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More Company's Coming

Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:36 pm

Hi all,

This is just a reminder that my second wave of family comes in tomorrow from South Korea, and because I want to enjoy my family while they're here, for approximately the next month (August 20ish) my availability may be a bit more sporadic.

I will be writing and reading, I promise, but I'd like to ask for your understanding and patience if I'm not on as often as usual. I realize it's a lot to ask because I've been away for a couple of months in a row, and I'll understand if other arrangements need to be made so that I'm not holding up any stories, but I also know this is a once a year opportunity and I need to take advantage of it while I can. We don't have a set schedule and the room where the computer is will be used as a bedroom, so I'm going to have to be flexible. :-) I will have my iPad and I will be on the computer when we're not out and about.

Thanks for your understanding,


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