediately absorbed into the culture. The instructors found him an absolute delight, nearly absorbing any and all of the knowledge they would throw at him, and keeping a pristine conduct record in the process.

Upon finishing his full eight years of schooling, he was immediately recommended for his first assignment on the USS Fargo, as a Medical Officer. The Fargo was disorganized from the Command Staff down, between constant shuffles of CO and a senior staff who thought little of their own crew. It was on this assignment that Luka met a young engineer named Asahi Kita, who had more trouble keeping himself out of sickbay than fixing technical issues that may have arisen. Never one to resist the idea of helping, Luka decided to aid his fellow young ensign, taking time during his shifts off to run around and help fix software malfunctions aboard the ship. Even when he was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer, he spent most of his off hours making sure Asahi kept out of trouble, which resulted in the engineer recommending to his own superiors that Luka eventually receive some form of training, before being shipped off to the Galileo. Though Luka never received that training on the Fargo, he remained in contact with Asahi, who helped walk him through repairs of his own biobeds and medical scanning equipment.

The unsatisfactory level of treatment of his fellow crewmates, paired together with the absolutely abysmal disorganization of the Fargo was what prompted Luka to request for transfer. He was granted one in the form of Chief Medical Officer on the nearby Leto Colony, swiftly sent to the site while they had a need for a CMO. Just as swiftly as he was sent there, however, Luka was horrified to find the hospital in a state of disarray, especially when he realized that a joint-Federation/Civilian operation was not necessarily the most desirable. He left almost as quickly as he arrived, staying for only a month before requesting a transfer in any form he could get it, but not before helping the Federation presence on the colony in any way he could. The man was taken aside by the Admiral overseeing the colony, who threatened to put him in a position he would have dreaded if he didn’t stay on Leto. The idea of ‘dreading’ any position didn’t sit well with him, but at that point in his career, he had only assumed Leto was as bad as it could have been. He accepted the Admiral’s vague offer.

When Luka arrived on the USS Utanu, he found that the offer hadn’t just meant a demotion, but a move in departments. Apparently, the Admiral had heard word that the doctor had received ‘training’ of some variety on the USS Fargo, and had recommended him as such for a ‘change of pace.’ Luka found spent most of the first few months gaining his bearings, and a period of time made rockier by the more judgmental members of the Operations crew. With the help of the ACOO as well as a copious number of training manuals, Luka swiftly adapted to his new situation, finding that he actually liked the position. What that Admiral had in mind for Luka could have been anyone’s guess, but a resurrection and evolution of Luka’s career into Operations, which included a promotion to Assistant Chief Operations Officer, probably wasn’t it. It was only inevitable that Luka was recommended for a full Chief position to another, larger vessel, and was whisked off to the Portland via Deep Space 9, to await his next great adventure.

2377 - 2381 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2384 - Starfleet Medical Academy
2384 - 2386 - Medical Officer [USS Fargo; Lt. Jr Grade]2386 – Early
2389 - Assistant Chief Medical Officer [USS Fargo; Lt. Jr Grade]
2389 [1 Month] - Chief Medical Officer [Leto Colony Lt. Jr Grade]
2389-2391 – Operations Officer/Assistant Chief Operations Officer [USS Utanu, Lt. Jr Grade]
2391 – Onward – Chief Operations Officer [USS Portland]

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