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Posting Format:

The USS Portland uses the novella style for our posts. Basically, that means that the body our posts should read like a book, with (more or less -- pobody's nerfect) proper spelling, grammar, and syntax (unless maybe your character is Ensign Yoda). Put dialogue in quotation marks, use the appropriate punctuation, and all that jazz.


We use intro blocks to help set the scene and situate the post in the proper place and time. An intro block is simply a few short lines which list the time and place of your post. The time doesn't need to be an exact stardate, and it can be a reference to other events in the story such as "Mission Day 2," "Ten minutes after the briefing," or "A quiet evening in Ten Forward"

An intro block isn't always necessary. There also may be cases where you want to leave the time and place of a post ambiguous at the start to create dramatic tension, which is cool.

Titling your post is optional.

Also, if your post is a joint post, give credit where credit is due and list the authors in this intro block. For example:

Optional Title
Captain's Office, USS Portland
The day before launch
Authors: Lt. Cmdr. Alenis Meru and Lt. Tyrlai Zade

Alenis sat in awe as the doors to her office opened and her new Chief Counselor introduced herself. She’d seen officers out of uniform before, but never this out of uniform...


At the end of your post, feel free to include a tag - where you "hand off" the scene to another player. Also, feel free to include a short (one line or so) out-of character comment if you want to give some direction to other players who are picking up the scene from you.

For example:

...Alenis decided to pay a visit to her first officer to get his opinion on this matter. She briskly walked into his office, where he was seated at his desk reading reports on a PADD. "Mr. Rouse, I need your opinion on a very important matter. Is the USS Portland awesome, or very awesome?"

<tag - Rouse>
<OOC: do you want to reply here, or do a JP?>

Department colours: For your handy reference, and to keep the site from looking like "Fifty shades of red," here are the hex coordinates which represent the various department colours.

Red (Command, Flight Control: b00000
Gold (Operations, Engineering, Tactical): b0b000
Teal (Medical, Science, Counseling: 00b0b0
Purple (Diplomatic): b000b0
Grey (Intelligence, Civilian): 555555
Capt. Alenis Meru
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