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Ori Paiga
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Chief Medical Officer
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Sera Williams

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Name: Sera Tamara Williams

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age/DOB/Location: 24 / December 23, 2367 / San Francisco, Earth

Position: Chief Engineer

Physical Description:
Sera has green eyes and brown hair. She is at slightly above average height for a female at 1.8 meters. Sera either keeps her hair in a ponytail or bun while on duty, but brings it down while not on duty. She is very athletic and keeps herself physically fit. Growing up, Sera played a variety of sports including karate, volleyball and her first love of softball, but has developed a grueling daily fitness program for the holodeck to keep up her fitness level. She usually wears only the minimum makeup and attempts to keep herself the picture perfect officer while on duty, while off she always dresses causally. Some would consider her attractive, though she is no model.

Personality Traits:
Sera can easily be described as a dreamer. She has always looked into the night sky and lost herself thinking about what was out there. She is always one to find the good in everyone, and can even be described as a bit naive. Her heart is that of an explorer, which was fueled by living so close to San Francisco and being the only person in her family to ever leave Earth. When she first meets new people, she can seem a bit shy. However, once she gets to know you, she will open up and can be the life of a party. She values loyalty and family above all else. She does have a few personality quirks.

Father: Aidan Williams, 58 (Botanist)
Mother: Jennifer Williams, Deceased (architect)
Sister: Selina "Sally" Williams, 12 (

Reading (History and Cultures)

Warp Theory/Warp Drive
Holographic Programming
Shield and Weapons Technology
Piloting of any kind

Starfleet Record:
Starfleet Academy(Class of 2391):
- Graduated with Honors
- Double Majored in Warp Theory and General Engineering
- Minor in Galactic Culture and Holographic Programming
- Stunt Pilot Squad Leader - Delta Squadron - Rigel Cup Winner 2390

USS Portland:
Chief Engineer - 2391
Assistant Chief Engineer - 2391
Lt. (JG) Ori Paiga
Chief Medical Officer
USS Portland

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