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Emmony Safford
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Dr. Emmony Safford

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Name: Emmony “Emme” Safford
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
 Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human

DOB: 12/18/2356     Age: 34
Birthplace: Rousseau V.
Physical Appearance

Height: 1.62 meters
Weight: 65kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Physical Description: A little shorter than average for a human female, Emme has wavy dark mid length hair and striking blue eyes.  Despite being a doctor she sometimes finds it difficult to get as much exercise as she should and therefore can sometimes carry a few extra pounds on her frame. She has a scar on her left knee from an injury she received as a child that she decided not to remove.  
Father: Henry Safford, Farmer
Mother: Miriam (Beachy) Safford, Botanist
 Sister(s): Lieutenant Commander Maralah Safford, Chief Science Officer- USS Gryphon
Personality & Traits
General Overview:  Emme is quiet but not necessarily shy.  She prefers to listen rather than talk, a quality she considers essential in a good doctor.  She is slow to anger and generally a happy soul though she sometimes has trouble letting past mistakes go.  Emme considers herself a wallflower but will engage in conversation (and enjoy it) if asked or approached.  
Strengths & Weaknesses       
Strengths: Emme has a very warm bedside manner and generally knows how to put people at ease, especially when they are scared or in pain.
Weaknesses: Her curious nature can often lead to misunderstandings outside of Sickbay as she sometimes seems distant at first when generally she is just learning and observing.
Ambitions: She doesn’t consider herself ambitious and hates those who are only in the medical field for what they perceive as status.
Hobbies & Interests:
Personal History:
Emmony Ila Safford was the second daughter born to Miriam, a botanist and Henry Safford, a farmer on Rousseau V.  They met at an agricultural convention on Earth. Their love of the land is shared deeply by Emme who always carries around at least several life plants no matter where she is stationed.
Emme grew up in the shadow of her much older sister Maralah who also joined Starfleet.  Her childhood was spent following adults around, with very few chances to play with other children.  As a result she grew up quickly and was considered by her father to have what he called an “Old Soul.”  She was always very responsible and could be left alone at a young age.  By the time Emme’s sister Maralah had hit her teenage years she suffered from a bit of social anxiety.  This was not passed down to her younger sibling.  Emme was always comfortable either in a room full of people or in a quiet room by herself.  
Emme always had a curiosity about the world.  She loved to sometimes sit and just observe people.  It was observing that led her to a Starfleet Medical.  When she was ten years old Emme saved the life of an elderly friend of the family when they began to show signs of a stroke.  She would later count this as the moment she decided she wanted to spend her life helping other people.  
After entering Starfleet Academy, Emme initially wanted to study science and possibly botany like her mother.  But, she never forgot the feeling of saving that friend’s life and eventually changed her field to medical, much to the surprise of her parents and older sister.  She has never regretted the decision though she wishes she had more time to play in real dirt.  
At the Academy she made quite a few friends, including a trill named Santi.  After graduation they were posted to different ships but their friendship has endured.  When Santi received a symbiont, Emme took a leave of absence to be by her side for the operation.  They keep in touch regularly, even if it’s by letter.  
Service Record
2375-2379 Starfleet Academy
2379-2383 Starfleet Medical
2383-2385 USS Rabin- Medical Officer
2385-2388 USS Clement- Medical Officer
2388-2391 USS Fredrickson- Medical Officer
2391- USS Portland- Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Emmony Safford
Chief Medical Officer
USS Portland

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