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Things to write when there's nothing to write

Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:01 am

So, lately the command staff has had the idea to keep a list of ideas here to help anyone short on inspiration.

Remember, you can take advantage of the The Lower Decks subforum to do any of these at any time. Players are free to start up their own stories in The Lower Decks and involve as many other crew members as they please, and don't need to seek approval from the command staff. There's going to be lots of in-character time passing between missions, so that gives us a lot of time between missions when the Portland would be otherwise doing mundane stuff like tracking anomalies. All that spare in-character time gives us plenty of opportunity to run sub-plots which develop our characters while we're chipping away at the main missions.

So, here's a little list of things you can post about when you've got writer's block:

- Encounters in the holodeck
- Drinking games in ten-forward
- Medical checkups
- The First Annual USS Portland Talent Show
- Get the band back together!
- Surprise visit to your department from the command staff... on a bad day!
- In-character relationships
- Helping a struggling crewman in your department
- On a boring gamma shift, you catch some low-ranking crewmen playing cards to pass the time while on duty. Do you report them, or join in the game?
- The food replicators are all screwed up and you have to figure out how to (gasp!) cook for yourselves!
- Tim’s yeoman meets someone in the mess hall who she thinks is in trouble and her mother heart can’t so anything else but comfort him/her and be a listening ear.
- Halloween Party!
- Captain Alenis Day!
- Take the children on a tour of your department... and telling them ghost stories about the ghoul of deck five!
- The holodeck is broken, so your character gets the idea to set up a message board on the LCARS system for bored crew to engage in text-based roleplay
- How the USS Portland saved Christmas

Any more ideas? Feel free to add to the list in the comments!
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