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Tolaran Kian
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Tolaran Kian

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Name: Tolaran Kian

Species: Trill (not joined)

Gender: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 23yrs old, 2368

Position: Security Officer

Physical Description: Tall, 6 foot 2 inches. Medium, muscular build with dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

Personality Traits: Tolaran can be strong willed and quick witted, but his sense of humour is lacking. He has a strong sense of duty and loyalty to those he serves with.

History: Tolaran was born on Trill, his parents were both scientists (as is quite common on Trill) and he spent a lot of his youth exploring the caverns of Trill and climbing when he could. He excelled at school and the sciences but it didn’t seem to fit with what he wanted to do in the future, loving to explore and find out as much as he could about the natural world around him. On Trill he went on to study Biology as an advanced subject but it still didn’t feel right and he’d continued his exploration of Trill having travelled to some of the untouched areas and the deepest caves on the planet he didn’t feel there was anything more he could do, and his attention turned to the stars. However he didn’t want to delve into the scientific world he had been and follow in his parents footsteps and instead considered using his physical ability to his advantage and looked towards Security and Tactical training as he wanted to be able to protect the worlds of the Federation so others could enjoy the kind of life he’d experienced growing up on Trill.

At 19 he applied to Starfleet Academy and gained entry on his first attempt. He spent the next four years undertaking as many classes as possible and learning all that he could, majoring in self defence and athletics. During his time at the academy Tolaran joined the academy athletics team, especially competing in long distance running and continued his previous hobbies of climbing and caving along with martial arts. At the end of his four years at the Academy, Tolaran managed to graduate second in his class which he was very proud of and requested service on a Starship as a member of the Security team.
Lt. JG Tolaran Klan
Chief Security Officer
USS Portland

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