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Obsidian Fleet Unit of Merit Awards, September 2015

Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:47 am

From the Obsidian Fleet CO list...

Unit of Merit Awards - September 2015

Rear Admiral Berel Joon here, your new Director of Fleet Services, reporting in. I am pleased to announce the September Unit of Merit Awards for 2015 in Obsidian Fleet. August was handled by the Joint Fleet Command and September was handled in my new tenure - both award card sets are now online as mentioned below. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to send them my way. Otherwise, congratulations to the quite deserving award winners below!


USS Victory, TF21
"The USS Victory has a very good website it has the specs for the Excelsior class and the armament in great detail of the ship. The posts are a good read and interesting to see what will happen next. The missions that the CO starts are very interesting and unique, but stays within the realistic realm of Star Trek. He also has a choice of rank sets to use on the site and that in of its self is difficult to do. The CO of the USS Victory is dedicated to the sim and his crew." - CAPT Barks

USS Excalibur, TF47
They have had a great month, really pushing and working together to get things moving again after some lean months and it is to the credit of not just the command team but the whole crew that they are now really hitting the ground and I see very big things for the whole team there. Well done and congrats!

USS Arcadia, TF47
This month we have seen a ship literally come back from the brink of death. For their efforts in making a new name for themselves, I crown them with my Bronze Unit of Merit award.....USS Arcadia!

USS Asphodel, TF72
Despite having only six crew, the USS Asphodel continues to put out solid posting numbers and high quality posts. They’re on a shore leave mission right now, but have injected some dramatic tension with a Nausicaan raider and a threat to Risa. I’m continually impressed by the fast pace of the Asphodel and the number of diverse missions they’ve managed to get through over the past year.

USS Skylark, TF72
Nominated by Commodore David Hawkins prior to return to Task Force 47.

USS Asgard, TF72
It was a tough month for them due to various real-life happenings, but Captain Wulfe and the crew of the Asgard still performed remarkably with a post count in excess of 100. It's an outstanding display of how this crew always strives for excellence.


USS Viking, TF21
"The USS Viking is one of the most active simms in TF21-C and the CO is innovative and actively involved in getting his crew fired up to participate. One such innovation is the creation of the "achievements" which the players can earn through posting and character/mission development. When I first read about it, and actually saw them being used, I was instantly reminded of the "trophies" that are used in any PS3 game." - CDRE H'Rhar

USS Portland, TF72
As Senior TGCO of Task Force 72, this nomination is on behalf of Rear Admiral James Hurin. I am very proud, humble and honoured to be nominating the USS Portland for Silver Unit of Merit award throughout all of Task Force 72. Since they have been part of Task Force 72, the entire crew there have worked so very hard, I have seen amazing friendship and activity come from the Portland simulation, all led by Brian, who has kept the Portland going and has also become a great member of the leadership team. It is also the strongest test of character for everyone, being a Miranda class, many would steer far clear, but the USS Portland has been going for well over a year, and I don’t see anytime soon when this crew will get bored of the Portland and trade her in for a newer model. I have seen so many engaging and descriptive and downright detailed posts from the crew, that they are the beacon for the other Commanding Officers in 72-A. I am proud to be nominating them on behalf of the Task Force Commanding Officer.


USS Gemini, TF47
Commander Zajak has done a wonderful job of recruiting new members, and getting her team off to a good start. While this simm is new, I think she is off to a great start. Way to go Commander ~ Capt. Harrington

I, Rear Admiral Berel Joon, would like to add that the Gemini is continuing to do wonderful things as we write-up the awards. I hope to see that continue on well into the future. Well done Gemini!

Congratualtions, everyone! We had a great month last month, and this award is all of your doing. I'm proud of what we've managed to accomplish together, and the award will go in the trophy case next to the others!

Capt. Alenis Meru
Commanding Officer
USS Portland

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