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Awards FAQ

Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:03 am

What are awards?

Awards are a way to recognize your accomplishments on the USS Portland. Awards are celebrated on the forums, and are entered into a character's IFS record in Obsidian Fleet.

What awards are available?

A full list of awards is available here, along with descriptions of what criteria is required for which awards.

Can I display my awards?

Yes! Feel free to display the award ribbons in your signature and in your bio.

Do awards exist in-character?

No. Awards are solely out of character, and as such should not be mentioned on in-character posts.

How often are awards handed out?

Typically, the command staff will consider awards every couple of months or so. Additionally, there are some awards such as training badges and tour of duty awards which are handed out when they are earned.

How can I increase my chances of getting an award?

First, participate! Many of these awards require that you or your character do stuff. If you're not participating, it's hard to earn awards.

Secondly, write quality posts. You are more likely to receive an award for something if you write high-quality, detailed posts about it. For example, if your character has a budding romance, going into detail about your character's feelings will make it more likely that you will receive a Rose Award for this.

I think someone deserves an award. Can I nominate them?

Yes! To nominate someone for an award, simply contact the command staff and let us know who you feel is deserving, what award you are nominating them for, and why. Please note that while Level 1 awards are given out at the sole discretion of the command staff, Level 2 rewards require more documentation, and are subject to approval by the fleet.
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