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Name: Jessica White
Rank: Ensign
Position: Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age/Date of Birth: January 15, 2365 (Age: 26)
Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon

Father: James White
Mother: Melissa White
Brother: Adam White
Sister: Janette Davidson

Physical Description:
Jessica is strikingly beautiful, though she would confidently allow these comments to come from someone else rather than herself. Staring back at you with the given eyes of Ronald Roberts you would almost get a sense that the ocular implants she now has for eyes are more suited for her than perhaps even the eyes she was born with or originally given, their piercing blue aura captivating all who gaze into them. She keeps her long black hair pulled back, just barely concealing an ocular transmitter within her hairline.

With a height of five foot and five inches she is a rather petite figure weighing in at one hundrend and ten pounds, tops. Taking your gaze away from her eyes (though this would be rather hard to do), most of her other features are somewhat average, lacking in any intentional or inherited markings.

Personality Traits:
Jessica is quite the confident person, though most of her confidence lies in her abilities of flight. She is very fun-loving and is known to drag others into her fun a games, notably her best friend Ron. She has also been known to stand her ground on most matters, though she has a tendancy to back down unless it is a matter of the utmost importance (see: Ronald). She can be seen as a hot-shot pilot through and through, though she insists she is more nuanced than some maverick pilot who is more insistant on getting killed than actually accomplishing anything of value.

Jessica White was born in Portland, Oregon to father James White and mother Melissa White. She was born blind as was thus given ocular implants. They were made gray to simbolize the blank slate of her future, but she could certainly change it at a later point if she wished. Though it was disappointing to her that she was born without vision she often lamented more about how she had not been born with wings.

Much of her young life was lived in a normal and uneventful fashion, but on her eighteenth birthday she immediately moved out and headed to San Francisco in search of new sights and opportunities. There where no hard feelings between her and her family, she simply was a bird that could not be caged.

Upon arrival to San Francisco it did not take long for her to meet and befriend the cute boy with the beautiful blue ocular implants and the sleek as a starcraft biosynthetic arm. Ronald. They became great friends rather quickly and where practically attached at the hip. They did almost everything together and it was because of this that the two of them both joined Starfleet Academy at the same time. February 24, 2387.

Aside from their differences in passion, the two of them remained inseparable through the entirety of their academy training. While Ronald persued more engineering oriented training Jessica focused almost solely on all things flight. There was the small part of her that thought that once graduating and being 'given her wings' she would literally take flight away from the graduation ceremony with broad beautiful wings. The day came and the wings didn't, but ever since she has been able to fly in every way aside from unassisted.

Ron was able to tag along, too. They where obviously both still young and foolish, and it became apparent to command that the both of them where rather steadfast as it only took a matter of days before the two of them where almost discharged from Starfleet. They had been assigned to different ships, Jessica to the USS Forefront and Ron to the USS Steadfast. Needless to say neither of them would have anything with being separated. After fighting tooth and nail and nearly literally being thrown out from Starfleet the two of them where granted assignment to the USS Forefront.

Aboard the Forefront Jessica had quickly learned the ins and outs of all things flight related from the Chief Flight Control Officer. Though in the back of her mind she had still always wanted wings she was sure to pay attention on how to properly guide and fly any tools she would need in the event that wings did not sprout from her back. It was not long before she stepped up to the task of being the Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer. Her combination of talent and a can-do attitude assured she was the top pick for the job. She was starting to get comfortable aboard the Forefront, but this bird was not meant to be caged.

It wouldn't take long before she was once again freed...

Service History:
2387-2391: Starfleet Academy
2391: USS Forefront
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