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Timothy Rouse
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Update (and explanation) about my ELOA

Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:00 pm

Hi all,

I just noticed I never posted anything about the fact that I've taken a ELOA because of my pregnancy. So, here is a little explaination and an update.

For the last few months Brian has been writing on my behalf because I was having many physical problems, specially at the end of my pregnancy. I could hardly walk or sit, accompanied with good amount of pain. That last also stopped me from writing.

But as you might have noticed I gave birth almost 3 weeks ago, meaning almost all of my pregnancy problems are gone now luckily. That however doesn't mean I am back fully to writing. Having one or two children is a big difference when it comes to free time, esspecially when one of them is a newborn.

Another thing I have that is stealing my free time is something I've been dealing with the last year. A little more then a year a go I finally got the diagnosis of ADHD, after suffering from a burn out since the summer. That diagnosis explained so much for me, and the combo of medication and therapy gave me a big push in getting my life back on track. But that wasn't all. My therapist believed there was more and she proposed to get myself tested for Autism. Which I did. I started when I was already 3 months pregnant. And 3 months and many test later I got the second diagnosis for Autism. And not instead of ADHD, but I have both. The last months of my pregnancy I got one on one counseling which help me a lot already, but I'm not there jet. I've started with my med now and am bringing all the stuff I learned so far in practise.

Why am I telling you all this. Well, because I am afraid it will be a while before I am fully back to writing. And you deserve an explaination for my absence. I will slowly start writing again, starting today. But with the kids and therapy and stuff I can't promiss anything about my time. I will start a few JP's today and I seriously ask you that if you don't like to wait, to please be honest to me and say it. I'm not insulted often!! The same goes if I haven't tagged in a while. My brain is still swiss cheese. I forget a lot. So just email me if I forgot your tag, or mention it to Brian.

Ps: Thomas is doing great. He grows fast. He skipped the smallest clothes. He normally sleeps a lot, except for today....
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Gregory Paladin
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Re: Update (and explanation) about my ELOA

Fri Jan 15, 2016 5:11 pm

Dont worry. If I can grow from an autistic boy who can't talk, to a 29 year old professional truck driver, you can do anything too! Its a gift, a very special gift. A blessing. Dont let your thoughts say different.

Anyway, congrats and always stay positive, because you're awesome too.
MCPO Gregory Paladin
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