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Starfleet Regulations

Sun Mar 22, 2015 5:54 am

Our goals on the USS Portland can be summed up in three simple points.   Together, these three points form a sort of Prime Directive which guides what we do here. They are as follows:

• To tell cool and interesting stories
• To explore and develop our characters
• To have fun

And, because there is nothing more fun than rules and regulations, we’ve got some simple ground rules here which enable us to have an optimal level of fun.

1. Don’t be a dick
This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s hard to have fun when people are being dicks. So don’t do it.

2. Participate!
Obsidian Fleet rules require that players post at least once every two weeks. However, that is a minimum and we'd all like to see people strive for more. Especially for command staff and department heads, who should be posting at least weekly. It is important that players post actively, because if we aren’t actively posting, we aren’t telling cool and interesting stories. It’s also not fair to other players and potential applicants if someone is taking up a spot on the Portland and not participating. We’ll give you reasonable warnings and a reasonable amount of time to get active again, but failure to post can result in removal and us finding someone else for your position. If you’re feeling left out, feel free to seek out any of the command staff and we’ll help you get involved with the story or get something going on The Lower Decks.

3. Don't leave us hanging!

If someone tags you in a post, they're handing the scene over to you. But if you don't respond, it's difficult to move the scene forward. So if you're tagged in a post, please try to respond to that tag as soon as possible so we can continue to move the story forward. Generally, you should be responding to tags within three days at the most. But the faster you respond, the better. If you can't, let the command staff know so we can figure out a workaround.

4. If you’re going away for a while, post an LOA
We all get it. Sometimes life can get too busy for one to spend time dealing with imaginary people on an imaginary spaceship. We don’t need to know all the gritty details, but if you’re going to be away for a while, do the courteous thing and let people know so we aren’t waiting on hanging tags that won’t be answered until you get back from an archaeological dig on Easter Island six months from now. Consider giving someone permission to write your character when you’re gone if the spotlight is tipping in your direction.

5. Don’t use other people’s characters without their permission

A little bit to move the plot forward here and there is generally okay, but try not to take control of other people’s characters without their permission. They may have had something in mind for their character. If you’ve got to interact with them, it sounds like a great opportunity for a JP!

6. Move the story forward in cool and interesting directions
Simming isn’t competitive, it’s an exercise in collaborative storytelling. We’re all on the same team, and our goal is to tell cool and interesting stories. These stories are bigger than our individual characters, and our characters exist in service of the story. With that in mind, let us all work to tell the best stories we can.

7. Build off of each other and make each other look awesome

Role-playing works the best when we try to say “yes” to each other’s ideas – especially when it is something that may be outside of your character’s comfort zone. Blocking each other gets us nowhere and does nothing to advance the story. Always strive to find reasons why your character can do – or at least try – something rather than why she can’t. And remember to share the spotlight with other characters so we can all participate and be awesome.

8. Stick to the setting
At the same time, this is set in the universe of Star Trek. We all agreed to that when we signed up for the USS Portland instead of a Star Wars RPG. We should be embracing the setting and all of its quirks and limitations and using it to tell our stories. This doesn’t mean we have to be sticklers for canon. After all, the numerous little inconsistencies that one can find in Trek if one looks hard enough are an indication that not even the writers are sticklers for canon. But try to write in such a way that is more or less in keeping with the world of Trek. The Portland is also a 13+ simm, so avoid the sort of profanity, graphic violence, and graphic depictions of sex that we wouldn't see in your typical Star Trek episode.

9. If in doubt, ask!
It’s easier to write together when we’re all on the same page. An ounce of OOC discussion can prevent a pound of headaches later on. We’ve got plenty of avenues to discuss things, clarify them, hash things out, and work together to figure out how to make the Portland the best ship it can be. So let’s use them to our advantage.

10. Have fun!
On the USS Portland, every day is Mandatory Fun Day!So have fun!
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